Where Are All the Women with ADHD?

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • For a long time, most people saw ADHD as “a boy thing.” Today, that mindset has started to shift, but even now, studies report that males get diagnosed significantly more often than females. So, what’s going on?
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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Comments • 1 006

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy

    I'm thoroughly convinced the only reason I was diagnosed with ADHD is because I was in the hyperactive category despite being a girl. Now that I'm older, the inattentive symptoms affect me more than the hyperactive symptoms.

  • Margot Robinson
    Margot Robinson 4 days ago

    Podcaster Rebecca Lavoie has ADHD, and has discussed it in the parenting podcast “Mom and Dad Are Fighting”.

  • Karen Daniel
    Karen Daniel 4 days ago

    I'm an adult in my mid-50's diagnosed with ADHD in my early 30's. I was in college, and a friend of mine-also female-led diagnosed first. You did not want to sit at a table with us. Are always jiggling legs made it vibrate, and we carried on multiple conversations with each other and everyone else.
    I also have a daughter with ADHD.

  • Devany Brown
    Devany Brown 5 days ago

    Me, ADHD
    my brother, autism

  • Kate Groner
    Kate Groner 9 days ago

    I'm a girl and was diagnosed in 2nd grade. I was aggressive and fidgity and buzzing with energy

  • Agaettis
    Agaettis 10 days ago

    I've been diagnosed and rediagnosed and put on tons of meds that made me super ill. I was told not long ago that I may actually have adhd, ... But sadly there's no meds I can take to help

  • Me plus Three
    Me plus Three 11 days ago

    My therapist told me that ADHD isn't labeled as a mental health disorder. Im still confused 😕

  • Titanic
    Titanic 11 days ago

    What do you mean? My mom has ADHD.

  • Michael Eugene Cheng
    Michael Eugene Cheng 11 days ago

    Valid intersex point but why would identified gender affect sex based biological differences? No disrespect to anyone

  • Jaimersun
    Jaimersun 14 days ago

    Girls are discouraged from showing anger? I've never heard that one before. Isn't everyone discouraged from showing anger?

  • Joanne Ellis
    Joanne Ellis 16 days ago

    Yep. Right here.

  • AQ Maddox
    AQ Maddox 16 days ago

    The same question goes with autistic women. Why are women diagnosed with autism less often than men? (Talking about cis men and cis women here, not trans or gender-variant populations)

  • Lady Green
    Lady Green 22 days ago

    Hey! I got my ADD diagnosed thanks to this video

  • Leif Harmsen
    Leif Harmsen 25 days ago

    Could be like alcoholism; half the incidence among women than men.

  • lavender guitarist
    lavender guitarist 26 days ago

    trans guy with adhd here help

  • aaron quinn
    aaron quinn Month ago

    I remember my psychologist telling me @14 i would grow out of it, that does not happen. I would say I've become Pro at adhd.... It's one of those things you need to grab by the horns or you'll just go straight downhill.

  • SuperDarkFinger
    SuperDarkFinger Month ago

    Right here! Got diagnosed at 24 and most of the doctors said I have BPD and depression, they were very wrong.

  • casesandcapitals
    casesandcapitals Month ago

    I didn't get diagnosed with ADHD until after I started testosterone lmao

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix Month ago

    My (girl) friend had adhd

  • Sebastian Greene
    Sebastian Greene Month ago

    BLESS scishow for being inclusive of trans people 💕💕

  • riski gost
    riski gost Month ago

    I was diagnosed at seven. Started medication when I was 8. This study is really interesting. My teacher insisted I was mentally handicapped, so I was tested for special ed twice, although I was never placed in it thankfully, because apparently at my school special ed was a disaster. I remember being incredibly anxious all the time, and that caused me to be quiet. I also daydreamed a lot, which is why I wouldn't get work done very quickly. It took a while for them to figure it out. Glad they did, although now I don't take meds anymore. If people had just gone with the assumptions my teacher had made then I probably would have been placed in special ed, so I really appreciate studies like this. I actually took AP classes in high school and just graduated from a prestigious four year university, so I'm pretty sure special ed wouldn't have been the right choice for me lol. It probably would've held me back a lot in my education.

  • georgiaaa
    georgiaaa Month ago

    i think i might have this but my mum doesnt believe this exists and tells me i just need to learn how to focus and listen and look after myself better and i dont know who to talk to

  • Maryse Bowen
    Maryse Bowen Month ago

    I was diagnosed in 7th grade (13 years old if I remember correctly) with ADHD and then told I also had anxiety just this year and I'm female so I find this weird but interesting

  • Pepita Aarts
    Pepita Aarts Month ago


  • Llama Chan
    Llama Chan Month ago

    My older brother has ADHD, my best friend (a girl) has ADHD and there's a chance of me (also a girl) having ADHD.

