After Show: Are Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Still In Touch? | WWHL

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • During the After Show, Kate Chatain says if she’s still in touch with her former “Below Deck” crewmate Josiah Carter and Rhylee Gerber talks about her dating life.

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Comments • 150

  • thomakaah
    thomakaah 2 years ago +94

    Super happy Rhylee is back this season - gotta love the girl. Would love to see her working under Captain Sandy who I think leads with more empathy and would probably help Rhylee grow a lot as a deckhand.

    • Rhys Parry
      Rhys Parry 6 months ago

      Not after season 6 so far

    • Charlotte Odom
      Charlotte Odom 2 years ago +1

      thomakaah ABSOLUTELY!!! Would love to see that! Because they are both “strong women“ I think they would work very very well together… You are spot on! Because Sandy is so proud that she’s a woman in this industry… She would be Rhylees mentor for sure 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark 2 years ago +90

    Kate makes the her and Captain Lee..

  • Kaleb Chavez
    Kaleb Chavez 2 years ago +28

    I'm a HUGE Bravo Viewer and honestly Below Deck is probably the ONLY show I legit can't stop watching... I'm such a fan! ❤️ ... Holy Sh*t... I just realized that was Rhylee .. WOW!

  • Diet Pepsi
    Diet Pepsi 2 years ago +111

    Ashton owes his life to Ryhlee and the camera man. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever saw Ashton thank her. She was the one who without panic said "man overboard".

    • Debby Vibbert
      Debby Vibbert 4 months ago

      He didn't on camera anyway..

    • Starlette Oscar
      Starlette Oscar 8 months ago

      @drmayeda1 Whether she said it once or whether the cameraman worked on the survivor. Nothing about that was easy. Everything that those two did, saved his life. There should be no but or should or he worked on. They both saved his life. When she said it the one time, Capt Lee stopped that ship. He didn't wait for her to say 2 more times. He heard and he stopped the ship. Brent the cameraman, broke the rule. When filming no matter what happens, don't stop or interfere. A rule he followed diligently on Survivor. Here, he saw what happened and said, I'm breaking the rule. I don't know why Ryhlee gets the, "well, she was supposed to say it three times?". No, the answer should be, because she said it, Capt. Lee stopped the ship. Listen, I am just glad he did not die. However, he was a big-time jerk and completely disrespectful to women.

    • drmayeda1
      drmayeda1 8 months ago

      @Starlette Oscar
      Her only mistake is saying it only once not 3 times. It would be the same if she was declaring a mayday or pan. The cameraman also works survivor so this is a little easier.

    • Shelby Huntsman
      Shelby Huntsman 9 months ago

      @Co Co Puff agreed. She should have panics more

    • Starlette Oscar
      Starlette Oscar Year ago +1

      ​@Jon Hohensee I should not have used the word owed but she did something extraordinary. Ashton's life was save bc of 2 ppl. I don't remember Captain saying she could have said it with more urgency. I remember he said the moment he heard her say it. He stopped the yacht which was so important bc if hadn't and even if the cameraman Brett took the rope off. Ashton's leg would have been ripped off. I am not saying she be put on a pedestal. However, she did help save his life and there should be no but this or but that or she could have done it this way or that way. When someone helps to save the life of someone, it should be a thank you and not a critique on their performance. When you are in that emergency moment, no one unless you are a professional dealing with emergency all the time so has practise. Will never do it perfect by the book. If she said it 3 times or with more urgency, would the outcome be any different? nope. If they can critique Rhylee, then let's critique Ashton. All yachtie's are trained never to step on the other side of the rope. Shame on you Ashton. Your carelessness almost got you killed. I am just glad in the end Ashton was okay and alive from it all.

  • LeRoy Jetson
    LeRoy Jetson 2 years ago +187

    Say what you want about Rhylee but she may have handedly saved this season from being a boring one.

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      LeRoy - What a ridiculous thing to say.

    • Mark Houghton
      Mark Houghton 2 years ago +2

      She's a babe and a half in this video. Kate can look pretty good sometimes too.

