Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel

  • Published on Mar 9, 2017
  • Capsule hotels in Japan are dream come true for budget travellers - particularly in upmarket Ginza in Tokyo.
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Comments • 5 597

  • Thom Petrus
    Thom Petrus 2 years ago +6154

    I’d like to imagine the foot bath is just a decorative fountain with a British bloke in it confusing all the locals.

    • JoelCrafter43
      JoelCrafter43 7 months ago

      @Tenrai Forsythe So that's why sometimes in anime a bunch of people will just get naked in a hot spring as the animators cleverly obscure anything nude.
      I did always find those scenes a little gross...

    • LunchBaggy
      LunchBaggy Year ago +1

      the sign behind says woman only floor maybe thats why

    • Jim Y
      Jim Y Year ago

      its a just emptied out wishing well.

    • うが
      うが Year ago

      It doesn’t say 足湯anywhere do maybe you’re right

  • HamletTwin
    HamletTwin 2 years ago +963

    6:24 Apparently that Lindt cafe is now closed. That'll be the last time a Lindt manager took business advice from a British youtuber living in Japan.

    • Chickens and Gardening
      Chickens and Gardening 2 months ago

      Darn, I'd totally want to visit that café if I ever made it to Japan.

    • atoth62
      atoth62 Year ago +17

      @ABC 123 700 yen for a chocolate cake, obviously.

    • ABC 123
      ABC 123 Year ago +3

      Why what's the reason

    • Mihnea Suditu
      Mihnea Suditu 2 years ago +8

      So what kind of store is there now?

  • Marco Cassone
    Marco Cassone 2 years ago +916

    “Ugh this kit kat is gross.” Proceeds to eat enough to make him sick. Relatable.

    • JamesMichaelDoyle
      JamesMichaelDoyle 6 months ago

      he spent good money on it. cant toss it in the bin.

    • AllHailOreo
      AllHailOreo Year ago +3

      You would waste the food because you don't like it though?

    • OcarinaHero
      OcarinaHero Year ago +20

      Nuclease-free Man Yeah... You’re right. I apologize for my hostility... Also The fact that I literally just recovered from sickness due to eating way to much Nachos. Pretty Ironic and American Move of Me.

    • Apis mellifera
      Apis mellifera Year ago +4

      OcarinaHero makes my eyes water

    • Apis mellifera
      Apis mellifera Year ago +15

      OcarinaHero dude of course I know that guy is a Brit. But can anyone say against the fact that proceeding to eat enough to make oneself sick is a typical American move? Lol

  • F G
    F G 2 years ago +4523

    Me when the video starts: "drinking *cowpiss*"
    Me, later: Oh... *Calpis*

    • Lmnop Xyz
      Lmnop Xyz 7 months ago

      Me too! Lol

    • drabnail777
      drabnail777 11 months ago

      Milk isnt less dirty. than cowpiss. Go vegan.

    • Bangkit
      Bangkit Year ago

      British accent for ya

    • King Connie Bonnie
      King Connie Bonnie Year ago

      I thought he was talking about milk and calling it “cow piss”

  • Jamjam
    Jamjam 5 years ago +3597

    I just wish every airport have capsule hotel so I can get some sleep during layover...

    • zerstorer335
      zerstorer335 5 months ago

      I think that’s probably where capsule hotels would have the best chances in the US. Whether it’s for resting during a layover, having a place to spend the night before an early flight, or having a place to sleep before continuing in your travels after your plane gets in at midnight, I think that the fact people are just looking for a secure place to sleep, not a room to relax in, could be a selling point at airports.

    • El iconico
      El iconico 10 months ago

      Fuck yeah

    • DiddleMeSoft
      DiddleMeSoft 11 months ago

      Stayed in one at Munich.

    • artisticscientist
      artisticscientist Year ago +1

      Amen lol

    • Abdullah Khan
      Abdullah Khan Year ago +1

      I wish my university had them too

  • Superior Sand
    Superior Sand 3 years ago +4425

    The way he ate that KitKat was inexcusable

    • Lovable Luke
      Lovable Luke 10 months ago

      @Resin Creations p

    • Scoobay
      Scoobay 10 months ago

      I used to break them when I was a child. Then I grew up and I swallow them whole like a man.

