Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Trailer Breakdown

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6 official trailer breakdown. Our first look of Got S8 E6 and the series finale. Please Subscribe now! -
    HBO released the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 preview as a promo trailer. This video breaks it down scene by scene and discusses what we might expect to see in the next episode of Game of Thrones’ final season. Episode 6 is the final episode in the series, and we expect a big finale for the show.
    We see Daenerys looking over her troops after the battle for King’s Landing. We see Jon Snow and Davos, Tyrion Lannister, and Arya Stark walking through the destruction that is left behind. The teaser doesn’t show us much more about episode 6, but we can speculate about what might happen in the finale.
    Game of Thrones s8 episode 6 will be one of the most anticipated 80 minutes of television in this era. Now that Daenerys has defeated Cersei what will she do in King’s Landing? We expect that Tyrion will be in a tough situation with the Queen, but how will Jon Snow deal with what he’s witnessed? Arya’s future is also interesting since she has witnessed the suffering first hand. We saw her take a turn in episode 5, but will she turn back and seek vengeance? Will Daenerys turn things around or has she become the Mad Queen who has to be stopped?
    What did you think will happen in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 6, and how do think Jon and Arya will react to what happened in episode 5? Do you fear that Daenerys going mad is the end of her story? Let us know in the comments what you think will happen in the rest of the final season of Game of Thrones on HBO, and in this series finale.
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Comments • 6 628

  • Pete Peppers
    Pete Peppers  6 days ago +920

    It's really the last episode of Game of Thrones. What do you think is going to happen?

    • UnknownF BeinQ
      UnknownF BeinQ Day ago +1

      ---->>> 1. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) resigns as Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) hand and is sent to prison.
      2. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) kills Daenerys.
      3. Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) puts Jon in prison
      4. Sansa (Sophie Turner) holds counsel and determines Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) should be king. He picks Tyrion as his hand.
      5. Jon is sent back to the Night's Watch as punishment, but instead goes and reunites with Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) and Ghost (!!!).
      6. Arya (Maisie Williams) leaves to discover what is beyond Westeros.
      7. Grey Worm leaves to free more slaves.
      8. Sansa rules Winterfell.
      ->>>>.shit.season 8 who cares right 😂😂😂

    • Su sanne
      Su sanne Day ago

      Tyrion will be king, if anyone will be king or queen at all. There was this moment in the first book, where Tyrion talks to Jon about using the fact that they are both bastards. GM writes something about the shadow falling in a way as to make Tyrion appear for a moment as tall as a king. Let's wait and see ...

      YTLOVERS Nl 2 days ago

      Dimitris Christakos jon*

      YTLOVERS Nl 2 days ago

      Petyr bealish returns. He isn’t dead.

    • James Blackwell
      James Blackwell 2 days ago

      what do i think is going to happen? i dont actually give a fuck whats going to happen anymore

  • Smitty
    Smitty Day ago

    I was shocked at first Dany killed innocents but then she is a conquerer. I hope Dany sits on the Iron Throne and Jon joins Tormund beyond the wall.

  • richardofnashville

    more of the same no real change. remember MASH. the real enemy revile THE IRON BANK the hide in the dark under their rocks and watch. what a real after math go after the iron bank and build an economy debt free in each of the house where 7 kings rule and keep each other in check. just saying I am so glad it was season 7 before I ever watched or thought of the story line. just saying

  • Jey
    Jey Day ago

    I wish we could see one last epic fight: Mountain VS Nightking

  • Sir Mycah Whent
    Sir Mycah Whent Day ago

    How the F did you get over 2.5 million views? Mad respect man good for you keep it up I'm totally gonna check your channel out now. I mean I think I've seen your work before but damn 2.5 million! You should be proud you're killin every other GoT channel I rarely seen one get over a million


    ep 6 ariya will kill the queen . then the game is over.

