THE BEACH BUM Official Trailer (2018) Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey Movie HD

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • THE BEACH BUM Official Trailer (2018) Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, Harmony Korine Movie HD
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Comments • 437

  • JeaIous
    JeaIous Day ago

    “You don’t sell acid, do you?”
    “It’d be a lot cooler if you did”

  • Primordial Remnant

    Springbreakers was fucking epic, def checking this out.

  • Azztronaw
    Azztronaw Day ago

    Another movie from Hollywood to convince children doing drugs is cool. And then they bitch and cry when the youth is out there dying from overdoses, pointing the finger at everyone and everything else, pretending like they care.

  • dragon tragedy
    dragon tragedy 2 days ago

    A perfect film for Brad Pitt.

    JOHN WAYNE 2 days ago

    I really want this movie to be good but when I see,
    *from Harmony Korine the mind that brought you Spring Breakers*
    it's over, i'm out by default. If this movie is even *watchable* i'll be shocked...

  • Sultan Alrefaie
    Sultan Alrefaie 3 days ago

    So, the millennial version of The Big Lebowski?

  • Charlie Westfort
    Charlie Westfort 5 days ago

    Matthew McConaughey has a big fan base too :p... I'd take his abs over Zac's over worked muscles

  • Jesse Burleson
    Jesse Burleson 6 days ago

    Now this is what I call "full McConaughey!"

  • Dah Bay
    Dah Bay 9 days ago

    Captain Ron moved to California?

  • enog1200
    enog1200 15 days ago

    MM is playing a character based off a homeless man that lived in Austin named Leslie Cochran .

  • Mike Destructive
    Mike Destructive 15 days ago

    This and "Spring Breakers" are such a long ways away from "Kids" and "Gummo." I wish Harmoby could pump out another flick of that nature. I'll watch this, irregardless.

  • jade fire
    jade fire 18 days ago

    I'm a big McConaughey fan, but this in all honesty looks like hot garbage.

  • loo nacy
    loo nacy 20 days ago

    I can not wait to see this crazy shit 😂😂

  • Billy Hoover
    Billy Hoover 23 days ago

    more like the neon icon, RiFF RAFF

  • Mandy's World
    Mandy's World 27 days ago

    Can't wait to see this film. I loved Spring Breakers too.

  • KlankGeluiden
    KlankGeluiden 29 days ago

    seems like Mud gone crazy.

  • Jose M Capel
    Jose M Capel Month ago +1

    So basically, another Big Lebowski, half as good?

  • Nathan Landry
    Nathan Landry Month ago

    The big lebowski

  • Sean V
    Sean V Month ago +2

    yeahhh I'll pass....

  • Kylie Msp
    Kylie Msp Month ago

    Is the Instagram real ? @thebeachbumofficial

  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin Month ago

    cool trailer. All new release movies will watch using boxxy software . Can't Wait

  • Brookyln Vicent
    Brookyln Vicent Month ago

    ok so i need to Candy&Brit make a cameo in this ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Month ago

    What an absolute load of shit movie.

  • harrisdawg69
    harrisdawg69 Month ago

    "You don't sell acid do you?"
    "Be allot cooler if ya did"

  • Ulises Pérez
    Ulises Pérez Month ago

    damn man, the shitty vanaglorification of the abuse of weed...
    no thanks, there are better movies to watch

  • destroyerplayer
    destroyerplayer Month ago


  • RemFTW
    RemFTW Month ago

    Gonna watch it cuz Snoop Dogg

  • FrezZy
    FrezZy Month ago

    Beach Bum Update

  • Julian Scriven
    Julian Scriven Month ago

    Looks like fucking horse shit

  • Bruno Earth
    Bruno Earth Month ago

    Zak in every beach movie..😂

  • Morten N. Lund
    Morten N. Lund Month ago

    Fuck yes... dont care 1 sec about zac tho - but im gonna watch this.. reminds me of the dude - somehow..

  • Sim RSM
    Sim RSM Month ago

    Trailer is meh

  • AJ Hollins
    AJ Hollins Month ago

    Only clicked cuz of Matthew Maconahey

  • Krist Malacs
    Krist Malacs Month ago

    for Matthew anything at anytime..

  • John Fair
    John Fair Month ago

    Snoop Doggy Dog drives my classic car in the movie. I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. People will be surprised to see it when I drive it to the theater.

  • Louis Southerton
    Louis Southerton Month ago

    What is that song called ?

  • Tee Phutson
    Tee Phutson Month ago

    Another Oscars or what?

  • M Doggie
    M Doggie Month ago

    but spring breakers sucked

  • Marco Wimmer
    Marco Wimmer Month ago

    Toss reluctant gesture presidency violent successful whatever calculate revenue

  • PrincePhase
    PrincePhase Month ago

    As white as it gets

  • Jules Maes
    Jules Maes Month ago

    Bias repeat nail picture victory leather later barrel vision accurate shout.

