New Easy Immigration Program in Canada | Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Easy way to move to Canada and get Permanent Residency (PR Card) Status in Canada.
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Comments • 547

  • Joseph Ekow Idun
    Joseph Ekow Idun 5 hours ago

    @igor, Thanks alot and love your video very motivating more than informational in my perspective. But please may i know about finding the job offer. Do you need to apply directly stating your plans if using the offer for the communitity recommendation, or you just need to apply. Because people like me are out of Canada and hence appying in Canada will be very challenging as you said. Is there any body which also helps in finding such jobs? In short i will like to know the best strategy to find the job and how to convince them. Do the companies in these communities knpow about this immi PR stance?

  • Tracy L
    Tracy L Day ago

    you should know how the goverrnment treats the real people from first before you teach others this first because its worse for us then it was for you in your country

  • Judith Kasavadyo

    Thanks when can i start to apply

  • Her Shey
    Her Shey 2 days ago

    How to get recommendation from the community?

  • Abulee Abulee
    Abulee Abulee 2 days ago

    Plz can u help me to came i will pay u

    • Abulee Abulee
      Abulee Abulee 2 days ago

      @IgorRyltsev sorry i am a man i set ife you can i wlle pay u money i live in Saudi Africa my nationality is Ethiopia jest make a plan for me

    • IgorRyltsev
      IgorRyltsev  2 days ago

      Sorry, I'm married.

  • Sunny Dutta roy
    Sunny Dutta roy 4 days ago

    I'm 25 working in an state university ..I completed masters in Finance and accounting ..Am I eligible for applying ?

  • freedam fighter
    freedam fighter 6 days ago

    Hi I am procurement manager and my wife college lecture Economics and done PhD in Economic have 10 yrs experince and I have 20 yrs experience My wife complete IELTS 6.5 band and WES accepted her document can you advise further how to move one more thing we have 2 kids age 4 and 11 .now I am looking proper guidence without any service charge. ..

  • Ashikur Rahman
    Ashikur Rahman 7 days ago

    Bro could you give me yor whatsapp naumber....I would like to meet with you...

  • lola akinrinade
    lola akinrinade 7 days ago

    Any age limit for this program sir

  • Lund Ghardhari
    Lund Ghardhari 11 days ago

    Shut the fuck up where u get the employee

  • Romina Zhang
    Romina Zhang 11 days ago

    Job offer is the most difficult part.

  • Carol dey
    Carol dey 13 days ago

    Sir, I am a school teacher which is A catagory. but I think its extremely difficult to get A catagory job firstly. could I apply B catagory job any type of job?

  • tumuranzye barnet
    tumuranzye barnet 14 days ago

    Do I need money for settlement for my family if my wife is working and can support the family from my home country???

  • JL Morales
    JL Morales 14 days ago +1

    *THIS INFORMATION IS INCORRECT* 1st. This is for people who ALREADY live in Canada. 2nd.This Program CLOSED March 11th 2019. 3rd. Either way one needs over $$$12,000 dollars to be eligible!!!
    Please check your information before giving people false Hope!

    • IgorRyltsev
      IgorRyltsev  14 days ago

      Read again

  • Mo's Favorites
    Mo's Favorites 16 days ago

    It says about job offer, how can i get one in hospitality industry from those communities?

  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming 17 days ago

    Igor , a very nice Slavic name .

  • teejay more
    teejay more 19 days ago

    Also how can get recommended from one of the rural areas you're talking about while I did not know anyone from there or been to Canada before. Am I making sense??

  • teejay more
    teejay more 19 days ago

    How can I apply for these programs??

  • Ahmed Alzokri
    Ahmed Alzokri 19 days ago

    How can we get job offer

  • Joy koly
    Joy koly 19 days ago

    hi!! how to applied this c or d post???

  • IGCSE Listening
    IGCSE Listening 20 days ago

    I found these videos talking about easy immigration
    Can I follow instruction

  • Akash Shakya
    Akash Shakya 20 days ago

    I am from Nepal, i have degree here. How am i eligible to apply, how can i get recommendation even if i have work experience and i am outside Canada.I think it is impossible for us to be eligible to come to Canada usless we get the job offer or recommendation from the community. We know it is Rural Immigration program and it is already closed late March,2019. We do now know the proper steps to apply and search for jobs in Canada . There are lots of confusions .