    BAD JOKES Day ago +1

    Here's how I think ep 6 should end:
    1) Jon will revolt against Dany...
    2) Dany says DRACARYS*
    3) Jon survives😱😱🤘
    4) Cause he is Targeryean and already tamed a dragon(Rheagal)
    5) Jon becomes Father of Dragons....
    6) Dany suicides....
    7) Jon crowns himself the King of seven kingdoms...
    8) Arya seeing her list is completed also suicides😂

  • Sarah Saavedra
    Sarah Saavedra Day ago

    I have a feeling Tyrion will get arrested and will be executed for freeing Jaime. Then tries to convince Jon that his family will never be safe because his linage makes him a threat to Dany’s Rule. Jon will try to talk to Dany but she’ll justify her actions. Jon pledges himself to Dany but will STAB HER, then surrenders himself. A council gets formed and decides who will be the next King. Tyrion gives a speech, and everyone votes for BRAN to become KING. Jon takes back the black for killing Dany. Arya leaves, Sansa’s queen of the north, and Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn.

  • Тор Один
    Тор Один Day ago

    the winter is here and the Night King comes again

  • BigWill's BBQ
    BigWill's BBQ Day ago

    its tough when you watch for so many seasons and you love a character and in one episode they do a 180 and turn Evil and burn alot of innocent people. All

  • Dwight Mann
    Dwight Mann Day ago

    The people of kings landing had it coming they paid in blood and 🔥

  • Agnieszka Wójcik

    I hope Drogon burns all enemies 😀😀😀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Agnieszka Wójcik

    Fuck them all...Bravo Queen Daenerys 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 long live the Queen Daenerys 🔥😀🔥🙏💓💓💓💓💓

  • Bernito Irungu
    Bernito Irungu Day ago

    i think arya will kill the last dragon

  • Uncouth
    Uncouth Day ago +5

    How can there even still be a throne room? Didn't the keep pretty much collapse all the way down to the crypts?

  • blaineqmc
    blaineqmc Day ago

    Daenerys has violet eyes in the books, so that should void the theory that it would be her "green eyes" that Arya closes.

    • Pete Peppers
      Pete Peppers  Day ago

      Yes, plus they just retconned the idea of what Melisandre said to Arya to make it fit with her killing the Night King. I was more or less joking because I get so many comments about that on my videos.

  • Arya Shah
    Arya Shah Day ago

    imagine if dany wakes up from her sleep...

  • Erulin68
    Erulin68 Day ago

    Arya returns and looks up angrily because Danny if gonna sentence John Snow to death... which would mirror her looking on as her father was executed with one difference, for her father she got pulled away and told she could do nothing... now however, after her journey... she 'can' do something.

  • Elpizo Gaming
    Elpizo Gaming Day ago

    "There's snow in the throne room"

  • Veronica Sprouse

    I think Frey was brown eyes, Baelish green and Night King blue.
    Jon hopefully takes out Daeny before she attempts to take them out

  • Tamil TechSavvy - டெக்சாவி

    Mark my words!!
    Jon is one who is going to kill Dany
    And Jon will also die in the episode
    Reason : lord of light brings Jon to life for a purpose and not for him to rule

  • Barbaracarol4 Daly

    What's the point of Bran? The 3 eyed raven, the God of light, all knowing, yet he doesn't tell anyone what's coming Why

  • UnknownF BeinQ
    UnknownF BeinQ Day ago

    ---->>> 1. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) resigns as Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) hand and is sent to prison.
    2. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) kills Daenerys.
    3. Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) puts Jon in prison
    4. Sansa (Sophie Turner) holds counsel and determines Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) should be king. He picks Tyrion as his hand.
    5. Jon is sent back to the Night's Watch as punishment, but instead goes and reunites with Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) and Ghost (!!!).
    6. Arya (Maisie Williams) leaves to discover what is beyond Westeros.
    7. Grey Worm leaves to free more slaves.
    8. Sansa rules Winterfell.
    ->>>>.shit.season 8 who cares right 😂😂😂

  • Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine

    it doesn't matter what will happened. the show is going down the drain it turns to be illogical BS

  • Mohammed Gollumdu

    I have seen a leak that has been accurate for this entire season and on sunday night Jon snow will die. Danaerys executes him just like Ned. Then it ends.

