Chernobyl: Valery Legasov Tapes - Legasov's Original Own Voice HD Compilation #01

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
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    Valery Alekseyevich Legasov was a Soviet inorganic chemist and a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He is now mainly remembered for his work as the chief of the commission investigating the Chernobyl disaster.

    On April 27, 1988, one day after the second anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident and one day before he was due to announce his results of the investigation into the causes of the disaster, Legasov committed suicide by hanging himself (some sources say in his apartment or the stairwell of his apartment others in his office. A personal pistol remained in a drawer, but the professor chose to hang himself. He was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

    Leona Henry (Permission of use Audio tapes)
    Subtitles: TintinSn2
    Source movie:
    Source Footage:

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Comments • 1 115

  • JD Racing 84
    JD Racing 84 2 years ago +3173

    "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid." Possibly the best line ever written for a piece of film in human history. No, I'm not kidding. Even Jared Harris couldn't portray just how important Legasov truly was to human history. That man saved MILLIONS of human beings from suffering death and despair. He should be given a global hero award posthumously by the UN.

    • T K
      T K 16 days ago +1

      And yet here we are in a time where we are expected to call a 6ft tall man with an Adams apple the size of a grape fruit, wearing a dress, a woman.

    • Vitanera
      Vitanera 3 months ago

      @JD Racing 84 legasov was only a scientist every scientist with a bit of moral could do what he did, he nothing so special

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 5 months ago

      @adam bennett I also heard Mazin's podcast...
      Where he said he used Alexievich's book...
      Well, that's enough to understand that he did not even bother himself to read some real materials...
      Tah is why real life Lyudmila Ignatenko filed a case against HBO!
      Or would you say she is commie???

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 5 months ago

      @adam bennett well, if you really use Legasov's tapes, then you should definitely understand that HBO's miniseries just a disgusting BS!!!

    • adam bennett
      adam bennett 5 months ago

      @Se Ho I use Valery Legasov's translated audio memoirs and other accounts of people who lived at Chernobyl during the accident also there's the short mini series and a podcast with the creator explaing the difference to the film and real life and why did he make certain choices about it if he new that it would be accurately incorrect

  • Badchi
    Badchi Year ago +242

    As a native russian speaker I feel obliged to say how intelligent, well put together and, well, beautiful his speech is. No fillers, no garbage, only soothing and calm voice of a man who knows much of what he speaks about.

    • Arthur Stefan
      Arthur Stefan 10 months ago +8

      Learning russian language. To undestand better our witers. This vid motivates me even more. Good job !

  • Maor Mama
    Maor Mama 2 years ago +1730

    That, my friends, is a true hero.

    • K S.
      K S. 8 hours ago

      YES !!! 🙏🏻😩

    • Айла
      Айла 6 months ago

      In Chernobyl religion ( cult of engineers ) he is the god of science and intelligence lol

    • Lagi
      Lagi 7 months ago +1

      A true hero who lied and saved the world may he rest in peace

    • Fred Ferd
      Fred Ferd 10 months ago +1

      A true hero, indeed. A lion in the fire....

    • BramaleaRoad
      BramaleaRoad 11 months ago +1

      @𝚆𝚞𝚝𝚣𝚖𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎 this👆

  • BSAA x Tyfoon
    BSAA x Tyfoon 2 years ago +5146

    Valery your country may have denied your heroism and sacrifice but the world knows now may you rest in peace you where amazing

    • L
      L 6 months ago

      @Aleksei Kharchenko i really dont know where you see propaganda ,but series didn't focused any on that.

    • Tim Renken
      Tim Renken 7 months ago

      He cant read this.

    • Asoru
      Asoru 8 months ago

      Forgotten hero, RIP Valery Legaslov

    • Aurorien
      Aurorien 8 months ago

      @Vinnie Moran it would be the same with any other state, the government is always against the spread of truth because it ruins their reputation

    • Zeince XxX
      Zeince XxX 9 months ago

      @Mei Guei lost

  • Skijtijs
    Skijtijs 2 years ago +2096

    Video: The audio commentary is the focus here.
    Music: Hold my beer...

    • travelmentary TV
      travelmentary TV 4 months ago +1

      The volume of the background music is not great, but it's not terrible.

    • try me
      try me 5 months ago +1

      @Mustafa Al-Ghezi I may not know much about nuclear reactors, but I know a lot about concrete

    • Kolar
      Kolar Year ago +1

      What is the name of the music in the video?

