18 Clubs, 18 Goals - The Best Goal by Every Bundesliga Team in 2018/19 So Far

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • The best goals of the first half of the season!
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    Sensational free-kicks, acrobatic scissor kicks and long-range rockets! The Bundesliga is pure spectacle as the clubs deliver one goal-fest after another. We present the best goal scored by each team during the season so far. 18 clubs, 18 goals. Do you agree with our choices or which were your favourite goals? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 232

  • Dimi Wi
    Dimi Wi 7 days ago

    6:13 That power man!!!

  • TomDaPro 99
    TomDaPro 99 18 days ago

    You need to make a video for Naldo

  • GamesCool oo4
    GamesCool oo4 20 days ago


  • Chikago 197
    Chikago 197 22 days ago

    Alaba goal

  • Balázs Malik
    Balázs Malik 28 days ago +1

    we need Jovic!!!!! :(

  • 김강민
    김강민 28 days ago

    구 자 철

  • Shivam Pawar
    Shivam Pawar Month ago

    18 clubs 18 ASSISTS plzz

  • captain sparklez#12


  • FXXF 1359
    FXXF 1359 Month ago

    A. O. T

  • FXXF 1359
    FXXF 1359 Month ago

    Bundesliga, Serie A, Priemer League and La Liga are the best football leagues ever ☺️

  • Felix Daleth
    Felix Daleth Month ago

    Wow, were there no good team combination goals? Seeing only long and medium range individual shots is... monotonous.

  • Mathys H.
    Mathys H. Month ago

    Each league should do the same video, it would be interesting!

  • Lex s.
    Lex s. Month ago

    Wolfsburg best goal bruh

  • Chase Roolz
    Chase Roolz Month ago

    Jovic, absolutely insane no look half volley.

  • Δημήτρης Διαμαντίδης

    That goal from Zimmer the best of the year so far

  • Erto Gaming
    Erto Gaming Month ago

    My favorite is 1.FSV Mainz 05

  • Alex Băbălai
    Alex Băbălai Month ago

    I dont like how you edit this year this video, why are there no replays only one moment of the goal, i want to see the goal not the coaches who celebrate

  • JUNg
    JUNg Month ago

    KOO!! 구자철♡♡

  • Milan Szabłowski
    Milan Szabłowski Month ago

    Whaaaaat?, Alcacers goal? Piszczeks goal is way better.

  • Dagmar Ivkovic-Opdenberg

    Bayern or dortmund

  • Kerim Kolenda
    Kerim Kolenda Month ago

    Can it be 18 clubs 18 assists
    Like if you agree💪

  • Alex Austin
    Alex Austin Month ago

    Surely Wolfsburg have scored a better goal than that

  • Jasmine The Peninchula


  • Thodrox
    Thodrox Month ago

    I like fortuna Düsseldorf Goalet best

  • giulio vannucci
    giulio vannucci Month ago


  • ThunderHawk Gaming
    ThunderHawk Gaming Month ago

    PACO 💛🖤⚽️

  • DarkSide GG
    DarkSide GG Month ago

    The goal by Dortmund should be Reus vs Bayern.

  • Dries Mertens
    Dries Mertens Month ago


  • Noah Towne
    Noah Towne Month ago

    This comp sucks lol no replays of the actual shots

  • William Bryant
    William Bryant Month ago

    Mitch Weissers volley from 20 yards against dortmund?

  • Tal Chukrun {introvrt}

    Commentators are so on point !!!

    WORLD FOOTBALL Month ago

    Eric Thommy

  • Demilade Durotoye
    Demilade Durotoye Month ago

    Why don’t the Premier League have this

  • Orlin Betanco
    Orlin Betanco Month ago

    Alguien me pasa los nombres de todas las canciones que se utilizaron en el video porfavor

  • Barcelona Fan
    Barcelona Fan Month ago

    all great goals

  • matej simic
    matej simic Month ago


  • Still Closed
    Still Closed Month ago

    Almost every goal is a strong shot from afar.

  • Randomness Awesomeness

    Nobody cares which year ur watching in

  • Doge Meme
    Doge Meme Month ago +3


  • Wenhao Zhang
    Wenhao Zhang Month ago +1

    if you know the stoppage time of paco's goal, you know that is the best goal of the season

    Sam FITZPATRICK Month ago +1

    The yellow smoke goes well with the Alcacer goal

  • Даниел Енчев

    Coooll, we watched the same last year, how could those guys be that good???

  • Χρηστος PAP
    Χρηστος PAP Month ago +1

    Augsburg should be Schmids freekick

  • ThenuB1gamer
    ThenuB1gamer Month ago

    I like zimmer

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    자철이형 국대에서도 잘해줘...