  • ulisuawesome
    ulisuawesome Month ago

    This trailer is empty, senseless and reveals absolutely nothing

  • Lekteris
    Lekteris Month ago

    I feel like I'm the only one who liked "Spring Breakers", sad that not many people got it's message

  • Bay Whedon
    Bay Whedon Month ago

    0:19 no bra

  • Breyten Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn

    this movie looks fucking awesome

  • chachi luna
    chachi luna Month ago

    Love me some harmonit korinet

  • Joey O'Brien
    Joey O'Brien Month ago

    This looks great, I hope. Love when McConaughey goes deep into a role.

  • J.J Jameson
    J.J Jameson Month ago


  • Zane Tibet
    Zane Tibet Month ago

    Barber: What kind of haircut do you want?
    Zac Efron: Do you remember that episode from The Office when Micheal burned his foot on his grill?
    Barber: Say no more.

  • Milan Tique
    Milan Tique Month ago

    that character in real life would be such a gross man

  • Reuben Smith
    Reuben Smith Month ago

    As I walk into the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil...

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    A movie about a lazy druggy. Nice

  • Already Won
    Already Won Month ago

    At the beginning I Totally wanted him to say "it be cooler if u did man"

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    he's literally so ugly now

  • NapoleonExploded
    NapoleonExploded Month ago

    Life's a fucking rodeo. I'm gonna suck the nectar out of it and fuck it raw dog until the wheels come off.

  • Nathan Callis
    Nathan Callis Month ago

    Zac Efron out here looking like a panini

  • jonas smith
    jonas smith Month ago

    whacking on stock enxange ,,, now bro

  • jonas smith
    jonas smith Month ago

    dude tack right turn decade or more ... ago

  • Josh mikus
    Josh mikus Month ago

    This is pretty much going to be the 21st century big Lebowski haha

  • LordKira
    LordKira Month ago

    Efron forever a Beachboy character

  • Raul Pecina
    Raul Pecina Month ago


  • Jay Portal
    Jay Portal Month ago

    i knew before they even said it, that it was a harmony korine movie

  • The FSF
    The FSF Month ago +2

    ppleaseeee dont FACKUP the meaning of FUN

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller Month ago

    Damn dude, Spring Breakers destroyed you creatively.

  • Andrew Wong
    Andrew Wong Month ago

    Someone explain the plot of this movie to me

  • man dingo
    man dingo Month ago

    Martinnnn Lawrence!!! Guess who's back?

  • Tesheng Liao
    Tesheng Liao Month ago

    Not gonna lie Was expecting a Zac Efron solo movie, kinda disappointed

  • Vince Dubois
    Vince Dubois Month ago

    Golf lip tide return treasure pride dog letter disorder.

  • JosephDiEgidioIII
    JosephDiEgidioIII Month ago

    The early days of Hulk Hogan?

  • Nolan Olson
    Nolan Olson Month ago +1

    Why does this have so many dislikes?

  • aliecer falcon
    aliecer falcon Month ago

    Florida and Hawaii in a nutshell

  • Jon Ludtke
    Jon Ludtke Month ago

    Butterscotch yo!

  • hex
    hex Month ago

    I expected something bad to happen cause it was all like good vibes lol

  • Lele Rielle
    Lele Rielle Month ago


  • Paul Hutton
    Paul Hutton Month ago

    great more liberal holywood garbage these actors are sellouts to bolshvism wont get my hard earned money

  • My heart is in Crema

    the song is called Crimson and Clover

  • Claudio Luis Borges

    I thought it was Amy, but is Isla, well, who cares...

    GOLDIE TV Month ago

    Im still not over Troy Bolton.

  • Trent Hooper
    Trent Hooper Month ago


  • SpoonZilla
    SpoonZilla Month ago +8

    When GTA V gets its first DLC

  • Squilliam Fancyson
    Squilliam Fancyson Month ago

    He looks like Heath Ledger's character from Lord's of Dogtown.

  • Z Channel
    Z Channel Month ago

    I thought Korine was making a movie with Pacino

  • Secret Zexyula Teloiv

    Zac Efron blocked me on snap chat! 😲

  • Troy Baker
    Troy Baker Month ago

    Yo WTF happened to Martin?!

  • BustR
    BustR Month ago

    Or you can watch the big lez show

  • Coleman Jeter
    Coleman Jeter Month ago

    I'll watch for snoop and Jimmy Buffett combo lol

  • 3zer05
    3zer05 Month ago

    I was working at the freaking gas station that he is dancing at in Miami lmaooo it was a trip seeing him

  • Gabi
    Gabi Month ago


  • Colluding Google
    Colluding Google Month ago

    Big Lebowski rip off.

  • Mar Wth
    Mar Wth Month ago

    The fuck troy bolton

  • Crinkyy
    Crinkyy Month ago

    riff raff the movie

  • lyn's life
    lyn's life Month ago

    This bring my back to Dazed and Confused. I swear I was expecting him to tell the clerk " It would be a lot cooler if you did"

  • handcanterase
    handcanterase Month ago

    "With zac efron" the opposite of first role...

    C1NAPSE Month ago +7

    🔴 *The Beach Bum* fiIm available :
    Unglaublicher film !
    Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren !

  • J Bellfield
    J Bellfield Month ago

    Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like he got his phone and toaster mixed up one morning? Does he shave like that on purpose or is it a medical condition?

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago

    Its one of those movies again