The Smashing Pumpkins - Tiberius (Audio)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2014
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Comments • 396

  • Scott McFadden
    Scott McFadden Hour ago

    Tommy Lee's drumming on this is amazing. Chamberlain is a god but so is Tommy.

  • chasing. rollercoasters

    With this song I am an astronaut, floating in space, no helmet, no suit, there are flowers everywhere and it is only you and me

  • 개비정한세상
    개비정한세상 2 months ago +1

    개같은 세상..피토하는 음악..

  • Kenny Luang
    Kenny Luang 2 months ago

    2019.. im still listening

  • Rex Banner
    Rex Banner 3 months ago


  • 24pablox
    24pablox 7 months ago +2


  • Dorsia Rez
    Dorsia Rez 7 months ago

    IMO, the best song on the album. As much as some fans love to hate anything post-break up, I think they would have "adored" this song had it ended up as the rocker on Adore, and would have been an easy first single on either Adore or Machina. For me, this song could easily slide into either album, although it would make more sense to me in Adore.

  • Lisa Bianchi
    Lisa Bianchi 9 months ago +1

    I love this song beyond

  • NotoriousNME
    NotoriousNME 9 months ago +1

    Maynard would like this song. and Tiberius.

    TIBERIUS INFO 9 months ago

    mais algum Tibérius ai da um like !!

  • Yung Murda
    Yung Murda 10 months ago

    this is very good

  • oceaneyes ohhhryyyon
    oceaneyes ohhhryyyon 10 months ago

    Go billy go..never die..always rock us..never leave us..never..

  • Fabio Buzzo
    Fabio Buzzo 10 months ago

    so now you guys are blocking videos in brazil? well done losing fans.

  • Filippo Z.
    Filippo Z. 11 months ago

    I thought he was singing "ghouls' n ghoooostt!". It would be epic!!!
    (aaaaanyway, this song is not bad at all. It has personality! YES, I love it! thumbs up! I hope to see this played live)

  • Francisco Frank
    Francisco Frank 11 months ago

    Their best song of the recent era... I Love this track!!!

  • Virginie Castonguay

    This song is a gem

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson Year ago

    The title of this album explains it's concept completely. And Billy executed perfectly. It truly is a monument to an elegy. It's a shame that the Oceania crew couldn't have made one more album together. Tommy Lee doesn't belong on any Pumpkins album, that's for sure. At any rate, this album is yet another work of genius that fulfills its concept perfectly. And yet another work from Billy that will never be understood or appreciated by the general music fan or critic.

  • Alois Urugen
    Alois Urugen Year ago

  • Kenny Luang
    Kenny Luang Year ago

    Much better than the old song album

  • Same Differences
    Same Differences Year ago

    great song

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H Year ago

    I want this song to be played at my funeral

  • Thomas Ramquist
    Thomas Ramquist Year ago

    Anyone else hearing touches of TOOL?

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI 2 years ago

    Great track, decent album too :)

  • Daniel  de Oliveira
    Daniel de Oliveira 2 years ago +1

    Very good song!

  • Nicky Styles
    Nicky Styles 2 years ago


  • Javier Draven
    Javier Draven 2 years ago +12

    Billy's NEW iMPACT Wrestling theme!! LOVE IT!!

  • Megafayce
    Megafayce 3 years ago +2

    this is one of those songs that makes you want to punch God in the fucking face

    • dXb
      dXb 2 years ago +1

      Not really. God doesn't exist.

  • Matt O
    Matt O 3 years ago +2

    superb music - superb band - always underrated
    best line i read from an interview with Billy Corgan:
    'No, I don’t give a fuck. Look, let me give you a very simplistic scenario which is not meant to insult your intelligence, but just to make sure this crazy, wide-ranging conversation has context'........ Pure Gold

  • Patrick Psenner
    Patrick Psenner 3 years ago +1

    i love you......Smashing Pumpkins! Since 18 Years!

  • Carlos Ivan
    Carlos Ivan 3 years ago

    I LIKE ! 😊

  • WildSky
    WildSky 3 years ago

    434,000 listens. If this were the nineties this album would be platinum... But since it's free on TheXvid it sold less than any pumpkins record!

  • T. S. Bath
    T. S. Bath 4 years ago

    Brilliant track.

