TheOdd1sOut Accepted My Chess Boxing Challenge

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Time for me to man up.
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Comments • 4 536

  • Killerbrin
    Killerbrin 2 days ago

    If you win James does poop him self video

  • hey i’m a weeb and a kpop stan シ

    hi Alex I know you were made by pIzZa from outer space 😂

  • Clark Ellebracht
    Clark Ellebracht 7 days ago

    im subed

  • Clark Ellebracht
    Clark Ellebracht 7 days ago

    im subing

  • Nathan Rene
    Nathan Rene 22 days ago

    James wins

  • Nathan Rene
    Nathan Rene 22 days ago

    I think James lingerie Island the calm and I saw James 1 so James 1

  • The1LifeKill
    The1LifeKill 23 days ago +1


  • Stories of Gachaverse
    Stories of Gachaverse 24 days ago

    im on team james sry

  • Opcoolkid 09
    Opcoolkid 09 26 days ago

    Where is the vid

  • Soapy’s Dream
    Soapy’s Dream Month ago

    When a kid punches The Odds1sout

  • Egg Man
    Egg Man Month ago


  • ChazYour Lad
    ChazYour Lad Month ago +2

    *Only if something interesting happens*
    *P U N C H*

  • Mohamed Maher
    Mohamed Maher Month ago

    stop already make the video and also I love you videos

  • Prince SJ
    Prince SJ Month ago

    James got punched in the face by a kid.....the fu-

  • Leticia Arroyo
    Leticia Arroyo Month ago


  • Sophora Temple
    Sophora Temple Month ago

    He challenged you way before you challenged him

  • Snow does Gacha
    Snow does Gacha Month ago

    Does anyone know whenever they’re going to do it?

  • afshan roohi
    afshan roohi Month ago

    Hey I want fire s'mores and chocolate and the chocolate just chocolate and marshmallows to but no graham crackers

  • ThatBoi_ Tristan
    ThatBoi_ Tristan Month ago


  • Andy Sun
    Andy Sun Month ago


  • Rodriguezniko Cordero
    Rodriguezniko Cordero 2 months ago

    Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james Team james

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that TheOdd1'sOut won the match

  • Lolbitey - Fnaf
    Lolbitey - Fnaf 2 months ago +1

    James is gonna win

  • Ioiki :3
    Ioiki :3 2 months ago +1

    Alex Clark: If you bring the fire I'll bring the chocolate and graham crackers..
    TheOdd1sOut: But who's gunna be the Marshmallow?.. :o
    *Oh noes*

  • Emenet Ameha
    Emenet Ameha 2 months ago

    I cant wait for the match tomorrow ! Its going to be epic !

  • GreatSea Gaming
    GreatSea Gaming 2 months ago

    Team James

  • The Mobile Minecraft Veteran

    aww... I wish it was hot dog bmx.

  • Cyndaquil Gameing
    Cyndaquil Gameing 2 months ago

    Fight Kermit and elmo at are you super cereal

    THATGIRLSHARNI 2 months ago +1

    Marshmallow vs Spiky Marshmallow

  • John Patrick Martir Buenafe

    Alex Clark sucks

  • Cenzorship
    Cenzorship 2 months ago

    A low quality firework logo has less subs then a marshmellow?

  • jpillas07
    jpillas07 2 months ago +2

    Wait, is this a joke?

  • Sir Garden
    Sir Garden 2 months ago


  • Voltron Defender
    Voltron Defender 3 months ago

    Public the vid on youtube plz

  • Royce Kosanke
    Royce Kosanke 3 months ago

    Me to

  • Herv Soldier VG official

    Alex u suck
    James is gonna win
    Besides james has 11M Subs
    And what do u have?
    Just 4m
    Get ready alex because ur 4m is gonna go down to 4 from jameses 11 m pound of subs
    Just forfit because u know ur going down

  • Anton Delva
    Anton Delva 3 months ago

    Sorry Alex

  • Anton Delva
    Anton Delva 3 months ago

    James will win

  • D Jensen
    D Jensen 3 months ago

    I challenge you to chest boxing.

  • LongJohn Zmoney
    LongJohn Zmoney 3 months ago

    Someone needs to record this and post it on TheXvid

  • Tanmay Singh
    Tanmay Singh 3 months ago +2

    The announcer guy in the challenge video was right this will be the most hilarious boxing 🥊 match in chess ♟ history

  • Borises Plush adventures

    I'm with james

  • kayla bosman
    kayla bosman 3 months ago

    I dont know who'll win, i just know that we ate in f0r obe hevk of a beatdown

  • TheIrishMessiah
    TheIrishMessiah 3 months ago

    Chess boxing? Wtf, are you too scared to fight?

  • stupid pig
    stupid pig 3 months ago

    where will it be?

  • tricksker friend
    tricksker friend 3 months ago

    Dislike this my comment

  • FOAM
    FOAM 3 months ago +1

    Ah, seems that Alex may be a chicken

  • Graciela Garcia
    Graciela Garcia 3 months ago

    Ya the odd 1 is out yaaaa

  • Gabriel Calderon
    Gabriel Calderon 4 months ago +1

    In case of you and James need help learning how to play chess, I can help, I’v player for chess for 4 years and can explain Chess to you guys

  • Dumb Wack
    Dumb Wack 4 months ago


  • Happy Doggo
    Happy Doggo 4 months ago

    JAMES LET'S GO!!!!!!!

  • Bec Lennon
    Bec Lennon 4 months ago

    Go odd1sout

  • Marcel 0001
    Marcel 0001 4 months ago

    Did u win?

  • Gaming Unicorns
    Gaming Unicorns 4 months ago

    Is it to late to try and get the tablet XD

  • Mobb Central
    Mobb Central 4 months ago


  • Oober Noober
    Oober Noober 4 months ago

    Is it weird im watching this while working out at home

  • Suzy Anderson
    Suzy Anderson 4 months ago

    It 666

  • Hal Greer
    Hal Greer 4 months ago

    Go odd1sout go odd1sout yay

  • Yellow Tiger Animations

    you suck

  • Maciel Hernandez
    Maciel Hernandez 5 months ago

    alex clark