Why Anchorage is America's Most OP City

  • Published on Dec 21, 2021
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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  5 months ago +1238

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    • John Willsea
      John Willsea 13 days ago

      Sorry but the e is silent in Thule. If means the edge of the world. Thanks for the video

    • Charles Ferdinand
      Charles Ferdinand 29 days ago +1

      I don't care how much spam Curiosity Stream or Nebula try to push down my throat or if they sponsor every single channel in YT, I'm still NEVER subscribing or watching their stupid videos.

    • [Ae]stheticSwim
      [Ae]stheticSwim Month ago

      this is why i think anchorage should be Alaska's capital

    • Hello Nice
      Hello Nice Month ago

      Russia and ukraine has entred the chat

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 5 months ago +1323

    Very informative and quality content

    • Sheik S
      Sheik S 4 months ago


    • Connor Lynndan
      Connor Lynndan 5 months ago

      If you’ve only been to Anchorage then you haven’t been to Alaska.

    • Hendrik Jordaan
      Hendrik Jordaan 5 months ago +1

      @Richard Cheek ikr

    • Richard Cheek
      Richard Cheek 5 months ago

      But I wish they would get their operators right.
      THIS is "< 7hours", not "> 7 hours".

    • Sheik S
      Sheik S 5 months ago +2


  • Russal Arya
    Russal Arya 2 months ago +608

    With the Russian airspace now closed to Western aircrafts, Anchorage could once again play a role in connecting East Asia to the Western world

    • GMW
      GMW 12 days ago

      The glow ballistic age is ending along with the air travel that has been a part of it.

    • Juggernaut2468
      Juggernaut2468 15 days ago

      Makes no sense now kid

    • BQD
      BQD 25 days ago

      True, but nowadays we also have the hubs in the arabic peninsula, these didn't exist in the 80s.
      So while you are correct that Anchorage is a good alternative, Abu Dabi and Dubai also exist (which was even cheaper pre-war)

    • CaptainNoch Gaming
      CaptainNoch Gaming 25 days ago +2

      Not really. Russian airspace is not as big as the former Soviet airspace. If you take into consideration the fact that there are long-haul planes now, you will see that most airlines will prefer to fly direct from East Asia to Europe. For example, Air France flys Paris-Tokyo via Turkey, the Caucasus (former Soviet airspace), Central Asia (Kazakhstan etc [former Soviet airspace]), China, then into Japan.
      Russia may have closed its airspace. But, countries like Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan have not

    • BelkaAirSupremacy
      BelkaAirSupremacy 27 days ago

      @EmperorRahem But those people would die or just be really hungry and/or thirsty if they stay. If they aren't funded by a whole lot of rich people.

  • Gulls Comic
    Gulls Comic 5 months ago +525

    Anchorage has the very unique blend of being a mountain and a coast city. I love the grit of this city. The salt air with the mountain backdrop, throw in some Northern lights, and well, THAT'S a city!

    • David Z3
      David Z3 20 days ago +2

      As long as you love very cold weather & living in a remote location.

    • Hambone1567
      Hambone1567 2 months ago +1

      Underrated comment

    • Gulls Comic
      Gulls Comic 2 months ago +1

      @Toby Thies I liked Fairbanks, too. Took the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks, then drove to Fox. Alaska just exudes adventure.

    • Toby Thies
      Toby Thies 2 months ago

      @Gulls Comic yeah fairbanks is the best city in the ak

  • William Tell
    William Tell 4 months ago +111

    One interesting thing about Anchorage is the weather. You might think that a city so far north would have horrific winters. But because it is coastal, Anchorage is actually more temperate than you might think. Of course, winters are cold, with snow, but the temperatures do not drop to terribly low levels like they do in the interior. Likewise, summers are pretty moderate.

    • Carl Gharis
      Carl Gharis 17 days ago

      Makes since you have the Atlantic. Pairs is a tad further north then I realize I should re look at my map

    • lionel de Mun
      lionel de Mun 17 days ago

      @Carl Gharis no Paris is farther North than Milwaukee it's nearly at the latitude of Vancouver (49°) and has roughly the same climate

    • Carl Gharis
      Carl Gharis 20 days ago

      @David Z3 I can say I remember January of 1997 I was in Milwaukee. It got bitterly bitterly cold. We didn't have to go to school for like 4 days. The adults if possible tried to avoid going to work. The weather man said sarcastically ( we got a heat wave coming tomorrow we hit zero) as in 0 F. We had 18 consecutive days in a row in January 1997 the day time high didn't even make it to 0 degrees F. 4 of those days was too cold to even go to school. And when we did return to school indoor recess. As most cold states the school itself stays open. It usually doesn't close due to cold in and of itself. However elementary school children have indoor recess when the temperature is below 0 degrees F. Yes kids you still have to go to school however you don't have to go outside at recess. Which growing up in the 90s I remember that a lot. Below Negative 30 F..school might or might not be closed. That depends on what the city and school bord wants to do exactly. Only once growing up as mentioned January of 1997 the city though for 4 days. It's just too cold for kids to even come to school in the 1st place

    • Carl Gharis
      Carl Gharis 20 days ago

      @David Z3 when it dose stay below freezing all day in the pacific Noth west it's usually not for longer then 2 or 3 days in a row. Any snow usually it's really accumulated. And 3 day's later it's warm enough to melt again and turn back to rain. Let's say for example that happened January 7th/10th. Then it's warmer for a couple weeks and it might happen again January 22nd/25th for example. The next 3 day cold snap with very little snow. And you know it will most likely be gone in 3 days again. You're NOT going to receive snow that will stick around have to be plowed and be frozen for weeks on end like Chicago

    • David Z3
      David Z3 20 days ago +1

      @Carl Gharis London has its rainfall spread more evenly through the year than Seattle.