    • gomersimpson777ram
      gomersimpson777ram Year ago

      How about that Legasov suicide in his own cottage, where he lived with his wife and kids. and how about that in his tapes he saying that KGB done a grate work with evacuation Chernobyl and at all saying good things about kgb. How about that he was not a hysteric, as serial showing him. Go find Full text of his records, read them, and you will understand that person in serial, and person who made this records is a different persons. And the serial is fucked shit, its unrespect to all workers on chernobyl. stupid, and dirty lie from hbo. very well done maked, but still sirty and completely stupid

    • bruno moyano
      bruno moyano Year ago

      @Igor silva nOoOoO

  • The Man of steel
    The Man of steel 2 years ago +304

    Not a National hero but a world hero. Rest in peace may the world carry your legacy with honor. Crime against innocent people is a crime against humanity

    • Sova Sova
      Sova Sova 8 months ago

      Yes you are right!!! He is world hero

    • Вован
      Вован Year ago +1

      ​@Wildan That's why I hate this series so much. CHECK THE FUCKING SOURCES.
      RBMK reactors was indeed cheaper than PWR reactors, and USSR simply coundn't produce enough VVER reactors to comply it's needs. The Union needed POWER, not fecking image. But no way it was a junk. Some of the reactors still in service, it had better efficiency than PWR type reactors, and the fuel can be reloaded without shutting down the reactor.
      You can't just erradicate something that doesn't exist. RBMK flaws were discussed offten wihtin University that designed it, and the project evolved over time. Unit 1 of Leningrad NPP is not the same as Unit 1 of Chernobyl NPP, and Unit 1 of CNPP is not the same as Unit 4. Something like Chernobyl wasn't even considered, because it took not only graphite tips to destroy the reactor, it was combination of facts: Power, Xeon poisoning, burnt out fuel, water temperature, pumps behavior during experiment. The reactor had an issue with positive void coefficient in some scenarios, but it doesn't have anything to do with "erradication". The reactor was simply too big to accurate predict it's behavior on paper in some scenarios. Positive void coefficient was proved only during physical experiment on Unit 3 of CNPP. This detail was either overlooked, or calculated wrong.

      After the incidend, in August, Valery Legasov went to IAEA and tell them everything they knew about the incident. The only lie there was that they shifted the blame to the personell, so the USSR could have some time to fix the issues on other reactors (though by that time temporary measures were already in place). But believe me, it didn't make USSR look any better.

      "Second thermal explosion" is a myth. Even Legasov on his tapes says it. If creator of the show would actually read the transcript, they would know it.

      What does KGB have to do with the power plant I have no idea. Not in the series not in this case. KGB did not build the reactor.

      The Soviet Union suffered from this incident more than anyone else. The Belarus SSR and Gomelskya Oblast was hit hard. So it was in USSR interests to build the containment as fast as it could to prevent radioactive dust from spreading more.

    • Allunea
      Allunea Year ago +3

      @Кисленко Ростислав There's maybe some still in commission but I remember seeing a similar argument over Chernobyl videos and the answer was: They were forced to fix each and every design flaws of the RBMK to keep it running. They don't have positive void anymore, no nuclear reactor is allowed to. They removed every single Graphite heads on the boron rods. RBMK by design was a bomb waiting to explode, all it needed was a little human error from a stubborn overseer. It's not because it is still running that it means it's something of excellence, search on how much repairings, maintenance and upgrades were needed over time compared to a similar design.

    • Кисленко Ростислав
      Кисленко Ростислав Year ago +1

      @Wildan > Like most things they produced, their nuclear plants were cheap junk - made unsafe to save money
      Clown, are you describing US made nuclear powerplants? Because that is how real cheap junk looks like. There are 5 nuclear powerplants of the same type in Ukraine still in service up to this date. Cheap junk you say?

    • Wildan
      Wildan Year ago +20

      @C- The reason why the disaster was even possible in the first place is the Soviet Russian "obsession with not being humiliated". Like most things they produced, their nuclear plants were cheap junk - made unsafe to save money (and line it into private pockets). In order not to lose face internationally and keep their image as a nation of "nuclear supremacy", the state eradicated ALL documentations about the flaws in their nuclear plants. Not even the operating experts would know about them. This alone is already a huge irresponsibility, not just against their own people but the entire world.
      Chernobyl affected, and still does, large portions of Europe and the disaster could've even been far, far worse because there was the acute danger of an additional, even stronger thermal explosion, which would've had a global impact.

      Furthermore even after the accident occurred, everybody who was responsible and knew of their error (from plant operators to high ranking KGB officers) tried to cover up the truth in order to save their own ass. The main concern of the soviet state itself was not to minimize the actual hazards of the disaster but to again, save their international image, so they lied, denied, lied...
      Yes, I think it's fair to call this a crime against innocents and entire humanity. Nuclear fallout doesn't give a damn about country borders, it simply spreads.

