My Origin SUPER Origin GAMING PC Unboxing!! - HikeTheGamer In Real Life - HIKE I.R.L.


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  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom 8 months ago

    lol nice

  • Starliqht Gazee
    Starliqht Gazee 9 months ago

    *Heres a difference between me and other people.*
    Hike: *sees PC* it’s here guys!
    Me: *sees PC* ITS HERE. OPEN IT. OPEN IT NOW. I WANT IT. *opens PC and starts download a bunch of files*
    Next day...
    Me: *turns on PC and goes to google*
    Me: *screen glitches and gets virus* DONT TELL ME MY COMPUTER JUST GOT A FREAKING VIRUS.

    *Another difference between me and other people.*
    Hike: *reads instructions* hmm... ok
    Me: *sees instructions* nope. *throws away*
    Me: *takes box and cuts open with big knife and hears a glass shatter*
    Me: oh no... hopefully it isn’t broken. *sees broken PC with shattered glass*

  • Faizan
    Faizan 11 months ago


  • Luap Ahcor
    Luap Ahcor 11 months ago

    you do not know du way

    CEFOED 11 months ago

    How does your pc ship? What carrier ? Do you have a choice ?

  • Mr Carpet Man
    Mr Carpet Man Year ago

    how much was that?

  • Cryptonized
    Cryptonized Year ago

    5:57 errrrrrrrrrr I don’t think it’s like that....

  • Lokey
    Lokey Year ago

    It's like taking off a wha

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Year ago

    but can i run crysis

    GAME_BOX Year ago

    Ur face is so stupid👎 bro😂😂

  • Ir3xy -_-ish
    Ir3xy -_-ish Year ago

    Shout out to Origin coolest PC making company(in my opinion!)

  • Ir3xy -_-ish
    Ir3xy -_-ish Year ago

    Origin PC makes sexy PC’s it’s soooooo good and super powerful

  • Bridget Walker
    Bridget Walker Year ago

    Shut up Murfin

  • XiroCastGaming
    XiroCastGaming Year ago

    I just bought one of these!!!

  • #WTF
    #WTF Year ago

    And it will use it to play minecraft...

  • kingdom adam
    kingdom adam Year ago

    hahahahaha so phothetic specs, checkout my specs.
    Intel i7 7700k 4.2 ghz (4.5 ghz)
    1600w PSU
    64 gb
    sli 16 gb GeForce gtx 1080
    2× 1ttb hdd
    2× 2ttb ssd
    liquid cooling
    best pc ever.

  • Sam Bagz
    Sam Bagz Year ago +1

    The real question is...

    Can it run Minecraft?

  • PlantMC
    PlantMC Year ago

    The thing that annoys me is how there are youtubers getting dual titan builds not even knowing what it is. Not really dedicated to this video but other videos mostly.

  • Leo Centeno
    Leo Centeno Year ago +1

    4:05 thank me later

    SAI SURIYA VELUMANI 2 years ago

    more vlogs

  • Mad Ace
    Mad Ace 2 years ago

    does anyone know what that blue bag inside the PC is ? I know its safety packaging, whats it called ?

  • Rez
    Rez 2 years ago

    wait wait no it can run minecraft at 20 fps :O

  • teez au
    teez au 2 years ago

    So annoying

  • SucThenut V
    SucThenut V 2 years ago

    As soon as you turn it on it starts on fire

    • rope
      rope 2 years ago +2

      You turn into fire when you see the power of this PC and your 8 year old console can't keep up with 1/200 of it

    • Mr. Egdy
      Mr. Egdy 2 years ago


  • SucThenut V
    SucThenut V 2 years ago

    People would say it's photoshopped

  • Chilling Dog
    Chilling Dog 2 years ago

    can it run minecraft?