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 months ago +97

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

  • J gw
    J gw 5 months ago +12679

    Russia didn't necessarily sell Alaska just for money. Russia was concerned that Britain would be able to easily capture the land through Canada at the time so figured selling it to the US would stop Britain which it kind of did but then the US became a bigger problem than Britain in the long term.

    • Dale 1
      Dale 1 7 days ago


    • T Stewart
      T Stewart 9 days ago

      @Corey whatever happened to the 800 Russians living in Alaska? Or the Eskimos??

    • Kay
      Kay 12 days ago

      Another of one of those “but wait, it gets worse”

    • See Green
      See Green 16 days ago

      Russia was in trouble and needed money so they sold it for cheap

    • David Schalit
      David Schalit 17 days ago

      Too bad for them that they gave up 'New Albion' as well.
      Also known as, California.

  • speedrunner gamer
    speedrunner gamer 2 months ago +23

    Due to most European Countries having to avoid flying over Russia, I think there's going to be a lot of flights that would make fuel stops at anchorage if Europe wants to go to East Asia, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.

  • На крючке
    На крючке 2 months ago +156

    Russia * being banned by all airlines in the world for awful war crimes *
    Anchorage : hurray!

    • kmcclry 7
      kmcclry 7 14 days ago +2

      Also, who cares if Russia has 18 military bases in the Arctic if they're staffed only by janitors keeping them looking like they're used?
      Funny how a lot of the video became obsolete so quickly.

  • Patrick Anderson
    Patrick Anderson 4 months ago +35

    Oh god, when you said the northwest passage would save tens if not thousands... It will save MILLIONS per vessel. It is a profound change and will introduce a similar conflict as we see in the south china sea. I have worked on ships whose full cargo capacity is valued at 2.8 billion dollars. It is easy to underestimate the shipping industry.

    • Whine
      Whine 2 months ago +2

      Yay global warming!…. I think?

  • deadlylamp
    deadlylamp 4 months ago +32

    Spectacular video. I love the 3D globe models you use to show complicated shipping and flight routes across the globe. Really helps put those far away places into perspective!

  • Seth R
    Seth R 5 months ago +10645

    My dad was a cab driver in Anchorage in the 80s. They made bank shuttling around all of the folks with layovers in Anchorage. It was a big deal when those flights ended after Russia opened up the airspace. Although it’s a city that is very connected to the rest of the world, you’d never know it from the people there. I grew up there and would compare it more to rural Texas or somewhere else in the South more than anywhere else. Except for the legal weed.

    • Akeeracy
      Akeeracy Month ago

      @Ben Rasmussen hahaha! LoL

    • KP
      KP Month ago

      @Benny Boom .. Was it that glorious few years of the 80s when coke was still good for you and noone had ever heard of AIDS?!?! Great times!!

    • Adrian D
      Adrian D Month ago +1

      @Grizzly Addams Okay... Hahah, you've convinced me. 😄

    • Elliot W
      Elliot W Month ago

      @Grizzly Addams so... you a Ute? If so it's OK... But... Well..... My religion says to stay away.... Sorry

  • Peter Mui
    Peter Mui 2 months ago +14

    I had an emergency landing in Anchorage during my flight to Asia required to stay overnight. On my way to the hotel I saw really nice mountain views as far as you can see but the city looks dead and has as many potholes as in Chicago.

  • AK907Chris85
    AK907Chris85 4 months ago +5

    Surprised you wouldn't bring up A2A railway which would eliminate the need to transport via ship through the northern passage.
    It would theoretically cut 5 days off shipments just by landing in Anchorage and putting everything on train.
    We really don't need the ice to melt to make shipping a reality. The railway will be one of Alaska and Canada's best long term investment decisions. Far less environmental impact as well.

  • Ron Benkelman
    Ron Benkelman 2 months ago +97

    This video takes on a somewhat more ominous tone, when you consider modern events.

  • Dwight Burdette
    Dwight Burdette Month ago +7

    On my return flight from VietNam in 1972 the flight had a layover in Anchorage. All I remember is that it was 4:00 in the afternoon and it was pitch black outside the terminal.

  • Adam Cook
    Adam Cook 2 months ago +7

    I visited Anchorage once in 09. I wondered why the airport was so large relative to the city itself. Thanks for the video.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 21 day ago

    3:39 It never really occured to me, looking at flat maps, how close we are too Russia. I knew about Alaska's closeness, but I never thought about Russia being just north of Canada.

  • theycallmesteve
    theycallmesteve 4 months ago +16

    I had a tour of Alaska one spring break once.
    Very beautiful place with an amazing scenery.
    Fairly nice variety in cuisine.
    Almost broke my wrist on a cruise to neighboring Valdez.
    10/10 would break my wrist again

  • soulbend
    soulbend 4 months ago +22

    This makes sense, as I've traveled through this airport twice, and even though it seemed really busy when looking at the sky, the terminals and shops were ghost towns. I walked into a closed shop and sat on the floor to charge my phone. Don't go in the smoking room, even if you smoke, unless you want to completely reek of burnt tobacco and tar

  • Dutch Oven der Linde
    Dutch Oven der Linde 5 months ago +1589

    As someone who grew up in Anchorage, I can definitely attest that while it sucks to live in, its strategic importance has always been a huge point of emphasis. The military actually makes up a big part of its economy as the Army and Air Force have a huge joint base just north of downtown. And the fact it's still such an important cargo hub is cool. My wife and I actually lived in a house that was just east of one of the runways and I would see 747s all the time. I even caught a picture of the Antonov An-225 (the largest airplane in the world) right above our house. I don't miss much about Anchorage (moved out of Alaska in 2019) but I always tell people that it's such an important place even today.