  • Roberto Forte
    Roberto Forte 4 years ago

    in this track I remember old sp style. .. like '90

  • Peter Tanski
    Peter Tanski 4 years ago

    Tiberius is their greatest song in a decade.

  • Kathryn Harris
    Kathryn Harris 4 years ago


  • Heinrich Ruhnau
    Heinrich Ruhnau 4 years ago

    Beautiful Song - now everyone seems to have his special Pumpkins Era - mine is still Gish - lucky enough i saw them
    1991 and 1992 in Berlin - I am One!

  • Romek Polo
    Romek Polo 4 years ago

    ""Kochanie. To nbie chodzi onia. Kocham Was i Kocham a moej mułości nie na jońca/Już po krzyku.... Nie.. pytaj na razie vbo mo się nie chce. CCCCCCCaAAAAAALLLLLUUUUUSSSSKKKII dla mojego rycerza kochanego.......!!!!!

  • Diododus Diderot
    Diododus Diderot 4 years ago

    beautiful music

  • George Ofori-Atta
    George Ofori-Atta 4 years ago

    You can pair this song with a fine wine like Pinot Noir. The harmonies in the song Tiberius are very much so a 21st century sound. Way to go!

  • Renata Epilson
    Renata Epilson 4 years ago


  • Thy Muel
    Thy Muel 4 years ago

    Anyone else dig that weird jam sound at the very beginning? Billy doesnt give a fuck

  • Chris Lozano
    Chris Lozano 4 years ago

    voice drowns in the instruments, too much reverb effect on the voice here and there... not bad though... the writing is awesome, but the composing lacks that creativeness he once gave us ... Billy can compose wonderful music, but seems to be lost in what he wants US to hear....

  • rosain100
    rosain100 4 years ago

    same fucking badass sound that we all love

  • David satelle
    David satelle 4 years ago


  • Yosef Weiss
    Yosef Weiss 4 years ago

    the first couple seconds reminds me of Married Life from Up im talking about the part before the guitar

  • Jackson Page
    Jackson Page 4 years ago

    Still can't believe this is Tommy fucking Lee on drums.

  • Collin Scott
    Collin Scott 4 years ago

    Anybody know the time signature of this song

    • Jackson Page
      Jackson Page 4 years ago

      Sounds like 9/8 to me for most of the song (if not all).

  • M M
    M M 4 years ago

    Dude jumped the shark with Adore and never rebounded.

  • Thomas Stibane
    Thomas Stibane 4 years ago +1

    This song ist simply PERFECT!

  • Billy Hawk
    Billy Hawk 4 years ago

    Not bad at all. Sort of has a 90's feel, but that's not a bad thing. Reminds me a lot of the Melancholy B-sides, but there's definitely some new influences worked in. Great job, dude.

  • Rhonda Brooks
    Rhonda Brooks 4 years ago +10

    Weed??? I'm liberal....AND I LOVE WEED!!!!!😛😛😛😛

  • H Q
    H Q 4 years ago

    I was very skeptical of this new album but after seeing them in LA last night I wouldn't say they are back but they (or Billy) still got it! This song sounded great live!

  • Scott Goulet
    Scott Goulet 4 years ago

    Love the new album!

  • Steven Yehezkiel
    Steven Yehezkiel 4 years ago

    i really like this song. Somehow, the song remind me of american gothic EP

  • ZJustinZ9
    ZJustinZ9 4 years ago

    Billy Corgan is brave in the studio, and I really admire that.

  • martyn whitford
    martyn whitford 4 years ago

    great stuff .

  • Matthew Paluch
    Matthew Paluch 4 years ago

    Way 2GO T-bone!
    (Tommy Lee's) Drum playing ever stronger!
    An outstanding over all drum sound as well!
    The snare really cracks bro!
    Any plans 2tour w/Billy?

  • David
    David 4 years ago

    I hope Smashing Pumpkins puts a new CD every year for the next 100 years lol. A PREMIER global band of awesomeness. I saw them on tour in Toronto, Hopefully they hit South Florida!

  • Mo McCo
    Mo McCo 4 years ago +1

    This song is pretty! All fuzzy and floaty, classic pumpkins :)

  • The Angry Moon
    The Angry Moon 4 years ago

    Like the theme to Halloween meets Thin Lizzy meets Blue Album Weezer. Effing perfect.

