• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • What ARE they doing? What ARE they playing at? Football This Week is back again featuring Huddersfield simply disgusting attempt at a football kit, AFCON last minute madness and MC Harry Redknapp. Enjoy!
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  • Number 1 Albion Fan

    7:03 Oh god
    Edit - I was laughing for a solid 10 minutes 😂😂😂

  • Nikola Draganov
    Nikola Draganov Day ago

    8:38 Berbatov has still got it😍👌👌

  • alekssboy999 awessome gaming

    btw these was made on my birthday!!

  • Redman251609 Vlogz
    Redman251609 Vlogz 7 days ago

    I played for Rushden diamonds..............U9s

  • houdinidagreat
    houdinidagreat 9 days ago

    Best intro of all the FTWs so far...bravo...still lmao

  • Wolf Hunter
    Wolf Hunter 11 days ago


  • Max Dickson
    Max Dickson 16 days ago

    How many leagues have Liverpool got though

  • Risuna Mashaba
    Risuna Mashaba 20 days ago

    bring ftw back fam

  • Gaming Toilet123
    Gaming Toilet123 21 day ago

    I'm shure Cristino Orlando and Alexa Sandra are De Lightet with their new teammate

  • Bacon Hair burrito
    Bacon Hair burrito 21 day ago

    4:01 loool

  • Ste Reidy
    Ste Reidy 22 days ago

    Love it

  • Ash Suli
    Ash Suli 25 days ago +1

    Box v4 please

  • Reggie the Border Collie

    I am a Man Utd fan and the plane is over the top

  • Vince Huth
    Vince Huth 26 days ago +1

    Huddersfield : wanna go out with me
    Girl: no f****** way i would Rather go out john terry

  • Drex 4044
    Drex 4044 26 days ago


  • Zaid Ahmad
    Zaid Ahmad 27 days ago

    Wait I’m so confused
    Is the name of this channel FNG or FTW

    • RW26
      RW26 25 days ago

      Zaid Ahmad fng u eejit

  • Nissan. Skyline R34 fan 108

    Insert arsenal news

  • the blurry Boateng
    the blurry Boateng 27 days ago


  • Momo the Lemur
    Momo the Lemur 27 days ago

    I live in columbus and i didnt even know we played arsenal lol

    • Momo the Lemur
      Momo the Lemur 27 days ago

      Just read another comment i think u meant the colorado rapids not the columbus crew 😂

  • John Dean
    John Dean 28 days ago

    How do u not have more subs

  • Alex Pantaleone
    Alex Pantaleone 29 days ago

    The Geria derby 😂

  • Craig
    Craig 29 days ago


  • Nick Dickinson
    Nick Dickinson 29 days ago

    Whoop give accrington some love haha

  • inferno fighter
    inferno fighter 29 days ago

    I read daddy power...

  • Leon Luzha
    Leon Luzha Month ago

    your sister is ur mother
    Ur father is ur brother
    U all fuck one another
    The dundalk family

  • ron goulding
    ron goulding Month ago

    I was vomiting for 24 hours when I first saw it.

  • Kelly Woods
    Kelly Woods Month ago

    I actually really rate that Celtic 91 top I can’t be the only one? 😂

  • Samuel Joba
    Samuel Joba Month ago

    7:11 .
    I nearly died at 3:19 Am. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH.

  • Samuel Joba
    Samuel Joba Month ago

    7:11 .
    I nearly died at 3:19 Am. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH.

  • oskar hall
    oskar hall Month ago

    Arsenal played against Colorado Rapids you fuckin knobhead😂😂😂

  • Futbol Galaxy
    Futbol Galaxy Month ago

    These videos are awesome!!!

  • Apian
    Apian Month ago +1

    3:03 where’s the original video of this?

  • Knight
    Knight Month ago

    Brilliant video

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown Month ago

    We are so getting relegated because of bruce

  • Tim Van Caelenberge

    Rapinoe wore the captain armband of the USA on her RIGHT ARM. Her RIGHT ARM! Not her left one! How come no one talks about this? Also, the United States had a diagonal thing in the world cup 2010.