  • Юлия Гришина

    Какая же речь у него, чистая и ни одного «кстати» «короче» удивительно. Великолепно

    • Jose Guillermo Daquilema
      Jose Guillermo Daquilema 2 months ago

      I feel you brother

    • irystonlexx
      irystonlexx 2 months ago

      Правду говорить легко и приятно.

    • Asan Darmenov
      Asan Darmenov 6 months ago

      @Игорь Петров , мне кажется, дело не столько в интеллекте, сколько в особом умении выражать свои мысли ясно и коротко.

    • Оператор
      Оператор 6 months ago

      @EnclaveMK2 ну ты и идиот

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago

      @OKHamRadio Почему же?
      Только создавайте... купа познавательного контента.

  • Ronan Harris
    Ronan Harris 2 years ago +2119

    The music is very loud, I need 5000 tons of sand and boron to distinguish the *-fire-* music.

    • J&K
      J&K 3 months ago

      @boobtuber06 your better call the minister of coal

    • ferociousgumby
      ferociousgumby 5 months ago

      I turned it off and just read the captions. I don't need music to tell me how to feel, and this was SOOOOOOO loud that it ruined the narration anyway. It kept surging MUCH louder, too, so you did not know what to expect.

    • D3NI5 HNTRZ
      D3NI5 HNTRZ 5 months ago

      @22fret "i was on my toilet"

    • Keams Angha
      Keams Angha 5 months ago

      5000 tons? Not great, not terrible

    • Moskitt
      Moskitt 8 months ago

      But you will take new problem !!

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 2 years ago +184

    Valery sounded like a gentle soul...and, at least at the time of recording this, a tired one as well. Who can blame him....Overseeing the superhuman cleanup effort of the worst man made industrial catastrophe in history, sending people to their demise because it MUST be done, spending untold billions, facing a somewhat hostile international community and eliminating your own life expectancy in the process...that’s more than any ten men should have to face down in a lifetime and he did it all within the span of two years. Obviously, there were thousands of heroes of Chernobyl but his burden was among the greatest. RIP, deserve it more than anyone.

    • Вован
      Вован Year ago +2

      He wasn't the one sending men, he didn't rule the operation. He was one of the many people who worked there.
      An no one there sent people "to their demise".

  • В. Гончар
    В. Гончар 2 years ago +112

    Вечная память героям ликвидаторам!

    • Alan Canon
      Alan Canon 4 months ago

      Thanks to the Chernobyl series, I have learned to read Cyrillic, and can read the first two words "Vichnaya Primyat" in the above, and know what they mean.

    • Genosse_Dyatlov
      Genosse_Dyatlov 7 months ago

      Klaus Jäger

  • Nicolae-Alexandru Vaduva

    Thank you Valery Alekseyevich Legasov for saving my life and the lives of everyone I know. Rest in peace!

  • Michelle Conklin
    Michelle Conklin 2 years ago +84

    Valery, the world cannot begin to repay you for what you did. You are an inspiration to humanity. God bless you. We need thousands more like you. Rest in peace.

  • Boba The Fett
    Boba The Fett 2 years ago +965

    To be a scientist is to be naive. We are so focused on our search for truth that we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it. But it is always there whether we see it or not, whether we choose to or not. The truth doesn't care about our needs or wants, it doesn't care about our governments, our ideologies, our religions. It will lie in wait for all time, and this at last is the gift of chernobyl. Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask, what is the cost of lies?

    • Вадим Горбунов
      Вадим Горбунов 7 months ago

      @Неидеальный историк Это так в воспоминаниях и книгах самого Дятлова написано? Лол, конечно.

    • Неидеальный историк
      Неидеальный историк 7 months ago

      @Вадим Горбунов Поздравляю! Теперь я могу официально вас назвать человеком. Которому дай любой фильм с надписью "Основанный на реальных событиях". И вы в это с радостью поверите)

    • Неидеальный историк
      Неидеальный историк 7 months ago

      @Вадим Горбунов Сделали Дятлова какой-то исторической. Которая из-за своего командования якобы вызвала Аварию в ЧАЭС. А хотя Дятлов таким не был. У него не было мании идти по карьерной лестнице.

    • Вадим Горбунов
      Вадим Горбунов 7 months ago

      @Неидеальный историк Не съезжай с темы! Что конкретно наврали?

    • Вадим Горбунов
      Вадим Горбунов 7 months ago

      @Неидеальный историк Так что конкретно в сериале неправильно?

  • Andy Sm
    Andy Sm Year ago +24

    Как же широко и человечно мыслил академик... Земля тебе пухом...