    • 907kyle
      907kyle Month ago

      @Dutch Oven der Linde One big thing about Anchorage yeah not much to do but it's mostly a road trip city in my opinion i've had a blast hanging with friends in Homer, and I don't really see where the crime soared like most of it is drug related even then it's not as bad as people think and I've seen the crime side of Anchorage ive seen and been around involvement of that stuff it's mostly people getting caught with drugs or homeless problems even then I've met A BUNCH of homeless people they are pretty nice.

    • M J
      M J 4 months ago

      My uncle has a condo next to the San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico. I saw an Antonov too! Crazy how large they are in real life like a flying building

    • v333
      v333 4 months ago

      @seeky907 - So true!

    • Dutch Oven der Linde
      Dutch Oven der Linde 4 months ago

      @desmond I didn't see this until just now, but I lived previously in Sand Lake for many years, then hopped between West Anchorage, Government Hill and Midtown. Sand Lake was the best area but even that was getting bad the last few years.

    • Dutch Oven der Linde
      Dutch Oven der Linde 4 months ago

      @jake feeman oof...yeah, I haven't been back in almost 2 and 1/2 years. I'm sure it's WAY worse now, and it was already bad back then.

  • Nathan Applegate
    Nathan Applegate 4 months ago +8

    It’s also well placed from a military standpoint. By land, the city is surrounded by mountains. By sea, you have to travel up a waterway, which can be easily defended by a few fire bases at the entrance and a small fleet.

  • green snake
    green snake 2 months ago +25

    Two months after this video: Airlines refuse to use Russian air spaces and it seems like they need to use Alaska again!

  • Davide Grody
    Davide Grody 2 months ago +3

    I rolled my ankle on Friday afternoon, learned about your channel on Friday night and have binged most of your videos the entire weekend. Your content is incredible. Thank you for making such fascinating and digestible analysis of nuanced and complex situations.

  • YMB
    YMB 4 months ago +4

    Driving down the Richardson Highway from Fairbanks down south, you drive through Ft Greely. Knowing the military history of Alaska and learning about the silos out at greely as a kid, I could never help but feel a sense of vague dread when driving by them. Kind of like driving past an active volcano that is currently dormant.

  • Nine2Nine
    Nine2Nine 5 months ago +3542

    I am surprised you didn't talk about the fact that Alaska provides 60% of the domestically produced seafood for the US. All of that goes through Anchorage. Or the fact that Alaska has more freshwater than the rest of the USA combined.
    1.) So it has been pointed out that a significant amount of seafood is shipped directly from the ports where it is caught without going through Anchorage. So it was incorrect to say "All".
    2.) I was just wrong on the freshwater numbers. The total freshwater area of 49 states (excluding AK) is around 170 million square miles. The total freshwater area of Alaska is 94 million square miles, so just over half the rest of the USA combined (this includes the areas of the great lakes that the USA claims). The next state with the highest total surface area is Michigan with around 40 million square miles and it falls off pretty hard from there with Florida with around 12 million square miles.

    • Deere55
      Deere55 2 months ago

      The area of water doesn't really mean anything. The volume of water is important. An inch deep and a mile wide isn't much water.

    • Troy Ottosen
      Troy Ottosen 3 months ago

      @TheIrishFoley , what info you talking about???

    • TheIrishFoley
      TheIrishFoley 3 months ago

      Bro took such a big L 😂😂 all of his information is wrong

  • Mandeep Saini
    Mandeep Saini Month ago +1

    That 2021-2022 Patch really was an OP buff for anchorage. That one early collectable that pays off big time in the boss battle lol

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +7

    18:20 describes a situation being played out 2 months after this video was made. As always, your ability to look at so many factors amazes me.

    • Nightshade __
      Nightshade __ 26 days ago

      It's so crazy. Europe is so screwed without Russia's oil pipeline, Germany in particular. How do you stand up to a bully when you literally depend on them for your economy? Man, I absolutely can't stand doomers, but I am concerned about the future. It's downright mind-boggling how much oil and uranium China consumes on a daily basis.

  • Nightshade __
    Nightshade __ 26 days ago +1

    It's so crazy to me that an airplane can carry almost 300k lbs of weight. The 747 can hold 292k lbs of cargo. That's so crazy to me.

  • Virgil Bennett
    Virgil Bennett 2 months ago +3

    The conversation about the arctic passages opening up after climate change melts the ice is forgetting one major issue. Places like Rotterdam and Vancouver will be underwater without massive dikes and locks to hold the sea back. Most of the world's coastal settlements, where 90% of humans live, are in direct danger of rising sea levels. We won't be able to utilize these passages nearly as much as this dude has stated because we'll all be panic building new cities further inland and trying to save our farmlands from drying up. Continuing to rely on fossil fuels and going so.far as to allow the arctic to melt so we can get more will literally kill billions from starvation and war over land and resources.

  • Henry Benedict
    Henry Benedict 5 months ago +2762

    As someone who lived in Anchorage for 15+ years it’s true that the summers are amazing, but you get tired of the winters real quick. It’s one of the most gorgeous places in the world, but it can feel somewhat removed from the rest of the United States.

    • Mitch O'Brien
      Mitch O'Brien 3 days ago +2

      Alaska feels more like a different country from the lower 48 than most of Canada does

    • Tfowlis
      Tfowlis 3 days ago

      @Henry Benedict it's a weird phenomenon

    • Henry Benedict
      Henry Benedict 3 days ago

      @Tfowlis people often return to the place from where they were born

    • Tfowlis
      Tfowlis 3 days ago

      @Henry Benedict I definitely get tired of the winters, but moving out after being born and raised there idk but I can only think of going back

    • Henry Benedict
      Henry Benedict 3 days ago

      @Tfowlis just not in the winters 😉

  • thebathman
    thebathman 4 months ago +7

    Nice video, although I must say the graphic comparing state sizes at 1:46 is quite misleading. According to wikipedia (should be close enough) Alaska is slightly larger than those three states by land area. Using the Mercator projection to compare area sizes at different latitudes is a terrible idea.