    • No.
      No. 2 years ago


  • Daniel Agius Cutajar
    Daniel Agius Cutajar 2 years ago

    How much did you buy this

  • Zivico Monkey
    Zivico Monkey 2 years ago

    This dude gets a fricking discount, i am pretty sure the money he makes he doesnt need a discount

  • jNewTonik
    jNewTonik 2 years ago +1

    Can this PC run minecraft?
    if no then it worth the money just to avoid this game

  • Pickle
    Pickle 2 years ago

    Brain cells depleting

  • tanki online
    tanki online 2 years ago

    hike is awesome ☺, and everyone who hates him can chupa pene or swallow

    • MST WAR
      MST WAR 2 years ago

      +tanki online yah

  • John Smithorino
    John Smithorino 2 years ago

    Why didn't you build it. Much cheaper, not much harder.

  • Epickid da best
    Epickid da best 2 years ago

    hike rocks he is the best

  • CSF Aidan
    CSF Aidan 2 years ago


  • Steven- ator
    Steven- ator 2 years ago

    Dumb and Dumber reject.

  • BlackCat Gaming
    BlackCat Gaming 2 years ago

    Why does this guy talk like a fricken kid

  • TrustedGaming
    TrustedGaming 2 years ago

    What the hell is wrong with this guy?

  • TheAnonymouse21
    TheAnonymouse21 2 years ago

    I think it was a good un boxing :)

  • MW gaming
    MW gaming 2 years ago +1

    the real question

    can it play minesweeper? if not not worth it

  • TheGamerXD
    TheGamerXD 2 years ago

    How much did it cost

  • Luuk _015
    Luuk _015 2 years ago

    it's feels like taking of a brawl.

  • Anwar Monadi
    Anwar Monadi 2 years ago

    I realy want a ps4

  • clashofclans- kiko
    clashofclans- kiko 2 years ago

    2:34 that what she said

  • Brian G
    Brian G 2 years ago +2

    the box with the computer is bigger than your apartment

  • Brian G
    Brian G 2 years ago


  • AAD D
    AAD D 2 years ago +5

    This dude makes me want to kill myself

  • Slick  Migillicutty
    Slick Migillicutty 2 years ago

    Congrats! You just bought a $4000 paper weight...LMAO origin

  • Argenis Rodriguez
    Argenis Rodriguez 2 years ago

    i paid 13k for mine cheap right?

    • Carlos Spicy-Wiener
      Carlos Spicy-Wiener 2 years ago

      +Onyx I guess he ment 1300
      Which would be 1.3k

    • Damon
      Damon 2 years ago

      13k is 13000 and that's not cheap at all

  • TaZe Snipes
    TaZe Snipes 2 years ago

    At 5:44 it was weird

  • Mr. 4NZ31
    Mr. 4NZ31 2 years ago

    For thousands of dollars none of the things on the bag are 'free'😂

  • specialist of Game
    specialist of Game 3 years ago

    its amazing pc

  • John Tsalamatas
    John Tsalamatas 3 years ago

    εισαι μαλακας....

  • Ciays
    Ciays 3 years ago

    there pcs are so overpriced... almost $2000 for a 8320 with a gtx 950... lol.

    • Atomic Beast
      Atomic Beast 2 years ago

      No its starts at 2,000 mine cost me 6,820$

    • SucThenut V
      SucThenut V 2 years ago

      Not really, try actually buying each part yourself. It is about 120 dollars less

    • Mr Logic
      Mr Logic 2 years ago

      It's overpriced and it definitely is not worth it. But if you have the money then it's totally fine.

    • jNewTonik
      jNewTonik 2 years ago

      Exactly i dont care if you are rich its your moneys... but dont tell me that this is not overpriced ... just cause you have more moneys that dosent mean the price is normal

    • Gecko
      Gecko 2 years ago

      Nah im just rich..
      idk how much i use..
      tbh i know i could build one and save alot... but im very lazy.. :D
      Btw, please leave if u get so butthurt over what other people use their money on ^^
      sorry for bd english, typin while eatin

  • Brandon French
    Brandon French 3 years ago

    I know if FedEx shipped it it got flipped end over end onto the truck. they don't team lift anything. trust me I work there lolol

  • Michael
    Michael 3 years ago

    How much did this PC cost for him?