    • Superior Sand
      Superior Sand Year ago

      @Hyuga Gray says the dude replying to a 2 year old comment

  • Crawler
    Crawler 2 years ago +1511

    ". . . and to wash it down, I got some Calpis."
    I'm not the only one who thought he said cowpiss, right???

  • muppetminer
    muppetminer 2 years ago +2505

    He... He... He didn't break the KitKat...

    • Emil D. Sarja
      Emil D. Sarja Month ago

      I never break the KitKat… the FBI are after me

    • hErEcOmEsKeFkA
      hErEcOmEsKeFkA 9 months ago

      That monster 🤣

    • Jay Zuma
      Jay Zuma 9 months ago

      He didnt? 😦

    • Ateks
      Ateks 10 months ago

      I don’t I just eat it like bc it doesn’t make a mess on your hands

  • Christopher T.
    Christopher T. 2 years ago +428

    Are you certain that "footbath" is not just a water feature in front of the hotel? Perhaps they are staring because there is a foreigner in the fountain imagining he's in a footbath...

    • Kloe Stone
      Kloe Stone Year ago +2

      @redorange he certainly does

    • redorange
      redorange Year ago +13

      I'd think he understands Japanese.

    • Dreah
      Dreah 2 years ago +49

      That would be hilarious but I've seen another TheXvidr visit that exact hotel and it's for sure a foot bath

    • Zestiest Zest
      Zestiest Zest 2 years ago +110

      there's a small sign only seen in one of the camera angles somewhere around the footbath featuring two people sitting on the edge, with feet in the water

  • Zachary Rosch
    Zachary Rosch 2 years ago +7

    I love the idea of a capsule hotel. When I go on a trip I spend very little time at the hotel because I am out seeing the sights as late as I can. So I love that the Capsule Hotel is not for those wanting to "take it easy". I can watch TV at home. I just want a place to sleep. that's it. end of story.

  • Theodore Payne
    Theodore Payne 2 years ago +151

    I remember watching this year's ago. Now I'm in a capsule as I watch this video.

  • Asianhaxor
    Asianhaxor 2 years ago +44

    I went to this exact capsule hotel right after my flight and it was an amazing experience. 10/10 japan is a beautiful country

    • Sioax Aeriken
      Sioax Aeriken 2 years ago +7

      @Bryan Hui It looks like their is insulation around. Japanese people literally don't have vocal phone conversations in a train because it's deemed disruptive to others and disrespectful. I doubt you are going to have noise problems there.

    • Justin Reimer
      Justin Reimer 2 years ago

      @Bryan Hui Id imagine to some degree it is

    • Bryan Hui
      Bryan Hui 2 years ago +2

      is it loud in a capsule hotel? can you actually sleep ?

  • RyderTheGamer05
    RyderTheGamer05 Month ago +1

    I always love the editing of these videos, even the ones from only a few years ago looks like it would’ve been made today.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 3 years ago +1490

    You can't have skewered food in Britain because skewers are some of the deadliest weapons. You're probably on a watchlist just for mentioning the idea.

    • Chickens and Gardening
      Chickens and Gardening 2 months ago

      Not even in Asian restaurants? In the U.S., skewers are a pretty standard appetizer in many if not most Thai and Chinese restaurants. Also, Greek restaurants offer their version of skewers -- beef, tomatoes, onions, etc. -- over rice or pasta. Yum.

    • Just another Hank Hill Account
      Just another Hank Hill Account 2 years ago

      I live in the United States of America
      Throwing all that tea in the harbor was 100% worth it

    • Jordan Welsh
      Jordan Welsh 2 years ago

      @niino Huh, weird. Lucky though haha.

    • niino
      niino 2 years ago

      @Jordan Welsh Carry-On. But as I said, we never got in trouble for this before.

    • Jordan Welsh
      Jordan Welsh 2 years ago

      @niino Was it in a carry-on or checked luggage? One of my family members always forgets to take her pocket knifes out of her purse before leaving on a plane, and has probably been stopped at least 3 times by TSA for it. That's in Seattle, so I'm not surprised Japan did the same. It's a shame of course though lol.