  • edward dawson
    edward dawson 4 months ago +2

    Love your content. You could run an entire network with better quality products than nearly all those on offer from any cable provider. Which goes to show just how much broadcast and TV execs are actually useful, you know like, they aren't. You display that you and whomever else are needed to produce your videos are equal to probably hundreds of individuals at a dinosaur TV company.

  • Tibor Grüll
    Tibor Grüll 4 months ago +1

    Your videos are extremely interesting. Well written, well-spoken, deep plowing, and entertaining. Congratulations!

  • Kyler Quinn
    Kyler Quinn 4 months ago +2

    Only issue here is the Port of Anchorage. Trying to update and modernize it has only led to ten years or more of throwing lots and lots of money at it, without much to show for it all. The tidal waters here move over 30 feet of water, which combined with the “mud flats”, can be a giant nightmare when it comes to installing any kind of infrastructure. I can’t remember the exact geological makeup of the “mud flats”, but I am pretty sure what makes them such a problem is all the glacial silt that ends up flowing out into the ocean. People have been known to walk out on these when the tide is low and get stuck because it’s like quicksand in a way. Then once someone gets stuck, it can be impossible for them to get themselves unstuck without outside help, which can be hard to get in time before the tide comes back in. I’m pretty sure at least one woman has died in this manner just outside of Anchorage.

  • highway2 heaven91
    highway2 heaven91 5 months ago +1261

    It’s quite interesting how cities such as Anchorage that we generally don’t discuss in real life are so important to governments around the world. Kind of makes you feel better if you got transferred to some of these places for work because you know that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself.

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian 2 months ago

      @Toby Thies "cheaper than big population states" until it becomes a big population state, which was my original point.

    • Toby Thies
      Toby Thies 2 months ago

      @Darnell Dubose there's a reason we are one of the most powerful states in thr US military wise.

    • Toby Thies
      Toby Thies 2 months ago

      @arcguardian not as much as you'd think. It's mostly the cost to get resources up here. Like Gas or stuff like that Is expensive. Housing and land are way cheaper then big population States in alaska

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian 5 months ago

      @Damian Jablonski so population doesn't affect the cost of living?

    • Timothy Harshaw
      Timothy Harshaw 5 months ago

      @Joshua Crandall You are 💯 right, Alaska will be the place to be in the near future

  • Photonak
    Photonak 3 months ago +2

    Never thought our home town of Anchorage would ever get this much love. Rock on!

  • Rafael Mateo
    Rafael Mateo 20 days ago +1

    The cool thing about anchorage is that, even though they are apart from the rest of the US, they get more products than even people in a big city down in the US. After all, everyone has to pass through Anchorage. Imagining Anchorage as a desolate place with no access to new things world be a super error!

  • Joao Rosado
    Joao Rosado 4 months ago +2

    great stuff! Could you do a series of videos on which cities are better placed for each of the continents?

  • TallDarkNHandsome
    TallDarkNHandsome 4 months ago +1

    Hello RealLifeLore! Excellent video; my family and I love your videos and have been tuning in for 2 years. We enjoy the information you provide, but I was wondering if you cited your sources on youtube or any other media platform. I understand thats a massive undertaking to cite everything you read but I’d love to see the sources you look at. Thank you!

  • No Bounce, No Play
    No Bounce, No Play 5 months ago +1308

    I was born and raised in Anchorage, however I was a military brat so after a certain age I eventually lived in 7 different states, many cities...I have to say the ONLY one I love and miss and adore is Anchorage.

    • Troy Ottosen
      Troy Ottosen 17 days ago

      @lionel de Mun , Notice you said nothing???😳🤪🤣

    • lionel de Mun
      lionel de Mun 17 days ago

      @Troy Ottosen for nature lovers sure and fit at that. If you're neither it's another story.

    • Angel of A Million Years
      Angel of A Million Years 17 days ago


    • juice
      juice Month ago +1

      As an Anchorage resident I feel the opposite lmao. I dont get why you like it so much, its cold as hell for most of the year and is extremely generic and boring. Its not like I hate the city with a passion but I definitely wanna move out to some place else. If you wanna get the real Alaskan experience, you'll have to get out the city.

    • Powker The Veriest
      Powker The Veriest Month ago


  • Sohka SwiftEagle
    Sohka SwiftEagle 3 months ago +3

    one question I have. By the time the artic passages opens, (assuming that while the artica passage melt, other ice reerves will also melt around the world) how high will the world ocean increase, and wich coastal city will now be underwater and which non coastal city will have become coastal city?

    • dillonhillier
      dillonhillier 3 months ago +4

      The ice in the artic wouldn't factor into sea level rise, it is floating sea ice and displaces the same amount of water as it would add when melted.

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen 3 months ago

    I am surprised at the number of air routes (both passengers and cargo) that go through/near the Arctic Circle because of the lack of of nearby airports that they can land in case of emergency. Or are there that many airports near the Arctic Circle that this is non-concern?

  • Simonnice
    Simonnice 20 days ago

    One of the best channels on TheXvid alongside Mark Rober. Getting this knowledge for free seems like committing some kind of crime.

  • Noah Mozzarella
    Noah Mozzarella 2 months ago

    Never had any idea that the Ted Stevens Airport was that vital. Makes me rethink all the times I’ve wandered around it.

  • Josiah the NF
    Josiah the NF 5 months ago +1411

    I knew Alaska was important to control due to its numerous mineral and chemical resources. But I didn’t fathom how crucial it was on a global scale from its location. Very informative video!