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin 3 years ago +33

    Retard, Retard and... Retard

    I hate this idiot...

    • Ir3xy -_-ish
      Ir3xy -_-ish Year ago

      MERFIN maybe you should consider looking in the mirror again and see who is the retard at least this guy has a life!

    • sнутне TM
      sнутне TM Year ago

      Xavier Watts nice roast

    • Xavier Watts
      Xavier Watts 2 years ago

      U talking about ur self

    • superspeedy 48
      superspeedy 48 2 years ago

      Yeah I know he is

  • Amnesia Gaming
    Amnesia Gaming 3 years ago

    Well there 5000+ dollars spent quick :P Nice PC MAN If i could afford origin I would def go through them

  • mcicepickindahouse
    mcicepickindahouse 3 years ago

    how much this beast cost

  • Voss
    Voss 3 years ago

    6:00 "it's like taking off a bra" dafuq?

  • AwesomeDesertTrains
    AwesomeDesertTrains 3 years ago

    Me gpu gtx 2080 ti

  • Danial Shukur
    Danial Shukur 3 years ago


  • Danial Shukur
    Danial Shukur 3 years ago

    where you buy the orin please.....comment

    • MT-Rider Janis
      MT-Rider Janis 3 years ago

      Google origin PC-> go on the origin PC website -> hardware -> full tower -> etc

  • John O'Connor
    John O'Connor 3 years ago

    Mine is built about 5 grand, and looks much nicer. with better components. Still not saying I don't love the company. Good company and really excited about their AIO monitor 34 with desktop graphics!

    • David Mark
      David Mark 2 years ago

      +John O'Connor Better components? Do tell...

  • Clarence Mendoza
    Clarence Mendoza 3 years ago

    its just a cpu right

  • Branden Key
    Branden Key 3 years ago

    How well would minecraft play

    • MT-Rider Janis
      MT-Rider Janis 3 years ago

      +DudewithK yes

    • Kristo
      Kristo 3 years ago

      i know, the game runs on java, wich keeps every slingle block in range loaded..

    • Jedi Kitten
      Jedi Kitten 3 years ago

      +janisrickert well if a $350 Pc can run it at 200fps...

    • Kristo
      Kristo 3 years ago


  • Gabriel Yangco
    Gabriel Yangco 3 years ago

    i WISH YOUR MY bROTHER Do u have Gaming Stuff You dont need Can i have it pls

  • Gabriel Yangco
    Gabriel Yangco 3 years ago

    Where Did You get that Cool Thing BRADAH

  • Chetwyn Burnham
    Chetwyn Burnham 3 years ago

    very nice video hike im thinking about getting one.
    love from barbados

  • Colby
    Colby 3 years ago


  • MegaBoss Gamer
    MegaBoss Gamer 3 years ago

    How much did it cost

  • Sacred Moon
    Sacred Moon 3 years ago

    Easily the best pc I have ever used, its nice and it feels like there is another person in the room with you :) a lot you can do to make your office/cave or whatever, I have a nice blue and black theme going on, obviously I recommend it

  • Michael Rutka
    Michael Rutka 3 years ago

    "it's like taking off a bra" 😂

  • Gagne
    Gagne 3 years ago

    Can i have one of your pc's XD

  • Mo Joe
    Mo Joe 3 years ago

    Almost at 800k

  • SAVG Troll
    SAVG Troll 3 years ago

    I just subscribed

  • SAVG Troll
    SAVG Troll 3 years ago

    I just subscribed

  • Furn
    Furn 3 years ago

    Complete waste of money for 1080p gaming.

    • Elboost
      Elboost 3 years ago

      ik lol

    • Furn
      Furn 3 years ago

      A Deal of 6,500 lmao. Yea...

    • Elboost
      Elboost 3 years ago

      +aieden “meme” boy no he didnt he just got a deal he piad 6,500

  • Fatbuumi
    Fatbuumi 3 years ago

    does he have a wife or gf?

