Daz Watches Belle Delphine

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Comments • 8 002

  • Picsart Help
    Picsart Help 6 hours ago

    1940s: By 2020 we’ll have flying cars!
    2019: Girl sleeping with dead octopus

  • Lil Mae Foxx
    Lil Mae Foxx 9 hours ago

    Lord Jesus, this is why we needa send ppl to Mars w no food or water. BTW I LOVE YHU DAZZZZZ!!!

  • Sofia Peisakhov
    Sofia Peisakhov 12 hours ago

    Idek how to response... Do people actually like her? I'm not updated xD But I wouldn't want to even be her acquaintance...

  • Spotter3006
    Spotter3006 14 hours ago

    My friend daz, she doesnt just got katanas, she has an Spas 12 auto shotgun, and 2 pistols, 1 of them pink.....😐😑😐

  • Memes Before dreams :3
    Memes Before dreams :3 17 hours ago

    The thing is though is that she’s really pretty but why the hell does she need to act like this?

  • fred billsworth
    fred billsworth Day ago


  • ARI_B
    ARI_B Day ago

    Vegetarians are QUAKING 😂

  • Brian Crowley
    Brian Crowley Day ago

    This is why the world is gonna end

  • jack mcfly
    jack mcfly Day ago +1

    Would it be nice if she just became a regular TheXvidr?

  • gee sykes
    gee sykes Day ago

    Dr phill needs to help this gal ASAP 😱

  • E͟R͟R͟O͟R͟ M⃠y⃠ F⃠i⃠s⃠h⃠

    ωєℓℓ ι нαтє ρнσтσѕ χ∂

  • Sara
    Sara Day ago

    Those poor teddy bears ):
    That poor octopus ))))):
    My condolences, Daz

  • Nicholas Pace
    Nicholas Pace 2 days ago

    Low key really mean.. Octopus

  • Cryz_
    Cryz_ 2 days ago

    does anyone else want to tell her that they already have eyes?

  • Sadistic Sock
    Sadistic Sock 2 days ago

    Belle Delphine makes the most poor quality ahegao.
    I feel disrespected.
    Also that poor animal corpse.
    I disliked her in the beginning, but that's just downright cruel and disgusting.

  • GothicAlpha YT
    GothicAlpha YT 2 days ago

    The main quote of the video
    "She made it."

  • Natalie Holmes
    Natalie Holmes 2 days ago +1

    f̸u̸c̸k̸ y̸a̸ u̸g̸l̸y̸ f̸a̸c̸e̸

  • Roberta puma
    Roberta puma 2 days ago

    She needs to be locked in a padded room, or a fish tank. Lol

  • Roberta puma
    Roberta puma 2 days ago

    Please do a Daz watches Tom Lehrer songs. Love you.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 2 days ago

    Me, typing in the comments “it’s bell, not bellaaaaaaaa”, he then says it correctly, “ oh, now I have to delete my comment”

  • Eva Allbon
    Eva Allbon 2 days ago

    I think that is is incredibly discusting that she would have a dead octopus and play with it, and even PUT THE POOR THING IN THE BATHTUB! Like wth has this world turned in to...

  • matt stodgell
    matt stodgell 3 days ago

    She dum

  • matt stodgell
    matt stodgell 3 days ago

    Sorry Daz I'm done

  • 08BeepBeep
    08BeepBeep 3 days ago

    everyones joking about it just cos its an octopus. imagine if she did this video with a dead cat or a dog...

  • That_one_shark
    That_one_shark 3 days ago

    Guess who was eating calamari while watching this

  • Kahlan Marty
    Kahlan Marty 4 days ago


  • Faye Webb
    Faye Webb 4 days ago

    When u realise Belle daphine is a pornstar

  • Rod Cottrell
    Rod Cottrell 4 days ago


  • Aerial Hendricks
    Aerial Hendricks 4 days ago

    Honestly she probably f**cks it.

  • Bradan Thomas
    Bradan Thomas 4 days ago

    Going to laugh in 2 years to find out she's actually faking all this and she's normal as fuck she's just doing it for the fame.

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor 5 days ago +2

    When u said about walking down the catwalk doing that silly face I spat all over my screen 😂

  • Kaybears
    Kaybears 5 days ago

    Ya i hate her. Lowkey 1. Thats animal abuse, 2. She is drinking milk like that, 3. CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED! 4. BLEND YA MAKEUP! 5. Lowkey don't just highlight your nose!

  • Xd RorZa
    Xd RorZa 5 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, octopus plays with you

  • K Walsh
    K Walsh 5 days ago +1

    Daz: do men??? Find this??? Sexy???
    I don't know daz.... You tell us

  • Jace Schmidt
    Jace Schmidt 5 days ago

    Welp! I’ll never sleep again!!!!

  • The Noobs Dudes :D
    The Noobs Dudes :D 5 days ago

    I fell bad for the dead octopus

  • Maitlynn Stevens
    Maitlynn Stevens 5 days ago


  • Heather Broussard
    Heather Broussard 5 days ago

    I have several questions and all of them are what the fuck

  • Joshua Poesio
    Joshua Poesio 6 days ago

    | |

  • Fletcher smith
    Fletcher smith 6 days ago

    Yep I'm working for Animal services one day

  • Inês Nunes
    Inês Nunes 6 days ago

    Is selling octopus not common in the uk? Where i am from it is avaiable everywhere

  • Amradye
    Amradye 6 days ago

    Why is no one more concerned with how the octopus died???

  • WhiteWool tries 1,000 subsirbs with no videos

    Hang on.. I’m getting more information. She named it “Timmy”.

  • LetItRain2019
    LetItRain2019 6 days ago

    God she probably REEKS!

  • Michael Pridgen
    Michael Pridgen 6 days ago +4

    She dragged the corpse on a leash! Named it Timmy?!

  • Michael Pridgen
    Michael Pridgen 6 days ago +1

    She... She tried to play Mario Kart... with a dead, rotting octopus... that she bathed with.

    I feel unclean.

  • steph baybiie
    steph baybiie 6 days ago +1


  • The Big Quack
    The Big Quack 6 days ago

    First time I saw belle Delphine: Aww she’s cute and she’s seems like a good artist
    Everything after that: I take it all back begone thot

  • Yes
    Yes 6 days ago


  • Yes
    Yes 6 days ago


  • Kady McVeigh
    Kady McVeigh 6 days ago

    Octodad returns

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 7 days ago

    Belle Delphine: plays with animal corpses
    Everyone: omg so hot be my waifu
    Logan paul: plays with animal corpses

  • Gajeel Redfox
    Gajeel Redfox 7 days ago

    Omg, I don't know who that girl is but she's drawing fairy tail😲😲I love Fairy Tail

  • italex
    italex 7 days ago +1

    Belle Delphine is ahegao in human form

  • Pusheen The best
    Pusheen The best 7 days ago

    Annnndd..... this is a good time to call a priest

    Or the police...I can make so many jokes about this...oh god. Pedophiles bought that bath water and I don’t think that’s a good idea...like what the f- no..NOOOOOOO

  • Ashleigh Connor
    Ashleigh Connor 7 days ago

    I was eating while I watched this and I almost threw up

  • Big Chungus Very big

    That octopus is *FABOOLOUS*

  • AngelPlayz FHOOY
    AngelPlayz FHOOY 7 days ago


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 days ago


  • grace clark
    grace clark 8 days ago