    • Josiah the NF
      Josiah the NF Month ago

      @Marky V You’re extremely ignorant for thinking the global economy can sustain itself with the production of oil, minerals, and other natural resources. I’ll let you know I didn’t even watch this video in it’s entirety, only the first 20 seconds. This comment said nothing on global warming for a reason…I am aware of and understand the dangers of global warming and how severe an issue it is in our world today. Don’t jump to conclusions without context. Good day to you.

    • Troy Ottosen
      Troy Ottosen 2 months ago

      @Toasted Flowers , You haven’t a clue about how it really is here in Alaska! Nothing new for us longtime Alaskan’s!

    • Toasted Flowers
      Toasted Flowers 2 months ago

      You must be easily fooled by propaganda

    • Tolietduck84 Pumbleless
      Tolietduck84 Pumbleless 2 months ago

      @Whaterver Man why do you think climate change is made up, when average tempatures around the world have shifted significantly in the past few decades?

  • Ulf Asplund
    Ulf Asplund 3 months ago

    Please add the seasonal flights from Iceland to Anchorage... What is more interesting though is the upcoming airline that will be based in Anchorage and connect cities in North America and Asia just as Icelandair is doing with Reykjavik.

  • Patrick H.
    Patrick H. 4 months ago +2

    I worked for DHL Express at the biggest airport cargo hub in Germany and Anchorage was one of the most important flight destinations

  • Cindy Bogart
    Cindy Bogart 4 months ago +1

    This was an extremely interesting video. You sometimes forget that the N/W passage will make such a difference in today’s world. Now the countries have more issues to argue about. Alaska & it’s people are extraordinary. The beauty there are breathtaking. We will have to see what happens there in the future. Now Russia is using their gas production as a weapon today!

  • Unr3alJ0e
    Unr3alJ0e 2 months ago

    You're the best channel on TheXvid by far. I plan on supporting you on Nebula as well! Love your videos and I hope you always keep producing more.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 5 months ago +563

    For those interested, russia didnt really sell alaska for the $$ . I mean technically yea, but the real reason was they were scared Britain would take it over through Canada. So they thought they'd be better off with America having it than Britain. Worked fine for the time, but a century later.....

    • 907kyle
      907kyle Month ago

      They most definitely needed the money they were in debt and didn't give Britain or France the land due to them thinking they sucked all the profit they could get (and they were butthurt they lost the war), so who are the idiots that could want Alaska... The people under Britain-American colonies, and also they weren't to scared britain doing so mostly because Russia gave them ports to whale from and trade with whichever native tribe was there, probably the Inupiaq or the Tlingit

    • how do i get the best discount on subway
      how do i get the best discount on subway 4 months ago +2

      @Joshua Crandall evidence?

    • MitchB
      MitchB 5 months ago +1

      @Paroxysm Nott very much, alaska would be an independent country by now if they ever did.

    • Joshua Crandall
      Joshua Crandall 5 months ago +8

      Actually, under International Law, Russia only technically owned 7 acres of land down in Southeast Alaska. They had legal title to nothing more. Therefore, the US only legally purchased that same 7 acres and came to usurp and occupy the rest of the territory despite it being inhabited from top to bottom with more than 13 different tribes of Alaska Natives. This may have been a moot point back in the day, but the US remains in violation of international law by its continued occupation of Alaska, Hawai’i, and other territories. This is still a big deal, with consequences that people today still face.

    • Kaiju Slayer333
      Kaiju Slayer333 5 months ago +2

      @Paroxysm It’d either end up being a part of Canada, or be a new separate country. Either way, things would be a bit different.

  • MOH Hughes
    MOH Hughes 5 days ago

    I became an Alaska-phile last year with my first trip, to Fairbanks (from NC). I was in love - so beautiful, people were awesome, just the sense that I was one step closer to nature (we ate tundra blueberries on the trail). But it was also easy to lose certain amenities - I had to go into Fairbanks proper to make a cellular call (you can rent satellite phones). I was in Anchorage in January and was blown away. The Cook Inlet is stunning. Sure, the high was -2F, but it didn't feel like it - and I have lived in the Upper Plains (much worse).
    So much to see in our 49th state (not even touching on Denali). I will be going back at least annually to try to learn more. The US is fortunate to have this amazing state.

  • Utogaro
    Utogaro 2 months ago +5

    6:30 He used the greater than symbol while discussing time of flight being than certain # of hours. Those symbol are read from left to right like the English language. Open in on left is greater than, while closed end on left is less than.
    For the collective knowledge of TheXvid comments section.

  • Pheor Rungurd
    Pheor Rungurd Month ago +1

    And still, I argue with customer service from various companies that Alaska is a state. It is also ridiculous that I also have to often argue that Alaska is NOT next to Mexico.

  • Hexagon Red Games
    Hexagon Red Games 4 months ago +3

    I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base Anchorage for 2 years. Summers are amazing, but the winters are COLD! Absolutely beautiful and can't wait to go back.

  • Jack Peters
    Jack Peters 5 months ago +384

    A sign I commonly saw while I lived in Alaska was "Alaska- The last foreign nation still friendly to Americans". Living in Alaska really is like living in a different country. So often we felt disconnected from the larger issues affecting the lower 48. It certainly is remote, but that comes with its benefits.

    • TheChasedanger
      TheChasedanger 10 hours ago

      @Connor Lynndan stop spamming this on every comment

    • C Will
      C Will 18 days ago

      @Jeff Redfern no country is homogenous. Every country have several cultures. Including China. China liked to create the idea it’s a homogenous culture . Besides I actually would say the States have more than 50 cultures.

