Aja | "The Diva Dance" / Fifth Element | NIGHTGOWNS

  • Published on Jan 22, 2017
  • Aja performs "The Diva Dance" from The Fifth Element at Sasha Velour's monthly drag show, NIGHTGOWNS, January 2017. | Performance captured by GHP, Gypsy Hill Productions.

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  • zelvin hill
    zelvin hill 4 months ago

    She doesn't know the words

  • Mama Riley
    Mama Riley 9 months ago

    My two favorite thing Lol the fifth element and aja

  • Monique Heart’s laugh

    Her dancing choices at the beginning were... Questionable.

  • channel#1
    channel#1 Year ago

    Oh she doesn't know the words

  • Paul Spina
    Paul Spina Year ago

    Damn girl that ass got back rolls. Pad it heavy.

  • Paul FIRMIN
    Paul FIRMIN Year ago

    Like in her performance of FKA twigs for the premiere, i feel like the over dress is AMAZING but the leotard is not good at all. Still got the chills though. Love

  • Felipe Gelssis
    Felipe Gelssis Year ago

    Lack of research. The aria part would require a lot more to be on point. I was expecting a better lipsync actly :( Nice perform tho

  • Hey Hogan
    Hey Hogan Year ago

    The little applause for herself at the end xD

  • Hozay Florian
    Hozay Florian Year ago


  • elohelreh
    elohelreh Year ago

    "il dolce suono" is the aria before the beautiful autotuning. love this opera.

  • Jay Julio
    Jay Julio Year ago +3

    4:31 i was given an additional 1000 years of life!!

  • Glitter Grasshopper
    Glitter Grasshopper Year ago +6


    • Glitter Grasshopper
      Glitter Grasshopper 2 months ago

      +Andy Simmons .... i think its trying to communicate

    • Andy Simmons
      Andy Simmons 4 months ago +1

      Glitter Grasshopper you know it's a man in a dress, right? Stop putting limits on him.

  • Pieulpe
    Pieulpe Year ago +18

    I just watched her vogue to azaelia banks and lipsync to cupcakke, I thought I had seen it all... AND NOW THE FIFTH ELEMENT !! I SWEAR SHE'S THE BEST PERFORMER EVER

  • yanderechan
    yanderechan Year ago

    une honte pour la musique après sa

  • William Dale
    William Dale Year ago

    Aja qween! You are so talented.

  • University Club
    University Club Year ago

    I love this performance. Reminded me of #IVannaBlack UC Gainesville 🛎Love when the artist puts 100% ❤️ into the Character as you did in this video 🎟

  • ghosted166
    ghosted166 Year ago

    Good lip sync and great dancing! (the outfit and wig are pretty tacky looking though)

  • Brandon Nazario
    Brandon Nazario Year ago

    split still got me fucked up

  • John62
    John62 Year ago

    Dear Sis,
    Please do this in Melbourne, plz, plz, plz!

  • Shaney Waney
    Shaney Waney Year ago

    That was fucking amazing!! 😵

  • SuzySpeed01
    SuzySpeed01 Year ago

    Yes Aja, deliver.

  • Ali Ramsay
    Ali Ramsay Year ago +30

    Aja's song choices are perfection

  • cramitycramcram
    cramitycramcram Year ago +26

    When the spirit of detox posses you

    • Sam Iyam
      Sam Iyam Day ago

      0h please, she can run circles around Detox in the lipsync arena. There's a big difference between Detox just shaking her jaw and what Aja is doing. Detox freely admits she stole that bit from one of the first queens she ever saw perform way back when she was in Florida. The effect got old five minutes after she mentioned it

    • MzOvahness
      MzOvahness Year ago +1

      cramitycramcram lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo Jesus bless the lip quiver

  • Martin Ng
    Martin Ng Year ago


  • w riley
    w riley Year ago +3

    Say what you want about her 'skin' or 'make-up' (um... have you looked in the the mirror lately? And, I mean-close?) but Aja is performer. She's a performer. You want to watch her. She's got electricity. She's definitely deserves the title of lip sync assassin. PS. and then this happened: thexvid.com/video/9S9kA0hOT7E/video.html

  • LusiFr
    LusiFr Year ago

    this was fucking iconic omg

  • Alexis o
    Alexis o Year ago +2

    all the monies to you !!!!!

  • Flora L. Print
    Flora L. Print Year ago

    i really enjoy how she simulates vibrato with her lips

  • javier6938
    javier6938 Year ago

    Lol she killed this too. Loved it.

  • Manuel Declay
    Manuel Declay 2 years ago +2

    has no one seen Thorgy do this lip sync but five years prior to her drag race fame?

    • Archer
      Archer 6 months ago +1

      I'm sure a lot of queens have lipsynced to this. Mayhem, Thorgy, Aja, and Hungry have lipsynced to it, and I'm sure lots of other, even more underground artsy queens have performed to this.

