SURVIVAL ROUND - How to survive 4 weeks on 50€ ($60)

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • This is cooking on a budget. How to survive on a very low income.
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    Shopping list:
    1 cucumber (big one)
    7 apples (or other fruit that is cheap)
    500g macaroni (NOT INSTANT NOODLES)
    1 loaf of bread
    1kg oat flakes
    250g cheese (I suggest get more if you have enough money)
    5 onions
    5 carrots
    500g doctor's sausage (or other similar bologna etc)
    10 eggs
    10 potatos
    At start of next week, only buy things you ran out of. No point buying a warehouse of onions if you havent eaten them yet.
    Proudly recorded on a phone in glorious 4K 60fps
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    I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
    Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • Screaming Potato
    Screaming Potato 35 minutes ago

    When economy crashes only us slavs will remain 🇷🇺🇷🇸🇸🇮🇸🇰🇧🇬🇧🇦🇭🇷🇲🇪🇵🇱🇨🇿

  • Mary Budnikova
    Mary Budnikova Hour ago

    Ля это какое-то хрючево

  • saki ki
    saki ki Hour ago

    This is amazing!!

  • Cat Wtf
    Cat Wtf 7 hours ago

    если есть Babushka то можно вобще free прожить.

  • Harits Andhika Nugroho
    Harits Andhika Nugroho 10 hours ago

    When you realize that most of these are still quiet expensive in your country standard lol

  • Devon LeClair
    Devon LeClair 12 hours ago

    I'll keep this in the back of my mind for college

  • NobleMode
    NobleMode 12 hours ago

    Boris at 9:41 S U C C

  • Bethani Walker
    Bethani Walker 17 hours ago

    The problem is..... kids in Africa are still dying

  • Noo Kidd
    Noo Kidd 19 hours ago

    "U know it is ready when it look lke someone who sneeze in your pot very hard" LOL very nice one

  • Deenanimations
    Deenanimations 21 hour ago

    Succ is pink.

  • Michelle Denisse de Soo

    Potiato little bit asmr

  • proplei
    proplei 23 hours ago

    Борисе направи боб с наденица!!!!!

  • Tomatensohn
    Tomatensohn Day ago

    Just buy 50 times yum yum

  • Nikita Frolov
    Nikita Frolov Day ago

    "If its says: ИДИ НАХУЙ its probably not done" and at this point I got microinfarct))))

  • Dikkertje Fap
    Dikkertje Fap Day ago

    I have another recipe for broke students. It is a Dutch recipe called “hutspot”.
    Ingredients: Carrot, potato, onion, meat(optional) and some seasoning.
    Boil the onions, carrots and potatoes in one pan and when done smash them. You season with some pepper or salt. If you want you can also put some cheap meat in it(It makes the taste a lot better).

  • Rasya Alghany
    Rasya Alghany Day ago

    You could survive 2 months for $60 in Indonesia

  • NxVA
    NxVA Day ago

    Theres something about this bit that just makes me laugh uncontrollably, like my muscles seize up and my breath just stops as I try my hardest to breathe but I cant because I'm laughing so friggin much xD

  • Aguar Sadeghi
    Aguar Sadeghi Day ago

    Love ur accent

  • Kuany Bros
    Kuany Bros Day ago

    I hate cheese

  • Patri the bro
    Patri the bro Day ago

    Instant noodles for blyat

  • 100 subs with no face reveal??? pls

    What a *SUCC*sessful week

  • AAnub1s A
    AAnub1s A 2 days ago

    But you cant buy 300£ car

  • Dinar Dinar
    Dinar Dinar 2 days ago

    Boris pls budget living tutorial 2018 basic edition

  • ǝɥʇǝɾɹʇ
    ǝɥʇǝɾɹʇ 2 days ago

    Childhood memories

  • Dinar Dinar
    Dinar Dinar 2 days ago

    3:54 I snorted out my tea XD

  • [4]Fun
    [4]Fun 2 days ago

    Spytajcie polskiego emeryta XD

  • Annoying Doge
    Annoying Doge 2 days ago

    Chicken is much more cheaper than sausage in our country, blin

  • Eli Engler
    Eli Engler 2 days ago

    Don't get me wrong, I love these videos. But for some reason the seasoning on the stove top drives me insane.

  • Cezario Wahyu
    Cezario Wahyu 2 days ago

    In indonesia 50€ you can live 3 month.