    • Goofy ahh Drake
      Goofy ahh Drake 21 day ago


    • S K
      S K Month ago

      @gujwdhufj ijjpo
      I met an interesting mix of people, mainly from working there.
      And again, as I have said.
      It is a completely different world up there. I really have 0 hate for AK.
      Ohio is a freaking mess.
      Texas is a mess.
      Oklahoma is a mess. Just as examples.
      Believe me, I am by no means just picking on Alaska.

    • gujwdhufj ijjpo
      gujwdhufj ijjpo Month ago

      @charles smith
      yes and no. Depends on how you look at it.
      What you’re referring to is the Permanent Fund Dividend. Basically when oil was discovered in Alaska, they were worried about taxable resources running out. They decided to create a Permanent Fund. It’s a Fund that is invested to perpetually pay for things, such as a government. The voters of Alaska voted in 1976 to amend the state constitution to create this fund, so future generations wouldn’t have things like income tax.
      Alaskans get a cut of the earnings of this fund every year. This is because our state constitution says it belongs to Alaskans, not the Alaskan government. As the Fund grows, typically the dividend grows.
      The reason I said yes and no is because the government isn’t really paying us, as we own part of that Fund as Alaskans.
      Here recently, politicians have been debating on decreasing the size of the dividend, either in favor of putting this money back into the Fund to continue to grow, or in favor of larger budgets without increased taxes.
      The fund was worth around $80 billion last I checked. I think that was in 2021. It’s growing extremely fast compared to the past too. For reference it was worth around $40 billion in 2011. I think it grew by $15 billion in just 1 year.
      Texas actually has a permanent fund too but it’s strictly used to fund education. No dividends for Texans.
      Norway has the same thing nationally though under a different name. Theirs is worth $1.4 trillion and it’s the largest such fund in the world.

  • Liam
    Liam 4 months ago

    Born, raised, and hopefully lifelong Alaskan here. One thing you didn't mention for Alaska downsides (and Anchoragein particular) is our supply train, we produce only a small portion of our food locally, and are completely dependent on supplies being brought up by the ship load, Anchorages port kind of sucks, because cook inlet is a shallow silt bed, which requires constant dredging to maintain functional operations. This means we are extremely vulnerable in the case of a disaster (think another mega earthquake, a war or any other large supply chain interrupting event), in the case of our supply chain being cut, the non-subsitance lifestyle people (or at any rate, non preppers with no wilderness skills) would be facing starvation in a matter of a couple months, possibly weeks.
    Alaska is great (I say best), but it cartanly has potential drawbacks, other than cold and the dark.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 4 months ago +1

    This is one of the most interesting videos you've made yet. This is exactly what I'm subscribed for.

  • Alaskan Soybean
    Alaskan Soybean 3 months ago

    As an Alaskan, I would say that maybe Fairbanks would also be fairly important, but I didn’t really think about the shopping that occurs here in anchorage

  • Andre Gilbert
    Andre Gilbert 4 months ago +1

    I been flying back and forth from Anchorage for the last six years. It's so fun to go to Point Woronzof Park and watch the airplanes ✈️ fly almost over your head and the cook inlet. It's a site to see and you also have a panoramic view of downtown Anchorage. Alaska is a hidden gem. Only quite a few are blessed to see its beauty

  • Nebula2156
    Nebula2156 5 months ago +346

    Alaska is like that kid who was considered worthless growing up, but ended up super successful in the future

    • [sdk]
      [sdk] 5 months ago

      @George Semel Elon bought something in Alaska?

    • AtreVire
      AtreVire 5 months ago

      @George Semel elon musks parents had emerald mines he was never far from wealth

    • Xitlaltepec
      Xitlaltepec 5 months ago

      @Local Semi-Commenter lmao

    • Local Semi-Commenter
      Local Semi-Commenter 5 months ago +1

      @Xitlaltepec *"Russia decides to sell alaska to murica', What Happens Next Is Shocking"*

    • minecrafter9000
      minecrafter9000 5 months ago

      @Tau ceti lmao it would be invaded

  • Ender katze
    Ender katze Month ago +1

    And what about the actual City and it's Location? What Terrain is it on? Can it selfsustain? Is it as a City Futureproof?

  • Trioptic3D
    Trioptic3D Month ago +1

    This video finally made me realize why Juneau is the capital and not Anchorage. Thank you

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 3 months ago +7

    I think anchorage is about to get a lot more civilian flights from Europe now

  • Rivera
    Rivera 3 months ago +1

    To anyone who is confused about "OP" in the title, It just means "overpowered". It's an exaggerated way of calling something powerful.
    "The nuke is an OP weapon"
    "Superman is too OP"

  • Chelsey Dunton
    Chelsey Dunton 5 months ago +745

    As an Alaskan, I always thought that Alaska, while fascinating, was never going to be a big place for the USA. It was always that state that got brought up when talking about the American purchase of the land, and then never again. It was always this quaint piece of land that I lived in. Now that I hear this, I think that it could be in my lifetime when Alaska becomes one of the biggest places in the world, and I could be there to say what it was like before, so that's really nice to hear.

    • T. Mendous
      T. Mendous 5 months ago

      @Just a man. Anchorage is disappointing in some ways, but the cold isn’t! Keeping everyone away is the best thing about it!

    • T. Mendous
      T. Mendous 5 months ago

      That would be a sad day

    • T. Mendous
      T. Mendous 5 months ago

      @minecrafter9000 You Texan, right?
      Actually, my Grandfather said as a Texan he was taught in public school that if all the iced in Alaska melted, it would be no bigger than Rode Island

    • I alive
      I alive 5 months ago

      @Dan the winter months in Alaska are November to early March, spring/melting season since all it is is slush and trash reemerging as well as a lot of rain is from mid March to April, Summer (yes we have one of those and it can get into the 80s) is May to the start of August, and fall is mid August to late October and first snowfall is usually a week to a couple of days before Halloween

    • Dan
      Dan 5 months ago

      What’s it like in Alaska? I wanna visit sometime

  • Mark Nice
    Mark Nice 2 months ago +6

    something tells me alaska air space is more valuable now.