    • Dani Mother of Chickens
      Dani Mother of Chickens 2 years ago +6

      LeRoy Jetson the season was great without her she's just annoying

    • Starlette Oscar
      Starlette Oscar 2 years ago +16

      For sure and she does work hard and does not slack off. One episode Bryan told Rhylee to relax and she got angry at him for that. I would too and do you think Bryan would have said that to another guy? Never!

  • Ian Luca Toledo
    Ian Luca Toledo 2 years ago +80

    Please let there be a reunion

    • Fraud Exposer
      Fraud Exposer 2 years ago +1

      Ian Luca Toledo they are taping the Reunion TODAY!!!! So your wish is granted !!!!!

  • Martha Kops
    Martha Kops 2 years ago +15

    I love Below Deck. All of them with Kate.

  • PixL8me
    PixL8me 2 years ago +24

    Just seen episode 10. Kate stayed out of the sun at the yellow umbrella resort.
    Kate was happy having time being herself. Enough said. The adult wins. xxx
    On another matter, was surprised Captain was a 34 inch... 🙋‍♀️🎄

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago +40

    They look absolutely gorgeous, especially Rhylee.

  • Flowers Wild
    Flowers Wild 2 years ago +20

    Ashton is simmering with issues, obviously he eventually boils over. Drunk is ZERO excuse, alcohol lets the real person come forth. He needs serenity.
    Rhylee is a beautiful woman but she too needs to relax. I'm getting bored with the REPEAT bad behavior from them both. Stop doing things you need to apologize for later. I've more faith in Rhylee at the moment b/c she will actually take a breath and listen to people. She would be nearly perfect if she would self edit her mean behavior. Or at least channel that fire in a different way.

  • rgncajun21
    rgncajun21 2 years ago +221

    Clearly Ashton always holds a grudge with girls that turns him down

    • Rufus Goldstein
      Rufus Goldstein Year ago +2

      Initially all the females think he's hot, but his personality later gets in the way.

    • rswife777
      rswife777 2 years ago +9

      Exactly!! He tried to hook up w/both of them and treated them like shyt when he got turned down.

    • jana banana
      jana banana 2 years ago +11

      All women, then.

  • Linda Jones
    Linda Jones 2 years ago +2

    I seriously have a problem... Once I hit play I binge everyone back to back. I get bored of the housewives but, never tired if this show

  • ashley thomas
    ashley thomas 2 years ago +7

    Rhlyee is a alpha female. And a good person

  • John Aristotle
    John Aristotle 2 years ago +13

    Kate is a beauty.
    Even more beautiful without all that makeup

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago +1

      Her face is weird when she isn't smiling.

  • Emmy P
    Emmy P 2 years ago +45

    Is there a reunion for this season?

  • leviny
    leviny 2 years ago +34

    Rhylee is such a beautiful woman.

  • sunny marie
    sunny marie 2 years ago +32


  • xlady driver
    xlady driver 2 years ago +4

    Surprised no one mentioned how Rhylee is going for the Raquel Welch look

  • Leeana Diaz
    Leeana Diaz 2 months ago

    Rhylee has such a temper that I don’t think or it’s going to take a “strong” person for someone to take her on…

  • Nicole Gore
    Nicole Gore 2 years ago +13

    They both looked great!

  • James Prestopino
    James Prestopino Year ago +2

    LOL kate almost revealed the 100th episode special with the Josiah comment

  • Nora Yelton
    Nora Yelton Year ago

    I love Kate!

  • Michele Conley Eckert
    Michele Conley Eckert 4 months ago +1

    Scoffs can't stand Riley she's even classless than Brandi G! Love Kate!!♥️✌♥️🙏🦋

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G Year ago

    I love you Kate, but you didnt have to call out David Bradbury for something he did in 2014. He was so nice on the show

  • MadeInMichigan In The 60's

    Love Rhylee!! She has GIRL BALLS!! AND Captain Lee was in the wrong for tweeting that shit about Rhylee?!

  • Ruth King
    Ruth King 2 years ago +12

    I love Kate and anyone who doesn't is weak

  • mtndew33725
    mtndew33725 2 years ago +21

    Rhylee looks gorgeous

  • Kristina Reyna
    Kristina Reyna Year ago +3

    Rhylee looks great!

