I Bought Pewdiepie's New Keyboard...

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • I bought the new pewdiepie keyboard. It was... interesting.
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  • Khairyl M
    Khairyl M 3 months ago +10303

    10/10 ending

  • Squashy Boy
    Squashy Boy 3 months ago +9686


  • Feyre Lamentation
    Feyre Lamentation 2 months ago +705

    I didn't realize there was so much technical stuff behind keyboards lol. I thought there were just clacky keyboards versus quiet keyboards. But I found your review really funny and interesting!

    • Durga Khanal
      Durga Khanal Month ago

      @typingbacon i mean yes the asthetics do matter cause even though I don’t look at it much I still want my keyboard to look nice with my desk. But most of the, “pimping out” of a keyboard is for sound

    • Durga Khanal
      Durga Khanal Month ago

      @typingbacon for the sound

    • typingbacon
      typingbacon Month ago

      It really is, some people just want to overcomplicate it. What's the purpose of pimping up a keyboard when you don't even look at it when you're typing

    • orinblank
      orinblank Month ago

      A big part is quiet vs clacky, but there's also how they feel to type on, like whether you want the keys to be flat or stepped, or how they feel to press. The real reason it's so complicated is because people have a lot of different preferences, even though, the core things they care about aren't super complicated

    • Dan Lazaro
      Dan Lazaro 2 months ago +1

      It is essentially quiet vs clacky. Plus me accidentally pressing random buttons because classic white super soft linear switches. (to be fair them lavender ones are also pretty sensitive).

  • Z M
    Z M 2 months ago +154

    I like that he looked at this keyboard from a fully objective lens because Pewdipie's audience is primarily young and so for them, this is probably the most 'quality' keyboard they've ever tried. But, for real, we gotta call out these large creators for selling these super expensive products just because it has their brand on it...

    • Antelope Friend
      Antelope Friend 10 days ago

      @Christoper Angeles 1. Yes.
      2. They said "primarily".
      3. it's still an overpriced tchotchke that's only as expensive as it is because of the B-list celebrity's name on the box.

    • Christoper Angeles
      Christoper Angeles Month ago +1

      Is 29 still young for you? Plus, supporting your favorite content creator and having their merch is a follower's decision and happiness. If you don't get that, you should probably open your mind more.

    • ppd
      ppd Month ago +7

      Oh and pls dont get me wrong im not a fan of his, i do subscribed to him but i would never spend money to buy his merch. Im just saying a lot of things are expensive just because its name not its quality like handbags yk.

    • ppd
      ppd Month ago +8

      Allow me to disagree, imo thats what branding is all about. It is expensive because of the *brand*.

  • Kevin Kunst
    Kevin Kunst 3 months ago +510

    YES. THIS is the Glarses content and goofiness I've always enjoyed. The wit, informative content, and funny bits are perfectly on point. More content like this, please! 10/10

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 2 months ago +97

    This completely changed my perspective on everything. Granted, I've never watched pewdiepie, or knew he had a keyboard. Nor do I recognize the manufacturer or any others you mentioned. Additionally, I don't really care too much about keyboard tech in general. Also, never seen one of your videos before these three. However, that still doesn't take away from the fact that this series has forever changed the way I will buy keyboards. Also, it damaged the delicate trust I had for whomever a pewdiepie is.

  • NovaNone
    NovaNone 3 months ago +4315

    I think at this point, Glarses is just going to turn every generic gamer keyboard into a mechanical masterpiece

    • azom
      azom 3 months ago +1


    • Blub
      Blub 3 months ago +1

      cant wait for the razer black widow mod video

    • Ian Intro
      Ian Intro 3 months ago +4

      yep and i heard nothing wrong abt this. company will push farthest they can go, making a huge increment and leap towards their product based what on customer's said about

    • NovaNone
      NovaNone 3 months ago

      @Banjoboards AYYYYYYYYYYY

    • Banjoboards
      Banjoboards 3 months ago +4

      Something about this comment seems, possibly pogieta

  • GeckoMkII
    GeckoMkII 2 months ago +39

    This guy makes keyboard videos enjoyable on a whole different level. keep them up man.

  • Eric Millwood
    Eric Millwood 2 months ago +21

    I can't believe there's someone who reviews keyboards, but this man does it perfectly

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie 2 months ago +4

    I've had a GK64 for over 4 years and it's been amazing to own. I've tried a lot of different switches and I've actually settled in with kailh box pinks. Love them.