    • happyFENDERcopy
      happyFENDERcopy 6 months ago +1

      И голос мягкий и спокойный. Объясняющий все так подробно, просто и детально, как объясняют принцип действия сложного механизма своему ребенку.

  • Biggie
    Biggie 2 years ago +691

    Thanks to HBO whole world startin to know this unsung heroes. Dont forget the liquidators too.

    • D3NI5 HNTRZ
      D3NI5 HNTRZ 5 months ago

      I was on the toilet

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago

      @SQU1DSN1P3R 61 What do you mean.
      I say that this series is BS!

    • SQU1DSN1P3R 61
      SQU1DSN1P3R 61 6 months ago

      @Se Ho what are you on about

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago +1


    • ItsTaffy
      ItsTaffy 9 months ago +1

      my grandpa was a liquidator there he luckily live still

  • Wink Blue
    Wink Blue 2 years ago +163

    He really did try to leave a statement and cause for change behind when he passed didn't he...damn, I'm glad his peers listened to the tapes and strove for change

    • Ryder _NI
      Ryder _NI 4 months ago

      @Кисленко Ростислав it was the tsunami that caused reactors to blow up

    • Parobro
      Parobro 5 months ago

      @Кисленко Ростислав to not destroy the reactor like in chernobyl, get your facts straight. the water was due to the destruction..

    • Кисленко Ростислав
      Кисленко Ростислав Year ago

      I mean, when Fukushima had blown up it was made clear that Japaneese haven't heard about contianment either. They were releasing radioactive water and steam into environment for the whole duration of incident.

  • Corey Walden
    Corey Walden 2 years ago +294

    Thank you for sharing this, but the music is too loud and very distracting.

    • Loan Nguyen
      Loan Nguyen 2 years ago +1

      @ea09 thank you, I'm so done with this distracting loud ass music here.

    • ea09
      ea09 2 years ago +2

      @Andrew Austin It has subtitles. You have to turn them on.

    • ea09
      ea09 2 years ago +6

      Here's same record without music and other shit:

    • organboi
      organboi 2 years ago +1


  • Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers

    Am I allowed to visit his grave? Cause...Man, I need to pay my respects to this hero♥️

  • Name's OMEGA
    Name's OMEGA 2 years ago +16

    Thanks Valery that you were the one of the first people to understand the severity of this disaster before it gotten even worse. May you rest in peace for saving many people's lives from what the disaster could've been without his help

  • Daniel Pashev
    Daniel Pashev 2 years ago +29

    Legasov is an incredible man who sacrificed for us. Rest in peace

  • The Cat.
    The Cat. Year ago +65

    'What is the cost of lies?" Perhaps one of the greatest sayings ever in human history, and it took a show to say it.

    • Вован
      Вован Year ago +5

      Well, I think the budget of the show is $250mil. So, that is the cost.

  • C Ho
    C Ho 2 years ago +58

    He proved the KGB wrong when they allegedly told him he would basically be insignificant. RIP Professor Legasov. 💐💐

    • lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
      lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor 3 months ago

      @VadikGG all he was talking about was relief efforts at the scene of the disaster. His true disdain of the KGB came out when they tried to censor him from exposing the fact that the state allowed these unsafe designs to be used at the reactors, operated by under qualified personnel, and the history of the rbmk reactors failing every safety test. And if he actually respected the KGB quota. He wouldn't have killed himself. What point are you trying to make?

    • VadikGG
      VadikGG Year ago +8

      Professor Legasov - Tape №2 Side A - "Speaking simply of such impressions, of such observations, I cannot leave unsaid that on the very first day of my stay at Chernobyl, I was struck by two things. I'm used to treating people in the KGB (Committee of Government Safety), due to the nature of their work, as people that safeguard state secrets, that organize the control of people who are cleared to work in especially secret and important jobs, who coordinate services that allow protecting all the documents, technical documentation, correspondence which ensures that state secrets are kept safe. This is how I mainly knew the KGB. However, from stories and literature, I also knew that a part of this committee was engaged in intelligence and counterintelligence work.

      In Chernobyl, I met highly organized, very precise young people who fulfilled the tasks assigned to them in the best possible manner. And these tasks were not easy. The initial organization of clear and reliable communication; this was done practically within a day. On all [communication] channels, they worked quietly, calmly and very confidently. And I saw a team of young people led by Fyodor Alekseevich Scherbakov working. But all this was done just remarkably clearly and quickly. In addition, they were also responsible for ensuring that the evacuation is carried out without panic, without any sentiment of panic, any excess that would hamper normal work. And they did this work. But how they did it, how they made it happen, I still cannot imagine because I only know the result of this work. Indeed, there was nothing that impeded the organization of this unusual and difficult operation. And I was just delighted with the technical equipment and the culture of competence in this group."
      Read Legasov’s notes in full instead of watching a series of complete lies.

