16 Times Deadpool Was Married


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  • Victoria Triplett

    I thought one of them was gonna be Cable since they were "married" in the comics and then got a "divorce"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Kbitch Kal
    Kbitch Kal 3 days ago

    This guy has to much time ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Kbitch Kal
    Kbitch Kal 3 days ago


  • Fletcher Gross
    Fletcher Gross 3 days ago

    Gretchen Wilson the country singer? lol

  • heather allen
    heather allen 7 days ago

    Doesn't Deadpool have a daughter

  • Mikayla R
    Mikayla R 7 days ago

    Can I make it 18?

  • Scar Cruz
    Scar Cruz 7 days ago

    By what I got out of it, Deadpool married Orksa because he was about to be killed by her brother for killing Orksaโ€™s husband Macho Gomez- and he ended up leaving her after, because someone else was in love with her, and then he went home.

  • kush kush nigga
    kush kush nigga 9 days ago


  • Rain RedFox
    Rain RedFox 9 days ago

    Someone: Who's you wife?
    Me: *out the suck puppet from the pocket*

  • Smurf TheHermit
    Smurf TheHermit 10 days ago +2

    where is spidey ?

  • Hampster Jesus
    Hampster Jesus 10 days ago

    What the fuck no men on this list deadpool is pan

  • DaRealDonBay
    DaRealDonBay 13 days ago

    Deadpool and relationships just don't go good together

  • priya goel
    priya goel 13 days ago

    Watch till end, like, share and subscribe

  • priya goel
    priya goel 13 days ago

    Watch till end, like, share and subscribe

  • Diarrhea Main
    Diarrhea Main 13 days ago

    Dead pool married "captian" marvel lol

  • bhavik katarmal
    bhavik katarmal 14 days ago

    You mean the seventh jem

  • TheEverything Nerd
    TheEverything Nerd 19 days ago

    Are sheiklah and DP back together?

  • Gordon Vo
    Gordon Vo 22 days ago

    wait what story is number 10

  • SleepingWith!AndyVeilBrides!AtTheDisco

    But where are the boys anf nonbinairy ล› deadpool is pan so why only girls

  • jacob caswell
    jacob caswell 25 days ago

    Dead pool has ne hair because he has cancer end of story.

  • Kim Ha-Gun
    Kim Ha-Gun 26 days ago

    Wow I think thatโ€™s too much Deadpool ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • AlphaProto
    AlphaProto 29 days ago +1

    2:33 They explain if he is really Wade Wilson in Cable and Deadpool.
    He said he is Wade W. Wilson, and T-Ray is Wade T. Wilson.

  • Mal mix
    Mal mix 29 days ago

    But deadpool isnt straight. The guy who came up with deadpool literally said since his mind is so messed up he just constantly keep switching sexuality and even personalities. He's practically bisexual

  • Kitten Fluffy
    Kitten Fluffy 29 days ago

    Wow just wow

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines Month ago +3

    Captain America ruining romance since Bucky had a gf

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch Month ago

    Wait.... Facehuggers can control your mind?!
    My Alien and AVP lore needs updating!

  • Grell C.T.
    Grell C.T. Month ago

    Give him a boyfriend on screen! His gf is dead, time to get gay!

  • Flash Frozen
    Flash Frozen Month ago

    Deadpool isn't a mutant. He's a muTATE.

  • stressedout
    stressedout Month ago

    Wait, wasn't Deadpool married like 18/19 times?

  • TeMiE
    TeMiE Month ago

    Awwwww what about death....

