Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Official Teaser ft. Michael B. Jordan & Michael Shannon | HBO


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  • naheen habib
    naheen habib 7 hours ago

    I love how this trailer uses fire as a theme of destruction and chaos. Can't wait for this movie and I have high expectations

  • immikeurnot
    immikeurnot 11 hours ago

    Coming soon to a country near you!
    The UK just handed down a felony conviction on a man for telling a joke. The dystopian futures I read about in school 30 years ago are coming closer to reality every day.

  • FerociousPaul
    FerociousPaul 13 hours ago

    0:50 Me whenever the clock strikes 4:20

  • Jairus The Adventurer!
    Jairus The Adventurer! 13 hours ago

    America if guns are banned!!

  • Illian Santiago
    Illian Santiago 17 hours ago

    Maybe i should watch this

  • TimeandMonotony
    TimeandMonotony Day ago

    Does Michael Shannon ever play a good guy?
    Actually, just remembered he was a (mostly) good guy in Nocturnal Animals. That's literally the only example I can think of.

  • The Crab
    The Crab Day ago

    but why is Guy Montag black?

  • Lillyvblue XX
    Lillyvblue XX Day ago

    Dammm it getting burning hot here.😅😂🤣

  • S B
    S B Day ago

    What was wrong with the first version? Or maybe THE BOOK ITSELF? Irony upon irony, especially knowing it has been banned numerous times since it was written.

  • kaantemel648
    kaantemel648 Day ago

    This is going to be epic

  • Shrestha J
    Shrestha J Day ago

    I was here for LILLY .. where is LILLY?

  • elena windy
    elena windy 2 days ago

    Clarisse is 1 of my top favourite character . Hope they won't ruin her in the film

  • oBlizkin
    oBlizkin 2 days ago +1

    *Mike B Jordan was such a terrible casting. His acting is so unbelievable..and not in a good way. I can tell HBO didnt want to spend a bunch on an actor that can make you believe in him* 😳

  • MusikNLyfe
    MusikNLyfe 2 days ago

    Was wondering why the title sounded so familiar.

  • J X
    J X 2 days ago

    Cool, so they're making a classic piece of genius literature into a modern sci-fi/action film? *Blurf*

  • Mariana Castro Salazar

    will this be in theaters??

  • slaybyella Ella
    slaybyella Ella 2 days ago

    Michael b Jordan really loves burning things "I want to burn"

  • Abena Nettles
    Abena Nettles 3 days ago

    We are reading this book in ELA 😂😂

  • stecky87
    stecky87 3 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan AND Michael Shannon!

  • Omar Garad
    Omar Garad 3 days ago

    I love Michael B. Jordan! He is my absolute favourite. I can't wait to see him in this.

  • Keyanna T
    Keyanna T 3 days ago

    I had to read this book during the summer going into 9th grade. I can proudly say that I only read the first chapter and got a C on the test.

  • Balls McGee
    Balls McGee 4 days ago

    This looks more like an adaptation of the 1966 movie than the actual book, wtf?

  • Supreme Kai
    Supreme Kai 4 days ago

    They ruined it with this guy as the main actor and too much fucken drama

  • veronica
    veronica 4 days ago


  • GothamKnightRX
    GothamKnightRX 4 days ago

    "Hey, auntie."

  • Ben Rosamond
    Ben Rosamond 4 days ago

    wheres the hound

  • Александр Хелл

    Killmonger will now be in every movie to burn something.

  • jsfbr
    jsfbr 5 days ago +1

    One of the most captivating book I've read. And a great 1966 movie, too.

  • Manuel Sandoval
    Manuel Sandoval 5 days ago +1

    It is very funny that in the four fantasies was the human torch and then in the black phanter trailer say "voi to burn everything" and in this fahrenheit burn books :v

  • The Trinidaddy
    The Trinidaddy 5 days ago +1

    i wanna see who's gonna be Clarisse

  • Saman Rai
    Saman Rai 5 days ago

    Is this a movie or a show?

  • sirenlyfox
    sirenlyfox 5 days ago

    Excited to see this.

  • Ashley Paradis
    Ashley Paradis 6 days ago

    I really fucking hope fandoms don’t ruin this adaptation of a beautiful book

  • Brooke Baxter
    Brooke Baxter 6 days ago

    Okay that's it, I'm totally seeing anything with Michael B. Jordan plus I read it in school...