  • Tsar Fox
    Tsar Fox 2 years ago +88

    Thank you Valery. As the child of a Warsaw Pact immigrant, I call you tovarish. As Someone who comprehends what you did, I call you a hero. Thank you.

    • Alan Canon
      Alan Canon 4 months ago

      Tovarish (comrade) to the entire world.

  • simon acland
    simon acland Year ago +3

    Thank you for allowing us to hear these words from such a man deserving to be heard. Im so saddened to know of how his demise came and that yet again it was another hidden hero. RIP Valery Legasov.

  • organboi
    organboi 2 years ago +53

    Amazing. Thank you. He was a great hero who saved the planet from near total destruction.

  • jo taf
    jo taf Year ago +4

    Rest in peace, Valery Legasov. You will be forever remembered.

  • Safe Space Bear
    Safe Space Bear 2 years ago +2

    Jared Harris did an amazing job. The script was so compelling but I tell's just as compelling to hear it in the hero's own words, own voice. May he be remembered and celebrated for as long as we have the ability to remember.

  • Igor
    Igor 11 months ago +5

    I find myself coming to this video time and time again... There is a certain feeling I have when I hear him speak. I feel at peace, almost as though I am listening to a dear friend.

  • Emcek Emcepence
    Emcek Emcepence 2 years ago +1079

    One thing that anoys me is fact that this sad music is louder then Legasov voice I don't actualy know russian but I understand a lot and this music distract me.

    • Василий Горбачев
      Василий Горбачев 6 months ago

      I agree, for me, native Russian speaker, it was hard to understand what he is saying, because of the music, but the subtitles are still very good

    • Scroll along
      Scroll along 9 months ago

      @om soni I speak russian fairly well and i would say it is a good translation

    • om soni
      om soni Year ago

      Was translation properly done?

    • Omar Reid
      Omar Reid Year ago

      Gytis Dudėnas lmaoooo

    • Qistan Aushaf
      Qistan Aushaf 2 years ago +3

      Emcek Emcepence u need 400 miners from tula to turn this music off

  • Sr Reibou
    Sr Reibou 2 years ago +333

    "That's how an RBMK reator explodes,with lies"

    • Marlon Laguado Nieto
      Marlon Laguado Nieto 5 months ago +1

      Press AZ-5

    • Forrest Gump
      Forrest Gump 5 months ago +1

      When the Son of GOD Jesus Christ the messiah talked about the source of lies:
      John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    • L
      L 6 months ago +1

      @Denis Belokrinitskii Soviet union goverment lies

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago +1


    • Denis Belokrinitskii
      Denis Belokrinitskii 6 months ago

      which lies?

  • X-Ghost92
    X-Ghost92 Year ago +14

    You're a true hero and your name is immortalized in history, RIP...

  • metalheadlass
    metalheadlass Year ago +4

    May he and all the heroes of Chernobyl rest in peace. We owe them so much.

  • PS4SHOTS Gaming
    PS4SHOTS Gaming Year ago +2

    God bless Legasov, You`ll always be remembered as a true HERO

  • Daniel Booth
    Daniel Booth Year ago +3

    This isn't a man "writing" his memoirs. This is a Hero leaving his Legacy.

  • Hannah Hague
    Hannah Hague 2 years ago +6

    Hearing his voice even without subtitles gives me chills yeno ... We owe this fella so much and had he not committed suicide then who knows what we ever may have learnt regarding Chernobyl. He made it so these tapes could not go ignored . Man's a fucking hero ❤️👊

    • VadikGG
      VadikGG Year ago

      'Chernobyl' from HBO - is absolutely false propaganda movie. Read Legasov’s notes in full instead of watching a false TV series. And see original documentary (with subtitles)

    • Unusual ByDefault
      Unusual ByDefault Year ago


  • Jenny Dykstra
    Jenny Dykstra 2 years ago +5

    Thank you for posting this. Fascinating to hear it in his voice and his words

  • amger какой то
    amger какой то 5 months ago +1

    Вот он,настоящий герой,Валерий Алексеевич Легасов,автор,спасибо я давно искал эти кассеты которые записал Легасов,Вечная память Легасову,Он Герой всего Мира!Спасибо тебе Легасов

  • Paul Hogg
    Paul Hogg Year ago +2

    RIP big man. big heart to young to die the world needs more men like you

  • Anya V
    Anya V 2 years ago +222

    Мне кажется, всегда так будет . Нам будут врать, скрывать факты, а мы будем верить. И будет только один человек, который будет бороться за правду.