  • BriZZell
    BriZZell 2 days ago

    Pickles, mayo and salteen sandwiches

  • Gamerdweeb Entertainment

    7:07 very important note.

  • fireflyserenity31
    fireflyserenity31 2 days ago +1

    I came to be amused, did not expect my shopping list

  • Iunna Bai
    Iunna Bai 2 days ago

    or.. you could just eat the babushka

  • soviet simon
    soviet simon 2 days ago

    English solution to this problem
    Aldi rip off rustlers burgers- sausage and hash brown muffin for 99p

  • PFCKruger
    PFCKruger 2 days ago

    This is very good Video.

    I like how you say Butterbrot but why you call Fleischwurst Dr. Sausage?

    • PFCKruger
      PFCKruger 2 days ago

      @Mago Gosora ok, I thought there is maybe a special reason. Thank you. :)

    • Mago Gosora
      Mago Gosora 2 days ago

      that's how it's called in Russia

  • Иван Жежерун

    Ебать-ебать, так 50 в месяц эт топчик ащета. Сделай видос по приготовлению макарох по флотски)

  • wawa
    wawa 3 days ago

    There are always alcohol adds before the video plays. I wonder...

  • HolzkopfArnd
    HolzkopfArnd 3 days ago +1

    L bekommst dk

  • Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto

    1.78€ /day.... yes is possible. carrots are cheap

  • Wille & Elias Vlogs
    Wille & Elias Vlogs 3 days ago

    I bought mayonese

  • Darko Nikolic
    Darko Nikolic 3 days ago

    Dear Boris,one Serbian TheXvidr made a video where he makes different things to eat for 100 Serbian dinnars(less than 1 euro) every day only using those 100 dinnars.4 weeks are 21 days,and if you buy the same things as he did you could spend 2100 dinnars which is 20 euro food wont be tasty but it will work.
    The TheXvidr is called NoLifer and i hope you will check him out.
    I know most of your videos are joking and really funny (attleast to me) but this is a serious tip and some of the meals include hot dogs and ramen noodles.

  • Tharios Bg Gaming
    Tharios Bg Gaming 3 days ago

    What rusian funny guy

  • Ernesto Beltrami
    Ernesto Beltrami 3 days ago

    im italian and when i saw pasta with maionaise i died inside

  • pointschamp
    pointschamp 4 days ago

    Of course the commies can help with that! They starve on socialism all the time!

  • 張光
    張光 4 days ago

    me survied with 5 euro a week just a while ago : :v

    • Android the Onion
      Android the Onion 2 days ago

      I can survive a week with just 3 euros AHHAHA ill just buy 10 canned food like tuna XD

  • ~NekoIDreamZz~
    ~NekoIDreamZz~ 4 days ago +1

    I managed to spend 35€ for food in a month because i've slept about 16 hours a day lol.

  • Lol Man Bomber
    Lol Man Bomber 4 days ago +1


  • david woerle
    david woerle 4 days ago

    Des ist ja nicht deutsch was mach ich hier 🤔

  • Игорь ГАДОЛС

    Много тут русских?)
    Борис это топчик 👍

  • Hydяø Wølfie
    Hydяø Wølfie 4 days ago

    Thx.... you saved me by starvation

    God bless u (even though I'm an atheist)

  • João Manuel Araújo

    In Portugal Government made project to feed children in village schools. They gave us bread and sugar, it was so good!

  • mybluepickles
    mybluepickles 4 days ago

    Could this work in Germany?

  • vito api
    vito api 4 days ago

    6:33 boil the water first, then put the PASTA!!!!!!

  • youtobe royale
    youtobe royale 5 days ago

    No one:
    Turkish people:

  • Dani Slot
    Dani Slot 5 days ago

    "True Slav sausage have curves you see"

  • NippyMoto
    NippyMoto 5 days ago

    Butter and sugar... fuck that brings back bad memories

  • Fire Keeper
    Fire Keeper 5 days ago +1

    This video saved my art homework
    Because learning cooking with my favourite Slav took my mind off of a small mistake I got overworked about

  • valor
    valor 5 days ago

    why does salt and pepper safe me ? :D i feel like it is true

  • Bogdan California
    Bogdan California 5 days ago +1

    Ха-ха, виз водка, патато, ИТ ис рилли фор итинг, айм нот вас буум афтер ЗиС?

  • Tophy
    Tophy 5 days ago +1

    Dear boris, my parents died. my babushka is in prison, im home alone, i have 9,99€. how the blin do i survive