  • ZBO915
    ZBO915 Day ago +2

    Dani tried to roast Snow but Drogon refuses, the final betrayal, she’s left crazed and powerless....

  • tammiegooding58
    tammiegooding58 Day ago

    Gray Worm is her only Friend.

  • tammiegooding58
    tammiegooding58 Day ago

    Yep kill Dannni!

  • Andrew O' Callaghan
    Andrew O' Callaghan 2 days ago


  • Darius
    Darius 2 days ago

    Arya had her moment of glory, i don;t think she's gonna have another one , but i do hope Denny's gonna burn them all if they try something :)

  • Jenna Jordan
    Jenna Jordan 2 days ago

    Is no one else thinking that Arya will be pregnant with Gendry's baby? Then he will rule and it will all come full circle, with a Baratheon/Stark, like it was supposed to with Robert and Lyana?

  • Greg Kindle
    Greg Kindle 2 days ago

    Who will Drogon choose ?

  • Kaylee Schaefer
    Kaylee Schaefer 2 days ago

    arya's in king's landing again, watching the hand of the king get beheaded again. bet me.

  • Katie Cosme
    Katie Cosme 2 days ago

    IMO Dany kills Tyrion ... Jon Kills Dany to save Sansa .. Greyworm kills Jon ... Gendry will be King ... Arya his Knight and the onion knight his hand ..The end!

  • אורן ויצמן
    אורן ויצמן 2 days ago

    My guess is Dany become as the mad king and Arya will be the new king slayer :)

  • Ashwan Resu
    Ashwan Resu 2 days ago

    Let me check who came to see only here

  • The Garlock
    The Garlock 2 days ago +1

    Out of the box thinking... Bronn will win the Game of Thrones. He was promised a castle several times, so he'll just take them all. Besides, he is apparently the best sword fighter in all the land especially since Jorah Mormont is now dead. And, he is the only person to shoot a dragon and live to tell about it.

  • Tyra York
    Tyra York 2 days ago

    Wait is episode 6 the end?

  • Noemy M Dubon
    Noemy M Dubon 2 days ago

    Not matter how i see it i’m not happy John killing her, why this the second woman’s John will have die in his arms really he will go mad too, as a sister, cousin, Arya I’m sure she sure kill her for John safety and for her family as well, and what about... brown eyes, blues eyes and green eyes so who’s eyes... so I really hope they make a good end because so far it sucks

  • Bolton
    Bolton 2 days ago

    Game of thrones is dead.

  • Breathe Footie
    Breathe Footie 2 days ago

    I think Danerys will look at the devastation and the horror on the faces of the people and DECIDE TO LEAVE WESTEROS. She will tell them that their rightful king is John Snow and will then leave with the Dovraki and Unsullied to pastures new.

  • Tilly T
    Tilly T 2 days ago

    Skeleton of a child ?? Only if that child is ET , ffs talk about clutching at straws

  • TemmieTV
    TemmieTV 2 days ago

    The infinite unsullied that must repopulate themselves by budding or something

  • Victor Kellar
    Victor Kellar 2 days ago

    Cut to black. Tracking shot through the halls of Winterfell. We hear the sound of running water and mist billows out of a room. Camera dollies into the room, a figure stands obscured by mist, as camera closes in, figure is revealed as Ned Stark. He turns to the camera and said "I just had the strangest dream"

  • Pete McKay - Games
    Pete McKay - Games 2 days ago

    All Hail Arya Stark, Queen Slayer!!!

  • Tirna Coco
    Tirna Coco 2 days ago

    She’s going to kill Greyworm.

  • Maja
    Maja 2 days ago

    Arya stays in KL to find Jon and possibly Gendry? If Gendry's there, that is. But I think/hope there will be a moment between Arya and Jon, and Arya and Gendry.

  • Loraine Waiter
    Loraine Waiter 2 days ago

    Uh...that kid you have circled looks alot like ET.