  • Sonic Gaming Central

    Check for STDs and STIs

  • bobbiedale
    bobbiedale Month ago +1

    Ross Geller needs to step up his game

  • Patrick Jenks
    Patrick Jenks Month ago

    Heโ€™s been married 16 times! His poor girl friend in Deadpool 2

  • loleo123
    loleo123 Month ago

    I wanted to see Shiklah and Deadpool try to raise Ellie together. Being chaotic while Ellie is the sensible one. Lol.
    Maybe even living with monsters and stuff like that.
    Maybe a monster picks her up from school or something. Lel

  • Foxi Esque
    Foxi Esque Month ago

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  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez Month ago

    #13 Wow wade ....wow

  • Liane Li
    Liane Li Month ago

    Got some spelling issues? Captain* Marvel ...

    I-YELL- A-LOT Month ago


  • Yeengo Cheng
    Yeengo Cheng Month ago

    Captian, pronounced Cap-T-Anne.

  • Riina Kallioinen
    Riina Kallioinen Month ago

    You're also forgetting Squirrel Girl, with whom Wade seems to have kids?........ brrrr......

  • bico
    bico Month ago

    you kinda forgot Cable... which is like the only guy he ever "marries".

  • Milotic shiny
    Milotic shiny Month ago

    "pansexual" only woman ...sure..

  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    The Merc psychopath with the mouth gets married and I can't keep a girlfriend

  • TheTrueFeleas
    TheTrueFeleas Month ago

    It's ironic given that he's never married Death yet haha

  • Rain Cipher
    Rain Cipher Month ago

    You missed the kinda one with Lady death in a apoctoliptic universe. (Cannot spell)

  • TheAnimeloverist
    TheAnimeloverist Month ago

    Thought Deadpool liked sexy time, idk why he divorced outlaw๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • LBU Makeup
    LBU Makeup Month ago +1

    God I just love how mostly ever women in the marvel comics are used for sex and marriage. Like letโ€™s be real: why does every male character have like 10 spouses but itโ€™s never the other way around. And if it was the girl would be counted as a slut

  • Troy Crawford
    Troy Crawford Month ago +1

    i Love Them

  • Troy Crawford
    Troy Crawford Month ago +1

    i Love it

  • EyeKahnography
    EyeKahnography Month ago

    Also missing his family in Deadpool vs. Hawkeye

  • YeemGames
    YeemGames Month ago

    Deadpool X Orksa

  • YeemGames
    YeemGames Month ago

    *cough* You forgot Spidey

  • Parthuraxxx
    Parthuraxxx Month ago

    Number 10 is very sad ;((

  • The Avegers Adict Infinity Warrior


    Deadpool wins

  • Monster Eflame
    Monster Eflame Month ago

    you forgot cable lol

  • Bimuvize
    Bimuvize Month ago

    I want Deadpool + Death

  • Damian Wayne
    Damian Wayne Month ago

    1:45 Benny also forgot how to spell๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Stephan Vazquez
    Stephan Vazquez Month ago

    That product placement had me confused there I thought I clicked a different link ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus Month ago

    And these hoes have the nerve to call men dogs

  • Anthony Poon
    Anthony Poon Month ago

    You really shouldnโ€™t pitching finasteride in your ad, that drug could mess up a dudeโ€™s hormone system REAL bad if not used based on his hormone level. And please consider that in your future sponsored video.

  • Matthew Jeffrey
    Matthew Jeffrey Month ago +1

    If you guys need a proofreader, Iโ€™ll take $20/hr

  • Kawaii lazy Potato
    Kawaii lazy Potato Month ago

    Will Deadpool is kinda a player

  • Richard Comshaw
    Richard Comshaw Month ago

    The hippo and him divorce

  • HiopX
    HiopX Month ago

    honorable mentionsLady DeathSpiderman

  • Boggle 100
    Boggle 100 Month ago

    Wait so he actually never really did marry copycat in comics?

    • VC26
      VC26 Month ago

      No he didn't. They lived together here & there before she was killed by Sabretooth. Of course she was resurrected after the movie came out.

