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  • Published on Oct 2, 2015
  • A year in the making, The Dresser was a live show performed at McColl Center for Art + Innovation.
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    The Dresser was a live performance, November 2013 in Charlotte, NC, at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. It took Joseph Herscher a year to build and two months to test.
    Machine Creator: Joseph Herscher
    Producers: Corey Gegner, Gemma Gracewood, Joseph Herscher
    Steadicam Operator: Justin Hoogeveen
    Performance Director: Asher Mills
    Machine Assistants: Nicole Shaver, Angela Polly
    Music: Hershal Herscher
    Stylist: George Gladstone
    THE DRESSER was made possible with generous support from:
    The Chartwell Trust, NZ
    John and Jo Gow, founders of Connells Bay Sculpture Park, NZ
    McColl Center for Art + Innovation
    John S. And James L. Knight Foundation
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  • Michael Fantauzzo | Domino Masters

    oh my gosh. that looked insane. I can't believe you spent an entire year constructing that. Real dedication. It was extremely creative and after seeing this i cannot wait for that movie. kudos to you.

    • ying
      ying 2 months ago


    • Rook
      Rook 4 years ago +4

      StickTrickDominoDude lol

    • Sirgabealot G
      Sirgabealot G 6 years ago +12

      I saw this two years ago. I remember seeing Jiwi in person at Cosi in sixth grade.

  • terminatorX2
    terminatorX2 6 years ago +46

    Wow, amazing
    You played a big part in this machine such as casually avoiding a few parts of the machine and positioning yourself perfectly under the hat placed in the chandelier
    Great job!!!!!!!!!

  • Promit Chakrabarty
    Promit Chakrabarty 6 years ago +22

    A genuinely refreshing new kind of performance, combining humor with precision! Bravo, sir!

  • JuanitaX
    JuanitaX 5 years ago +17

    I think the world needs more of guys like you! So creative! Keep it up! :)

  • TheRGMGuy01
    TheRGMGuy01 6 years ago +11

    Holy crap! Everything was awesome, especially all you did with the clock and the ironing boards pushing it to and fro! The chandelier was a stroke of brilliance too, and the lever that only did something when pushed one way was cool! I can tell the accuracy with which you built this machine because off how the clock rolled perfectly between the ironing boards' legs!

  • rudyalej
    rudyalej 5 years ago +1052

    I like how the machine tried to kill him several times

  • Ariel Llama
    Ariel Llama 6 years ago +29

    So elegant, sir! I always love the clarity and simplicity of your work. In our community of bizarre machine builders, you are most definitely the reigning deity.
    Now to build a machine so I can tip my hat off to you!
    P.S. When is the documentary coming out?

  • Carson Duffy
    Carson Duffy 6 years ago +4

    This is awesome! Loved the integration of the giant clock and the books on th shelf!

  • Romain Capelle
    Romain Capelle 6 years ago +67

    This is brillant Joseph ! I don't understand how the shirts don't fall at 0:37.
    You have a magic brain. I could watch this for hours.

  • FilmscoreMetaler
    FilmscoreMetaler 6 years ago +9

    I've seen many chain reaction machines, but this one is truly brilliant. Extremely well executed and very clever use of the parts, especially where you use them multiple times!

    • Yogee Bear
      Yogee Bear 3 years ago

      I'm late but they are called Rube Goldberg machines lol

    • Anup Bhandary
      Anup Bhandary 5 years ago

      FilmscoreMetaler hu

  • Donald The Duck
    Donald The Duck 5 years ago +830

    So you're telling me this machine will not only slide an iron across one section of my shirt and pants once but also break one of my alarm clocks, drop a vase off a table breaking that as well, dump a wad of soggy blue paper towel on my floor, AND drop a chandelier on my head?SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Sow Smart
    Sow Smart 4 years ago

    We just made a Rube Goldberg machine and I wish I had seen your channel before we started. Such inspiration! My kids are absolutely going to love watching your creations. The best part of these machines (I have watched several now) is that you incorporate perfect humor into the mechanisms along with precision, great aesthetics. I just love them. So clever.