  • nahid khan
    nahid khan 20 days ago

    Thank u for ur kind information

  • Raihan Sobhan
    Raihan Sobhan 20 days ago +1

    In web i saw that the application period is already finished at 11 March 2019.... so when its gonna open again????? !!!! Could u explain!????

    • none none
      none none 14 days ago

      it was ended for the communities

  • Vero Alcenio
    Vero Alcenio 20 days ago

    I want to go at British Columbia. Thank you for this video, greeting from Dominican Republic, Punta Cana.

  • Pak Geologist
    Pak Geologist 20 days ago

    Well we know all these things and these are old that we need job offer etc . Of course if we have job offer why the shit we r watching u now . We also know what experience required everything is mentioned in Canadian Immigration site. also we know points r required. So u just wasted our time

  • Deepak Paudel
    Deepak Paudel 21 day ago

    Can I come on a tourist visa and do a job and apply for permanent residency???

    • Pak Geologist
      Pak Geologist 20 days ago

      On tourist visa job is not allowed legally and there is no legal status u can aquire for permanent residency, yes your one time visit may help next time a lil bit easy for any work or student visa. But thats also after the whole process.

  • Time To Reflect
    Time To Reflect 21 day ago

    Just where do you live?
    What planet are you from?
    We have planeloads of settlements developing their own distinct communities within Canada.
    Absolutely very little integration within Canada.
    Carrying with these immigrants are extream racist views and religious hatred.
    This is a direct attack on traditional Canadian families, culture, and beliefs.
    This is clearly a vote grabbing for all the new immigrants.
    We are giving away our home Canada, to whom?

    • Time To Reflect
      Time To Reflect 20 days ago

      @J T He will not be getting my BLACK X.

    • J T
      J T 20 days ago

      Don't vote for Trudeau then

  • nassif umar
    nassif umar 21 day ago

    Hey, am on Asylum in China but i have that money. is it possible to immigrate?

    • J T
      J T 20 days ago

      @Carpenter's Son and this is why you people are discriminated against

    • Carpenter's Son
      Carpenter's Son 21 day ago

      Why don't you go to saudi instead of coming to country of kafirs?

  • Amin Dulal
    Amin Dulal 22 days ago

    Hi, Thanks for the video. Can you tell me how to get recommendation from outside the Canada? Should I need to get job offer first then apply for recommendations? Or, Applying for recommendation to the Community is means of applying for the job?

  • Armaan bhuiyan
    Armaan bhuiyan 22 days ago +1

    Can i apply rural northren immigration by my academic ielts certificate? If you tell me its will be helpful for me.

  • Heather D
    Heather D 22 days ago +1

    Hey Igor! Two video suggestions for you: 1) How has moving to Canada changed you as a person? 2) Mistakes to avoid making when immigrating to Canada.

  • Sashauna Bent
    Sashauna Bent 23 days ago +11

    If people already have that much money that Canadian government wants you to have to immigrate .... Why immigrage then ? If I could find so much money to immigrate to Canada.... Why not stay where I am instead and do business.... Thanks but Canada is catering for the rich

    • Kj_mast_er
      Kj_mast_er 11 days ago

      yeah well its their country not a an orphanage

  • Hakujin
    Hakujin 23 days ago

    Immigration to Canada is easy, go to upper state new York, burn your passport and I.d., cry oppression and your in. No requirements, that would be discrimination. It's a non country.

  • Jaymin Limbachiya
    Jaymin Limbachiya 24 days ago

    Hello, It is really appreciate to watch your video. Can you help me to get job offer letter.
    I have more than 8 years of experience in IT web programmer.