    • s01itary Gaming
      s01itary Gaming Month ago

      Same! Had box whites in mine. I've had several mechanical keyboards and the gk64 was my second favorite after my current favorite Hot Dox.
      The price of the pewds keyboards is quite a joke considering all the other options in the same price range (and actually many that are the fraction of the cost). How does it not have qmk support?

  • MechaSixVII
    MechaSixVII 2 months ago +2

    oh my god you're really going in on this. I didn't know these details mattered to anyone but hell man more power to you. You do you.

  • James nguyen
    James nguyen 3 months ago +2137

    That ending had me on the edge for the protagonist. This latest season of the Pewdiepie keyboard has been the best, can't wait to see what they'll do next!

    • Zig Rakudo
      Zig Rakudo 2 months ago

      @Thaxks that's just sad....

    • 「 Requiem 」
      「 Requiem 」 2 months ago

      @Thaxks cope harder + catch this 8 am ratio

    • cat grips
      cat grips 3 months ago +5

      @Thaxks get ratio'ed

    • FMJ_wolf
      FMJ_wolf 3 months ago +17

      @Thaxks ratio + don't care + disliked + I have more karma than you + lmao + rekt + gg ez no re

  • lily
    lily 3 months ago +10

    Although I do not know a lot about custom keyboards, I came and stayed for your hilarious skits and content. You made my day every time you upload.

  • ThisIsNotHowWeWalk
    ThisIsNotHowWeWalk 2 months ago +5

    I'll admit, I only clicked on this video because of the Pewdiepie title. I dont know shit about keyboards and I dont plan on buying a PDP one either but I watched the entire thing because not only did you do a great job explaining what the issues were, you have an amazing sense of humor (and great acting skills lmao)
    I hope they end up upgrading and changing the issues mentioned, but I think most of the time merch is paying 60% for the brand name. Either way, awesome video!

  • ndoman3807
    ndoman3807 3 months ago +12

    first video i’ve seen of yours, was recommended on the home page, and wow, your comedic and editing style is fucking incredible! subbed and definitely staying for moreシ

  • arne kleve hågensen
    arne kleve hågensen 2 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed this video, well put together and entertaining. Thanks!

  • random brit
    random brit 3 months ago +6118

    “You don’t play boss music at a funeral”
    That may be the rawest line in a keyboard review.

    • random brit
      random brit 2 months ago

      @Fuxuro because much like the line in question it deserves 5 stars

    • Fuxuro
      Fuxuro 2 months ago

      Why is TheXvid asking me to rate your comment

    • Eulalia Daisy
      Eulalia Daisy 2 months ago

      @Rucksen do a little hop in your chair when you win! Make sure to get all the dominance gunk along both cheeks

    • Brad McCord
      Brad McCord 2 months ago

      No doubt! I was going to comment this 🤣

    • AndreaAra
      AndreaAra 2 months ago

      Someone play soul of cinder 2nd phase ost on my funeral pls

  • Kim
    Kim 2 months ago +3

    Bruh I feel like I was forcefully tossed onto a time machine and sent back to 2016.
    If it weren't for the keyboard itself being proof of how recently this was uploaded I'd never had beleived it lmao

  • Streylix
    Streylix 2 months ago +2

    first video i've seen of yours and its the first time I've ever been interested in a keyboard review outside of its sound test. I love your filthy-frank inspired transitions. Keep it up man
    And yeah no way I'm getting this keyboard.

  • NeStyd
    NeStyd 2 months ago

    I've seen so much videos of reviews, but man, that conclusion was just inimagibly good , props to you!

  • ryphoonx
    ryphoonx 3 months ago +5

    That case is actually nice. I’d like to see some enthusiast level boards do something like that.

  • Meag
    Meag 3 months ago +1484

    You've clearly put so much effort into making this similar, yet unique to the other review you did of the board, really stands out as usual!

    • Dark
      Dark Month ago

      @Thaxks excuse me

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 3 months ago +10

      @Thaxks bruh

    • Thaxks
      Thaxks 3 months ago +1


  • jordanzish
    jordanzish 2 months ago +5

    This has middle era TheXvid energy in spades and I'm absolutely in love with it.

  • Yokozi
    Yokozi 3 months ago +2

    great video, loved the ending. Continue grinding Glarses

  • macroingloli
    macroingloli 3 months ago

    Im not sure what I've expected from this video.
    This is surely NOT what I've expected with this video.
    And I am FULLY satisfied with it, thank you.

  • shiningstarbless
    shiningstarbless 2 months ago +1

    I have no interest or knowledge in this stuff, got this randomly in my recommended, and I was thoroughly entertained. keep doing what you do dude, your energy is amazing.