  • Elle M
    Elle M 2 days ago

    Personally i expect Dani to try and go after Sansa and the north. She sees the north as opposing her rule and sansa as a traitor. That might be the ultimate push jon needs to react, that is if killing civilians wasn't enough. It will be his last decision to make: the targaryen blood or the stark blood.
    Dunno, it's just one of my theories

  • Home Kitchen
    Home Kitchen 2 days ago

    That little girl is going to poision mother of dragon.

  • Ovan Mitt
    Ovan Mitt 2 days ago

    Tyrion will die sat on the privee with Daenerys fist 👊going straight in his snitching smug 😏 face... Daenerys will say you're watche is over to which Tyrion will hold his nose and let out a big scream and say pooh it's all Pooh this story was always ever about the pooh

  • Cult Mechanicus
    Cult Mechanicus 2 days ago

    With no cocks unsullied seem to multiply somehow!

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 days ago

    The ending is going to suck. It's going to suck donkeys!

  • madyjules
    madyjules 2 days ago

    There must be a reason why we saw Arya working at her accuracy with bow & arrow AFTER the battle vs. the Dead...

  • Jelac Austria
    Jelac Austria 2 days ago

    I would like to add up that Sansa acquired her skill from Lord Baelish on how to play the game, and that is to think what's the worst thing to happen. Sansa told Tyrion the secret coz maybe she thought that there would be a chance for him (Jon) as the heir to the Iron Throne (which is likely predicted by viewers) and provoked the Queen Dany. It maybe came to her (Sansa) mind that Tyrion would tell this secret to someone or somebody (that someone was the Master of Whisperers), and if she hadn't done that, it would still be a secret. Sansa had already forecasted the possibility of the possible things to happen.

  • Renu Hazari
    Renu Hazari 2 days ago

    I think that's glass broken not skeleton of child

  • Tech10K
    Tech10K 2 days ago +1

    Hold on a second !!!! Where did the 'cast of thousands' Unsullied suddenly spawn from???

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  • Ned Langman
    Ned Langman 2 days ago

    Curious thing about this trailer - where is Drogon? This could be the first ever preview that hasn't had a glimpse of Dragon, just wondering why?

  • Ankit tiwari
    Ankit tiwari 2 days ago

    That useless kid bran need to do something
    Take control of drogon and kill all unsullied and other Daenerys allies

  • Ruffa Jane Reyes
    Ruffa Jane Reyes 2 days ago

    Maybe the whole season was just a "DREAM" dreamt by Dany or maybe Jon or Brans' Vision! whoo! and they're gonna change the way Dany fired at Kings Landing. Lol

  • Braga
    Braga 2 days ago

    Jeez 10 minutes for. 5 seconds trailer that’s just nuts,

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 2 days ago

    Next episode Jhon has to kill dany well what an ending

  • Jessica custer
    Jessica custer 2 days ago

    Did you realize he was to poison her...

  • Awenda
    Awenda 2 days ago

    Unsullied propagated overnight! Tyrion actually suggested that Cersie be saved which is against everything and everyone for seven series. She would never have killed everyone, no matter what. It’s just not in her character. Does Danny’s dragon die when she dies? If I miss the last episode I keep some sanity. What a way to RUIN a great series. No matter what I’ll never watch the Star Wars they they’re going to write. The betray the characters.

  • Marvin Moncevais
    Marvin Moncevais 2 days ago +1

    Still haven't understood what that swirly sign means 🌀

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 2 days ago +1

    Davos and Jon were both upset at one child being burned I can't even imagine how upset they are now. Arya has a look of hatred on her face

  • Debo
    Debo 2 days ago +9

    No one cares anymore just put the bloody dragon on the throne and make that Starbucks coffee cup the hand.

  • Crissy Simic
    Crissy Simic 2 days ago

    Danny lost her dam mind like her father....
    Arya came to kill an evil Queen that did her wrong and i believe that is what she will do. Danny being killed by a child is also perfect because she used to care so much for the women, slaves and children and to die at the hands of such a young character will give her clarity in how evil her actions were that a child comes after her life.

  • RegularGuy Channel
    RegularGuy Channel 2 days ago

    “Breakdown” aka narrating what everyone can see and making a 10 minute video that wastes everyone’s time. But views though.

