Investment casting using voxeljet 3d printed parts

  • Published on Jan 30, 2017
  • Plastic models printed by voxeljet are used in the investment casting process as lost models and can be treated like a wax pattern. Without time-consuming and expensive model establishment, this efficient manufacturing process delivers pre-finished castings to the final customer in a shorter time frame than more traditional methods.

    This is of great customer benefit in today's fast-moving time. Whether prototype, single component or small series - 3D printing can create even the most complex design and investment castings in a very short time.

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  • Harshit Tewari
    Harshit Tewari 4 years ago

    Sir Voxelijet, Nice concept , But sir How much you charge for your service. for printing these prototypes, Mat it`s as per weight or the CC of the finished prints. please give details urgent needed. Highly impressed from your ideas.