  • Kirsten Klinkhammer
    Kirsten Klinkhammer 4 years ago

    I have never been a fan of his voice but it sounds like the years have not been kind. I might actually like this if they had a better singer.

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 4 years ago

    Just got the new Smashing Pumpkins album in the mail today, its so good to me its probably the best album of 2014 in my book. I actually got into this band with their last album Oceania and ever since I've been a huge fan, even saw them on their Oceania tour, they blew my mind.

  • Jeremy Stickle
    Jeremy Stickle 4 years ago

    I love it!

  • César Castellanos
    César Castellanos 4 years ago +1

    Great song. If you want old Smashing, listen to old albums and stop blaming with any excuse like a little bitch!

    ALMA IRATA 4 years ago

    It's very difficult to say something about Pumpkin's new stuff!!!! It's good .. but all songs sounds very similar..

  • dignyochick
    dignyochick 4 years ago +18

    Really good. Not the same as old pumpkins but thats how bands die, doing the same stuff. Ultimately, nostalgia will dictate what we like the most but its up to you to adapt and accept the new stuff for its individual greatness rather than chasing the nostalgia.
    One more thing, bands who stick to their roots are the bands everyone talks about being influenced by and real fans know these bands, but they don't make it very far and aren't very profitable.

    • Daniel Lion
      Daniel Lion 4 years ago

      Nice observation. No, it's not gonna feel like when you first heard and fell in love with Smashing Pumpkins, but the same formula is still there. Let go and be present.

    • Edson Santiago
      Edson Santiago 4 years ago

      Yeah, I agree. You have to adapt. Mr Corgan spent some time trying other sounds (well, he can do it. His band has sold millions of records) and now he's back to save rock'n roll. For sure he's more up to it than Jack White ;-)

    • avedic
      avedic 4 years ago's an _ok_ song. Is it creative? Not really. Is it novel in any way? Nope. It's just a decent song; not terrible or amazing. It's just kinda...._there_. Btw, I'm *_not_* one of those people who still bitch and moan about the breakup. Besides, Corgan has _always_ been the creative force of the Pumpkins. So, I'm 100% cool with new band members. In fact, I *_don't_* want Billy to merely rehash the old glory days. I'm totally cool with him venturing into new sounds & ideas.
      *_BUT..._* that's actually *_why_* I dislike all the new SP music. Not because it's new....but because it's *_NOT_* bold, creative, idiosyncratic, novel, or forward-thinking(all the reasons why I fell in love with the Pumpkins in the first place).
      Btw.....I love everything the Pumpkins ever did. There isn't a single bad album....I even love Adore and Machina...._and_ I even quite like Corgan's solo album. But, this new stuff? It's know....._there_. : /

  • Keith1974
    Keith1974 4 years ago +2 It's so generic and repetitive of what's come before. I know Corgan has a fresh following of teen emo/goth/Hot Topic types, but they're worshipping a re-run.

  • El Codey
    El Codey 4 years ago +2

    Missing chamberlain on drums, and this song sounds only slightly more hard than melodic, those are my only 2 problems. What got me hooked on the Pumpkins was, to quote, their "dream pop", and for me, their melodicism. This being sad, if the entire album is solid like this one song, then give me an hour to listen to this album when it comes out, and I will very much enjoy it, and the songs will definitely grow on me.

    • El Codey
      El Codey 4 years ago

      In other news, anyone a die hard Hendrix fan? If so, I highly recommend acquiring Hear My Music on Vinyl. It is brilliant, and the Valleys of Neptune piano track played by Hendrix is extremely beautiful and haunting!

    • El Codey
      El Codey 4 years ago

      Well, I was extremely dissappointed. I tried really hard to like this album, no such luck. Within about a week of listening, I returned it to the record store. Some of the songs had really crappy sounding synth-pop, and corgans voice did not help at all on those ones(and corgans voice is one the most memorable and awesome when accompanied by a great melody, ex. the chorus from "Today"). Also, the guitar work was not there for me(i wasn't expecting anything from pumpkin glory days, but at least something reminiscant of it, unfortunately "Tiberius" was the only one that even came close to it)and as I said, the album was missing chamberlain. Tommy Lee is one of the greats, but I have a biased appreciation for chamberlain, and therefore was disappointed.