  • Dragrath1
    Dragrath1 Month ago

    I only really ever have the inattentive symptoms aside from the inability to stay still and also have anxiety and depression but I am male so that set of symptoms it isn't just a female thing. Notably I had been diagnosed with ADD before they decided to lump it into ADHD instead.

  • __WhO_ aRe_YoU__
    __WhO_ aRe_YoU__ Month ago

    I’m a girl with ADHD and was diagnosed in like kindergarten, I was a mess 😂

  • MayTheGamer 12
    MayTheGamer 12 Month ago

    He said there are two different types of symptoms of people who have ADHD and that only one is required, aren’t there two different names for that too? Like one is ADD and one is ADHD?

  • The Pornographer
    The Pornographer Month ago

    I think i might suffer from this

  • The Pornographer
    The Pornographer Month ago

    Im surprised those women arent diagnosed with histeria

  • sourgreendolly
    sourgreendolly Month ago

    It’s absolutely a social issue. Little girls are generally told they’re expected to be good and are more mature than the boys. My ADHD symptoms were seen as proof I have a problem with authority (I had a problem deferring to authority too much in reality) instead of symptoms despite having diagnosed male classmates doing more.

  • La haba
    La haba Month ago

    Must be nice to be girl.

  • D S
    D S Month ago

    Weird. I'm a woman who got diagnosed with ADHD... As a kid... But I was also very tomboyish.

  • Bebe Enderson
    Bebe Enderson 2 months ago

    I was very disruptive in class as a kid and was interested in none of the subject matter as a kid. Now I'm an easily distracted adult with anxiety and struggle with daily activities.

  • Bebe Enderson
    Bebe Enderson 2 months ago

    It's me. I'm the woman.

  • Alice Hazel
    Alice Hazel 2 months ago

    Hi! Finally got diagnosed at 25.

  • Tessy
    Tessy 2 months ago


  • Aphroditesummits
    Aphroditesummits 2 months ago

    guess I'm a boy coz im hyper active. probably not as much as boys what if I was boy but I preferred being a girl. well that sucks for this gal she a girl and where is this going well I'm ADHD so what can I say cept ur welcome (god help this poor child her brain is going into the pit of no return) well this is a perfect example of what happens when a ADHD person writes

  • Chris Oliva
    Chris Oliva 2 months ago

    Having trouble listening is not necessarily an ADHD symptom. It may be APD (Auditory Processing Disorder; ICD-10 H93.25), which appears as inattentiveness. Auditory processing examination plus attention tests can distinguish between the two.

  • Empress Mermaid
    Empress Mermaid 2 months ago +1

    Rather like autism, it is underdiagnosed in females for one main reason. Diagnosis usually occurs when a child annoys a teacher so much they get referred for testing. Since girls with both conditions tend to be quieter, more inward focused and generally less "annoying" they don't get referred as much.
    Generally a "squeaky wheel gets the grease" argument.
    Thank you, PsyShow for bringing this forward

  • Jedi Talez
    Jedi Talez 2 months ago

    Hey Scishow!
    Does ADHD exist in Europe?
    It what what my Dad says
    Plz anwser!

    • Jedi Talez
      Jedi Talez Month ago

      @ValerieRaya thanks
      Wish my parents would belive that

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya Month ago

      ADHD Person from Germany here, yeah, it does. It exists everywhere where humans live.

  • Holden
    Holden 2 months ago

    This is just the difference between ADHD and ADD

  • Travis Ramage
    Travis Ramage 2 months ago

    ADHD is just boys that are 'too" masculine.

  • Arlen Kundert
    Arlen Kundert 2 months ago

    I have ADD, and I'm not sold that ADD & ADHD are disorders. Thousands of years ago most of my "symptoms" would have been useful back when we were all huddled around the camp fire.

    Remember, none of got our DNA from "John/Jan Doe" who were overly focused on the and didn't hear the sound of the saber tooth tiger creeping towards the tribe. Once we began farming focus started to rapidly increase in value as a cognitive function as it increased our chances of passing on our DNA. That said, lions, tigers, and bears still a big deal breaker to passing on your DNA, distractibility kept you alive.

    I would assume that it wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that FOCUS **really** started to gain ground on DISTRACTIBILITY. Being able to stay focused working on a machine in a noisy environment insured you'd have a job and the other guy wouldn't. Thus focus now has a been given a massive boost as a cognitive function to help pass on your DNA. Even with that, distractibility was/is still a really important and under valued cognitive function that many times saves our lives, but remains an "unsung hero".