  • Randy Bentley
    Randy Bentley 5 months ago

    The Air Force would be wise to reactivate Eareckson Air Station that is on Shemya Island in the Aleutian Islands archipelago. It's right smack dab in the middle of everything going on in the Pacific and would serve as another valuable choke point.

  • hunter
    hunter 4 months ago +2

    Moved from New Orleans to Anchorage when I was a kid, spent 4 years living there, still go back every year. Love this place

  • Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    My dad was a FedEx pilot and he sometimes went to anchorage for international trips.

  • Logan D
    Logan D 2 months ago +1

    All of this was so over my head, I had no idea. Thanks for that this was awesome

  • Randall Debow
    Randall Debow 4 months ago

    Its always sad to see a town dying after it has seen such a glorious history. All the people gone shops closed it's all so sad

  • DeskKun
    DeskKun 23 days ago +1

    Anyone else having a giggle about how "Russia will plan on increasing it's hold on Europe" due to their goals of taking the artic fields?

  • Patrick Kircher
    Patrick Kircher 2 months ago

    Really sad to imagine that we most probably flood this region with heavy ships!

  • Edward Blair
    Edward Blair 5 months ago +587

    It's not just that planes can refuel in Anchorage as they go by, it's that you can fill a plane full with goods going to multiple destinations, send it and others to Alaska, and then fill up planes with goods from many sources to get to their final destinations. So the same flight into, say, Mexico City could have goods shipped in from both Tokyo and London.

    • phuturephunk
      phuturephunk 4 months ago

      The wonders of transloading.

    • Greg Erlandson
      Greg Erlandson 5 months ago +1

      You beat me to it! But exactly what I was thinking.
      A short stop that is on the optimal route allows you to refuel and also shift cargo.
      Result: profit

    • Donovaan
      Donovaan 5 months ago +1

      Excellent point.

    • Fasteroid
      Fasteroid 5 months ago +1

      Anchorage is the world's air router

      KING JERMARCUS 5 months ago +1


  • Jasper
    Jasper 2 days ago

    It's weird when a video says "during the Cold War, this was a problem" and you then check the upload date because similar tensions have re-introduced the problem recently...

  • Trevor Johnsen
    Trevor Johnsen 4 months ago

    Barrow, Alaska can easily become a very resourceful city as well since it is located at the top tip of the state.

  • Luchador EMC
    Luchador EMC 4 months ago

    Excellent video! You should make a video about California City....the biggest city that never was and was supposed to compete with Los Angeles.

  • Ishaan S. Prasad
    Ishaan S. Prasad 3 months ago

    When I heard ab the US trying to buy Greenland from Denmark, I was astonished-thought it was total nonsense. It really does make more sense, strategically, now.

  • Daniel Lamb
    Daniel Lamb 5 months ago +532

    Anchorage is a city that has always been fascinating for me. Living in the US Midwest, Alaska seems distant, far away, almost like a foreign country. Its role in the future and in popular media (like Fallout) makes it a city destined for greatness Alaska is a state I'd love to visit.

    • juice
      juice Month ago

      My advise, stay away from the city.

    • Coldcrush
      Coldcrush 5 months ago

      @Dovahkiing just don't visit fairbanks during the winter if it's you're first time in Alaska lol

    • Coldcrush
      Coldcrush 5 months ago

      Lots of seasonal work during the summer that offer housing. Swear the population up here triples during the summer.

    • Carlie R.
      Carlie R. 5 months ago

      @USA I also visited Alaska 2 years ago in July! It was on a cruise so I got to see 3 different cities. It was super cool especially being from a state that is vastly different from Alaska

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 5 months ago +1

    If you want to make Anchorage even more Op then build the railroad from the lower 48 up there to Alaska

  • Stricklinator
    Stricklinator Month ago +1

    Now, Anchorage is even more important than ever due to the new restrictions on Russian airspace due to their actions in Ukraine!

  • soduK
    soduK 3 months ago +1

    Yeah Anchorage is surrounded by snow capped mountains in the winter and extremely beautiful and breathtaking landscapes yet the crime and homeless rates are some of if not the highest in the nation per-capita and it's only been getting worse with each passing year.. I was robbed at gunpoint in a home invasion off Muldoon Rd. and so I decided to move away a month later!

  • Gabriel T
    Gabriel T Month ago

    I often feel amazed at the low-density of information in these videos. Like after 10 minutes it's barely made 3 observations. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing.

  • GP
    GP 5 months ago +150

    After flying up to Alaska, I noticed how busy the airport really was. I saw a few large airports in other parts of the states, but Anchorage had an incredible airport with all sorts of interior decorations and shops, it was incredible.

    • Clogged Pizza ➈
      Clogged Pizza ➈ 5 months ago +2

      Fairbanks international is quite impressive as well.

    • Sheryl Z
      Sheryl Z 5 months ago +2

      @oblivion !!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed it so much! I am probably jaded, and walking right by a lot of cool stuff since it's "home" and we tend to take that for granted. I'll look around more next time!

    • oblivion !!!!!!!
      oblivion !!!!!!! 5 months ago +4

      @Sheryl Z have you been to the lower levels and actually looked around? They have mini museums and Eskimo art in some hallways as well as themed items at gift shops. Also the corridors between sections of the airport have amazing designs and patterns.

    • Sheryl Z
      Sheryl Z 5 months ago +11

      Really? I'm from Anchorage and go through that airport all the time and it seems like you're overselling it a bit. I mean it's nice enough, but I'm surprised that you thought it was that great. Did it exceed your expectations for an airport in AK?