  • Uwais Ismail
    Uwais Ismail 2 months ago

    This is an actually great review and the video was fun to watch

  • Frig Records
    Frig Records 3 months ago

    Love the effort you put in to your videos, I'm ready for many more boss fights!

  • Big Sin
    Big Sin 3 months ago +3

    Pewdipie fanboy: drops a nuke of damage
    Glarses: "179$ is still WAAAAY too much for this keyboard"

  • The Sapling Turtle
    The Sapling Turtle 3 months ago +5

    My man Glarses,
    Every time I come in curious how you’re going to make this interesting, and every time you deliver.

  • BRC_Del
    BRC_Del 3 months ago +662

    That ending was incredible. Glad to see that Ghost actually put in some effort into updating their design!

    • lucy
      lucy 2 months ago +2

      @eeth damn, what if color blind children just wanted to watch some super heroes 😭

    • eeth
      eeth 2 months ago

      @lucy if you are color blind and have a fixation on watching color-heavy shows i have a big reveal coming up for you

    • Pentai
      Pentai 2 months ago

      Couldn't say the same about their energy drinks...

    • lucy
      lucy 2 months ago

      @eeth what about color blind people? 😭

    • eeth
      eeth 2 months ago +9

      @Thaxks people like you are the reason the power rangers have to yell out their colors

  • Bread 1
    Bread 1 2 months ago +3

    finally someone said it and hundreds of thousands saw it, it isn't a great keyboard for it's price

  • TarkuFiles
    TarkuFiles 3 months ago

    its fun seeing someone so obsessed and knowledgble of keyboards, I like your passion man

  • Kithalie
    Kithalie 2 months ago

    I just know he watched reviews and ran into the keyboard community. It's how we all learned what a good keyboard actually is.
    Edit: still doesnt justify the price tag, like what the hell??

  • Joshua Nunn
    Joshua Nunn 3 months ago

    Came for the review, but left with a masterpiece of a story

  • MegaloDom
    MegaloDom 2 months ago

    I just stumbled upon this channel and this has been the most entertaining review I've ever seen

  • Adrian Anthony De Guia
    Adrian Anthony De Guia 2 months ago

    only watched 2 vids from you and I will say am impressed. nice vid, keep up the good work my dude.

  • MoistSparky
    MoistSparky 2 months ago +1

    Can we just appreciate how he manually zooms

  • Kawaimu
    Kawaimu 2 months ago

    I watch you for humorous keyboard reviews, and I watch TaehaTypes for the just ridiculously incredible keyboards he's built. No one else matters for keyboard videos for me. (Minus sound tests for switches i'm interested in ((glad I did or i would have never found Holy Pandas))

    • s01itary Gaming
      s01itary Gaming Month ago

      Have you checked out any videos from Chyrosran22? I don't particularly agree with most of his preferences, but he's quite entertaining and gets some pretty weird keyboards to review from viewers.

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago +324

    I love your channel. You have the most specific passion ever but you make it so contagious

  • Anat0ny
    Anat0ny 3 months ago

    Such a great channel!! Man this is one of my favorites it’s so good!

  • CrazyGtp
    CrazyGtp 2 months ago

    bro I literally never watch videos like this ever but this was just so damn entertaining and well made that I had to sub

  • Maxi Smith
    Maxi Smith 2 months ago

    This guy deserves way more views, great video man

  • Klaus Krampus
    Klaus Krampus 2 months ago

    For me this man is the definitive voice when it comes to keyboards and keyboards related products.

  • Trickshotter
    Trickshotter 3 months ago +366

    You can tell Glarses had a lot of fun making this video, also that ending had so much emotion for some reason

    • ThatFatGuy98
      ThatFatGuy98 2 months ago

      You can also tell how much he misses Filthy Frank.
      We all do, buddy... We all do.

    • HansThePotato
      HansThePotato 3 months ago +6

      @Thaxks .

    • Thaxks
      Thaxks 3 months ago


  • SK Visual Studio
    SK Visual Studio 3 months ago

    I was legit gonna ask you about this, I'm glad to see that you are on top of things.

  • anto reader diary
    anto reader diary 3 months ago

    i find it funny that the man's custom keyboard had a character growth arc just like the man himself

  • Indianish
    Indianish 3 months ago

    When the world needed him the most, he returned

  • staycold
    staycold Month ago +2

    I know PewDiePie's aesthetic is red, but it would be dope if they made these with other switches and modified the colorway a little bit to match the switch color.
    EDIT: Nevermind I just got to the part of the video where it shows the switches are swappable... I'll see myself out now lol.