  • Dean Douglas
    Dean Douglas 4 years ago +2

    Brilliant! It must take a long time to set everything up each night before going to bed...but worth it ;-)

  • TheWolf401
    TheWolf401 5 years ago

    How the hell did I not know about this channel earlier?? This is pure gold! I hope you never give up on making these machines :)

  • Didier Legros
    Didier Legros 6 years ago +5

    It's so good Joseph, all details and atmosphere, congratulations !

  • 서영수
    서영수 6 years ago +2

    I saw you first at children magazine,and now I'm fan of you're amazing machines l!

  • J 'n A Camera Pictures
    J 'n A Camera Pictures 4 years ago +1

    Hey Joseph! Our name is J+A Pictures, and we see some talent in your recent videos with Rube Goldberg machines, dominoes, and all of the sorts. We would like to invite you to our Rube Goldberg machine contest. If you are interested, please follow the instructions in the description of our contest video. Also, please share this with others if at all possible. Thanks, and have a nice day! :D

  • CoobieCube
    CoobieCube Year ago +1

    Perfect for everyday use!!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Andy Flattery
    Andy Flattery 3 years ago +1

    This is freaking brilliant.

  • Doriam Alonso
    Doriam Alonso 2 years ago

    Brilliant! You make me laugh so much. Being in quarantine now. This is wonderful. Thanks!!!

  • Monon Ahmed
    Monon Ahmed Year ago

    So much risky moves . Really appreciative . Magnificent !!!!

  • Afonso Assalin
    Afonso Assalin 5 years ago +3

    just imagine watching this live, like in a theater or something

  • Alansshows
    Alansshows 6 years ago +13

    One continuous shot. Bravo! I wonder how many times you had to put everything back and start all over because one little thing didn't work right.

  • TimeTravelinc
    TimeTravelinc 5 years ago

    I felt like this was in the style of Charlie Chaplin with the way everything was done. Well done sir. Well done indeed.

  • zBEN♡︎
    zBEN♡︎ 3 years ago +1

    Epic. It was so funny how he timed it right, and how it might have killed him.

  • Patrick Stare
    Patrick Stare 4 years ago

    extremely aesthetic! very well done.

  • estoyazucar
    estoyazucar 5 years ago

    Wow! It's like watching a Charlie Chaplin film. Watched it without the sound and it is still amazing.

  • evangelinanika
    evangelinanika 3 years ago

    This got some really nice Buster Keaton and Chaplin vibes,
    simply brilliant!

  • Parikshith Jangid
    Parikshith Jangid Year ago +1

    What a incredible machine

  • Oliver Robinson
    Oliver Robinson 6 years ago +12

    Humans must be really quite terrible for there to be even one "dislike" on this video. That is really hard to comprehend.

  • Big Yoshi
    Big Yoshi 2 years ago +162

    Normal people when waking up: shut down the alarm ragely
    This guy when waking up: drops his alarm to a glass of water
    Me: *respect*

    • luna
      luna Year ago

      @Big Yoshi *_respect_*

    • Big Yoshi
      Big Yoshi Year ago

      @luna never knew about so.. *respect*

    • adewale jacobs
      adewale jacobs Year ago +1


    • Heeralal Yadav
      Heeralal Yadav Year ago +1

      He is not normal

    • luna
      luna 2 years ago +6

      it was a mr bean reference so respect for both him and mr bean

  • dhaval bhatia
    dhaval bhatia 4 months ago +1

    Man you're awesome appreciate your work buddy

  • Steve Gorgees
    Steve Gorgees 3 years ago +1

    Your machines are really cool I wish I was you!

  • MsCherade9
    MsCherade9 5 years ago +38

    I've now watched every one of your videos and need some more. What new projects do you have in the pipeline? It's especially interested to see how your thought processes evolve over time, I can see specific ideas leading to another idea to an entirely new video. In that way your process is very much like any other artist, except it's very hard to put these ideas down on paper in a sketchbook!
    My son is 17 now, but he started building Rube Goldberg machines when he was 5 too. He still has bits of them in his room made of Lego, random bits of track, Knex, an old yo-yo, books and dominoes. But he won't let me show them to anyone! He's decided he prefers games design and development as a job but loves the idea of making physics based games, which incorporate Rube Goldberg machines and devices in them. I'll share your channel with him tomorrow, I think he'll love it!
    G'night from Edinburgh!

