Jesse Lingard vs Tom Kerridge | Penalties, volleys, freekick & crossbar challenge | Soccer AM Pro AM

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
    Man Utd's Jesse Lingard takes on celebrity chef Tom Kerridge in the Soccer AM Pro AM challenge, attempting to win money for the AFC Wimbledon fans! Can Jesse secure the cash for the Dons?
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Comments • 723

  • Marcusinho Youtube
    Marcusinho Youtube 23 hours ago

    Who's here after Lingard scored against Tranmere

  • redchris5
    redchris5 Day ago

    This wasn't fair they usually have a professional footballer who would score and win them the cash

  • Redwan husseyn
    Redwan husseyn 2 days ago


  • Devun Buxton
    Devun Buxton 5 days ago +2

    The only goals lingard scores in the calendar year of 2019

  • UpTheVilla TV
    UpTheVilla TV 6 days ago

    Imagine if lingard finished like this in games

  • Quentin LKT
    Quentin LKT 6 days ago

    Who is here just to watch Lingard scoring

  • Harley Brobbin
    Harley Brobbin 7 days ago

    Had to remind myself lingard has scored a goal before

  • Dan Tucker
    Dan Tucker 8 days ago

    Not great but Better than fenners lol

  • Dan Tucker
    Dan Tucker 8 days ago +1

    How’s it arrogant if it’s right

  • Ellis Allen
    Ellis Allen 9 days ago

    Only goals Jesse scored that year

  • Jimmy Benyoucef
    Jimmy Benyoucef 10 days ago

    3:50 & 3:53 🥾 😅😂🤣😭💀

  • cwaddle
    cwaddle 10 days ago

    Typical lingard 4:20 4:33

  • JohnAA
    JohnAA 10 days ago +18

    This video should be titled as Lingard 2019 goals compilation.

  • Ibii7
    Ibii7 11 days ago

    Y is lingard still playing for us, he won't even get into the under 5's team

  • Rory O Donovan
    Rory O Donovan 11 days ago

    Would honestly prefer John be playing for United right now...

  • matty roscow
    matty roscow 11 days ago

    Proof Lingard scored last year

  • Haha your comment was funny bro it made me laugh

    Didn't know Captain America was a Wimbledon Fan

  • Kian Harrold
    Kian Harrold 12 days ago +2

    Lingard has scored more goals in this video than he has in the last 5 seasons

  • sidhu mansa aala yk
    sidhu mansa aala yk 12 days ago

    Come to AC Milan

  • Chad Cloete
    Chad Cloete 13 days ago +1

    I could take better free-kicks the lingard

  • Alistair Gammond
    Alistair Gammond 16 days ago


  • Nasr Zubi
    Nasr Zubi 18 days ago +10

    Rare footage of jl scoring in 2019

  • den525
    den525 19 days ago +1

    Jesse scored more goals on the show than he did the last 18 months

  • Thomas Hardy
    Thomas Hardy 19 days ago +1

    Lloyd a bit jealous of Jackson criticizing him all the time

  • Cardiff Chan
    Cardiff Chan 22 days ago +4

    2:15 "fingers!"

  • Adam Slayford
    Adam Slayford 23 days ago

    Anyone know what trainers jesse is wearing, might cop a pair

    • Sarah h
      Sarah h 22 days ago

      Adam Slayford Alexander McQueen

  • Q
    Q 25 days ago

    The idiot lingard thinks soccer am stats count professionally 😫😫😫

  • Adrian Branson
    Adrian Branson 25 days ago

    Lingard you are my best

  • Noah Niss
    Noah Niss 26 days ago +11

    Funny to think this was the only goal lingard scored in England in 2019

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko 27 days ago +3

    After this video lingard was transferred to Salford City

  • Yxngemmanuel71
    Yxngemmanuel71 27 days ago +1

    Why can’t Jess do this for United

  • Kalam Alam
    Kalam Alam 27 days ago

    Y doesn’t epl count this goal 19/20
    Its really something wrong

  • ho dun chan
    ho dun chan Month ago

    Jesse Lingard can't take freaking freekick

  • A E
    A E Month ago

    FK’s in McQueen’s smh 😂

  • Thommas
    Thommas Month ago

    Jesse hasn’t scored since

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen Month ago +1

    Imagine if zidane takes the challenge instead of lingard. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joseph Rimmer
    Joseph Rimmer Month ago

    Jacko came off his line

  • Riki Coleman
    Riki Coleman Month ago

    Kerridge is better than Lingard at free kicks.....


    1:37 your ard

  • Nathan Ellis
    Nathan Ellis Month ago

    Lingard just made it

  • Mane: I Choose you!!
    Mane: I Choose you!! Month ago +1

    4:10 - qatar isn't in the UAE...

  • thomasod05
    thomasod05 Month ago

    Lingard really didn’t like the people in the wall

  • imghostbruh
    imghostbruh Month ago

    he play with the mcqueen

  • Premier Moose
    Premier Moose 2 months ago

    Why is there 900 dis-likes why!

  • Mazlan NoeL
    Mazlan NoeL 2 months ago

    You're still as shitty. I was so proud of you until the end.

  • 吉田竿あり
    吉田竿あり 2 months ago


  • BazookaHD
    BazookaHD 2 months ago

    Mans playing football in Alexander McQueens

  • ghanaU
    ghanaU 2 months ago +1

    "he came off his line" - lingard hahahahahahahaahah

  • wHaT dO mEaN BRUV
    wHaT dO mEaN BRUV 2 months ago

    25 yader

    TTVCHAZER69 ! 2 months ago +3

    This is just how bad lingard is

    • JakeNation
      JakeNation 14 days ago

      TTVCHAZER69 ! Your worser than Jesse lingard

  • Frankie Harris
    Frankie Harris 2 months ago

    Ha Jessie is wearing alexada mequieniens

  • Mason Wild
    Mason Wild 2 months ago

    Lingard is a brave man doing this in £300 quid shoes

  • novembar8
    novembar8 2 months ago

    Bože koliko sam voleo Mancea, imao sam 8 godina kad je ova utakmica igrana i još uvek pamtim svaki detalj.

  • MC Brodz
    MC Brodz 2 months ago

    First time lingards got some goals

  • Dov Finkelstein
    Dov Finkelstein 2 months ago +1

    I can’t believe he mist😂😂😂

  • aah! memesto
    aah! memesto 2 months ago +2

    Wait who was the professional and who was the celebrity

  • John O'Shea
    John O'Shea 2 months ago

    Jeez needs a run up

  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry 2 months ago

    Why is Bateson here?

  • S K
    S K 2 months ago

    One thing is for sure..rashford is taking all the free kicks for united..lingard zero...

  • Lihle Jafta
    Lihle Jafta 3 months ago

    They would’ve bagged 500 pounds 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • KGS
      KGS 2 months ago

      Lihle Jafta they got £600 off jesseafter anyways