  • Bubba J
    Bubba J Year ago +3

    Rhylee: I intimidate most men.
    Most men: stop whining and do your damn job.

  • SW Comment
    SW Comment 2 years ago +56

    The girls look so beautiful...

    • Audra Andrews
      Audra Andrews 2 years ago +1

      SWilkes Comment After 3 hrs in make up and hair. Lol.

    NYMDGRL87 2 years ago +6

    Andy is super freaking passive aggressive and cunning with these two!!!!!

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee 2 years ago +1

    Rhylee... ugh. I wouldn't want that. Just a bad, combative, full-of-herself, nasty human inside a pretty package. I would certainly pass on that. I can smell plenty of great roses that aren't surrounded by thorns.

  • Bruce Sedgwick
    Bruce Sedgwick 2 years ago +9

    Rylee is such a babe!! So Is Kate of course! Cant leave her out ;)

  • Libra Soul
    Libra Soul 2 years ago +12

    Riley is one 🔥hot ginger! 😍😘

  • Peaches Peaches
    Peaches Peaches Year ago +1

    I think kate and rhylee ruin the show. I love strong and assertive women but don't like witches and hypocrites.

  • Stephen Anthony
    Stephen Anthony 2 years ago +1

    Rhylee is HOTT! I think she should be a staple on the Below Deck shows from now on. Bring her back every season, put her on BDMed, do it. She's great tv.

  • Rich Macero
    Rich Macero 3 months ago +1

    Kate is just Gorgeous

  • Kris Iglehart
    Kris Iglehart 2 years ago +8

    Rylee is smokin hot!!! So is Kate!!

  • Centa C
    Centa C 2 years ago +14

    Sweet Jesus on roller skates that’s a lot of ego on one stage😨

  • Dominique
    Dominique 2 years ago +14

    Riley is Gorg!

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      Can't even spell her name correctly.

  • Lisa Ellis
    Lisa Ellis 2 years ago

    Self awareness Ladies. We can only change ourselves. ✌🙂.

  • Paul Rhame
    Paul Rhame 2 years ago +7

    Rylee looks so hot now,

  • Antoinette Collin
    Antoinette Collin 2 years ago +2

    To get dumped by Tyler, speaks volumes

  • MarrowEternal
    MarrowEternal 2 years ago +1

    Kate is a total babe. Good lord

  • Stefan Kurlak
    Stefan Kurlak 2 years ago

    Love watching these crazy poor people

  • P.S. L.
    P.S. L. 2 years ago +5

    What BS, Is Riley aware that only last season Duck lips had no love for her at all. Talk about birds of a feather.

    • Lisa Melroy
      Lisa Melroy 2 years ago +1

      True, they didn't get along at the beginning of last season, but by the end, and after filming wrapped, they developed a friendship.

  • jacquimwong
    jacquimwong 2 years ago +1

    Anyone know where this dress is from

  • Sye Beazley
    Sye Beazley 2 years ago +11

    I'd rather watch Riley and kate together over Ashton / Smashton he's a douchbag next season Rilley should be bosun I reckon she's grown with 2 seasons under her belt

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      @Sye Beazley - I understand. Learning must be painful to you. And if you think Rhylee has earned a chance to be bosun, you are NUTS. She's a troublemaker.

    • Sye Beazley
      Sye Beazley 2 years ago

      @Jon Hohensee and did you read right loser

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      You can't even spell her name right.

  • efcpl
    efcpl Year ago +1

    Rhylee Good looking. A nightmare to work with. Probably the same being together with. But then it´s TV. She might not be such a bith in real life.

  • Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson 2 years ago +5

    I’m starting a new show called the real housewives of the hood

    • Nora Yelton
      Nora Yelton Year ago


    • Nora Yelton
      Nora Yelton Year ago

      I will definitely watch it!!!

    • Alec Scott
      Alec Scott 2 years ago +1

      Please don'

    • Tara C
      Tara C 2 years ago +1

      Amanda Johnson ooohh ohh ohh can I be on it too!?!