  • Linus Techtips
    Linus Techtips 3 years ago

    I just ordered an origin Genesis too! Its coming next year though :(

    • Linus Techtips
      Linus Techtips 3 years ago

      +Linus Techtips I soo jelouse that he got a server motherboard though.

  • vi sloom28 vi
    vi sloom28 vi 3 years ago

    whats the case

  • Habib Ali
    Habib Ali 3 years ago

    This is only the second Hike video I've seen, the first being the insane unboxing he did, and he seems almost docile lol. Great video man, subscribed! :D

  • J Vilander
    J Vilander 3 years ago +8

    The real question is...

    can it even boot?

    • Remzen Santos
      Remzen Santos 3 years ago

      +minh chau phan no.... it will not boot. I am sure it won't.

    • minh chau phan
      minh chau phan 3 years ago +15

      +J Vilander I see you waiting for likes...

  • llamasplosion
    llamasplosion 3 years ago

    the hard drive things are sick :D

  • Chase Trent
    Chase Trent 3 years ago +1

    they are super expensive

  • Sofo Rizos
    Sofo Rizos 3 years ago +2

    price of this pc?? ☺

  • Sofo Rizos
    Sofo Rizos 3 years ago

    price of this pc?? ☺

  • tristan serr
    tristan serr 3 years ago

    Can you do monthly payments

  • Jamie Kelly
    Jamie Kelly 3 years ago


  • Alessandro Panciarola
    Alessandro Panciarola 3 years ago

    sembri coglione

  • EmptySmiles
    EmptySmiles 3 years ago

    have u done what u said

  • CallMePancakes
    CallMePancakes 3 years ago

    I have a dog named Cooper and he is very hyper

  • zillagroup
    zillagroup 3 years ago

    I just got one

  • Quality
    Quality 3 years ago

    Hike has gone all sexual with the pc

  • Tony Bolivar
    Tony Bolivar 3 years ago

    is this a good pc? Orientation: Standard
    Metallic (Side Panels Only) Color: Atmos Blue
    Current Special Offers: Fall Into Savings with ORIGIN PC
    The ORIGIN Difference: ORIGIN PC Genesis - The Best Gaming Experience Guaranteed
    Variable Mounting: Standard
    Case Lighting: Remote Controlled Multi-Colored LED
    Case Fans: ORIGIN PC High-Performance Ultra Silent Fans - Black
    Motherboard: MSI X99A GODLIKE Gaming
    System Cooling: ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 360 Sealed Liquid Cooling System for 2011 Socket
    Processors: Intel Extreme Core i7 5960X Octa-Core 3.0GHz (3.5GHz TurboBoost)
    ORIGIN Professional Processor Overclocking: ORIGIN Professional Processor Overclocking
    Thermal Compound: GELID GC-Extreme CPU Application
    Power Supply: 1.5 Kilowatt Corsair AX1500i
    Power Supply Sleeved Cable Color: White Individually Sleeved Cables
    Graphic Cards: Quad 12GB NVIDIA GTX Titan X
    Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000MHz (4x8GB)
    Operating System: MS Windows 10 Home
    Operating System Drive #1 (Primary): 960GB OCZ Vector 180
    Operating System Drive #2: 2TB Samsung 850 Evo Series
    Hot Swap Bay Drive #1: 3TB ORIGIN PC Approved Hard Drive
    Hot Swap Bay Drive #2: 3TB ORIGIN PC Approved Hard Drive
    Hot Swap Bay Drive #3: 2TB Samsung 850 Pro Series
    Hot Swap Bay Drive #4: 500GB Samsung 850 Evo Series
    Hot Swap Bay Drive #5: 3TB ORIGIN PC Approved Hard Drive
    Hard Drive Cage: 5 Bay Hot-Swap Cage
    Optical Drive One: 12X Blu-ray Reader and DVD Combo
    Optical Drive Two: 12X Blu-ray Reader and DVD Combo
    Lower Unit: Cryogenic Cooling Support
    Media Card Reader: 40-in-1 Media Card Reader
    Audio: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB Sound Card powered by THX TruStudio Pro
    Networking: Onboard Network Port
    ORIGIN Maximum Protection Shipping Process: ORIGIN Wooden Crate Armor
    Warranty: Lifetime 24/7 U.S. Based Support and Lifetime Free Labor. 3 Year Part Replacement & Free Shipping Warranty