    • Alexander Makedonsky
      Alexander Makedonsky 4 months ago

      @Hmax-Hx Hmax ахахах

    • Rast Coul
      Rast Coul 5 months ago +1

      @Боря Нормальный сериал. Лучшее напоминание о трагедии для новых поколений людей по всему миру. Тк правительства об этом уже давно забыли. А кому интересно будет, тот найдет материалы без художественных допущений, коими полон сериал. Главное, что в сериале есть мысль и идея. Каким бы не был ужасным и безответственным чиновничьий аппарат совка в последние годы его существования, люди той эпохи сообща совершили подвиг.

    • Жора Бармалей
      Жора Бармалей 6 months ago +1

      Один уже боролся за правду, сейчас сидит за #

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho Year ago

      Вы о революционерах типа Ленина, Троицкого и Сталина??? Так они не с ложью боролись!

    • Nemo7The7Pirate7
      Nemo7The7Pirate7 Year ago

      Ага, и ему будут хотеть дать пизды все настоящие русские. Чет вспомнил фильм "Дурак".

  • Pemo
    Pemo 2 years ago +1

    I have decided to dedicate a lot of my art efforts on people who were inspirational and important, those who encouraged change and to respect those who have died. Valery was a great man, I will do my best to spread awareness of what was lost of his efforts.

  • Dane2412
    Dane2412 2 years ago

    he is a true hero a legend he will never be forgotten Rest in Peace

  • Daniel Fairfield
    Daniel Fairfield 2 months ago +1

    This man did not deserve death, yet he knew what he knew.. and it got covered up he knew the dangers after Chernobyl but he got silenced.. what a man he was and he was spot on about nuclear power.

  • VLADIMIR protein
    VLADIMIR protein 2 years ago +7

    Respect to this real Hero 🙏🏽

  • VTechno II
    VTechno II Year ago +1

    Легасов. Ученый с Большой буквы. Вклад его непомерно велик в ликвидацию. Вечная память...

  • Cheng
    Cheng 2 years ago +2

    He saved more lives than he could've ever imagined. It's a shame that a nation's goverment chooses its reputation rather than it's people. Make Legasov rest in peace, he is a true hero without a Cape.

    • Msc Mdc
      Msc Mdc 2 years ago

      "Reputation" .. they had no reputation anyway. Everyone knew they were shady.

  • Ricky John Baldoque
    Ricky John Baldoque 2 years ago +3

    This is harrowing to listen, I'm really grateful for what this man has done.

  • Jere Tdo
    Jere Tdo Year ago

    My respect to Valery Legasov! A great man !

  • Sssd Sssds
    Sssd Sssds Year ago +1

    Вечная память Герою Легасову он и Щербина и все те люди которые остановили этот ад вечный поклон. Гебня как всегда против людей.их не исправить.их исправит только стенка.

  • Yury Shashkov
    Yury Shashkov Year ago +11

    Круто что могу слушать и понимать его без субтитров

  • Македонски Бадеми

    Every village, every city on this planet should have a street or boulevar named "Blvd Vlaery Legasov" ....this man deserve that honour !!!

    • Anatol' from Belarus
      Anatol' from Belarus 15 days ago

      In Minsk, Belarus, there has been a street of Vasily Ignatenko for a long time, by the way. My wife worked there.

  • EugeneTit1
    EugeneTit1 Year ago +3

    Так всегда было и так будет всегда! Респект смелым и умелым!

  • Marek W.
    Marek W. 2 years ago +1

    He was very honest in his opinions. This is main reason to get respect. He took it like engineer and without politics in the background. Brave man.

  • Wellington Sousa
    Wellington Sousa Year ago

    Queria tanto ouvir esse áudio em português....🙌🙌🙌

  • Andrea Kerčmar
    Andrea Kerčmar Year ago +2

    We'll love and remember you, Valery! ❤️

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange 2 years ago +11

    Valery in my eyes, will allways be remembered as the hero of this story.. the only one allmost who even cared..

    • try me
      try me 5 months ago

      @Hdjsklap hclmhhkk it says almost the only one. No need to correct

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago


    • Hdjsklap hclmhhkk
      Hdjsklap hclmhhkk 7 months ago

      Not only one tho

  • Mc Chicken
    Mc Chicken 2 years ago +4

    At last, you got your recognition Legasov. May your soul rest in your heaven.