    • Prasad Ponnaganit
      Prasad Ponnaganit 5 years ago


    • Joseph's Machines
      Joseph's Machines  5 years ago +7

      That sounds like a really smart direction for your son. I used to be a software developer, but never did games. The idea of doing a physics based game sounds like a dream!
      When I was a teenager I stopped making machines for a while, it wasn't til I was 22 that I "rediscovered" my passion. So I'm not surprised your son doesn't want you to show anyone, haha.
      Next I'm experimenting with different video formats: a really short, simple but messy video, and a "cooking show" video!

  • Shona O'Neill
    Shona O'Neill 5 years ago +4

    Absolutely incredible subbed and sharing everywhere!

  • J. Schmitz
    J. Schmitz 5 years ago +1

    I love your funny inventions! :-)

  • Rohit Appully
    Rohit Appully 4 years ago +1

    I like how you care for safety, putting off the flame and all...

  • VacationGreat
    VacationGreat 5 years ago

    That was amazing, needs more views.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 2 years ago +1

    Just one word. AMAZING.

  • TerrariaMinecraftRobloxGamer Tenecroxgam

    Wasn’t it cool how the battery installed itself in the big clock

  • xXDalv Xx
    xXDalv Xx 6 years ago +1

    Nice,my 8 year old brother like your videos very much,he is doing this kind of stuff in my room and thats anoying some times so my room looks like a crazy scientist lab.

  • Kumail Haider
    Kumail Haider 2 years ago +2

    Bro You Are So Talented
    Keep It Up!

  • Anup kumar
    Anup kumar 5 years ago +1

    Awesome man !! you are amazing !!

  • Bruno Van Sompel
    Bruno Van Sompel 6 years ago

    Amaai!!!In dit filmpje is veel werk gekropen!!!

  • Femke Deen
    Femke Deen 5 years ago +1

    I wonder if you have actual knowledge on physics and how force works and stuff? It seems like knowing formulas like the ones regarding force, friction and movement would be quite useful here.

  • Happy Daily
    Happy Daily Year ago +1

    Joseph: Casually drops clock in water.
    Me: What a perfectly good timer...

  • Sangeet
    Sangeet 3 years ago +1

    The music acting and outfit match so perfectly

  • sunshinelovepop -.-
    sunshinelovepop -.- Year ago +37

    chandelier: *drops on joseph's head*
    joseph: ah so thats what i forgot! *mY hAt*

  • Explosive_boi_cosplay
    Explosive_boi_cosplay 4 years ago

    how long did it take to set up and clean up??? :):)

  • BANG
    BANG 2 years ago +3

    Him in an “interview”: The easiest way is to use household items
    Me: If I was using household items, I would clearly be trying to save money and destroying a flower vase and chandelier wouldn’t be saving money

  • Manoj Gupta
    Manoj Gupta Year ago +1

    Awesome Awesome Awesome
    The Hat Drop was the money shot 🎉🙏👍❤️❤️

  • sadcalibre
    sadcalibre 4 years ago +1


  • kim nguyen
    kim nguyen 4 years ago +1

    this was beautiful

  • Endersteve58
    Endersteve58 4 years ago +1

    A machine that destroys your whole house with one action is what this practically is 😂

  • Cøffee
    Cøffee 3 years ago +12

    I like how it slid the battery into the clock

    • AalanM
      AalanM Year ago +1

      I didnt know that was a battery

  • Amanda Blanquez Espósito de Sousa

    Muito engraçado.
    I'm from Brasil, ok?

  • Roblox Crew
    Roblox Crew 3 months ago

    this such an amazing creation! 

  • pablo belmont
    pablo belmont 2 years ago +5

    this things makes a simple day harder then it could be lol

  • August East
    August East Year ago +1

    This man of class watches Mr. Bean and I love it xD

  • Alexander Ortiz
    Alexander Ortiz 4 years ago

    Expectacular 👌😂

  •  4 years ago +1

    Amazing !