    • El Codey
      El Codey 4 years ago

      Oh wow, that explains the irrelevance, haha

    • Just G
      Just G 4 years ago

      lol it's a bot, no worries mate :)

    • El Codey
      El Codey 4 years ago

      Sorry, but what does that have to do with anything I said?

  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard 4 years ago

    This is horrid and cannot be turned up past about 1.5 unless you are deaf or have transferred to digital ear reality. The distorted cymbals sound like poo poo.

  • Jonny Laka
    Jonny Laka 4 years ago

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  • PeaceOfficer
    PeaceOfficer 4 years ago

    Pumpkins are back! Corgan needs to go with his gut more when making new music and stop listening to noobs. I would still love the original members to reunite!

  • Mattydigs
    Mattydigs 4 years ago

    Uhm... can we just get another Zwan album instead?

  • Anselmo Echeverria
    Anselmo Echeverria 4 years ago

    Sospecho que son tantas las ganas de ver por fin remontar el vuelo a The Smashing Pumpkins, tras sus últimos y fallidos resultados, que uno se muestra ansioso ante su nuevo lanzamiento. A pesar de que el primer tema que conocimos en octubre "Being Beige", ya resultaba decepcionante. El nuevo álbum de los estadounidenses The Smashing Pumpkins busca en palabras del propio Billy Corgan "un "equilibrio entre el pasado y el presente del grupo para dirigirlo tanto al público adulto como al más joven". El músico ya ha iniciado la promoción y estos días ofrece entrevistas a los medios de prensa en Londres. Ha decidido lanzar dos discos por separado con el nuevo material, la primera parte se titula "Monuments to an elegy" y saldrá a la venta el 9 de diciembre. Tendrá una secuela en 2015, bautizada como "Day for night". La decisión de publicar el trabajo en dos períodos en el transcurso de un año viene motivada porque un álbum doble es "difícil de comercializar ya que en el mundo de la música todo es muy efímero", según explica Corgan. "Dos álbumes conllevan mucho trabajo y no quería que todo ese esfuerzo se esfumase en cinco minutos", asegura el cantante de Chicago. convencido de que lanzar los dos álbumes de manera separada fue algo "sensato y de bajo riesgo". Tras 26 años de trayectoria musical -lleva sobre los escenarios desde 1988-, la formación estadounidense es consciente de las dificultades de seguir en la ola del éxito. Corgan comenzó a escribir algunas canciones durante la gira del álbum Oceania (2012), pero el proceso se aceleró cuando el guitarrista, Jeff Schroeder, regresó de Corea para comenzar con las pruebas. Aunque aún no hay decisiones cerradas sobre a qué lugares les llevará la gira de presentación del álbum, parece que España y Latinoamérica estarán entre sus paradas obligadas. El disco dura apenas 40 minutos y lo puedes escuchar íntegramente aquí pinchando en "Monuments to an elegy". Particularmente, siendo generoso, salvo de la quema tres temas: "Dorian", "Anti-Hero" y "Monuments". Hay cosas penosas llenas de artificio como "Run2Me" que recuerdan a la banda sonora de "La historia interminable". Inconcebible.
    Música independiente novedades

  • Big Buck
    Big Buck 4 years ago

    Sounds okay. I'm the only one who thinks MACHINA was his best, but he's adapting to getting older, and this is a decent song.

  • Lucas Diehl
    Lucas Diehl 4 years ago

    Take it billy owns the name. I don't really mind Billy having different musical directions now, I'm happy he has evolved. He can't keep making guitar thrash, screechy, soloy grinding rock music,he wants something different. To each his own

  • Missy
    Missy 4 years ago


  • starcar66
    starcar66 4 years ago

    This would sound much warmer and have tons more dynamic range had it been recorded on tape. It's an assault on the ears. I really feel sorry for those who don't know what uncompressed, analog magic sounds like.

    MADE UP 4 years ago

    Billy is one of a kind.

  • Hardy Murray
    Hardy Murray 4 years ago

    As an old pumpkins fan im excited to era new material that sounds fresher (to me) than some of the Billlys more recent work. Still miss Jimmy though... no other drummer like him... :/
    Regardless, based on the 4 tracks ive heard, im def looking forward to this album!

  • Jake Jammar
    Jake Jammar 4 years ago

    Everyone who's complaining about his voice you are aware he's aged right? He can't get his voice like it used to sound. Who cares. I'm just happy he's still making music that's all I care about! It's not the way it use to be because he's moved on with music it ain't psycedlic rock or loud solos anymore. It's a new sound to fit into this generation of music. I personally think every song on monuments is great!

