1000W Induction Heating Part 4: Pancake Coil

  • Published on Oct 24, 2015
  • This is part 4 of my inductive heating series. In this video, I make a pancake coil for inductive heating the surface of parts that wouldn't make sense to build a regular coil for. It can also be used for cooking. Induction cooktops are more efficient than a gas or electric stove because there is less wasted heat.
    Links to equipment shown in the video:
    ZVS Driver
    Meanwell RSP-1000-48 Power Supply
    Litz Wire for Custom Induction Coils
    Graphite Crucible
    Temperature Meter 2000F(1300C)
    Power Meter 100V 50A
    Cast Iron Mini Skillet
    Aerosol Fire Extinguisher
    Black Gloves
    Bullet Connectors
    Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap
    Here's a patent about litz wire for induction heating and reasons why it's beneficial.
    See my instructables account for step by step guides to some of my projects: www.instructables.com/member/Proto+G/
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  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 2 months ago

    was wondering if the size the copper tubing matters and the size of the wrapping of the copper tubing matters as well?

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 2 months ago

    once upon a time i used to use a 25kw unit.
    first week we had it, boss wanted to show his dad.

    "does he have a pacemaker?"
    "then he cant come within 25M." arbitrary figure i pulled out of nowhere... he trusted my decision.

    but, the people that designed the unit couldnt explain what was going on with a pancake coil i once made. about 5 turns, two inches across.

    it wouldnt work. i fiddled around adding extra coils, nope... just kept getting "phase error".
    looked inside the unit. this tiny jumper hidden away, labelled "phase".

    that got it going.

    i used that jumper to my advantage at times!
    "machines down, wont run... i gotta sit down and read the manual for two hours!"

    i miss making coils for that thing. took skill, winding 1/8 copper pipe into fancy shapes, bracing them up with lots of little brass screws and HDPE insulators, adding copper flanges to get a bit more heat where required and reversed turns to prevent other bits from overheating.

    could literally vaporise a 1inch bar when turned up full blast!

    i was the only person that understood that machine. my biggest gripe was that i couldnt chnage the capacitance easily, it took an hour or so to get to them, and i was never allowed to make a decent machine to use it properly... brazing tungsten carbide tools. i always wanted an actual dedicted automatic conveyor type affair, with big long coils so you werent brazing one piece at a time. just setting them up and poking them into the holders... nope. never allowed. instead we had a silly little rotary table (a steel disc bolted to a car hub) on rails. you had to readjust everything after about five pieces, shorted out regularly (never considered using GLASS rods!) and started it for each piece. on, off, on, off, all day long. oh, and the compression fittings for attaching coils wore out after a while and needed replacing. had at least 60 different coils for various things.

    it blew up a week after i left. as i said... only i really understood how it worked! (no, i did not sabotage it!) they shorted out the coil a few too many times... those FETs were massive...and damn expensive!

    last time i paid a visit they had changed to a different brand, smaller, more user friendly machines. but still no urge to try and manufacture things at a faster rate.

    still, no-one ever beat my 240 pieces an hour...

    still get asked if i want to come back occasionally... still do, for some jobs.

  • José Ferreira
    José Ferreira 3 months ago

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  • Katerin Ochoa
    Katerin Ochoa 5 months ago

    excellent video. What is the wire gauge? What does it affect?

    Cesar BERUMEN LARIOS 7 months ago

    Thanks for make this video ():-) you gave me alot of information (y) (b) ();-)...

  • Bud Asterisk
    Bud Asterisk 8 months ago

    what gauge wire did you use?

  • Benjamin Collazo
    Benjamin Collazo 8 months ago

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  • Maurilio Santana Filho
    Maurilio Santana Filho 8 months ago

    Gostaria de saber e agradeço de antemão pela resposta, se é o calor do fogão que estimula a panqueca a liberar energia ou se é por causa da atividade elétrica do fogão que a coisa trabalha ? Pois se for por causa do calor é só acender um fogareiro que não libere demasiado calor.

  • xz86
    xz86 8 months ago

    does the coil have to be around? can you wrap it around a cooling ware and still cook food?

  • matthias guemboura
    matthias guemboura 8 months ago

    If i make a bigger one with half inch copper tube do you think i will be able to make a metal foundry?

    • matthias guemboura
      matthias guemboura 8 months ago

      I want to be able to put a fire extiguiser as a cruicable on it and melt aluminum and copper alloys. Is this possible?

  • David Feliciano
    David Feliciano 9 months ago

    Estou criando uma cápsula q engana a gravidade com pouco consumo de energia,

  • mati :D
    mati :D 10 months ago

    I can't rewinds this coil. this wire don't sticky this tape

  • Margo Angel
    Margo Angel 10 months ago


  • Canal é show !
    Canal é show ! 11 months ago

    Hi! Is your Proto from your father? My father is Proto. I'm from Brazil and you?