  • Dhruvdatt Patel
    Dhruvdatt Patel 4 years ago +1

    that chandelier almost killed me when i tried to do the same

  • Ahmad Alghamdi
    Ahmad Alghamdi 5 years ago

    you are real artist
    keep going

  • Orietta Lussi
    Orietta Lussi 2 years ago

    Idee che vengono quando non sai cosa fare , e allora la immaginazione e il genio dell'uomo si espande cosi' !!!

  • mido alanazi
    mido alanazi 3 years ago

    Love it keep going

  • melek chellouf
    melek chellouf 5 years ago

    hi i really like your ideas and i really appreciete if you can do a video like this to make a little lamp turn on by a battery i need it for my exam

  • Kiran Kharabe
    Kiran Kharabe 2 years ago

    The rope automatically shifted on candle flame at 2:17

  • Abir The Food Hunter
    Abir The Food Hunter 4 years ago

    This guy deserved Oscar

  • 김영수
    김영수 3 years ago

    You are always amazing.

  • Grey
    Grey 5 years ago +691

    How Isacc Newton wakes up every day.

  • aelin dianthus
    aelin dianthus 18 days ago

    i love watching these and imagining how you have to reset them every night before bed

  • mido alanazi
    mido alanazi 3 years ago

    You make life easier than we think

  • Обрен Милићевић

    Yeah, destroy whole home to make one complex mechanism.
    I'm in.

  • rochelimit's hangout
    rochelimit's hangout 4 years ago +1

    omg how many attempts to make this work, thumb up, favorited, etc.

  • Jägar and bandit Rainbow six seige

    That vase costs me a fortune
    Edit:even the candelabra

  • O.O?
    O.O? 3 years ago

    I love how you put on your hat

  • Orange Atlantis
    Orange Atlantis 2 years ago +1

    I got freaked out when that chandelier fell down

  • 2 years ago

    Ingenious, but it was possible also without the useless destruction of the house

  • DFS-Comedy
    DFS-Comedy 6 years ago +3

    That was brilliant.

  • TangoAlphaRomeoDelta

    I honestly thought this guy was French for years. Everything about him is so French somehow.

  • viresh tyagi
    viresh tyagi 3 years ago +2

    Wow that candle burnt for whole night and still it's in its full size !!

  • İrem Fırat
    İrem Fırat 9 months ago

    Very Charlie Chaplin like. I love it!

  • 유튜브안함ᅘ
    유튜브안함ᅘ 4 years ago

    Wow! amazing!

  • Abby Mills
    Abby Mills 5 years ago

    These are sooooooooooooooo muck fun to build

  • Maitreyee Jaiswal
    Maitreyee Jaiswal 4 years ago +1

    Hat one was insane

  • Acze JudeYaela
    Acze JudeYaela 5 years ago +1

    I thought the chandeleir will make him uncontious it will actually put his hat in

  • Jessica Magic
    Jessica Magic 2 years ago

    This is amazing

  • Unknown Monkey
    Unknown Monkey 2 years ago

    Does anyone else wonder how long it takes to clean up?

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    Rajat Jaiswal 5 years ago

    amazing videos 👍👍

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    z3r0 2 years ago +42

    Me: *still hits the snooze button*

  • Abhishek ANJANEYULU

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  • Nameless
    Nameless 3 months ago

    Fact that this machine is a one-use thing

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    api lay 3 years ago

    How long does it take you to clean it

  • La danza De los nopales

    Love this channel😂

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    Sihem Khoudir Year ago

    Wow, it's very strange but it didn't hurt when the chandelier in the living room fell on you?

  • gaming 99
    gaming 99 7 months ago

    His trust in physics 😂

  • Pawanjit Biryah
    Pawanjit Biryah 3 years ago

    Wow... incredible

  • Tim Downey
    Tim Downey 2 years ago

    After he sets it up each nite, he gets about 10 minutes sleep.🤣

  • the best alcachofa ninguno

    2:39 this is just perfect

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