  • Jannicke
    Jannicke Year ago +8

    This was the first video I saw on this channel, and my reaction was lukewarm at best. Who was this not overly enthusiastic Brit, absolutely looking like he needed a good night's sleep? But for some reason I watched another video, and another.... And now I need my daily Abroad in Japan fix. :) Chris, you are solid gold! Keep up the good work

  • H. Cheung
    H. Cheung Year ago +2

    When I visited Japan last year, I spent two nights in capsule hotels in Osaka and Kyoto. I think both were chains, and they were pretty good. Definitely value for money

  • M1N1G1RL007 H
    M1N1G1RL007 H 2 years ago +18

    Midway through Chris video I went on eBay and checked prices on Wasabi Kit Kats, WOW expensive!!!! Then continued watching Chris do his tasty review on them...Thank goodness I didnt order that crap lol

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 2 years ago +90

    I’m certain this is how college dorms are gonna work soon.

    • Mark Henley
      Mark Henley  Year ago +6

      You'd have some idiots playing loud music at 1 A.M and not letting anyone sleep then.

    • アカリ 707Bangtan 진
      アカリ 707Bangtan 진 Year ago +5

      As long as we don’t got those loudass college girls and dudes, this could work

  • mikan
    mikan 2 years ago +51

    "Tori means chicken. Gin means ... gin." that got me laughing so hard-

  • MaxTheMaximumGamer
    MaxTheMaximumGamer 2 years ago +48

    This is what the TheXvid algorithm thought I should watch today. And yeah, I'm left wondering why we don't have capsule hotels everywhere. This is legit.
    Oh and yeah, wasabi and chocolate. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Artifex 2.0
      Artifex 2.0 Year ago +1

      @budomino you can open it, and everywhere becomes a cremation when it catches fire

    • budomino
      budomino 2 years ago +1

      the simple answer is that it becomes a literal cremation casket if the place catches fire while you're asleep

  • Miyo Hijiriido
    Miyo Hijiriido 2 years ago +278

    I legit thought he was saying “cow piss” and thought it was his way of saying milk.

  • Taikutsu
    Taikutsu 2 years ago +163

    That KitKat was bad because you ate it without breaking it

  • TraumaPack
    TraumaPack 5 years ago +2404

    I've been wondering; who's the mystery cameraman following you? Did you pay/kidnap/seduce a random person? Was he threatened with marmite? More importantly, did both of you share a capsule? Who was the big spoon?

    • John Kennedy
      John Kennedy 3 years ago +1

      No men one floor women another. Listen.

    • John Kennedy
      John Kennedy 3 years ago

      The manager gave him use of the 2nd Tatami capsule for free.

    • Walrq
      Walrq 5 years ago +2


    • pulseR
      pulseR 5 years ago +3

      why did i only realise this??

    • Numian
      Numian 5 years ago +7

      It's his sister, don't you see the resemblance?

  • Andel Skaar
    Andel Skaar 3 years ago

    This is just awesome, you are promoting eastern culture and helping tourists at the same time :)
    Cheers !

  • Tarou Smith
    Tarou Smith 3 years ago +2

    I would recommend "doya" business hotels in the San'ya area of Tokyo and in the Nishinari ward of Osaka. These places offer cheap tiny rooms for day contract workers, but a lot of them have been converted into backpacker hotels nowadays. Though they are not nearly as clean as this capsule hotel, you can get an actual private room for the same or even lower prices. Prices vary a lot, but I think you can enjoy a decent stay if you pay around 3000 yen per night.

  • OverLorD 83n
    OverLorD 83n 2 years ago +146

    The capsule room reminds me of Kamino from Star Wars where the clones sleep

    • Nico Angelo Bado
      Nico Angelo Bado Year ago +1

      Probably inspired given that capsule hotels are old in Japan and truly maximizes limited space for clones in Kamino.