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 2 years ago +9

    Legasov is the definition of 'selfless service' that we were taught about in the service. It's good the miniseries brought this man's heroics and sacrifice to the forefront. Chernobyl in many ways was the collective (no pun intended) payback of decades of neglect in a system that covered it's mistakes with lies-all in the name of 'progress'. It was the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union that had been rotting from the inside out for years. (That some people want to re-implement....)

    • Вован
      Вован Year ago

      There was a lof of people just like him there. And they were raised by that terrible system.
      And can you explain me please, how did they cover their mistakes when they told entire world about what happened in every detail just few months after the incident? INSAG-1, INSAG-7, ring a bell?

  • L K
    L K 2 years ago +5

    Этот человек настоящий герой!

  • Typical Conservative

    Valery Rest In Peace, A very brave comrade.

  • Lichtritter-
    Lichtritter- Year ago

    Мы никогда не забудем того, что он для нас сделал. Немного есть таких людей на свете.

    • viktoria polyn
      viktoria polyn Year ago

      рекомендую Вам послушать Чечерова ( участник ликвидации аварии на ЧАЭС), который увидел гораздо больше того о чем говорил Легасов..., в и-нете достаточно его записей.

  • mohamed alhumaidi
    mohamed alhumaidi Year ago +1

    legasov is a real hero of our time
    rest in power 🙏🏽

  • Ronak R25
    Ronak R25 7 months ago

    You may rest in peace Valery Legasov 🙌🏻
    True hero 🙂
    Respect × 3000

  • Aenigmaticus
    Aenigmaticus 2 years ago +1

    Great video and montage!

    I just published on my channel the first part of the first tape, in English. I'm planning to do a series and cover the entire 5 tapes, based on the original transcripts, as there aren't any full audio recordings of him. Would appreciate it if you check it out. Thanks!

  • General Horse
    General Horse Year ago

    Great video and while I love the music you choose to go with it, I must agree that the music is too loud in comparison to the tapes' audio playing.

  • Elix Arjona
    Elix Arjona 9 months ago

    Escuchar estas palabras de una persona que estuvo en la planificación para tratar de resolver el problema de planta nuclear, plantea muchas cosas que es importante no olvidar, ya vimos el desastre que produce una planta nuclear si es mal manejada o tiene errores de diseño. En verdad solo pienso en la cantidad de personas que se pusieron en riesgo para solventar esa tragedia...

  • jtindisa
    jtindisa Year ago +6

    The amazing thing is I understood everything he said in Russian. Very smart man. Glad I studied my Engineering in Russia.

  • MashGaming
    MashGaming Year ago

    It really upsets me that he got cancer from being too close to the reactor and then even though he won the testimony technically, he said that dyatlov deserved death instead of 10 years in hard labor
    And now... he commuted suicide... after saving millions of people
    A true hero

  • Evaldas Ustinovicius
    Evaldas Ustinovicius 2 years ago +1

    Valery Legasov - a true HERO. RIP.

  • Indrasish Bandyopadhyay
    Indrasish Bandyopadhyay 2 years ago +3

    What has been shown in the series seems frighteningly real. This series gives us a small hint what the usage of nuclear weapons might lead to.

    • Вован
      Вован Year ago

      What has been shown in the series is a ton of bullcrap.

  • A.L.F A.L.F
    A.L.F A.L.F Year ago

    You are a hero, thank you Legasov❤️😔

  • Nicholas Lauren
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  • Việt Trung Nguyễn

    In remembrance of those who saved the world: The Chernobyl Liquidators.

  • Франц Габсбург
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    Зачем так громко музыку делать,голос заглушает.

    • Yura K
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      @Konstantin Prohorov именно

    • Konstantin Prohorov
      Konstantin Prohorov Year ago +1

      Нормальная громкость там. Нормальная. Я всё прекрасно различил и услышал.

    • Yura K
      Yura K Year ago +4

      @Ирина Имангулова Я более чем уверен, что знаю английский лучше тебя, да и в целом больше языков, но когда ты блять иностранцев призываешь использовать переводчик называя их имбицилами , сразу видно твой уровень интеллекта.

    • Yura K
      Yura K Year ago +1

      @Ирина Имангулова грубо,грубо. Почему же тебе, блять не использовать переводчик и не увидеть что они пишут? Мания величия?

      BLACK PANTHER Year ago


  • koljake ukko
    koljake ukko Year ago +2

    Thank you for everything, Comrade Legasov...

  • Magic Wind
    Magic Wind 11 months ago +1

    Вечная память Валерию Алексеевичу. Своим участием и работой спас жизни тысяч людей. Пример того что никогда нельзя оставаться безразличным. Пример которому нужно следовать.