  • jcrnda
    jcrnda Year ago

    Just a side note for those admiring how fast the little cast iron skillet heats up.
    Cast iron is a no-no for regular induction cook tops because they get too hot, overheat and melt the entire induction cook top. The protection does turn it off pretty quickly, so no cast iron in induction.
    Unless you want to get it red-hot or melt the cook top!

    • Camillo Holecek
      Camillo Holecek 7 months ago

      BS! You need to FILL any cookware, be it cast iron or other, on an Induction field. Period. To cook means to cook food, not empty skillets.

  • Aileen Infante
    Aileen Infante Year ago

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  • Toader Viciriuc
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  • Kebin Lantigua
    Kebin Lantigua Year ago

    Good afternoon. Fellow, you can ask me to provide the diagram

  • Siward Beorn
    Siward Beorn Year ago


  • Prensa Libre
    Prensa Libre Year ago +1

    MUY INTERESANTE pero...como carajo se construye el circuito generador de alta frecuencia para que la bobina panqueque funcione?... la concha de la lora!!!

  • Lucia Melo
    Lucia Melo Year ago


  • iwan sauqi
    iwan sauqi Year ago

    What can i buy this heater..?

  • Marcial
    Marcial Year ago

    Good video

  • Isaac Contreras
    Isaac Contreras Year ago

    Any thoughts on how to reduce the audible noise?

    PUNCHOUT TV Year ago +1

    What is the name of the wire you use

  • Anabel Ruiz
    Anabel Ruiz Year ago

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  • Tom Ocean
    Tom Ocean Year ago

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  • Bowie te Loo
    Bowie te Loo Year ago

    Wow that’s pretty quick even tho it’s not very much water


    What is the name of materials that you wrapped around the coil,
    Please name it
    What is the name white material and black material that you wrapped around.



  • Victor martini
    Victor martini Year ago

    Nice work! I was wondering how did you bare the litz wire ? to take off the enamel it must be hard

  • G L
    G L Year ago

    Hello! Brilliant video. Just 2 quick questions: what cooling fan do you use? I hooked one up to mine yesterday and I fried it's motor as it was only a 12V rated one! Secondly - do you connect it straight to the power supply or do you incorporate it into the ZVS board?

  • Zec Sabbath
    Zec Sabbath Year ago +1

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  • linda Pang
    linda Pang Year ago

    what is the outside black paper

    BROTATØ ! Year ago

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      BROTATØ ! Year ago

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  • Jacob Wellington
    Jacob Wellington Year ago +2

    Seems like you could make a low voltage on demand water heater with this. You should do it and undercut the expensive ones on the market. Make them for RVs

    • George Komáromi
      George Komáromi Year ago

      I was thinking the same, my idea is using the tube induction coil, fitting it around a steel/iron pipe and it would flippin' heat the water while it passes through, bloomin amazing. Though it would drain a lot of electricity, so i dont know how efficient is this or how much do we really need this much heating power in an RV, but in a household application this is as good as is gets, water heating without reservoir is good for space saving as well for small apartaments...though i dont know if this kind of zvs could hold up for a continuous 20 min drain on 50V 15A

    • ken ezzell
      ken ezzell Year ago

      Lower voltage would mean higher current.

  • Brice Johnson
    Brice Johnson Year ago

    will it warm the iron in your blood?

  • Migueldeservantes

    Well I guess that me been the ignorant on the room, may I ask you, if there is not a metallic object in the proximity of your pancake inductor there is not amperage or voltage draw?? and I guess that the second question will be, can it be projected to work in only one direction? Just don't understand how it can't be consuming power when there is not metal next to it...

    • Proto G Engineering
      Proto G Engineering  Year ago

      A ZVS driver is a self oscillating circuit so it is drawing current when there is not metal nearby.

  • How To Do
    How To Do 2 years ago

    Nice video
    I subbed your channel
    Please Sub me back

  • Robert Kattner
    Robert Kattner 2 years ago

    you can buy the complete induction heater at Costco for $ 49.00.

    • Proto G Engineering
      Proto G Engineering  2 years ago +2

      yes, they have induction cooktops at Costsco and other stores but those are much lower frequency so they can only be used for cooking and not other things like heat treating steel. The lower frequency results in much more even heating, which is good for cooking. Higher frequency will start to be affected by the skin effect and heat the outside surface of the object much faster than the inside which is good for heat treating.


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  • M mangla
    M mangla 2 years ago

    Thank you for the information

  • Johan M Saleh
    Johan M Saleh 2 years ago

    Can you share diagram wire to me, please

  • Shaq Deisel
    Shaq Deisel 2 years ago

    Wow. Can you melt steel and pour a mold ? I can boil water but its no good to me.