    • Goblin Greaser
      Goblin Greaser Year ago

      I used to own kamini moon

    • Mihnea Suditu
      Mihnea Suditu 2 years ago

      Bruh true

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky 2 years ago +1

    Just curious, could you include some of the local laws in Japan. This is important as I don't want to get into international problems for breaking a law I was not aware of. Not INTENDING to break a law, but want to be courteous to the country. Texas laws are much different than overseas laws. Thanks

  • spiker731
    spiker731 3 years ago +2

    I'll be in Japan from March 19 till April 8th, and I'm staying in this exact capsule hotel, thanks to you :)

  • Jesse O.
    Jesse O. 2 years ago +5

    2:51 I stayed at Kick Ass Hostel in Edinburgh and they have sleeping capsules very similar to these! So I guess it does work in the UK :)

  • jerry meehan jr
    jerry meehan jr 2 years ago

    I found your video in trending i think 2 weeks ago? and have watched so many quarantined here in Ny. I absolutely love watching videos about Japan and this is probably the most satisfying channel around. You nail down the vlog style but also that bbc channel travel show vibe as well. love it big fan now

  • Wessley
    Wessley 2 years ago +524

    The true experience of being trapped inside a poke ball

    • Armor Bearer
      Armor Bearer 11 months ago

      @TheDeathmail You are right. They have better beds than their trainers!

    • Survivor
      Survivor Year ago

      So it's much better than expected.

    • UrMad
      UrMad Year ago

      @Ginko Wave so what was the reason to mention it?

    • Ginko Wave
      Ginko Wave Year ago

      @UrMad Never said anyone was arguing with that

    • UrMad
      UrMad Year ago

      @Ginko Wave no one argued otherwise.

  • TheStrickland94
    TheStrickland94 3 years ago +354

    I think a capsule hotel in London would be a great hostel alternative.

  • digilotl
    digilotl 2 years ago

    I really do admire the capsule hotel for it's convenient design!

  • Molly LeBlanc
    Molly LeBlanc 2 years ago +86

    Anybody else get to the foot bath part and realize he’s at the same capsule hotel Safiya Nygaard reviewed?

    • Shannon Gerry
      Shannon Gerry 8 months ago

      Yep, exactly at the foot bath part.

    • Stacey Caryl
      Stacey Caryl Year ago +1

      Yes!!!! Omg

    • stine hald
      stine hald Year ago +1

      yes same haha

    • Otaku225
      Otaku225 Year ago +4

      My thoughts exactly I watched her video and thought “that’s the one Chris went to wasn’t it?”

    • KAnimation
      KAnimation Year ago +2

      I thought it looked familiar while he was walking around the hotel, the foot bath confirmed my suspicions haha

  • MrCanadianAviator
    MrCanadianAviator 2 years ago +1

    I'd love to try a capsule hotel if I went to japan, but being 6'4", I'm concerned they might be a bit small for me.

    • FlyingTritons
      FlyingTritons Year ago

      @Sorcha Sorley Might be the camera lens though. 24mm and below make ambients seem quite bigger.

  • busyfatbee
    busyfatbee 2 years ago

    Oh my! This is the hotel next to the hotel I had stayed at the last few times I visited Tokyo! I always wondered what's up with the foot bath at the entrance lol had no idea it's a capsule hotel. It looks much better than I thought it would be.

  • pat
    pat 3 years ago +3

    A capsule hotel looks amazing, but I am afraid that I would feel too claustrophobic in there 😂😅

  • Frostyblade 88
    Frostyblade 88 Year ago

    This was awesome, I'm very glad persona 5 Royal has made me some what familiar with the layout of Ginza and the surrounding area as it makes it feel like I've been there

  • Rachel Goodkind
    Rachel Goodkind Year ago

    Thanks for your entertaining videos. If you go to NYC, check out a hotel called The Jane, It was built for sea men for an inexpensive place to stay. The rooms are larger than the capsules, but still quite small and compact. There is a small tv attached to the wall, shared bathrooms with toilets and showers. The hotel is way away from Times Square, about 8-10 blocks from Union Square. Better to stay there than in a crowded Hostel, but there can still be noise from your neighbors. I visited Japan years ago but have not been back since. I love that they take shoes off at the door, respect their elders, use futons, minimize
    posessions/clutter, and eat tofu...