  • Isaiah Meyers
    Isaiah Meyers 6 days ago

    I read this book back in 3rd grade and now they make a movie 25
    years later

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 6 days ago

    When u see it on screen , it’s kind of a stupid premise

  • DragonForce ™️
    DragonForce ™️ 6 days ago

    All of you already took all the Killmonger/Human Torch jokes, fuck yall lmao

  • young Lawndale
    young Lawndale 6 days ago +1


  • Shookspear
    Shookspear 7 days ago

    It's so ironic that they're making this into a movie in the first place

  • bri cohėn
    bri cohėn 7 days ago

    I’m literally reading the book rn

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton 7 days ago

    I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's good. It will be great to have an updated rendition of the story.
    I love the use of the "Sicario" soundtrack.

  • YY Hor
    YY Hor 7 days ago

    I heard that Library Wars was based of Fahrenheit 451, so here I am. 😅

  • Ash
    Ash 7 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan is the only main black person in this trailer. Just an observation.
    The book was whatever, so I'm not coming into this with any preexisting notions. Michael Shannon's character was detestable in Shape of Water; I'm interested to see what he does here as another bad guy. I just need to figure out if that's worth signing up and paying for HBO.

  • J S
    J S 7 days ago

    Why can’t anyone come up with original ideas anymore?

  • fahdikrie
    fahdikrie 7 days ago

    the old version of this movie gave me a creep when i was a child....

  • Candle light
    Candle light 8 days ago

    stop giving michael B jordan roles........

  • Mitch Phoenix
    Mitch Phoenix 8 days ago

    It looks like they're going to fuck up

  • javonte k.
    javonte k. 8 days ago

    Wakanda forever!!!🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️

  • Juicilini Brovado
    Juicilini Brovado 8 days ago

    Looks lame tbh but I'm totally watching cause my boyz johnny killmonger storm and general zod/Strickland

  • Alex Rodriguera
    Alex Rodriguera 8 days ago +1

    I'm not a racist person, but I just don't see Montag as a black person. In the Francois Truffaut film the firemen look a lot like Nazis (which is appropriate, since the Nazis burned books).

  • Crystal Holmes
    Crystal Holmes 9 days ago

    Looks pretty good. Now make Brave New World into a miniseries.

  • Micah Y.
    Micah Y. 9 days ago +1

    *At least the movie's not 5 minutes long tho*

  • 264aub
    264aub 9 days ago +1

    God bless Ray Bradbury

  • Jack Mandura
    Jack Mandura 9 days ago

    What's crazy is I just read this book for the first times days ago and loved it. Now I see it live action

  • xX_Cosmogyral_Xx
    xX_Cosmogyral_Xx 9 days ago

    i hope michael jordon isnt playing guy montag i hope he plays black bc black was the only black character in the book

  • Emily •
    Emily • 9 days ago

    i'm reading this book , great book btw'!

  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh 9 days ago

    Is there no originality left in the world?

  • Richi
    Richi 9 days ago

    Love this book, very interested to see how its gonna turn out

  • Hannibal Traven
    Hannibal Traven 10 days ago

    Isn't making a movie based on Fahrenheit 451 contradicting everything the book is about in the first place?

  • Михаил Найденов

    I am not impressed.

  • Ubayda Basith
    Ubayda Basith 10 days ago

    This just reminds me of year 9 English

  • TrollyMcTrollFace
    TrollyMcTrollFace 10 days ago

    Ironic that Michael B. Jordan is starring in this film and then supporting "inclusion riders". That is literally what Montag was fighting against in Fahrenheit 451.

  • Leah McGregor
    Leah McGregor 10 days ago

    Incoming 8th grade flashbacks

  • Reginaldo Supertramp
    Reginaldo Supertramp 10 days ago

    Aqui é Brasil, caralho!

  • Josip Hadžiegrić
    Josip Hadžiegrić 11 days ago

    Book is sick

  • rachel camp
    rachel camp 11 days ago

    This better be fucking good

  • Forbidden Color
    Forbidden Color 11 days ago

    Michael B Jordan in Fantastic Four: "Flame on!"
    in Black Panther: "Burn it all!"
    in Fahrenheit 451: "I want to burn!"

    BANCHEE 11 days ago +1

    Why are they destroying books

  • SupaColdIce
    SupaColdIce 11 days ago

    Everybody quoting black panther in the comments is really annoying. Prob haven’t even heard of this book.

