• Published on Nov 20, 2019
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    Products Mentioned:
    Cinema secrets brush cleanser
    Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base
    So jaded eyeshadow palette Kathleen lights x colourpop collab
    Amethyst beauty blender
    Wet n wild photofocus primer water
    Dermablend poresaver matte makeup
    Dermablend flawless creator multi use liquid foundation drops
    Dermablend setting powder in translucent
    It cosmetics airbrush buffing brush
    Too faced born this way concealer in vanilla
    Clarins bronzing powder duo
    Urban decay beached bronzer
    Benefit hoola bronzer
    Bh cosmetics glowing in Greece palette
    Tarte chrome paint in lit
    Juvias place loose highlighter
    Catrice ultra precise brow pencils
    Makeup revolution high brow gel
    Nars via Veneto eyeliner
    Charlotte tilbury lipliner in hot gossip
    Revlon ultra hd lip polish in act natural
    Dermablend power setter setting spray
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Comments • 577

  • Nicki Ott
    Nicki Ott Month ago

    Cinema secrets doesn’t ship to my state (ak) so I ship it to my sister and then she ships it to me. Literally that obsessed!

  • Meagan Newton
    Meagan Newton Month ago

    Ugh you’re making me want the so jaded palette even more than I already do😅

  • janice mcgill
    janice mcgill Month ago

    The look is absolutely stunning I just subscribed to your channel because Alli Gines followed one of your tutorials and she recommended your channel

  • Fairy Godmother’s Princess Team

    What shade in the foundation did you wear?

  • Lbts For life
    Lbts For life Month ago

    Hey Casey this is very off topic and not even the same channel but are u doing vlogmas on ur vlog channel this year?

  • Lynn Miller
    Lynn Miller Month ago

    Would love to know how the curler worked

  • DJ Making It Matter


  • Katie Vandergriff
    Katie Vandergriff Month ago

    How did this foundation wear through the day?!?

  • maricarmen zelaya
    maricarmen zelaya Month ago

    I could watch your videos all day girl! I definitely feel like trying some of the products you mentioned, too bad my skin is the opposite of yours 😅

  • Miroslava Reyes
    Miroslava Reyes Month ago

    She kinda looks like Britney

  • Keri Stepp
    Keri Stepp Month ago

    Dermablend is my daily foundation. I have vitiligo and it is one of the only foundations and concealers to give me enough coverage.

  • Delainy Ward
    Delainy Ward Month ago

    I absolutely LOVE the shape tape powder!! Would love to see the tati beauty tutorial 😍😍

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Month ago

    How did the Dermablend last throughout the day? Was the translucent powder worth it?

  • elizabethqbi
    elizabethqbi Month ago

    Omg!! 5 kilos de base más 5 míos de corrector, obviamente tiene alta cobertura

  • Jamie Lanay
    Jamie Lanay Month ago

    I tried those lashes that magnetically stick to the liner. That liner will NO COME OFF easily. I was out of my makeup remover and holy shit, it would NOT budge which was good for the lashes during my night out but not when I was ready for bed! Lol

  • vee elle
    vee elle Month ago

    What is the morphe bronzer brush you used?

  • Vanna💓
    Vanna💓 Month ago +1

    I love how the eye look turned out...super pretty!! And I'm the exact same way when it comes to silicone primers. I have severe oily skin and the feeling of silicone has an oily consistency, so I feel as though it makes it worse. I prefer a lotion consistency. 💓

  • Deb White
    Deb White Month ago

    I love Sigma brushes. Especially E25 and E27

  • courtneykaaay greene

    What shade was the foundation you tries?

  • Gloria Reyes-Guzman

    I haven’t been watching too many makeup videos lately but I’m so happy I decided to watch this one. I really love your videos and thank you for reminding me to try new things.

  • Maria Villalobos
    Maria Villalobos Month ago

    I love my So Jaded Palette ❤️

  • Makeup Kristi
    Makeup Kristi Month ago

    You look like Sandra Bullock to me with your darker hair! 😍

  • Taylor Turnmire
    Taylor Turnmire Month ago

    The flashback in the Tarte powder is terrible, I used it and loved besides the flashback. I quit using it!

  • Cathy Milliken
    Cathy Milliken Month ago

    You so beautiful Casey, with or without makeup on!!! I love it when you can hear how genuine you are when you love a product xx

  • Brandi Hales
    Brandi Hales Month ago

    Yes!!! Those two palettes ( Tatis and Kathleens) are definately my favs right now

  • Cara Batchelor
    Cara Batchelor Month ago

    Hi Casey What is the Morphe brush that you use in this video please? Xx

  • donalynn1
    donalynn1 Month ago

    Love the eye shadow shades you chose and that foundation OMG GORJ !!!!! Cute fun and easy. Thanks girly, you rock!!

  • Rachel Alexander
    Rachel Alexander Month ago

    I haven’t even finished the video yet but I’m totally down for a work appropriate Tatibeauty video 🥰🥰

  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams Month ago

    YES!!! Can you please do a easy everyday makeup for beginners with more name brand products than drugstore... products that makeup first timers should get!