    • Pak Geologist
      Pak Geologist 20 days ago +1

      No one can help u dude. u have to help ur self and if u have that nuch experience just throw ur Cv in big IT corporations and u will be lucky enough if they will give u job offer

  • Bilan Queen
    Bilan Queen 24 days ago

    l love this counrty l want to go in canada

  • Maverick Enterprises
    Maverick Enterprises 24 days ago

    Hi sir at present I'm working in Saudi Arabia as an house driver is there any opportunities for me and what are all the things I have to do

  • abubker Hussien
    abubker Hussien 24 days ago +1

    Hello I need information do you have page in Facebook

  • Vishal Babbar
    Vishal Babbar 24 days ago

    Really glad to know more details about this program. I am aware of this program but don't know what to do. I came as an international student in jan 2018 and graduated last month with an advanced diploma in Biotechnology equivalent to 3 years. My Ilets score when I came to Canada in 7 and now I am quite comfortable in English. Seriously interested.

  • Jake Kox
    Jake Kox 24 days ago

    Ты дебил, сори

  • Katia França
    Katia França 25 days ago +1

    Quero imigrar, para as províncias no Canadá mais tenho que estudar inglês no Canadá.....

  • sheikh Abubakar Family

    Thank you brother so much as you have shared with us this usefull information....send me plz the link to my E-mail:

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 25 days ago

    Salute from México.

  • Raj Maroju
    Raj Maroju 26 days ago

    Thank you bro

  • Jonathan Hebron Rai
    Jonathan Hebron Rai 26 days ago

    Is there an age limit? One of my relatives is 52 years old.

  • lakhvirsinghkalsi singh

    Can you help me work permit

  • Vishal Chaudhary
    Vishal Chaudhary 26 days ago

    Hello sir.. i need any job in Canada plz help me plz join in whatsapp brother8957039987

  • Omnia Mahmoud
    Omnia Mahmoud 26 days ago +1

    It's written that the deadline for getting a recommendation has gone. As it was 11.03.2019

  • Sajjad Chaudhry
    Sajjad Chaudhry 26 days ago

    Excellent brother!
    I’m dying to move there, I’ve commercial driving license class A but I don’t have really good experience.
    Is there anyway I can move there like that???
    I’m USA citizen

  • Morgan Ahmed
    Morgan Ahmed 26 days ago

    How u get a recommendation from a community ??? This is so complicated...pls explain...already subscripe cause i like ur english 😊😊

    • Princess Lopez
      Princess Lopez 26 days ago

      Yes, how? Though it was announced here the starting date

  • Sardar Waqas
    Sardar Waqas 26 days ago

    I tried to apply many places online at job bank canada but no responding till yet plz tell me the surly procedure of serching a job and i get quick response from there...

    • raj s
      raj s 26 days ago

      If you dont have a Canadian visa+work permit, who will offer you a job ??

  • ak tahiri
    ak tahiri 26 days ago

    Please my whatsapp number 0096550392927 please contact me i want to work in canada beacuse my dream please help me please sir.please i love canada please sir help me bro

  • samia gilani
    samia gilani 26 days ago

    How a person from any part of any country be recommended by community and why community will choose him or her??

    • Princess Lopez
      Princess Lopez 26 days ago

    • Morgan Ahmed
      Morgan Ahmed 26 days ago

      Thats really my same this condition ...they just telling u yes we dont need ppl but its in indirect we dont need u ...we just need ppl from the space 😔😔

  • Trish Pharaon
    Trish Pharaon 26 days ago +1

    Canada doesnt need immigration in smaller communities. Smaller communities do not have jobs. What jobs they have are for single mothers, students, seniors that dont make enough on pensions. Canada is loosing higher paying jobs.

    • Trish Pharaon
      Trish Pharaon 20 days ago

      @J T thanks teacher, I'm bad!

    • Trish Pharaon
      Trish Pharaon 20 days ago

      J T Iam sure I've come across you on other channels. ✌

    • J T
      J T 20 days ago


  • Bilal Afzal
    Bilal Afzal 27 days ago

    Hi how are you sir!
    Please can your WhatsApp or how can I contact you?

  • Patriotic MDB
    Patriotic MDB 27 days ago

    hello brother
    how can i contact with you?

  • Kenny Kenny
    Kenny Kenny 27 days ago

    Please i have a degree accounting and finance i need help to get to canada i stay in japan

  • Real Visa Real People
    Real Visa Real People 27 days ago

    I want to work there and i have a master degree in economics but i don't know how to go there

  • Angel Make up
    Angel Make up 27 days ago

    What about nurses?

  • Steve Bisoma
    Steve Bisoma 27 days ago

    I'm interest