Stipe Miocic shouldn't fight Tyson Fury before Daniel Cormier 3 - Helwani | Ariel & The Bad Guy

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • On Ariel & The Bad Guy the subject is Stipe Miocic, with Ariel Helwani saying he shouldn't do the crossover fight vs. Tyson Fury until he completes the Daniel Cormier trilogy.
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Comments • 645

  • ColeyMusic
    ColeyMusic 13 days ago

    The commentators, media, ufc, even ref really do just pretend they don't know about Dc's eyepokes. Stipe look out for yourself if the ref is compromised

  • Dalibor Dupor
    Dalibor Dupor 16 days ago

    So they are still pretending eye poke bonanza didn't happen?Jesus.People are not that stupid you know your "company man" DC is total cheater.He even cheated in second fight and still managed to lose badly he is always second best in every weight class never a real champion.

  • ravendra narine
    ravendra narine 16 days ago +2

    Stipe will beat every mofo!!

  • UngarToTheMax
    UngarToTheMax 17 days ago

    I think the trilogy fight needs to be here in Cleveland

  • DancoCro
    DancoCro 19 days ago

    Who is this clown speak with Helwani?Stipe wont fight dirty DC again,end of story!!!Need eyes for rest of hes life...

  • benjamin
    benjamin 19 days ago

    Apart from Tyson , it should be a Francis rematch . DC is not even in the picture !

  • benjamin
    benjamin 19 days ago

    Any Man who would think that Tyson fury Will beat stipe ,in the cage ! Or even a street fight , forget about it . stipe will just toy with this dinosaur .

  • D C
    D C 20 days ago +1

    Skip the DC fight and go with Fury.

  • Manuel Delgado
    Manuel Delgado 20 days ago

    People discredit fury's chances but if he is given the Greg hardy treatment as far as opponents he maybe onto something.

  • Joyanna Moran
    Joyanna Moran 22 days ago

    Lol why is Gilbert always looking down instead of looking into the camera? Does he love looking at himself that much?! 😂

  • טל צרויה
    טל צרויה 22 days ago

    He is a punk for not wanting to fight DC after he bagged DC for a rematch for a year

  • Kevin Camargo
    Kevin Camargo 23 days ago

    Personally I don't want to see a trilogy, I feel like Stipe should fight Francis so the heavyweight division can get moving again

  • Orion Pavlos
    Orion Pavlos 23 days ago

    3:09 When did you get promoted to Dana's position? Where was this talk when DC took Derrick Lewis and mocked Stipe about a rematch? Didn't evwn want to give Stipe a rwmatch till the money fight fell through (Brock).

  • The Thriller
    The Thriller 23 days ago

    How those obvious eyepokes became obscure.

  • Peace Peace
    Peace Peace 23 days ago

    Just drop dc like a bad habbit and go for Tyson

  • K Berg
    K Berg 23 days ago

    DC learned from jones, eye pokes are what champs are made of....and picograms

  • Dresser Seaweed
    Dresser Seaweed 23 days ago


  • GBLynden's RC
    GBLynden's RC 23 days ago

    DC can F off! His eye poking is BS.

  • Bjork Staulker
    Bjork Staulker 23 days ago

    Everyone keep commenting on the eye pokes. Don't quit until they actually call them. Stipe vs. Fury.. let's do it. Ariel quit taking your friend DC's side.

  • emjay2d
    emjay2d 24 days ago

    Did he get stung by the WHOLE pack of bees?

  • Mikey T
    Mikey T 24 days ago

    Guess Ariel doesn’t remember James Toney vs Randy Couture....

  • Son Yaban
    Son Yaban 24 days ago +2

    Ariel spitting facts on this video. 💯

  • johnnyrainbow50
    johnnyrainbow50 24 days ago +1

    Ariel & The Nice Guy

  • Cody Roberts
    Cody Roberts 24 days ago

    Stepi justbwants to hold the belt and not fight now. I hate champs like that. Hes missing fights to get his nails done! DC is going to wax stepi in the rubber matc!

  • Rukh
    Rukh 24 days ago +1

    Ariel, DC ducked Stipe to face Derrick Lewis.

  • Aaron Naylor
    Aaron Naylor 24 days ago

    First two fights lead to eye pokes and eye surgery from the eye pokes. Let’s try a third time and see what happens. DC is a cheat and he doesn’t deserve a rematch .

    CLAW BBQ 25 days ago +3

    Stipe is the champion; champion decides. Champion prefers to keep eyesight

  • Dalton Rodriguez
    Dalton Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Why dc fought someone else while stipe wanted his rematch it’s called karma if they can protect dc with those gimme fights they can let stipe actually accept a more dangerous challenge as far as striking

  • Dalton Rodriguez
    Dalton Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Why dc fought someone else while stope wanted his rematch it’s called karma if they can protect dc with those gimme fights they can let stipe actually accept a more dangerous challenge as far as striking

  • Dalton Rodriguez
    Dalton Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Why dc fought someone else while stope wanted his rematch it’s called karma if they can protect dc with those gimme fights they can let stipe actually accept a more dangerous challenge as far as striking

  • Steel Wolf
    Steel Wolf 25 days ago

    Just cause fighters are 1 and 1 dosen't mean they should fight again for the trilogy.

