Turkey-Syria border: What does Trump's decision mean for the Kurds? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • President Donald Trump has threatened to 'obliterate' the Turkish economy if they do anything 'off limits' in Syria.
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    It means Turkey could launch attacks on the Kurds who have been fundamental in driving ISIS out of the region.
    Can the UK do anything? Emily Maitlis speaks to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.
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Comments • 325

  • Noor Henderson
    Noor Henderson Month ago

    Trump betrayed Kurdish people I’m with Kurdish people. Stay strong Kurdish bothers and sisters one day you will have your own country!! you have my word!!

  • Cengo Bilind
    Cengo Bilind Month ago

    turkey and them collaborator/ proxy murderer isis still attacking (even the ceasefires has been installed) to Kurds in Rojava, which Mr Trump, gave a green light to the mess murderer isis leader erdogan.
    I'm writing here to the American people, please act and stop the genocide that turkey carrying on by the American made weapons, including using chemical weapons on our civilians people... We are the people of Rojava/ enlarger Kurdistan, have fought and defeated the islamic terorrists by help of USA...
    USA can not and should not level themselves with the isis terrorist erdogan...
    Stop state terrorism, and genocides on Kurds!
    Heavy financial and weapons embargo on turkey and them islamic terrorist leader erdogan!
    President Trump has shown his very little understanding of the history and the world current issues.
    He created for himself a messive headache which going to effects his 2020 election...

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Month ago

    Turkey promotes terrorism

  • Les Dillinger
    Les Dillinger Month ago

    God just imagine the amount of money Hillary would be raking in off this...

  • Nurul Fakhri
    Nurul Fakhri Month ago

    Fuck usa

  • John Hickey
    John Hickey Month ago


  • galactic reform
    galactic reform Month ago +2

    I'm turkish and i need to say you can't do that mr.Trump. Because Turkish economy has already been obliterated by your counterpart mr.Erdogan long time ago.

    • Morten R L
      Morten R L Month ago

      That guy is mad.. Feel bad for the young educated people in the cities, who want no part in some random ancient war with the Kurds.

  • David Strong
    David Strong Month ago

    The Duran. Amazing Polly. X22report. Lori Colley, Citizens investigative Report.
    Not the same narrative.

  • bwyou812
    bwyou812 Month ago

    Nothing to worry about, remember Trump claims to know more than the Generals do. Never mind impeachment. Time for congress to apply the 25th amendment. This man is totally unfit for the office of president. He has no more understanding of his actions then a 8th grader.

  • Corey Cole
    Corey Cole Month ago +1

    On global democracy it is said that America has been stained. It's more like a big orange smear!

  • isimyokable
    isimyokable Month ago

    I am sorry but there were also Arabs, Turkmens living in that region not only Kurds. Turkey had enough military power to fight Isid back then but instead USA trained and armed YPG which Turkey defines as terrorist group. For those who thinks Turkey's aim is to kill Kurds please keep in mind that Kurds and Turks lives peacefully in Turkey. I have Kurdish collegues and friends, had classmates. We are against terrorism that threatens our lands which goes back years before even when Erdogan was only a mayor.

  • kiri kanesh
    kiri kanesh Month ago

    The Eyes of West are Open now on Ruthless Turkish Ottomans. Russia & Greece should take out Turkey for the Genocide of Armenian 's Repeat of Genocide on Kurd 's

  • kiri kanesh
    kiri kanesh Month ago

    You will Not get a 2nd term you selfish clown

  • kiri kanesh
    kiri kanesh Month ago

    Stupid Trump You Will pay for this

  • kiri kanesh
    kiri kanesh Month ago

    Trump Should be Impeached for securing his own interests in Turkey by supporting erduvan 😢 Shame on You 😨 Big mouth Trump

  • Changappa Larny
    Changappa Larny Month ago

    Bloody balls!!! Kurds fought the ISIS in syria by the side of US saving American soldiers. now they are being wiped out by Turkey's Erdogan the dickhead. All Trump has to say is rubbish, Dam it send couple of dozen B52 bombers and bomb Turkey to stone age. If you don't do it then write it on the wall this Erdogan will turn his guns on Europe.

  • John Bell
    John Bell Month ago

    I've heard it said that Trump is an ISIS supporter.....can this be true?
    The Kurds are guarding ISIS detention camps and will probably abandon these to help their fellow fighters against the invading Turk troops.
    If this act happens ISIS will reform.....is this a Trump plan?

  • John Culley
    John Culley Month ago

    After World War I Europe and the League of Nations tried to stick the United States with a mandate in Armenia to protect the Armenians from Muslim Turkey. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson made the decision to decline this mandate. President Trump has made the same decision with respect to the Muslim Kurds. Since Turkey is a member of NATO it is NATO's responsibility to decide whether to support the Kurds.