    ORIGIN Recovery: ORIGIN Recovery USB3.0 Flash Drive
    Evolve Part Upgrade Service: 3 Year Evolve Part Upgrade Service with Free Shipping
    Origin Exclusive Peripherals: ORIGIN PC BlackWidow Chroma
    Free ORIGIN T-shirt: ORIGIN PC T-Shirt Extra Large
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Poster
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Beanie
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Hat
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Deuce G2 Sports Watch Medium
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Dry Fit T-Shirt Small
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC T-Shirt Extra Large
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC G8 Repeat Premium T-Shirt Extra Large
    ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Hoodie Medium
    Bundles: ORIGIN PC Ultimate Peripherals Bundle (MSRP $269)
    Keyboards: Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard
    Mouse: Razer Ourobouros
    Mouse Pad: Razer Manticor
    Primary Display: ASUS 32" PA328Q 4K UHD LED Monitor
    Secondary Display: ASUS 32" PA328Q 4K UHD LED Monitor
    Display Accessories: NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Glasses Kit with IR Emitter
    Headsets: Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset
    Speakers: Logitech THX-Certified Z906 5.1 Speaker System
    Webcam: Logitech C920 HD Pro WebCam
    Game Discounts: Green Man Gaming
    Games: Battlefield: Hardline
    Games: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Games: Civilization V
    Games: Civilization: Beyond Earth Standard Edition
    Games: Diablo III
    Games: Dying Light
    Games: Evolve
    Games: Grand Theft Auto V
    Games: SimCity 5
    Games: StarCraft II
    Games: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Expansion (Requires StarCraft II)
    Games: Titanfall
    Games: World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor
    External Storage: ORIGIN USB 3.0 16GB Flash Drive
    External Storage: Corsair Voyager GT 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
    External Storage: Synology BeyondCloud 2TB Network Attached Storage(NAS)
    External Storage: Synology BeyondCloud 3TB Network Attached Storage(NAS)
    External Storage: Synology BeyondCloud Mirror 6TB Network Attached Storage(NAS)
    External Storage: Samsung T1 Portable 1TB USB 3.0 External SSD
    Apps: Origin powered by EA
    Apps: Steam (The Ultimate Online Game Platform)
    Extras: FREE Massive Multiplayer Online Game: Runes of Magic
    Extras: FREE INSTALL: Minecraft
    Web Browser: Google Chrome
    Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox

    • anjopag31
      anjopag31 2 years ago

      +Tony Bolivar (GamingTony) It will run minecraft, but just expect 98438 fps

    • TheKekGod
      TheKekGod 3 years ago

      why so much storage?

    • Tony Bolivar
      Tony Bolivar 3 years ago

      will i run with 1 gb of ramm?

    • Dragon's Sin
      Dragon's Sin 3 years ago

      +Tony Bolivar (GamingTony) maybe on low (-.)

  • Jasper Nolan
    Jasper Nolan 3 years ago

    #morevlogs!!! plz

  • SteakyPale
    SteakyPale 3 years ago

    He sound like PEWDIEPIE when he so excited

  • CL M
    CL M 3 years ago

    what was the price?

    • CL M
      CL M 3 years ago

      what happened to 10 months? lol

    • CL M
      CL M 3 years ago

      +Team Reaper Actual Well, Looking at there website.. would be around 6500

    • CL M
      CL M 3 years ago

      Whoa... sorry to hear... nice Rig tho!!

    • CL M
      CL M 3 years ago

      Well, that could be pretty cheap or expensive... pending on where you live lol