  • RelentlessPedigree
    RelentlessPedigree 25 days ago

    Clowns. As if ref didn't warn them both. Stipe first

  • eon001
    eon001 25 days ago

    Fight Fury. The DC fight will always be there. Stipe as champ has more cred than Stipe without a title. Don't risk losing it before fighting Fury.

  • Benja Franklin
    Benja Franklin 25 days ago +1

    These two cunts telling us what fighters SHOULD do while ignoring the damage they take, eyepokes, etc.

  • mario burca
    mario burca 25 days ago

    Dc is not no. 1 Francis is no. 1 and stipe is the champ champ champ champ

  • mario burca
    mario burca 25 days ago

    And B ariel, Stipe had an eye surgery..... So fuc..that 3rd fight...

  • Fabio
    Fabio 25 days ago

    This guy just wants to see fury get fucked up

  • Inc0mplete13
    Inc0mplete13 25 days ago

    I don't want trilogy cause DC will blind Stipe. Like it is real hazard at this point, he damaged Stipe's eyes twice in two fight and landed double digit eye pokes.

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar 25 days ago

    Stipe never complained about the eye pokes even once during the match..The referee should have deducted points from the previous 3 rounds.

  • boreduser12
    boreduser12 25 days ago +1

    Who is this guy?

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 25 days ago

    ariel helwani is creating problems between fighters and people...... he does this becasue he has these ideas in his head that he believes exist with people and many of them do not...... like with the diaz brotehrs...... he keeps tyrign to make the two fight each other or act like one is jealous or envious of teh other becasue he believes that a rivalry would exist between the two.......

    these are his ideas and he is using them to do his work of journalism...... he needs to stop thinking that people are like taht..........

  • Jadranas
    Jadranas 25 days ago

    This is finally Stipe time. Time for him to show, even to haters, that he is the man in any fighting business. Two matches with Tyson Fury, once Fury has the belt. First fight MMA 5x5 minute rounds for the UFC belt and four months later a 12X3 minute boxing fight for the boxing belt. I have a feeling that Stipe could win both, as after being ripped apart in MMA, Fury may be fearful of Stipe.

  • Tchong Lee
    Tchong Lee 25 days ago

    You fired chael sonnen ? GOOD JOB espn that mother fucker was ruining the show ..

  • Dundo Maroje
    Dundo Maroje 26 days ago +1

    Why are you playing dumb Ariel??? You and every other MMA journalist didnt even mention once DC deliberately eye poking Stipe in both matches!!!! Thats the reason Stipe doesnt want to give another chance to fat hypocritical cheater named Cormier.

  • Geovanny Lopez
    Geovanny Lopez 26 days ago

    Yeahhh glad to see Gilbert here

  • Domagoj Krišković
    Domagoj Krišković 26 days ago

    DC vs Ngannou, winner gets a tittle shot. If not, Stipe should not fight them. I would not for sure. Demolish Ngannou like that, the reamach has no point. If DC wants the belt I think he must do some work.
    But in the end, UFC and money has a finnal word.

  • R Moore
    R Moore 26 days ago

    If Cormier starts poking his eyes again he should lose 80% of his purse. That guy is a dirty fighter and those eye pokes were not accidental.

  • Lee 93
    Lee 93 26 days ago

    Stipe should fight whoever he wants. Hes the boss, not that cheating scumbag eyepoker.

  • McSkillet
    McSkillet 26 days ago

    People took Fury’s talk too seriously, i don’t have a doubt Fury is gonna go through with it but i think he was talking about later on rather than now

  • Jul Sch
    Jul Sch 26 days ago

    DC wanted to fight Brock instead of fighting Stipe. DC doens't deserve the trilogy!! Let Stipe make some money by fighting Fury and don't listen to buyest Ariel.

  • shelby edgar
    shelby edgar 26 days ago

    If fury beats willder again him vs miocic would be massive.Heavyweight boxing champion vs ufc heavyweight champion if promoted right were talking mcgregor numbers

  • Pretendship
    Pretendship 26 days ago

    crazy how DC always brings up Jones' PED use to discredit him, then he himself cheats to make weight and repeatedly uses eye pokes

  • hamish ramdhin
    hamish ramdhin 26 days ago

    dc got no right to ask for a rematch, isn't his back or is toe is paining and will only fight when it suits him

  • Mohith Ciga
    Mohith Ciga 26 days ago

    Chael looks so different with that beard

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 26 days ago

    Toney came to mma fought randy

  • Tennis932000
    Tennis932000 26 days ago

    One of my most anticipated rematches of next year.

  • lando hoth
    lando hoth 26 days ago

    Yes he should.

  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 26 days ago

    I want to see the rubber match

  • TheBull916
    TheBull916 26 days ago +4

    They dont want to acknowledge the eyepoke influence XD

  • Gunner Gattling
    Gunner Gattling 26 days ago +1

    Daniel Cormier won the first fight by cheating eye pokes, he put that on steroids in the second fight and lost, karma hit him and that's the end of it. Stipe, NO REMATCH for that cheater! Go make some big bucks with Fury, he's way more popular than DC.