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago


  • Ahmet Eren Çakır
    Ahmet Eren Çakır Month ago

    This Turkish operation is beginning of Israel s end in next 10 years . This is why mainstream western media and saudi backed arabs are barking so loud 🇹🇷🤣

  • Abdul Akram
    Abdul Akram Month ago

    The world's changed and is changing get over it

  • Antonio Brahms
    Antonio Brahms Month ago

    Trump is an ignorant immoral scumbag

  • Dariush Haghighi
    Dariush Haghighi Month ago +2

    Shame on us and England and all European dideit do any to help Kurdish people

  • barrie Williams
    barrie Williams Month ago +1

    The guy's BONKERS & he is the president of the most powerful country in the world, what a joke!!

  • lots andlots
    lots andlots Month ago

    God speed to the Kurds vs the Turks, i really hope trump cripple Turkish economy so we can cripple turkey once and for all. Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel should be planning a move soon its a perfect mix

  • Costas Costas
    Costas Costas Month ago

    ISIS IS THE USA With out ISIS USA is loosing money plus the two hotels it smells shit.

  • Costas Costas
    Costas Costas Month ago

    Trump will only kiss ass.

  • George Frank
    George Frank Month ago

    Again false news, says deferent than the other news.

  • Constantin Valdor
    Constantin Valdor Month ago

    Turkey are our original ally. We knew Turkey couldn't live next to a powerful kurdish empire. Before we started arming the Kurds.

  • Prepped Combat and survival

    I have met many Kurdish people and always found them to be good people we should be supporting them they could be the force to stabilise the Middle East our governments should support them and fuck turkeys economy up

  • Isac Slahcup
    Isac Slahcup Month ago

    Turks support isis terrorists, but the retarded West fails to see this. Trump you moron, you screwed up big time.

  • Mustafa Saber
    Mustafa Saber Month ago +1

    It is our fault, we do not learn from our mistakes. Our so-called allies keep betraying us and we keep trusting them time after time. We have been betrayed by Great Britain and US, who is next? Russia?
    May God help our brothers in Rojava.

    • Terry Thomas
      Terry Thomas Month ago

      Land of song said the warrior bard, though all the world betrays thee.

  • Judi Lutzwoods
    Judi Lutzwoods Month ago +4

    Don con betrayed our allies, the Kurds who fought for us....setting them up for slaughter..IMPEACH this immoral person

  • On Taka
    On Taka Month ago +6

    Trump's Great and Unmatched Widom:
    Turkey, invade Northern Syria, massacre the Kurds, release ISIS suspects from the prison camps.
    Trump is such a Stable Genius!

    • Ausgang
      Ausgang Day ago

      On Taka well US created isis so maybe US wants to use their dogs again?

  • Aoki Aoki
    Aoki Aoki Month ago

    Trump genocided the Kurds

  • Edward Verda
    Edward Verda Month ago


  • Edward Verda
    Edward Verda Month ago +1


    • Jon Foster
      Jon Foster Month ago

      you really have no clue about geo politics, on one hand you have 2nd strongest military power in nato and on the other hand you have the kurds, i'll let you figure out who the US will choose, oh the trump will make noises about sanctions and will probably enact a few that they know won't do a damn thing to turkey just to save some face but the kurds were only ever a tool to be used and thrown away by the west and Israel once their job was done, and they couldn't get there job done either so bye bye kurds, they chose the path they are on and now they will pay for their betrayal of Syria

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt Month ago

    Bwab bwab bwab ~ Turkey wings for *Trump* Halloween ☝🤣

  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis Month ago

    So, these media folk want a US occupation of Syria whilst they condemned the US invasion of Iraq? They (the media) just jump from one high horse to another.

  • N k
    N k Month ago +16

    Another genocide coming up first it was armenians now innocent kurds. These turks should be sent to hell

    • Jon Foster
      Jon Foster Month ago +1

      innocent kurds? they decided to back stab Syria and take advantage of the weakness created by all the foreign backed terrorist/mercenary forces arrayed against Syria and try and create there own state inside Syria, they chose this path instead of aligning with the only people who would have left them alone once the dust is settled

    • PaK Deville
      PaK Deville Month ago

      yeah also their agenda to send million turks to europe to build turkish enclave

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson Month ago +2

    Switched off when Emily started up

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes Month ago +8

    Don't count on Trump as a good and loyal ally. He has more love for Ptuin and Kim. I wouldn't trust him for the correct time of day.