  • ThungAUS
    ThungAUS Month ago

    I swear every Glarses video ends with amazing endings

  • Gaming
    Gaming Day ago

    First time watching your reviews...that ending was something else! 🤣

  • I hakker
    I hakker 3 months ago

    Discovered this channel because I was buying a new mechanical keyboard and wanted to get the best bang for the buck, I already have the keyboard but keep watching, because this is entertainment gold! Love it

  • Peppy Robo
    Peppy Robo 3 months ago

    Your channel/ comedy style is awesome and I hope you expand onto a lot of other things to review and talk about.

  • Nathaniel Cody
    Nathaniel Cody 3 months ago +390

    We’re ready for “I modded the new pewdiepie keyboard!”

  • The Black Quinn
    The Black Quinn 2 months ago

    i like this guy..he makes me laugh & his edits haha

  • ♡ S n a K e ♡
    ♡ S n a K e ♡ 2 months ago

    Interesting Review + Good Humor = great video! 👍

  • Joshie_Pants74
    Joshie_Pants74 2 months ago

    I never knew how much someone could mess up a keyboard lol

  • Lumine138
    Lumine138 3 months ago

    Glarses never fails to make my day

  • Robbo
    Robbo 3 months ago +394

    glarses back at it again with those extremely well thought out financial decisions

    •  ƎNA
      ƎNA 2 months ago

      he can just write it off as a business expense

    • Robbo
      Robbo 3 months ago +2

      @naik naik He failed 😆

    • naik naik
      naik naik 3 months ago +1

      why would you ratio this man

    • Thaxks
      Thaxks 3 months ago


  • Gnampfff
    Gnampfff 3 months ago

    I would suggest adding affiliate links for the mentioned products in the video. For people not so deep in the rabbit hole it's not easy to find everything you mention in your videos. Not that I would buy just everything, but it's nice to be able to look at the info that the brands give you etc.

  • Alvaro Lopez
    Alvaro Lopez 2 months ago

    I expect this saga to never end...

  • danket
    danket Month ago +1

    this is genuinely the funniest channel to ever be created

  • JASoli
    JASoli 3 months ago

    Good job glarses, the ending stayed true to the manga definitely.

  • aza6
    aza6 3 months ago +272

    I love how he has an "AEsthetically pleasing background"
    It really gives the video character

    • Serial idk
      Serial idk 3 months ago +2

      Also the manual camera zooming😂😂😂

    • Oofu
      Oofu 3 months ago +2

      He's had that for so long now and I love it

  • Terrance Van Liew
    Terrance Van Liew 2 months ago

    "You don't play boss music at a funeral" this line is far too good for a youtube video about keyboards.

  • Owly
    Owly 3 months ago

    Best keyboard reviewer on TheXvid, no one else comes even remotely close

  • Leibniz Lagura
    Leibniz Lagura 2 months ago

    i'd love to see the behind the scenes from that ending, it was very quite emotional and creative XDDD

  • Theodore Rosenberg
    Theodore Rosenberg 2 months ago

    "You don't play boss music at a funeral" is such a stupid but phenomenal line, thank you for that

  • toufusoup
    toufusoup 3 months ago +349

    I can see it now. “I reviewed a keyboard into the ground and had to fight for my life while sponsored by Audible” OVA airing in 2023 animated by Studio Dave.

    • CapAllan
      CapAllan 2 months ago +1


    • Typhon
      Typhon 3 months ago +17

      @GlarsesAt least they remembered the lube 😏

    • Glarses
      Glarses  3 months ago +69


  • NandoOG
    NandoOG 2 months ago

    Just found you but definitely subbing for just the style of editing 😈

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    Just found your channel, and just subscribed. Your humor is awesome!

  • Meds
    Meds 2 months ago

    You're a keyboard designer's blessing & nightmare in 1. Two thumbs up lol

  • Ajeet Prasad
    Ajeet Prasad 2 months ago

    Yoo u killed it, what an awesome vid... You earned a sub.. remain consistent 👍👍

  • venti haver
    venti haver 3 months ago +2

    "You don't play boss music at a funeral." is the rawest line why does it come from a keyboard review

  • Slam Shift
    Slam Shift 2 months ago

    Man, I could never use a minimalist keyboard. I've spent so long with a numpad and cursor control

  • Razeworks
    Razeworks 3 months ago +1

    Been waiting for this ever since it got released! Love these vids

  • KaoticEdits
    KaoticEdits 3 months ago

    I never watched a keyboard review until today and I don't regret it at all

  • Tibo
    Tibo 2 months ago

    Dude, I like your videos. Grow and do this as much as you like to. Certified Like & sub.