  • Khue Nguyen
    Khue Nguyen Month ago

    Next, colossus

  • EA games
    EA games Month ago

    Outlaw reminds me of yang xiaolong

  • Russell Michaels
    Russell Michaels Month ago

    1:47 *Captain

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn Month ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ omg, the last one is so out there, but since it's Deadpool, I can't even be shocked

  • Rainbow puppy 101 :3

    This guy thinks heโ€™s married a LOT

    THE KILLER Month ago

    Dude everyone knows that marriage sucks at least Deadpool learned his lesson... then again I don't know for sure if he did

  • Lord of Cinder
    Lord of Cinder Month ago +1

    Sheklah, starbucks girl, and outlaw are my favorites

  • Unnatural09
    Unnatural09 Month ago

    This is so sad.

  • TheRadzman
    TheRadzman Month ago

    Defak.. Married 16.. Wilson look interesting

  • lolmomgay
    lolmomgay Month ago

    The best was when he "killed" macho gomez

  • Misa Duncan
    Misa Duncan Month ago

    Wait. Am i the only girl that commented?

  • Jade is a Lizard
    Jade is a Lizard Month ago

    Me, before the video: If one of them,,,is not,,,a m a n
    Me, after video: f u CK THIS SHIT SAD

  • GamingFps
    GamingFps Month ago +3

    Fucking harem

  • T A
    T A Month ago

    What about death?

  • Pixel Tiger
    Pixel Tiger Month ago

    1:46 4 Captian Marvel? n*gga the hell?

  • agnes mwaiko
    agnes mwaiko Month ago

    I'm pissed he NEVER married a GUY Damn

  • UCan'tPhaseMe
    UCan'tPhaseMe Month ago

    EXCUSE ME 16????? WHaT? I actually did not know this and this is very surprising.

  • hello peoples
    hello peoples Month ago +2

    If only spiderman was in this

  • TheUltrasora
    TheUltrasora Month ago

    im guessing himself, the devil, and some occasional girls here and there.

  • xerad King
    xerad King Month ago

    Deadpool is villian not hero why making him hero whyyyyyyy

  • Morgan Andrews
    Morgan Andrews Month ago +1

    What about cable???? There were "married" and then they got a "divorce"

  • greendayfecer
    greendayfecer Month ago +1

    Aw Deadpool is just like Elizabeth Taylor. At the end of the day he just wants to be loved, and to love someone.

  • Reaperking- Senshi
    Reaperking- Senshi Month ago

    10:13 I wonder is she asking to get bitten up by mosquitoes?


    His love life sucks azz....he should get a eharmony account ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Yato
    Yato Month ago

    captain marvel not captian marvel

  • build sparkling
    build sparkling Month ago

    Outlaw is damn sexy. Too bad you deadpool would always get his pelvis crush everytime he does sex with her. The horror.....

  • build sparkling
    build sparkling Month ago

    Really ?! A hippo alien ?! What next ? Deadpool marrying a giant titan from the greek mythology that end up in present time due to the time stone getting eaten and shit out by thanos ?

  • QueenQueer Of depression

    Why would be ladies marry him ? He's ugly and irresponsible as fuck .

  • Gillian Day
    Gillian Day Month ago +1

    You can't get married Deadpool! You kill every bad guy in town!

  • Hoguer Orozco
    Hoguer Orozco Month ago

    Sad story lol

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy Month ago

    1:45 captian marvel?

  • Chip
    Chip Month ago

    I don't get how it's 17.

  • hi helo
    hi helo Month ago

    How is it that deapool s mareige always become complicated

  • Alice Loctl
    Alice Loctl Month ago

    Fellas, balding isn't as bad as companies try to make you think it is. You are still handsome.

  • Prof. Layton Fan
    Prof. Layton Fan Month ago

    #16 he did end up divorcing her and she married another dude. The marriage ceremony goes like this:
    1. Kill the former groom
    2. Kiss the bride
    And just like that, you're married. It's a weird ceremony, but since Deadpool can't die, he was able to recover after the other guy "killed" him. Don't worry, Deadpool let him do it so they could be together.