  • chdreturns
    chdreturns Year ago

    You can find Wasabi Kit Kats in Richmond, Virginia too. They are friggin awesome. Of course we happen to have a Japanese Import Food Shop whose owner stocks whatever she can get so they aren't always in stock. Doesn't help the fact that the Kit Kats sell out almost soon as they are stocked.
    We also have a capsule hotel called Sleepbox at Virginia's main airport Dulles International. Virginia is a bit of an oddity compared to other states with the exception of Americas wang (Florida)... But that place is just crazy.

  • Bun800
    Bun800 3 years ago

    I always thought the capsules were wayyy smaller. Glad to know they're actually pretty neat!

  • Torencresent
    Torencresent Year ago

    Around this same time period of the video, I stayed at a hostel fairly close to Akiba. Came with dinner, all the amenities, and for about 10 bucks extra, I had a private room. In total cost me about 31 euro after conversion. I always considered capsule hotels, but hostels, and Airbnb seemed to beat it out 9/10 times in price and such. I guess the best thing these can offer is location. even that doesnt really matter in Tokyo at least in my experience. Still cool though. I guess perfect if you didnt really plan ahead.

  • Smithereens
    Smithereens 3 years ago

    I stayed at the Nine Hours capsule hotel in Kyoto on my very first night in Japan and it was glorious.

    JJ_ THE_ANTISOCIAL 3 years ago

    This is the first time I've ever heard of or seen a wasabi kitkat and I'm terrified and seeing the way it was eaten made me even more scared💀

  • Catography
    Catography 4 years ago +1431

    "These are awful" *Proceeds to eat all of them* I'm with you there, bud.

  • dr. k
    dr. k Year ago

    I don't know how I ended up here at 3 am in but love your vlogs.. Japan is my favorite country ❤👌

  • Data.
    Data. 2 years ago +1378

    Terraria NPC's houses:

    • NiallCHQPlayz
      NiallCHQPlayz Year ago

      Finally a Terraria comment

    • Pekka Hmar
      Pekka Hmar Year ago +1

      Eh em shoeboxes

    • Tide Bleach
      Tide Bleach 2 years ago +5

      nah terraria NPC houses are far bigger. The fussy asses require at least 30 feet of space!
      just build 'em ten feet tall and 3 feet wide tho eh?

    • Sloth
      Sloth 2 years ago

      No it’s one step walk space and very high

    • colton421
      colton421 2 years ago +1

      Exaclty how I build my houses for NPCs 😂😂

  • cominatrix
    cominatrix 2 years ago

    oh my god i think i know exactly which capsule hotel youre at! my friend stayed there on our last day before we had to come home after teaching. my go-to was muromachi in nihombashi. i adore that place. simple but lovely. we always like, lived off of combini lol! that and coffee as we walked all over tokyo. i really miss it from time to time. there are some things that are uniquely japan.

  • Wonka
    Wonka 2 years ago +5

    More room than i had on a navy ship lol cool idea wish they’d bring it to the USA and we could have them for the homeless

    NARUdaARC 5 years ago +58

    Actually 3,500円 is not really cheap (if you're on tight budget), you could stay at backpacker's lodge or budget business hotel for much less via online reservations. But then again Capsule Hotel is quite a unique experience to try at least once.

    • DogaTv
      DogaTv 5 years ago +7

      Actually, that is pretty cheap. Cheapest you will find is hostels for about 1500-3000 yen. And they are gonna be pretty crappy. I usually stay in the CHEAPEST possible, so I go with the cheap hostels. But if you want a safer, cleaner, and more relaxing stay... then the capsule hotel wouldn't be bad.

    • Princess Jello
      Princess Jello 5 years ago +11

      NARUdaARC also its ginza... that's like staying on 5th ave new york

    • Bre
      Bre 5 years ago

      even the dinner he got was pretty cheap

    • Amazing Andy
      Amazing Andy 5 years ago +5

      yeah i think 3500 yen is about as cheap as you can find anywhere in japan. even crappy hotels like APA is more like 8000 yen a night

    • valerielugokp
      valerielugokp 5 years ago +1

      NARUdaARC Less than $35 aprox? Is that possible? What?