  • BandiT
    BandiT 2 years ago

    thanks for all brother

  • Lance Hobby
    Lance Hobby 2 years ago

    Thanks for this video. It helped me with my induction heating start.
    Here's my question. Will a longer length of Litz wire pull more amperage or is it really dependent on the part?
    I ask as I might run multiple induction circuits as I will be wrapping around the outside of a 12" diameter pot. I'll surely know the answer once I try it but I'm trying to save myself from splicing expensive Litz wire in half...
    I'm curious if I could wrap the hight of the 8" of the pot (yes it will be a lot of wire) or if I'll have to split it between two systems and do 4" x2.
    Thanks for your videos! I think you're doing a great service to help the rest of us tinkering around...

  • Dragan Milenkovic
    Dragan Milenkovic 2 years ago

    Kako zaštiti kod magnetog grejanja magnetno zračenje , dali faradejevim kavezom ili ima draga zaštita . Pozdrav .

  • Troy Durica
    Troy Durica 2 years ago

    30 degrees C is 86 degrees F 30*1.8=54 54+32=86 thank me later

    TRUTH HURTS 2 years ago +2

    Is that copper tubing or solid copper wire and do you just connect a positive and negative to a 12-volt feed to power it? It almost looks like 3/8 inch copper tubing but I'm not sure and is it just copper spoiled and then positive to negative it will not harm my batteries or anything?

  • Roy Seberg
    Roy Seberg 2 years ago

    What kind of wire did you use to make the coil?

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 2 years ago

    I'd like to make a 12 volt (dc battery 12.8-14.5 volt) coil for heating a cafetière or small teapot, is 12 volt enough, I'd like to consume between 500-1000 volts to avoid staining my batteries and run direct from the battery, do you think this is feasible and do you have any suggestions such as wire gauge?

  • Earth Energy
    Earth Energy 2 years ago

    Hello, would you be able to contact me directly at earthenergy.info@gmail.com? We are looking to get our hands on a flat induction coil for a prototype we are making. Would love if we could possibly source directly from you. Would really appreciate it, thanks!

  • Jose Duarte
    Jose Duarte 2 years ago

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  • Marco MI
    Marco MI 2 years ago

    como se llama lo de los 59seg? :v

  • Coletta Hughes
    Coletta Hughes 2 years ago

    If you have to cool the components, then how could this save energy? I'm just asking... My mind is saying why bother if it leeks energy!?

    • Proto G Engineering
      Proto G Engineering  2 years ago

      Induction is more efficient than electric stoves and much more efficient than gas stoves. Induction cooktops are 80%+ efficient, electric stove tops are 70-77% efficient and gas stoves are about 40% percent efficient. Induction cooking is more efficient and faster than both. Not as cheap though.

    • Coletta Hughes
      Coletta Hughes 2 years ago

      Thank you for that great information Proto G, I'm not concerned with the energy cost of the little fan, it's heat leaking off the electronics. I'm just wondering is it less than the 60% heat loss with gas? Mind you I'm all for induction due to speed and safely, but I'll always have at least a single gas burner for gourmet cooking.

    • Proto G Engineering
      Proto G Engineering  2 years ago +1

      Let's just look at an electric stove top. First, you have to heat a resistive element up that then transfers heat to your pan. Induction is substantially faster because the heat is directly transferred the pan and some of that heat leaks back to the coil from the pan. Using a 1-2 Watt fan to keep things cool isn't really a big deal when compared to the 1000 Watts the machine is using. A more industrial machine would use much more expensive components with lower switching losses and better thermal properties.

  • handsome papa
    handsome papa 2 years ago +4

    Hi Proto G. first of all a million likes for your video.... u truely are an inspiration. atleast for me. this video is amazing. however if u can clarify one doubt for me. what material did u use at 0.33 to cover the coil???? awaiting your answer... once again thanks for the video...

    TCHAINA DO PUBG 2 years ago

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  • Dima Prok
    Dima Prok 2 years ago

    I am thinking of making a sort of molding machine by wrapping some of the his Litz wire around about 1" pipe and having it heat up to about 350-450F, any suggestions on how to control temperature and what kind of spacing to use? The link you provided for Litz wire it's 56 bucks for 5 feet and it's 9 gauge, can a smaller gauge be used because it's much much cheaper on eBay.

  • Fábio Dos Anjos
    Fábio Dos Anjos 2 years ago

    what this wire?
    Does the number of turns and diameter of the coil influence?
    Or is it according to the circuit current?
    Where can I find the circuit diagram of my friend?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

  • XplaneZ
    XplaneZ 2 years ago