    • 6dm6tina6
      6dm6tina6 Year ago +9


  • monica.oaks
    monica.oaks 2 years ago


  • Fermin Juarez
    Fermin Juarez 2 years ago


  • Eduardo Tarin
    Eduardo Tarin 2 years ago


  • Naquoya Willison
    Naquoya Willison 2 years ago

    breathing art

  • marco antonio rojas granados

    love herrrrrrrrrr

  • Rodrigo Barreras
    Rodrigo Barreras 2 years ago +7

    4:31 you're welcome

  • Gabe J
    Gabe J 2 years ago +1

    I was like if she shablams at the end I would give it a thumbs up, hmm nvm

  • Bry Weasley
    Bry Weasley 2 years ago +1

    OMFG!!! If Aja doesn't win S9, whatever bitch does win had better be able to top this shit right here. This is the new standard!

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 2 years ago +1

    3:40 onwards is FUCKING PERFECTION

  • MysticMikey
    MysticMikey 2 years ago +1

    holy fuck

  • Nicole Pearl
    Nicole Pearl 2 years ago +1

    I watch this daily

  • flblbl
    flblbl 2 years ago +21

    mad respect for chosing this song and this scene

  • Sammy
    Sammy 2 years ago +13

    I was unsure about Aja but this just sold me tbh

  • Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman 2 years ago +29

    I wasn't sure at first but bitch STEPPED HER PUSSY UP 3 STAIRS AT A TIME I'm living and rooting for her on season 9

  • Donald S
    Donald S 2 years ago +3

    She should have ended that last beat with a death drop or something to be extra. She is definitely in my top 3 though! I can't wait to see her go far!!

  • 「Akim Lai-Fang」
    「Akim Lai-Fang」 2 years ago +180

    A queen lip syncing the fifth element? And doing it well?

  • Aaroni Peperoni
    Aaroni Peperoni 2 years ago +3


  • MustacheN Beef
    MustacheN Beef 2 years ago

    I'm assuming she wins based on all the support?

    • MustacheN Beef
      MustacheN Beef 2 years ago

      i guess I'll have to see her in person the get that experience.

    • Kai Mclaurin
      Kai Mclaurin 2 years ago

      vfarias89 she's talented that's why she has support

  • lascivit
    lascivit 2 years ago +34

    I'm clocking her for not knowing the lyrics. A for effort.

    • Archer
      Archer 6 months ago +1

      Girl they still gave her an A, calm yo titties

    • Felipe Gelssis
      Felipe Gelssis Year ago +2

      I think she's just not good at italian haha and yeah, she doesn't know them well :(

    • tnargtnarud
      tnargtnarud Year ago +4

      Yeah, it's the video out of sync with the audio.

    • Lorenozone
      Lorenozone Year ago +9

      Still better than Valentina though....

    • artie
      artie Year ago +30

      Alexander Svedberg aja is one of the most talented lip syncers i've seen in w long time. she would never go out unprepared. there's obviously a short delay. paired with the mic peaking every other second. stop trying to find reasons to read them tbh they dont deserve this hate

  • Its Omar 7
    Its Omar 7 2 years ago

    She's gonna be one to beat on season 9

  • zack bee
    zack bee 2 years ago


  • Theoceanmau
    Theoceanmau 2 years ago

    HOLE SHIIITTTTTTTT this is amazing

  • Grimsnarl
    Grimsnarl 2 years ago +23

    girl, doing the diva dance is enough for me to want her to win this season

  • Andrew Rod
    Andrew Rod 2 years ago

    Aja was tight on them words I lived 😩💜💜💜💜

  • Milahe
    Milahe 2 years ago +13

    Come on high kick!
    Come on 8 count!

  • Jose Hidalgo Orbe
    Jose Hidalgo Orbe 2 years ago


  • Six
    Six 2 years ago

    Oscar plis!

  • J CPadilla
    J CPadilla 2 years ago +9

    omfg I'm dead. Sasha and her are everything😍😍😍

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 2 years ago +41

    she needed to rehearse the beginning, but it is Il dolce suono, pretty hard piece... even to lipsync. She killed the end tho. Got to give her that

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 2 years ago +20

    Fuck her movements are so precise.

    KILYO 2 years ago

    fuuuuuuuuckkkkkk THIS IS GENIUS

  • Leo For life
    Leo For life 2 years ago +60

    My god I am in love with her!!!! She is just undeniably incredible

  • Helena Andrzejewska
    Helena Andrzejewska 2 years ago +79

    I have no words, she is definitely going to be my favourite this season. What a performance!

    • 6dm6tina6
      6dm6tina6 Year ago +6

      @alexander, she was good on the show wyd lmao

    • Theoceanmau
      Theoceanmau 2 years ago +9

      I agree with you, she is such a strong performer its ridiculous.

  • Ismael Silva
    Ismael Silva 2 years ago +25

    this bitch is so good!

  • Naomi PR
    Naomi PR 2 years ago +46

    Omg, I would be throwing so much money at her if I were there. 🤑

  • Sining
    Sining 2 years ago +14


  • Tara Javid
    Tara Javid 2 years ago +22

    oh. my. god. yes she did this.

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch 2 years ago +212

    the padding is suspicious but i still live

    • gyqz
      gyqz 11 months ago +2

      Fuck all of you nasty bitches! Where can I book a ticket to see you performing???

    • Angélica P
      Angélica P Year ago +1

      Full Diaper ass

    • Andy Simmons
      Andy Simmons Year ago +3

      Suspiciously saggy ass....

    • Tyler Blue
      Tyler Blue 2 years ago +20

      " She got thighs but no booty!"