  • 4 P
    4 P 2 years ago +4

    Rhylee look hot

  • Infinitely Grateful

    They both look HAWT

  • Sippn with T
    Sippn with T 2 years ago

    Kate is rude af n she keep this shit up her lee gonna b running the boat by themselves captain Sandy will never

  • Kat Hall
    Kat Hall 2 years ago

    WOW, 2020 is just around the corner, you'd think people would have better things to do than be shitty to one another. To put these to gorgeous women down because of a tv show is fken ridiculous. That's only part of their lives, their work life, you don't know them personally, so to be rude and ignorant, just disgusts me. Kate and Rhylee, you to are both gorgeous and amazing women that brought us laughter and tears. Thank you for the great experience. Peace, happy new year and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

  • Tresa Hedgepeth
    Tresa Hedgepeth 2 years ago +3

    Kate, wearing to much make up less better!!!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 years ago +16

    Rhylee, you don't intimidate men. You irritate them with your attitude.

  • Neezy E
    Neezy E 2 years ago +3

    Rhylee has a HUGE face!!! Jesus.

    CLARISSA JOHNSON 2 years ago +2

    Nice tan!!

    • MrsA
      MrsA 2 years ago +2

      Fake spray tan,fake boobs,fake hair,etc. But hey if you got the money,why not..

  • V
    V 2 years ago +1

    Botox o.d. much Kate? Lol It looks great though....;)

  • Isa Salinas
    Isa Salinas 2 years ago

    Riley is a delicious ginger for sure

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      @Isa Salinas - How was he not transparent to Rhylee?

    • Isa Salinas
      Isa Salinas 2 years ago

      Jon Hohensee as a manager you are supposed to be transparent and clearly he wasn’t ready so you can not respect him period

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      @Isa Salinas - She was alienated because she didn't show respect and was difficult.

    • Isa Salinas
      Isa Salinas 2 years ago

      Jon Hohensee how do you respect someone that is clearly alienating you? You respect authority because of the actions and moves they make clearly the stripper guy had not duty being a manager. Even when your outside of work but your around your employees you don’t drink the way he did

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee 2 years ago

      @Isa Salinas - Seems like they all could have behaved better. And that INCLUDES Rhylee. Does not respect authority. Not a team player. Terrible attitude.

  • el jefe
    el jefe 2 years ago +3

    lol Rylee intimidating, LOL nope just annoying.

    • Gina H.
      Gina H. 2 years ago +2

      I think crazy women usually think men are intimidated by them. Newsflash Rylee, they see you're loco & run the other way!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 2 years ago

    Hello "DANNY" !!!!!!!!!

  • Co Co Puff
    Co Co Puff 2 years ago +4

    Ryhlee does look smokin hot here, too bad about her personality and haughty attitude.

  • P.S. L.
    P.S. L. 2 years ago +1

    "Rude question, REALLY. I believe somethings going on... Hey Kate maybe the reason Capt. cowboyboots thinks u can do no wrong is because u and he are having an affair.

    • My Skibunny
      My Skibunny 2 years ago +10

      Kimberly Paul at laaaast a sensible comment. Wish there were more like minded people who can see that a genuine friendship IS possible.

    • Kimberly Paul
      Kimberly Paul 2 years ago +25

      Why does a woman have to be f*cking the man in power to command respect? That’s sad logic. They have a genuine friendship and respect for each other. Something people should be able to have without any romantic connection.

    • Ruby Mouritsen
      Ruby Mouritsen 2 years ago +10

      It is a rude question.

    • Christina Acosta
      Christina Acosta 2 years ago +12

      No its cause She was The First And only below deck employee that traveled to capt lees sons funeral

  • Jackie McCoy
    Jackie McCoy 2 years ago +6

    Kate is a horrible boss!!! You teach your people not call them cry baby’s!! Simone is a well educated classy cute girl. I don’t understand why it was so hard to show her how things should be done. But all that aside Kate is quite entertaining!

    • Science Please
      Science Please 11 months ago

      Seeing as Courtney had no get go after Kate's disappearance should've been highlighted more. Kate deep down would've been proud of Simone's attitude during her absence.