  • 姜尤文
    姜尤文 2 days ago

    Remember what Khal Drogo promised Daenarys in the first Season?

    • kbrascco
      kbrascco 2 days ago

      姜尤文 yea a big cock

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago

    Tyrion snitches on Varys for betraying Dany, and then he proceeds to betray Dany.

  • AstronomyGuru84
    AstronomyGuru84 2 days ago

    Arya is going to shut green eyes forever.

  • HAWK stringfellow
    HAWK stringfellow 2 days ago

    She s a dragon be a dragon the queen

  • Matthew Baxter
    Matthew Baxter 2 days ago +1

    Tyrion is looking for Jamies gold hand before jon and Davos.

  • kira sieni
    kira sieni 2 days ago

    Nice! I was one of the only people to catch the Tyrion Cersei quote. Another one was Varys Tyrion- i hate the bells. They ring for horror quote

  • Charlie Preidis
    Charlie Preidis 2 days ago

    What if Jon kills Dany in private, Arya wears her face to dispatch her armies across the world, then they assemble a council to rule Westeros? I don’t know what would happen to Drogon but who knows, this season is wildly unpredictable lol

  • thetom12395
    thetom12395 2 days ago

    there was not that many survivors of the mad queens army after ep 3 now after a 2nd battle in ep 5 more should be dead and yet im now seeing moreee unsullied then were at the funeral in ep 4. come on whats going on here ?

  • Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn

    If you have a good look at her Vision it's White an you can see it's snow then look at the ash it's a different color I get the vision an the roof was obvious that it was from dragon fire but we all thought it was hinting at Jon being King that's why she didn't touch it maybe she thought better not then that's when she hears her dragon's cry

  • Habslayer
    Habslayer 2 days ago

    Lady Olenna: i've outlived clever men ....yeah maybe because you don't actually fight, just give orders!

  • hal al
    hal al 2 days ago

    Aria is coming for mother of dragons 🐉

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 2 days ago +1

    Daenerys may have devastated King's Landing down to it's foundation stones, along with her her Dothraki and Unsullied soldiers, but let's not forget Jon's Northern Armies were getting in on their shares of the raping and murdering, too!
    Probably even more so than the Unsullied.
    He definitely tried to stop a few of them lol but there is a beast in EVERY Man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand.
    And, there's a Seven-pointed star in the window behind the Iron Throne in the, "Vision," which makes sense because that's what it looked like back then at the end of Season 2, but if that was a vision foreshadowing the event's of this last episode, it won't match up.
    Sure, the Red Keep Throne Room is most likely destroyed similarly to how it is in her vision, ash, (or snow,) and all, but there should either be a Lannister Lion in that window or nothing at all if there's really a connection there.

  • AngelicusImmortus
    AngelicusImmortus 2 days ago

    Jon walking through the dragon fire

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 2 days ago +2

    I don't understand what people are whining about.
    There have NEVER been purely, "good," or, "evil," characters in Game of Thrones.
    Daenerys has just as much potential for malevolence inside her as she does benevolence.
    Seven Seasons of holding back has lost her almost all of the advantages she's worked so hard to gain, and EVERYONE has their breaking point.
    Daenerys sailed to Westeros from Meereen at the absolute height of her power, and she STILL hasn't accomplished her ONE primary goal because she's been, "held back," constantly by her, "loyal advisors," one of whom just HAPPENS to be the brother of her greatest enemy.
    She has been steadily losing, despite arriving with an Army of Unsullied, a Horde of Dothraki Screamers, Allies in Dorne, the Iron Islands and the Reach, and three full grown Dragons.
    By any measure, she should have already taken the Iron Throne from Cersei, which she no doubt would have, had she not been, "held back," primarily by Tyrion, who did an excellent job keeping her at a perpetual disadvantage.
    Tywin did the same thing to King Robb, he won the War despite losing every battle by just letting the, "honorable," Stark forces destroy themselves from within.
    And now, when Daenerys has lost her best friend, over half of her Dothraki and Unsullied, and two of her three Dragons, people want to complain, calling her a, "Mad Queen," lol when she FINALLY says, "F*** it!"?!
    Cersei was smug in her confident arrogance because she was willing to do horrible things that she KNEW Daenerys wasn't, because her brother, Tyrion assured her he could, "check her worst impulses."
    And, in the end Cersei didn't lose until Daenerys FINALLY overcame her inhibitions and burned King's Landing down to the foundation stones, which was LONG overdue.
    Daenerys has been, "playing nice," the entire time and it has cost her almost EVERYTHING. Nobody should be the least bit surprised that she, of all people, has a breaking point just like anyone else.
    "The human heart in conflict with itself," means that there ARE NO, "good guys," or, "bad guys," in this world. Every character has the potential to be either or both equally.
    If you're disappointed now, it's because your expectations were unrealistically lofty, because Game of Thrones is NOTHING if not a story about the complexities of the human struggle for power, and it has NEVER pretended to be anything else.
    If watching the show has conditioned you to believe that one of the, "good guys," is incapable of being forced to act like one of the, "bad guys," under extenuating circumstances lol or vice versa, then you have CLEARLY missed the whole point!