  • Sybato
    Sybato Year ago +2

    You can tell if someone's new to the channel based on how they react to Chris eating a KitKat

  • Quokkakola
    Quokkakola Year ago +6

    Anytime Chris says “cow piss” is an automatic like from me.

  • Eggs is eggs
    Eggs is eggs 2 years ago +3

    The real alternative to a hotel isn't a capsule hotel, it's an internet cafe.

  • Darth Imperious
    Darth Imperious 2 years ago

    The irony, is that after being in the Navy, the accommodations on board an aircraft carrier, make this capsule hotel seem luxurious by comparison. There's so much room!

  • Solar Kitty
    Solar Kitty 2 years ago +42

    This is the same Hotel that Safiya Nygaard stayed at in her video of Japan. I just noticed, I knew it looked familiar.

    • Szymon Runowski
      Szymon Runowski 2 years ago +7

      i’ve just noticed that because of the foot bath in front

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix

    I wish Chris put links in the description more often. Like with the kind sweet shop lady in his journey across Japan that gave him and his crew sweets. It's not like I am probably gonna visit, but it's good to know where a foreigner can be welcomed.

  • Namida Greece
    Namida Greece 2 years ago

    My capsule hotel experience. l stayed in two capaules, one in Cobe and one in Tokyo. The one in Kobe was about 30 euros, but l had it reserved about a month before for 17. It was perfect. Pjs, shaving blade, toothbrush and paste everything free + very clean and specious capsules, big TV etc.
    The one in Tokyo (20minutes walk from station) was forgotten by time. It gave an old 80s vibe but in a bad way. About 22 euros - the most expensive. The one l slept in was sideways! so l had to climb and manuver in order to get in.
    When it comes to hostels the ones in Japan (l stayed in 5 different ones Akb, Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku) are like capsule hotels too. Two of them had the same layout as a capsoule hotel, while the other that had two stories beds had curtains all around, making each bed private. the prices between 13/night to 18/night

  • miu
    miu 7 months ago +1

    i rly wanna travel in japan, or if i ever get a chance id love to live there for a year.

  • Koko
    Koko 4 years ago +6023

    Chris eats Kit Kats by chomping down on them without separating the bars. I knew he was a dangerous sociopath.

    • Serenisma
      Serenisma 2 years ago

      Cannons2Da LeftOfThem Yes, please call the police as soon as possible before the situation degenerates and he buys another kitkat

    • KïNG
      KïNG 2 years ago

      A Level 100 Riften Thief ya but i see something wrong in u lol✌🏻

    • Bestie_Jessie
      Bestie_Jessie 2 years ago

      I do that too :)

    • 22-Narendra Putra
      22-Narendra Putra 2 years ago

      Ah delectable

  • Patrick P.
    Patrick P. 2 years ago +1

    This time in Japan: "Capsule Hotels" or
    "How to become a cat - Thecardboardbox - Simulator"
    Your Videos are informative and entertaining, simply great, thank you for sharing 😄👍

  • Toño
    Toño 2 years ago +2

    I’d live their. That’s looks spacious. And a locker for my stuff. A built in tv and alarm. I must be living the life of a king!

  • faboo2001
    faboo2001 3 years ago +3

    Oh wow, I actually stayed in this exact same capsule hotel! Definitely recommend it.

  • trulymadly
    trulymadly 2 years ago

    Got so excited when you stopped to eat at Torigin. We’ve been going there for years,; every visit to Japan since the 70’s. I love their yakitori and kamameshi! Another entertaining video, Chris!

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 2 years ago

      i am not the only one getting this recommended years after, good. i was worried.

  • Professor Detective [Archived]

    We really need some of these in the US. Cheap yet not disgusting hotels are surprisingly rare.

    • Peter C
      Peter C 3 years ago +1

      i approve of this comment.