  • Belial Azul
    Belial Azul Month ago +1

    You twats all demanded Guantanamo be closed so I am looking forward to 70,000 Isis terrorists being freed when Turkey slaughters the Kurds who are guarding them. I so hope they visit all the corrupt media and liberals and European countries who are worried about them. Can't wait, 70,000 new friends

  • Andrew Musgrove
    Andrew Musgrove Month ago

    Okay... England, if you're worried about it... Send your troops into the area & defend the Kurds... You have an army. No!? You don't want your sons dying in Middle Eastern Endless Wars... Imagine my shock!!

    • Sa. Moda
      Sa. Moda Month ago

      Andrew Musgrove you have no idea what are you talking about

  • Johnino1993
    Johnino1993 Month ago +5

    Kurds fighting brave against ISIS!!! USA why you betrayed them and let the turks attack them? Our best wishes and hopes for all kurdish people from Greece. Viva free Kurdistan,viva peace, viva freedom

  • Shamir Mohammed
    Shamir Mohammed Month ago

    Emily really don't allow Syrians to move in to Syrian kurdish areas
    Our priority should be to support turkeys sequrity and return of Syrian refugees and Syria is still one country I hope and try not divide Syria

  • romukas lalaila
    romukas lalaila Month ago +14

    And people are afraid of Russia, when US can invade, support terrorism, then fight the same terrorism and later betray its own allies.

  • Karim Motazedi
    Karim Motazedi Month ago

    The #Zionist boots on the ground.

  • coffeehubby
    coffeehubby Month ago +7

    How many decades do we need to keep our troops there?

    • Terry Thomas
      Terry Thomas Month ago

      @urbanimage The moneylenders, big oil, arms dealers, run this world. All they want us to do , is to keep on killing one another.

    • urbanimage
      urbanimage Month ago

      @Terry Thomas Good for the US arms industry, but the invasion of Iraq was an incompetent blunder.

    • Terry Thomas
      Terry Thomas Month ago

      @urbanimage I agree. I believe that destabilizing the region was whole idea.

    • Idont know Idk
      Idont know Idk Month ago

      coffeehubby stupid Kurds fought against isis okay

    • urbanimage
      urbanimage Month ago +2

      You screwed the region up when you invaded Iraq.

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich Month ago


  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG Month ago

    Sad Trump a Communist this is so un-American shows how much Trump himself not an American.. They tell u so little of the situation and then allow you too know the Russian allies of Turkey going too be allowed too slaughter our american allies that helped us it's a fukin wack job fuk Trump I ain't voting for him now and as a Democrat. Turkey wants too free the Islamics isis captives.

  • Eysan Eymen
    Eysan Eymen Month ago

    Be real you dont need to be that smart to find the answer! USA love the kurds Turks arabs that much??? Or the money??

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +2

    All is fair in love and war; Kurds should release 12K ISIS prisoners in to Turkey. A little trade-off of 20 miles buffer zone that they took from ISIS, lol

    • urbanimage
      urbanimage Month ago

      The Turks would probably re-arm them.

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Month ago +2

    Western Media Propaganda!! Trump you are the man. Make US great again

    • Isac Slahcup
      Isac Slahcup Month ago

      He just screwed up and will not recover.

  • TO NO
    TO NO Month ago +13

    America has once again deserted an ally, just as they did in Vietnam leaving people who sided with America to be slaughtered!!! What a country, what a ‘president’! Treachery, thy name is America! Whilst the act of treachery is said to be an art, the traitor himself is a piece of shit!

  • Eysan Eymen
    Eysan Eymen Month ago

    Stoping terorist with terorist?? If you are ally act like ally! Of Daes lost USA won why USA still supplying them weapons?not Turkey! Daes did more damage them any other country in the world! How many daes militans did you guys elemenate?if love them kurds a lot take them to your country give them state called Kurtland!

  • Bob mitchell
    Bob mitchell Month ago

    And Americans wonder why they are hated worldwide the new nazis!,,,??????

  • Jay Guintz
    Jay Guintz Month ago

    Haha lol... US will cry again for another war budget......go turkey

  • Same Main
    Same Main Month ago

    Trump is betrayer, coward, shame on him, what and idiot. What did he did?

  • JR G
    JR G Month ago +1

    The US was already gone. We had just a tiny force left there that was more of a target than able to to any thing significant. The president was right in my opinion to get this tiny group out of there.

    • urbanimage
      urbanimage Month ago +1

      @JR G True Trump might put up the rents in his two properties in Istanbul. That will teach the Turks.

    • JR G
      JR G Month ago

      @urbanimage A tiny symbolic force does not have to be in danger inside a war zone. Trump warned Turkey if they get out of hand, we will make sure they clean up their act.

    • urbanimage
      urbanimage Month ago +2

      That small US force was symbolic. The Turks wouldn't risk killing US troops. By removing those troops Trump has left the Kurds, who lost 11 000 soldiers fighting ISIS on behalf of the US, out to dry.