  • Rafael Pantoja
    Rafael Pantoja 4 years ago

    Ingredients: Billy, a heavy (alternative) guitar melody, good drums, keyboard, Evolved sound mixing, Despair, a powerful chorus, a hint of infinite sadness, simple-profound lyrics and a dash of Mellon Collie...that sounds like the Pumpkins to me! Love that their new songs sound different (nobody wants the same jam) BUT Billy still sounds like the Pumpkins...Billy IS THE PUMPKINS. All you bitching are cynics (who woulda complained either way), simpletons (who don't understand that music and artists dont live in a vacuum) or just plain dont know music. Music (like art) is for those that have the pallet to appreciate it...the rest of you can go watch the Kardarshians and listen to Miley Cryus. Kurt Cobain says: Fuck Off

  • tee bizz
    tee bizz 4 years ago

    I dig it !!! Steve's a weirdo .

  • sneezepal
    sneezepal 4 years ago

    I don't mind this new music. Okay, it ain't circa '95 Pumpkins, but that band is never going to happen again. I'm just glad Billy is still creating new music. It's pretty damn fine, as it is.

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 4 years ago +4

    In a world with songs like fucking Anaconda Don't or whatever being popular, people should appreciate releases from bands like the Pumpkins as they come along, not just shoot them down for not exactly meeting their expectations.

  • H3dgie
    H3dgie 4 years ago +14

    What with every song on the last 3 albums sounding the fucking same?
    Pumpkins broke up in 2000. And that's all I have to say about that.

    • Grim Absol
      Grim Absol Year ago

      Just G Just because something is new doesn't mean it's better lol. They're older works are definitely better imo.

    • H3dgie
      H3dgie 3 years ago +2

      I say it because it is my opinion. I am well aware that todays society tries to quiet those who share opinions, but I'm not gonna be gagged. The last 3 albums sucked. You are entitled to like them. I am entitled to dislike them.

    • len x
      len x 3 years ago

      +TheH3dgie why do you have to say that?, if you dont like it get over dude, smashing pumpkins is still alive because billy is still in it, and some of us are still believing in them music, no matter wich musicians are playing in the band.

    • Zombich.
      Zombich. 3 years ago

      Stop making me dirty you hard boy.

    • do you like worms?
      do you like worms? 3 years ago

      Stop making me hard you dirty boy.

  • Nancy Logan
    Nancy Logan 4 years ago


  • MikeVonDoom
    MikeVonDoom 4 years ago

    This sounds like Mastodon!

  • ANNA C.
    ANNA C. 4 years ago


  • cruiserbc
    cruiserbc 4 years ago

    "Now That's What I Call Music" to > ∞

  • Gato Mercado
    Gato Mercado 4 years ago

    The line up finally feels like the Smashing Pumpkins!

    • Shai Mil
      Shai Mil 4 years ago

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  • E Schur
    E Schur 4 years ago

    Very surprizing to hear something like this come out the Pumpkins suddenly...
    They havent sounded this good since '95

  • The Moment
    The Moment 4 years ago

    Pretty Good! It reminds me of Anathema!

  • C0nnie
    C0nnie 4 years ago


  • UseYourNikesBro
    UseYourNikesBro 4 years ago

    Pretty good actually

  • Effrain Monreal
    Effrain Monreal 4 years ago +1

    Damn, they're getting even better!

    • H3dgie
      H3dgie 4 years ago +1

      You have weird taste in music if you think this.

    • Fairy Bob
      Fairy Bob 4 years ago

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  • mobmmk
    mobmmk 4 years ago +1

    Very beginning and when it first kicks in reminds me of "Today"

  • Philippe Gaudet
    Philippe Gaudet 4 years ago

    No one, but Billy, rocks that well. I'm seduced!

  • Ethan Lorden
    Ethan Lorden 4 years ago

    Being a HUGE FAN This is one of the newer pumpkins songs I've liked in a awhile (since zeitgeist) it sound like a machina song

  • cj rosario
    cj rosario 4 years ago

    yeah billy corgan rulez...

  • Marleny Maria Paulsen
    Marleny Maria Paulsen 4 years ago +2

    Real music peeps! I always loved them!