  • Wardy
    Wardy Month ago

    What's wrong with Bruce. He sent my team Hull, to the FA Cup final, got us Promoted twice, and sent us to Wembley 3 timez

  • Dylan Corbett
    Dylan Corbett Month ago +1

    It's a relegation sash

  • TheGalacticHawk ,
    TheGalacticHawk , Month ago

    As a town fan I was about to give away my season ticket...😂😂😂

  • CD Warrior
    CD Warrior Month ago

    What are the song played in the back ground of this video

  • Joseph Maloney
    Joseph Maloney Month ago

    That’s not there actual kit it’s on a advert

  • Mohale Matlala
    Mohale Matlala Month ago

    EPIC video!!!

  • bLU_BAsKeTbaLl-_
    bLU_BAsKeTbaLl-_ Month ago

    Feature harry kanes goal from half line in the international champions cup

  • Jordi Amaral
    Jordi Amaral Month ago

    Marseille also lost 4-0 to Rangers

  • 박철호
    박철호 Month ago

    Masterbucks: am I a joke to u fam

  • Aidan Brock
    Aidan Brock Month ago

    It is I'm a Newcastle fan

  • KAy KAY
    KAy KAY Month ago

    That intro 😂😂

  • XGN JamesWK \ TVEEE

    3:02 where is that from😂

  • Dan Davies
    Dan Davies Month ago

    I know the man who flew the plane over united, his name is Alun Vernels

  • Morgan Kelly
    Morgan Kelly Month ago +3

    Petition to have the huddersfield kit in fifa 20 ultimate team

  • Pyro Darts
    Pyro Darts Month ago

    The Huddersfield kit makes it look like they r starting a suffragette movement against


    next ftw how did juve lose to spurs when spurs have troy parrott,GAZZANIGA,JAPHET TANGANGA,OLIVE SCIPP AND ANTHONG GEORGIOU

  • Dylan Jhugroo
    Dylan Jhugroo Month ago

    Hey Niran, I live in the Netherlands. Just for future reference, the name Matthijs is better pronounced 'Mat-eyes'. Don't worry though, you're far from the first youtuber/pundit to absolutely butcher it ❤

  • Harvbro __
    Harvbro __ Month ago

    I’m from Huddersfield

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson Month ago

    Niran are you christian?

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis Month ago

    i was going through one football and saw that result

  • Kilian  Klein
    Kilian Klein Month ago

    Hey FNG,
    What do you think of the home kit of Borussia Mönchengladbach? I really like it (and I'm a fan of 1.FC Köln), but some people say it looks like the people who made it smoked the same stuff that'a pictured on the kit.

  • Bashir Jama
    Bashir Jama Month ago

    Where’s the box gone?

  • Jasxl
    Jasxl Month ago

    This guy sounds like Mike Fox

  • Newton Kanyomeka
    Newton Kanyomeka Month ago

    What’s the name of the song at the end of the video?

  • Sabitzer 27
    Sabitzer 27 Month ago

    FTW = WTF
    Football This Week = Week This Football

  • Krakenator 312
    Krakenator 312 Month ago

    We all know Piemonte Calcio will win Serie A again

  • Tea Siris
    Tea Siris Month ago

    I’m a arsenal fam it was Colorado Rapids

  • Jake.089
    Jake.089 Month ago

    Yk ur gonna loose wen ur away and sim the match 😂😂

  • Seb Littlewood
    Seb Littlewood Month ago

    That was a fake kit u dumbass


    Deg ligt is epic actually

  • Sandipan Nath
    Sandipan Nath Month ago

    Can we all applaud the man, the myth, the LEGEND...Matteo Pessina

  • Xbox Glitch
    Xbox Glitch Month ago

    3:37 Algeria celebrates like this after winning a final.
    Mexico when they scored against germany: Lets set off earthquake radars.

  • Pra Vishal
    Pra Vishal Month ago

    Good that they got relegated! Hope they do not cone back to the Prem!

  • Jamie Owusu
    Jamie Owusu Month ago

    Don’t try and speak african😑

  • Sloane Stokes
    Sloane Stokes Month ago

    I'm a huddersfieId fan and when sore it I laughed out loud i watched that full match in Rochdale the stadium


    That celtic top is disgusting 😂😂😂WATP 🔴🔵

  • Kyle 31
    Kyle 31 Month ago

    U missed Josef Martinez has scored against all 23 mls teams in just 2.5 years

  • dan the man
    dan the man Month ago

    When fng pretended to vomit looking at Huddersfields kit he sounded like big Shaq “br br eh”

  • Yee
    Yee Month ago +1

    Who else thought it said “DADDY POWER” 😂

  • Jayyceyy Ay
    Jayyceyy Ay Month ago

    I think it looks alright