    • MaximusChampOfRom
      MaximusChampOfRom 2 days ago

      Well but Tyrion didn't do it to keep her small. He did it because he he didn't want her to become another tyrant. He always had good intentions towards her and advised her because he thought it would be best in the long run. His inner conflict grew from the moment she used her dragons to burn people alive. Those were traits she did not truly inherit before. At first she was struggling to survive, then she gained power, and power is always a double edged knife. She told everyone I am going to take it, with fire and blood. Yeah but it didn't sound that serious back then. Now, after losing so much she had, and feeling isolated and alone, the feeling, that she simply has no other choice than to lash out, manifested. And the deaths of Ser Jorah and Melissandre finally made her snap. Not that Tyrion could have changed it in the end. His actions, good at heart in my opinion, made her distrust him. Of course one could blame him, he made mistakes, but until now, all his decisions and his advice were meant to support Daenerys. She chose to distrust those supporting her, even Jon. That Tyrion will stop supporting her in the final episode was foreshadowed before and became clear in the penultimate episode. But that wasn't only by his choice, her character changed, her actions drove him away but all she does is insult those people around her. She is lacking objectivity and cannot reflect on herself and her own actions. It's sad because I loved her character at first.

  • gabe ryan
    gabe ryan 2 days ago

    I actually really enjoyed episode 5. I thought it summed up the entire storyline and wasn't really a predictable ending. Also thought it had good character development for all the characters. I only wish it was longer. the battle at kings landing is way better then the long night battle tbh

  • kisorhart
    kisorhart 3 days ago

    Unsub from this stupid channel. Use to be a fan, but now you've started the whole click bait red arrow crap that loser channels do on their thumbnails that have nothing to do with the video. See ya.

    • kisorhart
      kisorhart 2 days ago

      +Pete Peppers That's a fair point. I appreciate the reply.

    • Pete Peppers
      Pete Peppers  3 days ago +1

      Hope you find something you like better. Thanks for watching. Personally I'm not a fan of the arrows and circles, but the videos get 5x views so I had to make a tough decision to use them like other channels do.

  • Valkes
    Valkes 3 days ago

    Wait, so they don't have enough money to make like one more episode to give people a bit of breathing room to develop new character aspects, but they can make trailers for episodes. . .

  • Marianna Harris
    Marianna Harris 3 days ago

    Jon will perceive Dany's actions and next plan as a threat to the Starks. He would kill her before he let her touch any of them.

  • Mack _S17
    Mack _S17 3 days ago

    Only clicked to tell you that’s ET circled in the thumb nail

  • Rachel Musich
    Rachel Musich 3 days ago


  • Ben Hanley
    Ben Hanley 3 days ago

    When Bran goes back in time Bran will correct Tyrion's statement once a Lannister always a Lannister in that Tyrion is really a Targaryen. Bran will see it in a vision .....TYRION LANNISTER , 3rd of his name,true son of Aegon Targaryen and Joanna Lannister, married to Sansa Stark and RULER OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS .....The council will then name Tyrion King. Tyrion is the only one who unites all three main families........ Targaryen and Lannister by birth and Starks by marriage There it is boys.