  • Eric Zoesch
    Eric Zoesch 4 months ago +6

    Anchorage also has a seasonal direct to KEF in Iceland, making three international routes not two.

    • The Banks Films
      The Banks Films 4 months ago

      This is true however I don’t know if that route is operated anymore. I think the route even stopped pre covid.

  • D00mfist1132
    D00mfist1132 3 months ago +1

    I was stationed in Alaska and I miss anchorage every damn day 😭😭

  • Labor Mel
    Labor Mel 4 months ago

    you SOLD me with that nebula ad at the end king. I'm so curious to know more about Greek history and geopolitics, my parents are first generation from the greek islands and I've always wanted to get closer to it

  • RJV
    RJV 27 days ago +1

    What's really a mindf*ck to me is that I grew up with the general notion that half of The Netherlands, including Rotterdam's harbour, would be dissapearing underwater if the arctic were to melt. But we're at a point now where Dutch delta engineering has come so far that that's not a realistic concern anymore. I was always (unnecessarily) scared that pursuing the safety of the land here was gonna negatively affect international descision-making regarding the environment because it would give major forces in the world more leeway to keep pushing ocean level limits, but seeing as to how this route would become available if the acrtic were to melt, it was probably inevitable anyway. I swear we have the weirdest relationship with water over here.

  • Connected - Urban Planning, Construction, Trains

    The role of Anchorage seems to have been similar to the Gander International Airport. When nonstop flights from America to Europe were difficult, the Gander International Airport acted as an entrance to America. Really interesting. Nice video!

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul 5 months ago +4

      @B.W.Fontaine Yes, that was one of the major crashes there. On 9/11 it also it was also one of the major grounding points for flights going to the US. A town of less than 10,000 people housing and feeding ~6800 passengers and crew.

    • B.W.Fontaine
      B.W.Fontaine 5 months ago +4

      Isn't that the airport where an aircraft loaded up with Green Berets crashed and burned back in '85, killing everyone onboard?

    • Old-fashioned Coughy Pot
      Old-fashioned Coughy Pot 5 months ago +2

      The Beatles were in the Gander Airport back in the olden days

    • maxpowr90
      maxpowr90 5 months ago +12

      Just like the Azores were/are a pitstop for ships traversing the Atlantic.

  • SEMS
    SEMS 4 months ago

    Johnny Harris covered the Turkey/Greece situation pretty well on his channel, on TheXvid.

  • Kayone73
    Kayone73 4 months ago

    Never thought of Anchorage as Overpowered, interesting 🤔

  • Bethany Millgate
    Bethany Millgate 2 months ago

    I would really really love to live there, quiet n far away from everything with lots of great cold that make a wood fireplace even better. When i am older ima go to anchorage 😄

  • Underground Deep-Tech Station

    But what if THEY reinvent TESLAS TELEPORT ? :)

  • InTheAKSnow
    InTheAKSnow 5 months ago +404

    It would also be interesting if you would cover anchorages problems. For example, anchorage is hemmed in by the inlet to the west/south, the chugach mountain range to the east, and a military airforce base to the north. So it doesn't have an option to grow much larger. There's also our port which requires a significant amount of dredging, despite there being an option for a deep water port on fire island. We have the second highest tides in the entire world. The '64 earthquake was a 9.4, and is almost guaranteed to happen again due to our position directly on top of a fault line. And our absolutely insane rape and crime statistics. There's also the problem that our capitol is I accessible to the majority of our states population, and whenever there's a vote to move it to Anchorage suspicious happenings occur and power outages that limit voting. And as a fun side note, you should check out recent news about our mayor.

    • E L
      E L 5 months ago

      There is plenty of space. We can build in the nearly empty area around Chugiak north to Eagle River. No need to build the Knik Arm Bridge or anex parts of MatSu.

    • Sheryl Z
      Sheryl Z 5 months ago

      @arcguardian So easy to manipulate, misunderstand or misstate statistics!

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian 5 months ago

      @Special needs dog they can expand, with enough $$$.

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian 5 months ago

      @Sheryl Z okay, that's my understanding as well.

    • Ryeder Grenier
      Ryeder Grenier 5 months ago

      @Johnny Vivic yeah there is but he is talking about going straight acrossed from anchorage not north first

  • nathan V
    nathan V Month ago

    one of the best places I have ever lived. The Cargo portion of the airport there has almost constant air traffic.

  • why?
    why? 2 months ago +2

    It's March, and i'm curious to see how anchorage is impacted by current world events and sanctions

  • DropkicktheDecepticon
    DropkicktheDecepticon 19 days ago +1

    It's roughly 1/4 of the US' entire territory. And I was born in Anchorage. So yeah, it's kinda important.

  • colt mc dougall
    colt mc dougall 4 months ago

    I was enjoying the video until it started with if the ice melted it would open up the pole to ship traffic, if the pole melted it would add so much fresh water to the ocean that the convective currants would stop, this would cause a near freeze of the whole plant until the fresh water refroze at the poles.

  • Kyotosomo
    Kyotosomo 5 months ago +4766

    I can't believe the Devs are gonna buff Anchorage in the upcoming global warming patch when it's already near the top of the meta and players have been begging for a nerf for years, literally unplayable.

    • Salman Ravoof
      Salman Ravoof Month ago

      I was literally recommended this video right after I watched a Civilization 6 video, LOL.

    • LemonFish56
      LemonFish56 Month ago

      idk why but i love the idea that (insert religious figure here) is a nerdy programmer who doesn’t know how to balance

    • Grizzly Addams
      Grizzly Addams Month ago

      @Charles Mills atleast they're not professing their pronouns or asking what initials are most popular in ANC.