  • TheAmazingTyagoman
    TheAmazingTyagoman 2 months ago

    your humor and style is being wasted on just covering keyboards my dudeeee. hopefully you expand your content, can't wait to see more from you bro and more power to you!

  • Cle Clark
    Cle Clark 2 months ago

    I don’t give two shots about the keyboard…
    This man’s editing and comedy is fooking hilarious.

  • try to say smth about my user name I dare u

    I understand why Glarses is doing this, there are a lot of influencers that pretty much just put their face or their brand/symbol to a certain object and make it 5x expensive, When you can get a better high quality (whatever they’re selling) for a cheaper price.
    And I have to say this is heroic of him considering how *some* toxic pewdipie fans can be, when something is taken out against Pewdipie keep it up man.

  • slowlifelover
    slowlifelover 3 months ago +220

    It's crazy how interested in keyboards I am getting when watching these videos. I am sure you could be entertaining with pretty much everything, ALSO where is your own shop so we can get the freshest keyboards possible? All the best, thanks for the fridge-scene :D

  • MJ
    MJ 2 days ago

    that's some high quality youtube content right there good job

  • Custmzir
    Custmzir 3 months ago

    😂 I thought the protagonist had it but that ending was gold

  • CrabbyBlu
    CrabbyBlu 2 months ago

    give this dude a golden globe damn

  • SoSincerelySarah
    SoSincerelySarah 2 months ago

    Your transition noise has me in tears.... I haven't heard a funnier sound since '09. Thank you for your service

  • Abdullah Al Marzouqi
    Abdullah Al Marzouqi 3 months ago +183

    That ending was really plot-heavy. You had me understand & relate to the villain's motive, all while rooting for our protagonist.
    You played my heartstrings, man.

      AAAAAAAAA 3 months ago +1

      My name is Abdullah too

  • Cheri R
    Cheri R 2 months ago +1

    5:51 no more saying theyre playing on a toaster, theyre playing on a fridge now

  • UrbanBlazeNyan
    UrbanBlazeNyan 3 months ago

    Bro I fucking love you.
    Never knew that I would laugh my ass of on a keyboard video

  • Bok Choy
    Bok Choy 2 months ago

    I enjoy your breakdown of the pewdiepie keyboard too much thanks for giving us another detailed and entertaining MEME REV-- I mean keyboard review 🙄

    • Titanium X
      Titanium X 2 months ago

      u seem pissed.. at pewds or glarses?

  • cøca
    cøca 3 months ago

    you look so genuinely different with and without the glasses on that for months i actually thought you had a twin brother that just sounded exactly like you

  • Fifi Mandra
    Fifi Mandra 3 months ago +142

    the ammount of effort you put into all your videos makes me so happy :) i dont watch your videos because of the funny scripts in them but theyre the reason i dont watch any other keyboard youtuber :)

    • Zyxify
      Zyxify 3 months ago

      @Mesho r/woooosh

    • Theromega
      Theromega 3 months ago

      @Mesho its unglish dunt ye oondeersteand

    • Mesho
      Mesho 3 months ago +7

      "i dont watch your videos because of the funny scripts in them but theyre the reason i dont watch any other keyboard youtuber"

  • Ian Paul
    Ian Paul 2 months ago +1

    Keep up the good work Deji, nothing but W's from here

  • Saini Taveras
    Saini Taveras Month ago

    Absolutely don't know anything about the topic but this video is so well made I've watched every second of it.

  • Gabby Boyd
    Gabby Boyd 2 months ago +2

    I don’t understand how I found the keyboard community… but I don’t regret it…

  • Melmel Hodgepodge
    Melmel Hodgepodge 2 months ago

    Got damn, how in the fuck don't you have more subscribers. Quality content, my friend.

  • John McDole
    John McDole 3 months ago

    The story telling here is what keeps me coming back for more.

  • vip_bimmer vip_bimmer
    vip_bimmer vip_bimmer 3 months ago

    If you lubes the stabs with like dielectric grease and lubed the switched, I think it would sound ok.

  • Fossegrim
    Fossegrim 2 months ago

    I do not need a new keyboard at all. But this is probably the funniest review I have ever seen! I am gonna subscribe even tho I dont gonna need a new keyboard for a while. Amazing work and editing dude! The LUBE part cracked me up so hard!

  • Northgical
    Northgical 2 months ago

    4:45 You can’t hide Raise My Sword from us, Glarses
    Also ending is 11/10