  • Joelle M
    Joelle M Month ago +3

    I love that you put prices of everything it’s so helpful. A lot of the times Beaty TheXvidrs don’t do that and I have to go and look up the price separately and then be like wow that’s expensive.

  • Paige F
    Paige F Month ago

    I got the cinema secrets brush cleaner for my makeup kit for freelance jobs and it’s amazing!! You definitely need it for doing a lot of jobs in one day.

  • Lenora Huntinghawk
    Lenora Huntinghawk Month ago

    With the dermablend at the brand training she recommends BAKING your whole face with the powder for Atleast five minutes to make it transfer proof a thick layer of powder on your face for five minutes, just FYI :p

  • CindyRose
    CindyRose Month ago

    Honestly, I just keep buying new brush sets!! Lol, my husband said he was going to wash my brushes and resell them!! 😳

  • Luciana Denisse
    Luciana Denisse Month ago

    What shade did you get?

  • Lauren Larter
    Lauren Larter Month ago

    Your right side probably sheds faster if that’s the side you sleep on.

  • Tina Taylor
    Tina Taylor Month ago

    What shade did you use in the Dermablend Foundation!?

  • Pamela Corral
    Pamela Corral Month ago

    Just be careful with the cinema secrets. Its made of very harsh chemicals. I love it too but Ive also heard stories of people breaking out from it. Dont breathe it in too much, and if you have natural hair brushes use it sparingly or it will dry out the hairs. Other than that it is a amazing time saver. Best Ive tried for sure.

  • Abigail Thomason
    Abigail Thomason Month ago

    If you're a side sleeper, that's why your lashes are falling out more on that side.

  • Arin Rohrbach
    Arin Rohrbach Month ago

    The cinema secrets instructions say you need to rinse it off??

  • samantha o
    samantha o Month ago

    i feel like you sound more like yourself again in this video casey! happy and comfy in front of the camera. hope all is well

  • Tacomadreaa
    Tacomadreaa Month ago

    Loved the makeup and hair 😍😍

  • Kate Barry
    Kate Barry Month ago

    Have you ever used LimeLife by Alcone ? It truly has amazing full coverage foundation and concealer. I highly recommend their products.

  • Rachel Cooper
    Rachel Cooper Month ago +1

    How did the foundation hold up while you wore it?

  • TiffanyAnn
    TiffanyAnn Month ago

    My eyelash extensions are shedding more right now too.. it is shedding season though! Mine did this last year as well. And the eye I tend to lay on when i'm sleeping always sheds more too.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    Girl I love you so much! You're so funny 😂

  • Valerie Cisneros
    Valerie Cisneros Month ago

    What is the color of the fountain you used ? Trying to find my perfect shade

  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee Month ago

    Who just adores Casey?? 😍

  • Rose Jacqueline
    Rose Jacqueline Month ago

    My mind is completely in the gutter 24/7. When you said landing strip...I thought 👏🏼something 👏🏼else 😂
    Much love from Columbus 🤗

  • Matnkat5
    Matnkat5 Month ago

    I thought you had used this foundation before, I think I got mine because of a review you did.

  • Kylie Nelson
    Kylie Nelson Month ago

    Yes to Tati Beauty tutorials!! That would be so awesome since I preordered it!

  • Alicia Raft
    Alicia Raft Month ago

    Soooooo pretttttttyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • Brenna
    Brenna Month ago

    Just so you know the dermablend foundation is on sale at Ulta!!!! Thought I’d spread the joy

  • Sara Mantor
    Sara Mantor Month ago

    Music favorites!! Plz

  • Francesca Zappa
    Francesca Zappa Month ago

    What shade of the foundation did you use? Thanks!

  • Norelie Philips
    Norelie Philips Month ago

    Have you tried the updated body sponge from Real Techniques? It’s 100 times better than the original!

  • Anika Wahidi
    Anika Wahidi Month ago

    I have the other palette like this from BH and I lovee it. Ive been eyeing this one and have been telling myself that I don’t NEED it but I think you just made me change my mind 🤪 brb while I go to to do some damage

  • Shannon Trippi
    Shannon Trippi Month ago +1

    ❤️❤️ love watching you! I have rosacea as well, have you ever considered doing IPL treatments for yours? My derm recommended those but I’m nervous to do them as I’ve heard it can be painful. What is your current routine for managing your rosacea?

  • Daniela Lutea
    Daniela Lutea Month ago


  • Kimberly Mitchell
    Kimberly Mitchell Month ago

    What morphe brush did you use for your bronzer? You said morphe but not the number. I’m in need of a new bronzer brush and i like how small that one is.

  • penelope
    penelope Month ago

    I am interested in trying the BH Cosmetics Glowing In Greece palette but when I went to check it out on the Ulta website the palette looked more orange than it did on your video. In your video, it appeared a bit more light and pink. Could you let me know what the shades actually are closer to orange or pink? Thanks! Loved your makeup today by the way. Everything came out so pretty!