  • Marcin 1230
    Marcin 1230 Month ago +1

    Jović goal was the best

  • Rahul Prabhu
    Rahul Prabhu Month ago +2

    Don't you guys really think that the goals are more important than the celebrations? It's seems like a "18 clubs 18 reactions" video

  • FootballEdiCtz
    FootballEdiCtz Month ago +1

    I 💛 Dortmund (from an Atletico Madrid fan) I hope Dortmund will win the bundesliga this year!💪💪

  • Lum C
    Lum C Month ago

    It's gotta be nelson or zimmer for me

  • máte illés
    máte illés Month ago

    Alaba the best

  • Diego Harms
    Diego Harms Month ago


  • Billy TheX
    Billy TheX Month ago


  • Christian Henry
    Christian Henry Month ago

    So that havertz goal is better than bellarabi's against hannover. I think not

  • kuan yew Lim
    kuan yew Lim Month ago


  • IsomuraRyota
    IsomuraRyota Month ago


  • Dragnify Mobile legends

    Bayern’s best goal should’ve been Rafinha’s Goal when he tried to cross it for Lewa but instead scores

  • GKSNinja
    GKSNinja Month ago

    Next 18 clubs 18 saves? :D

  • Standards TV
    Standards TV Month ago +1

    Alaba was certainly the best

  • 안재형
    안재형 Month ago

    한국인 있냐 구자철도 ㅈㄴ대단하네

  • Sara 21
    Sara 21 Month ago

    ♥️Bayern forever❤️

  • Alexander Bjerrefelt


  • Rushi Patil
    Rushi Patil Month ago +5

    Show 1 or 2 replays of each goal please. Because we can't see how beautiful goal is from 1 angle 👍

  • Oscar
    Oscar Month ago


  • Pascal Elman
    Pascal Elman Month ago +1

    I have to praise all the clubs for this beautiful goal but I liked Augsburg, Nurnberg and Borussia Dortmund the most.

  • Jakub Jurica
    Jakub Jurica Month ago

    Zimmers goal was the best

  • Ddv Sgd
    Ddv Sgd Month ago

    Pavlenka will be the GOAT

  • Edvin Forsman
    Edvin Forsman Month ago

    Michel Isak was the best

  • Bhugs Life 69
    Bhugs Life 69 Month ago


  • Eric Liu
    Eric Liu Month ago

    Let's go SC Freiburg!!!

  • Ahmed Mashat
    Ahmed Mashat Month ago

    You should do 18 clubs 18 own goals

  • Ivan Bedolla
    Ivan Bedolla Month ago

    Phantom cam pls

  • Πάρης Τζιαμπαζιδης

    18 clubs 18 saves please

  • Mahesh Timilsina
    Mahesh Timilsina Month ago


  • Le wyX
    Le wyX Month ago

    Jean Zimmer

  • Le wyX
    Le wyX Month ago +11

    Borussia must buy Kai Havertz this is Magic

  • PooHeadPotato
    PooHeadPotato Month ago +5

    Thommy got it for this season and the last

  • Gallade 333
    Gallade 333 Month ago +1

    For bvb i would say reus' volley against bayern was the best

  • Archana Karmakar
    Archana Karmakar Month ago

    Alcacer's another goal should be the best of Dortmund, not this one

  • Bayern Munich
    Bayern Munich Month ago

    Bayern for sure🔴⚪️

  • Weedy Gonzales
    Weedy Gonzales Month ago +4

    I like Zimmerman but I hate him for that goal cuz I’m a Dortmund fan lmao

    • qkodkod
      qkodkod Month ago

      clearly you don't like him cause that was not Zimmerman who scored

  • pawuc
    pawuc Month ago +1

    Good luck BVB! Let's have another great match at Allianz Arena ;)
    From Bayern fan

  • Çr Ūzíár
    Çr Ūzíár Month ago

    Budnasliga has highest attendence of people than any other league 💓...luv form kashmir

  • crazy jaguar
    crazy jaguar Month ago

    Bayern is good but Borussia is having the best season

    • crazy jaguar
      crazy jaguar Month ago

      +Sara 21 just need new better young players to replace the old players

    • Sara 21
      Sara 21 Month ago

      crazy jaguar We might have some problems but we will come back stronger and we will win Bundesliga

  • Subhamay Naskar
    Subhamay Naskar Month ago

    Rafinha's goal against Frankfurt on matchday 17 should have been featured instead of Alaba's.

  • G M
    G M Month ago

    5:14 so stunning that you forget how to say “unstoppable” correctly

  • Gustavo Torres
    Gustavo Torres Month ago

    hoy es mi cumpleaños y este es un regalo de verdad bundesliga 1 siempre

  • dinimarques F13
    dinimarques F13 Month ago

    There's so many good gols.... i don't even know wich is better!!

  • J.S Gamer
    J.S Gamer Month ago +3

    Alcacer ist der beste Center vor der Bundesliga und wird der Topscorer dieser Saison sein 👏👏👏

  • Vijayan K T V
    Vijayan K T V Month ago

    1:24 What is that? Fog?

    Maybe it's GOD😱😱

  • N.S channel
    N.S channel Month ago


  • woodynho
    woodynho Month ago

    Havertz tá jogando mt

  • Ben Wilkinson
    Ben Wilkinson Month ago +1

    Anyone else feel that something is just wrong with the Hertha Berlin goal?

  • Oh yeah yeah You have gay

    Who will win bundesliga this year?
    Dortmund like
    Bayern comment

  • Wolf DJ
    Wolf DJ Month ago +1

    Kia havertz at Chelsea
    I can dream

  • Allexandra
    Allexandra Month ago

    Dusseldorf’s and Schalke’s were my favourites! 👏🏻 👏🏻