    In the so called "modern world" FOCUS and DISTRACTIBILITY are at hyper odds against each other as cognitive functions.

    EXAMPLE: That car came outta nowhere that broke your FOCUS kept you alive thanks to your being DISTRACTED. However, that other driver's lack of FOCUS and his/her DISTRACTIBILITY almost killed you.

    Okay Arlen, we all more or less know this, so what's your point?

    My hypothesis is that the world changed and the value that what we call "ADD/ADHD" has been all but erased in a world where being able to shift from FOCUS based cognitive functions to DISTRACTIBLE cognitive function and back again. The inability to fit into "the new normal" is what is labelled "ADD/ADHD".

    This is my option. I fully accept that I very well might be just telling myself what I want to hear. In any case, that's my thoughts on the matter.

    • Eve M
      Eve M 2 months ago +1

      Kinda my thoughts as well. I can work well with the animals out on the farm, but my symptoms are worse in a city. Everything is loud and flashing, there are people everywhere talking, it's awful.
      I also thinks phones and the internet made it worse for me. as much as I love my phone, the constant being accessible by other people is so exhausting and the internet is great but terrible. I may think of something to look up before I do the dishes, remember something else, and suddenly I'm 20 pages into looking up how much breeding horses would cost me, not because I plan on doing that but because I saw a horse farm being sold, and the dishes still aren't done.
      I am great at working with our horses though, as I often see and sense anything that could distract them or freak them out before they do and can act accordingly. Same with the dogs and cats when we are out and walk.

  • Dotmeblack
    Dotmeblack 2 months ago

    Hello! Diagnosed at 23, after already getting my bachelors. Went through school thinking I was just lazy and pounded coffee like nothing. Big awakening in life.

  • Oath of The Common Man
    Oath of The Common Man 2 months ago

    My ADHD is severe. Forgetfulness is my enemy...

  • Oath of The Common Man
    Oath of The Common Man 2 months ago +2

    I have ADHD but male, and my friend Skylar has it!

  • Tom F
    Tom F 2 months ago

    Politicaly correctness... ahhh, snowflakes.

  • PockASqueeno
    PockASqueeno 2 months ago

    I thought about hormones before he even mentioned it.

  • Bobby Girl
    Bobby Girl 2 months ago

    I am a pansexual female and I have ADHD and also depression and anxiety. Anxiety though runs in my matriarchal line. Me, my mom, her mom, my moms sisters, my sister we all have anxiety. ADHD runs in my family in Male and female. Also I have a hard time focusing. School was useless and I never got the appropriate help I needed. I was viewed as rebellious and lazy. My mind ALWAYS wondered. I always looked out the window. We need to keep destroying the stigmas of mental health and move forward with understanding

  • Braden Cluster
    Braden Cluster 2 months ago

    It's too bad that you have to tell everyone what male and female means...

  • ᄂᄋᄉᄐ
    ᄂᄋᄉᄐ 2 months ago

    I went to the doctor about this but she interrupted me and told me so confidently I don’t have anything without even asking anymore questions. This was last year and I haven’t been to the doctors since.

  • ᄂᄋᄉᄐ
    ᄂᄋᄉᄐ 2 months ago

    I went to the doctor about this but she interrupted me and told me so confidently I don’t have anything without even asking anymore questions. This was last year and I haven’t been to the doctors since.

  • Cruznick06
    Cruznick06 2 months ago

    Hi. Inattentive ADHD is a pain and yes, we do have anxiety and depression at higher rates. I wonder if that's because women and girls are told over and over to just suck it up/grow up.

  • Vampire Succubus
    Vampire Succubus 2 months ago

    I’m a female and I have ADHD
    EDIT: I also have Depression and Anxiety.

  • Spacechimp64
    Spacechimp64 2 months ago

    I’m a man with ADHD and my symptoms are exactly like those described as being m

  • Sha 47
    Sha 47 2 months ago

    Iodine deficiency, causes adhd. Look up iodine deficiency and adhd studies.

  • Chelsea Kevorkian
    Chelsea Kevorkian 2 months ago

    🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ 26, diagnosed at 12

  • Archi Teuthis
    Archi Teuthis 2 months ago +1

    A big problem with the results might also be the over-diagnosis of an actual neurological condition in cases of kids who simply have more energy than the adults around them

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell 2 months ago

    Yup. I wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until age 24. CBT and medication made a huge difference.