  • Re fuck
    Re fuck 6 months ago

    Насколько же светлый он был человек. Сейчас таких людей и ненайти

  • meemee the mermaid
    meemee the mermaid 4 months ago

    Rest in peace Mr. legasov ❤❤❤ the world will not forget your sacrifice and heroism ❤❤❤ Respect ❤

    SCE2AUX 2 years ago +7

    He does sound a lot like Jered Harris.
    Rest in peace, наш друг.

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex Harvey 2 years ago

    Maybe I'm a series fanboy but I gained massive respect for Legasov, it's great to hear his own voice, thanks. To be committed to what is right despite such massive personal sacrifice embodies the meaning of the word Hero. Countless lives are owed to his effort. Luckily for them they'll never know.

    • VadikGG
      VadikGG Year ago

      'Chernobyl' from HBO - is absolutely false propaganda movie. Read Legasov’s notes in full instead of watching a false TV series. And see original documentary (with subtitles)

  • Khalid Hanafi
    Khalid Hanafi 2 years ago +8

    Traduction French please thanks ;)
    Valery Legasov héros ..paix à son âme . Il a sauvé le monde

  • Krutten Bastian
    Krutten Bastian 8 months ago

    Rest in peace Legasov. You truly were a hero.

  • jxy Kay xd
    jxy Kay xd 8 months ago

    Can we please appreciate Sky and HBO for showing the real heroes of Chernobyl to the World?

  • 27 Moiz
    27 Moiz Year ago +2

    If it weren't for this guy we'd be eternally living in lockdown

  • Blue Collar Beer Snob

    It is strange that the overwhelming majority of true heroes are never recognized or thanked.

  • France Torre
    France Torre Year ago

    You saved the world dr. Legasov, your heroism will not be forgotten .. thank you from a 6 year old little girl at that time

  • Dkmasteris
    Dkmasteris 2 years ago +20

    It's pretty hard to hear and even more so, understand what he's saying, since the volume of the music overpowers his voice by a large margin.

  • Dibyo Roy
    Dibyo Roy 9 months ago

    Valery, you are a real hero.♥️♥️♥️

  • Comrade Dyatlov
    Comrade Dyatlov 2 years ago +676

    Chernobyl is the best. Ever. I rate 15,000/3.6

  • Kapitän Nemo von der Heringsmarine

    Ein Held von Außerordentlichen Mut. Man möge Ihn nie vergessen.

  • ThatGeoFSPilot
    ThatGeoFSPilot 5 months ago

    Professor Valery Legasov, thank you for telling the truth about Chernobyl. My life would've been different without you. Thank you for everything you've done. You are a true hero, comrade. May you rest in peace beside God and Jesus.

  • YannickMue
    YannickMue Year ago +2

    Imagine that he would never know if his tapes would be heard. The political class could have destroyed the tapes and discredid him publicly and maybe the world would have never known that he was the true hero of Tschernobyl. May he Rest in Peace.

    • Se Ho
      Se Ho 6 months ago

      WHAT A BS!

  • Денис Журавлев

    Это великий человек!Он спас мир.

  • Simmerjeet Singh Bhogal
    Simmerjeet Singh Bhogal 2 years ago +1

    'And that is how an RBMK reactor core explodes' !!! I have goosebumps whenever I see the series.... It is because of this man that a very dangerous catastrophy which could threaten the lives of millions was averted.... The silent hero of Russia.....

  • Vive
    Vive Year ago

    Like many heroes throughout the history of Imperial Russia, and the Soviet Union, a majority are forgotten, and ignored by the government. This man was one of those heroes. The saddest thing is that his death is what was required for his voice to be heard.

  • Just Beyond The Corner Productions

    If you could upload a version without the music, that'd be great.

    The contents of his tapes, and the footage of a city overgrown and in ruin after decades of abandonment is sad enough without the sad violin telling me it's sad.

  • Unrevealed Unrevealed
    Unrevealed Unrevealed 11 months ago

    He mentions the three rules of safety for nuclear reactors and pays a lot of attention to the third one: placing a nuclear reactor in a containment building. The idea is absolutely right. Unfortunately, this did not help the three reactors of FUKUSHIMA I.

  • генсек TV
    генсек TV 7 months ago +1

    Как мне жалко Легасова... Ему даже медаль не дали, а хотя он прибыл первым на ЧАЭС...

  • Lee Osborne
    Lee Osborne Year ago

    I'd not heard any of the original tapes before. Fascinating and moving, as is the amazing footage of Pripyat. I visited last year and recognised almost all of those locations. It's an extraordinary place.

  • IGOR
    IGOR Year ago +4

    Понимаешь что он записывает это до своей скорой смерти и мурашки по коже