  • D Gatsby
    D Gatsby 11 days ago

    I guess burning all the heart shaped herbs wasn’t enough

  • theheadsn
    theheadsn 11 days ago +1

    Have a hard time believing HBO is going to tell the actual story without changing a lot. Too many social aspects of this book go against what the media and hollywood follow. So here's hoping its not just a washed down version or a liberal view of conservative narrative

  • Tanisha Rahman
    Tanisha Rahman 12 days ago

    #TeamSuper anyone?

  • Ebizzill
    Ebizzill 12 days ago

    micheal's on that ra ra again. lol. Keep it coming hot stuff.

  • Edith Ritter Wild
    Edith Ritter Wild 12 days ago

    I hope this is amazing. I have taught the book several times - to 9th graders.

  • FantasticLog
    FantasticLog 13 days ago

    I'm Reading the book and it's so good!

  • Brad Painter
    Brad Painter 13 days ago

    There better be ZERO written words in this movie that aren't considered contraband. ZERO.

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 8 hours ago

      Why? The original story acknowledged that dictionaries, instruction manuals, etc., even Mildred's script, were perfectly legal since there wasn't anything in them that could upset anybody.

  • Untamed Barbarian
    Untamed Barbarian 13 days ago

    Blackwashing another work of art, are we Hollywood?

  • Razek KnowLedge
    Razek KnowLedge 13 days ago


  • Nei_Chan
    Nei_Chan 13 days ago

    Yo, what is this weird coincidence. My school did a fall production of Fahrenheit 451 and this just comes out of nowhere. Also our Spring musical is Mary Poppins and there's gonna be a new Mary Poppins movie late this year, what?!? XD

  • The One Nerd
    The One Nerd 13 days ago

    meh, I'll just watch Equilibrium again.

  • rach the hobbit
    rach the hobbit 13 days ago

    One of my favorite books, glad to see it's getting good treatment

  • Nisrina Nurasri
    Nisrina Nurasri 13 days ago

    Since I’ve watch the 1966 movie of this, I’m interested about how this will turn out ^^

  • NowhereMan
    NowhereMan 13 days ago

    Killmonger and Strickland.

  • MultiCash50
    MultiCash50 13 days ago

    I cannot wait

  • Humphrey61
    Humphrey61 13 days ago

    what is it with Killmonger and burning things? Is that like a fetish for him or something?

  • Wof6603
    Wof6603 13 days ago

    I just read this book it was awesome

  • Jo Montanee
    Jo Montanee 13 days ago

    This book and Ray Bradbury are my childhood hero. I devoured every word in this book and it made me aspire to be a writer like him. Totally excited when I read the news it was remade by HBO.

  • FTS Productions
    FTS Productions 13 days ago

    Such a cheesy premise

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 13 days ago

    Kelvin 451

    Btw the book was great. Saying this so no one gets their panties in a knot.

  • Fabiane Vidal David
    Fabiane Vidal David 14 days ago

    Um clássico da literatura e um dos meus livros favoritos!
    Estou ansiosa para assistir!

  • Chops McCartney
    Chops McCartney 14 days ago

    Criminy, this is one of my favorite books. I hope they do the remake justice, seeing as how it feels like we live in a Fahrenheit 451 society.

    SAGE NOKO 14 days ago

    I’m sure it’ll be as good as A Wrinkle in Time.

  • A
    A 14 days ago

    Novel focusing on the dangers of excessive technology and digital media to society gets adapted into said digital media, in 1966 and again in 2018.

  • J
    J 14 days ago

    Killmonger continues to burn shit as an underdog serving a "intelligent people are heretics" society.

  • Trini b
    Trini b 14 days ago +1

    Michael b Jordan's fine ass Yes lawd 😍

  • Phil Mitchell
    Phil Mitchell 14 days ago +1

    What is actually with Michael b Jordan and burning things first fantastic 4 playing the Human touch and erik killmonger then this movie 😁 😁 😁

  • Mason French
    Mason French 14 days ago

    Hopefully they don’t make the only good people in the film black, because then that’s when I know that the studio got involved and put a bunch of politically correct dumb shit in the film that hinders what could be an otherwise incredible live action adaptation of possibly the greatest dystopian stories.

  • Dakota Colley
    Dakota Colley 14 days ago

    This movie looks hot

  • MissKennedyErin
    MissKennedyErin 14 days ago

    Am I the only one who was thinking...
    "Where's Lilly?" hahaha no, just me?

  • Marichuy V
    Marichuy V 14 days ago

    Finally! I read this book in high school and they finally make a movie and with Michel B. Jordon 😏