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  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Narrator ► DamienLeeVoice
  • ComedyComedy

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  • FireBird20613
    FireBird20613 Month ago +2146

    9:41 that's my office

  • Watermelon Bird
    Watermelon Bird 20 minutes ago

    1:31 I'm on youtube YAY!

  • Luis Perez1128
    Luis Perez1128 Hour ago

    4:00 oh I guess no more rewinding time

  • Brayden Lobsien
    Brayden Lobsien 3 hours ago

    9:07 give ... me ...catnip!!!

  • Brayden Lobsien
    Brayden Lobsien 3 hours ago

    8:02 I'm playing on my switch how about you

  • berzerker dude 65
    berzerker dude 65 5 hours ago

    5:11 wen the engineer says don't teleport bread 🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero 5 hours ago

    *someone walks into the owo office* all the furries and anime girls: welcome home, owo

  • roblox i playz
    roblox i playz 6 hours ago

    The golden knight with the anime girls is trapped like to help him

  • Mr.Mcdonalds
    Mr.Mcdonalds 7 hours ago

    7:32 Experience Lung Disease

  • I Open The present
    I Open The present 8 hours ago +1

    His wheezing is the best...

  • James Medel
    James Medel 11 hours ago

    Watto fuck

  • Epic Nae Nae Style
    Epic Nae Nae Style 14 hours ago

    "I love your nuts" - Damien, 2019

  • Emmy Lé Wolf
    Emmy Lé Wolf 16 hours ago

    I refuse to allow half'n half to go to jail, icy hot is most of the can come favorite character for a reason

  • Odin Espiritu
    Odin Espiritu 17 hours ago

    Omg this guy doesn’t understand game jokes at all!!😣😣😖😩

  • Reloup Mortal
    Reloup Mortal Day ago

    Sans, you're such a watermelon now ya give me a BONEr...

    I'M A LEMON Day ago

    I now want a caesar knife set.

  • Damien Long
    Damien Long Day ago

    My name is damien not kidding

  • Ultra_Ticci T0by
    Ultra_Ticci T0by Day ago +3

    9:15 I would say he reminds me of stan Lee
    RIP Stan Lee 1like=1prayer

  • Alex Kern JR
    Alex Kern JR Day ago +3

    Waddo in car: * exists*

    Damien: all I could find was a Star Wars character named “waddo”
    Also Damien: “wait I think that is waddo!”

  • cats forever
    cats forever Day ago

    What about the UWU office

  • SilverLeaf-Warriors

    I think the zelda dawn of a new year thing is referring to how many hours of school remain.
    I *THINK*

  • TheFinestStupidity
    TheFinestStupidity 2 days ago

    *Oh no he a blue*

  • C_Tube_Dude
    C_Tube_Dude 2 days ago

    A lot of time to stop Majora! Better than just 3 days

    People after No Nut November:

  • Some Doofus
    Some Doofus 2 days ago

    You expected a good comment, but it was I, Dio!

  • Parqer Fred
    Parqer Fred 2 days ago

    0:42 thats a stealing from the shop reference

  • FrstSpctr88
    FrstSpctr88 3 days ago

    Well, the crocodile thing, without the hair and all scaly, there used to be species of croc that had longer legs, which made them better on ground movement. But they've been extinct before humans evolved.

  • Connor McClure
    Connor McClure 3 days ago


  • Multishock 5
    Multishock 5 3 days ago

    6:05 The Spy

  • Devon Skinner
    Devon Skinner 3 days ago

    Ouch lol i live in wyoming😂😂😂😂 11:20

  • Third Jaruda
    Third Jaruda 3 days ago

    that cat on top of the door is batman! look at the shadow.

  • Pepsi Shibe
    Pepsi Shibe 4 days ago

    Moss from it crowd

  • Elizabeth Egli
    Elizabeth Egli 4 days ago


  • spaztastic95
    spaztastic95 4 days ago

    4:12 I think they might mean a school year

  • WhY AM i ALiVe?
    WhY AM i ALiVe? 4 days ago +2

    I like how he doesn’t get that in every legend of Zelda game link destroys the pots

  • JaCe Endsley, The Paladin

    I know it's fun and games, but I'm tired of people saying "OwO" is sex-related. "OwO" is a Japanese cat emoji, and using for sexual purposes means your a furry. Just wanted to clear that up.

  • Judy Hein
    Judy Hein 5 days ago

    3:30 *Where's my motherFUCKING FLAME THROWER!?¡¿*

  • gamer dab
    gamer dab 5 days ago

    owo office- ( the insides percent)
    It's over owothousand

  • SwishSwish25
    SwishSwish25 5 days ago +4

    *"hey honey, why does all our fruit taste hard and crunchy?"*

    DEUS VULT 5 days ago

    This has started too good. Well too blursed

  • The one who sucks
    The one who sucks 5 days ago

    I have done nothing but teleport bread for the past 3 days

  • niko
    niko 5 days ago


  • prince of emeralds Wood

    joe mama!

    MSSSII MBAS 5 days ago

    7:09 That's no family tree that's a family stump

  • Kain Williams
    Kain Williams 5 days ago

    YoUre goNna lOve mY nUts

  • Kain Williams
    Kain Williams 5 days ago

    Joe mamA is our god

  • Red Soldiers
    Red Soldiers 5 days ago

    TO MUCh bread? It’s not enough! I am teleporting baguette for spy

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 6 days ago

    Ok not going to lie that cats shadow be looking like killer queen that cat has a stand

  • Bittsy Star
    Bittsy Star 6 days ago


  • Bacon and Ryan
    Bacon and Ryan 7 days ago

    Animatronic Wario
    Animatronic Wario

  • Jay Jay Branton
    Jay Jay Branton 7 days ago

    where's wario?

  • llama gamers playz
    llama gamers playz 7 days ago

    As soon i saw owo office i was like oooooooheeeeell naw i anit turn i to no furry

  • Skitz
    Skitz 7 days ago +1

    12:08 TAKE ME TO THERE

  • Mateusz Lojewski
    Mateusz Lojewski 7 days ago

    Owo in polish means sphere or earth

  • Ida Z
    Ida Z 7 days ago

    One of my teacher's name is Ms. Rape

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 7 days ago

    OWO OFFICE...😏 heh funny.

  • Skull Gaming
    Skull Gaming 7 days ago

    7:16 sans

  • PokEgamer
    PokEgamer 8 days ago

    Actually there is... prepare to be copy striked.
    500,065,600 minutes in a year!

  • finl1520 finl1520
    finl1520 finl1520 8 days ago

    Wato you doing the mans just enjoying his car

  • blocky gamer
    blocky gamer 8 days ago


  • Random Boss
    Random Boss 8 days ago

    *mentions fortnite*
    You have lost a subscriber