    • taiyona tiare
      taiyona tiare 3 years ago +2

      I thinks its also a case of whether the people care enough to look after it. I feel like most people would just trash it or be loud and inconsiderate of others around them to the point where people wouldnt want to go to them.

    • cgottschify
      cgottschify 3 years ago +2

      Seriously. I love taking the train to San Fran for the night but the last train out is pretty early, it's nerve wracking to mind. Would love to be able to rent a bed late at night just in case id miss it!

  • yttrium
    yttrium 2 years ago

    It just blows my mind what y'all have over there in that half of the world. High-speed trains, capsule hotels like that, tiny countries, huge countries, strange food, street markets, castles, ancient history... I'm jealous. We just have cowboys and bald eagles over here.

  • CS Highlights
    CS Highlights Year ago

    My favorite is the "Calpis" that sounds very tasty. I can guess the flavor just by the name its probably sour with a hint of saltiness.

  • ash
    ash 2 years ago +1

    just me or do the capsules seem like actually decently cool. i was skeptical until he showed the TV and the alarm. Pretty cool

    • Tappajaav
      Tappajaav 2 years ago

      It really is great idea and I wish these were available in one form or another everywhere across the world.

  • Peter Nordquist
    Peter Nordquist 3 years ago

    Just stumbled on to your videos the other day as I am researching a visit to Japan. I have subscribed to your channel. You crack me up! Will keep watching.

  • elireloaded
    elireloaded 4 years ago +660

    They need these in airports

    • The Noisy Spectator
      The Noisy Spectator 3 years ago

      THANK YOU!!!
      I could not _believe_ *I* was the only one who would think of that!
      (Everyone, these are not found in American airports).

    • Jeff Hanson
      Jeff Hanson 3 years ago +2

      Right?! I got delayed half a day last week during layover, then got cancelled. I'm thinking all I want is a little space to get a nap or stay in overnight to get an early flight out. Last thing I wanted was to deal with getting a hotel, getting airline to pay for it, then have to go through security again. I could have just booked flight tomorrow online, got a cube for 30 bucks or so in a terminal to get some rest. Don't need much to get through one night or day. Anyone have the money to invest in this in US?!

    • BabyEater126
      BabyEater126 3 years ago +2

      We need these in train stations.

    • kacperkrakowski
      kacperkrakowski 3 years ago

      ¿Do Geese See God? Yotel?

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    0:26 he is drinking from a disposable cup on the streets as someone that used to live in Tokyo I know that drinking or eating on the streets is considered rude because they REALLY hate littering your supposed to eat or drink it in front of wherever you bought it from.

    • Night Star
      Night Star 2 years ago +1

      Tbf he is just standing, like the video he made before he stated about mainly not to walk and eat/drink 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Егор Красюков
      Егор Красюков 2 years ago +1

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  • Suzanne Den Hoedt
    Suzanne Den Hoedt 8 months ago

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    Recently I've only gotten these capsule videos and 'why you shouldn't move to Japan' videos recommend to me. YT knows I wanna study in Japan for uni °=°.
    *ALSO* do a video reacting to Grime music's and other parts of modern London culture.

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  • Yoshii
    Yoshii Year ago

    I think that one of the main reasons that capsule hotels wouldn't work in other areas of the world is simple: hygiene. While people are not the cleanest creatures regardless of where you go, Japan seems to place a much higher value towards appearance, which tends to bleed into clothing and personal care choices. Imagine having some kind of roadside or downtown capsule hotel in something like London or Manchester. In my case, imagine having a capsule hotel in NYC, Sacramento, or Kentucky. People are filthy, discourteous, and openly combative or blunt compared to most of what I've seen from Japan, not to mention illogical.
    I'm not saying that it couldn't work outside of Japan, but it would be viable in very few areas.

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    • S0l0Poly
      S0l0Poly 2 years ago +1

      The sign says from 3500, so maybe he stayed on a weekend or holiday season. The tax is 8%, will be 10 from October. Hope you enjoy japan!

  • snowangelnc
    snowangelnc 3 years ago

    In Singapore I stayed at Galaxy Pods. It looked like their plan was to take the basic concept, design the capsules to look as cool as possible, and then market them to tourists. They did a good job.