  • Kathy Miles Morgan
    Kathy Miles Morgan 3 days ago

    One problem with his theory of "green eyes" Arya and Dany...Dany doesn't have green eyes, she has purple eyes, Targaryans had purple the book they do...Dany has blue eyes in series.

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 3 days ago

    John kills Danny and takes the black for a wall that no longer need to be guarded. Jajjaja. This is more and more B.S. Bran becomes king of the ashes. Because he can. some one please give our time back.

  • Wine Dark Sea
    Wine Dark Sea 3 days ago

    I foresee Jon killing Daenerys with Longclaw, making him the metaphorical Lightbringer. Arya is shown back in the action as a red herring. Sandor Clegane made an impact on her and I think she has to ruminate on this idea and examine her feelings. It's a paradigm shift for her, and we must remember that yes, she was a tomboy, but she wasn't a killer--that was an evolution that came about after she saw Ned beheaded and had to run for her life.

    The preview shows a very gray, dark landscape, with dark smoke still pouring out of buildings and ashes everywhere, as Daenerys steps out to survey her kingdom, dressed in all black. Even the dark uniforms of the Unsullied add to this sensation that we've entered a dark, dark world.

    At this point, I think she sees her only allies as those who came with her from Mereen. She doesn't really have friends or allies in Westeros. Remember the "new prince of Dorne" has pledged loyalty but nothing is known of him. The Reach is does not yet have a Warden, but Samwell Tarley has a good claim on that title, but Daenerys burnt his father and brother. Bronn's been promised Highgarden, but we don't know if that will pan out. I do think there is a hidden story with Bronn, perhaps he is actually highborn. Yes, Dany legitimized Gendry and made him Lord of Storm's End, ostensibly Warden of the Stormlands...but how loyal is he to her? Tyrion has Casterley Rock and the Westerlands. The Riverlands are without a leader and no one knows the fate of Edmure Tully, making Sansa another possible "heir." Yara Greyjoy has the Iron Islands and though she once pledged to Daenerys, I doubt she feels any loyalty to anyone other than the Ironborn. She's probably had a raven from Sansa to tell her how bravely her brother and they other Ironborn fought and died in the battle against the dead. Then there is the Vale where Sansa has pretty much become regent while Sweet Robin grows up. Remember that scene in Winterfell when Dany comes to talk to Sansa? Sansa has been discussing matters pertaining to the deployment and care of the troops from the Vale, with the advisor/general whose name I can't recall.

    Though Sansa has been often silenced by Jon Snow, she's shown herself to be an adept manager of people and materiel. Jon and she were never close. She doesn't really understand him and Jon doesn't understand her. But it is critical to remember that even after Daenerys begged Jon not to tell his sisters he is Aegon Targaryen, in the Godswood under the Weirwood Tree (nothing symbolizing the Stark family more), with Bran, he chose to tell his sisters making them swear not to reveal the truth to anyone.

    Sansa didn't take too long to betray that oath...showing a better sense of the constraints of "honor," than any of the other Starks, in my opinion. She's has truly lived in horrible settings and with some truly horrible people, but that's what given her the wherewithal to analyze all the information she acquires to make good decisions, not just for the moment, but for the future. These decisions are made with the best interests of all the people involved, not strictly for her own benefit. Thus, I think she has very adeptly sized Daenerys up and found her unsteady and unreliable, making her decision to tell Tyrion, her "husband," the facts about Jon's birth, a way of providing information to a smart person she respects, a way of providing options that wouldn't leave a vacuum if Dany were removed.

    So, my prediction is that Tyrion will beg for his life using logic, saying he can install Bronn in Highgarden giving her a loyal Warden in the Reach, he has the Westerlands, the new prince in Dorne has pledged loyalty, she's given Gendry the Stormlands, and he can convince Sansa to bend the knee, giving Queen Daenerys control of the North, the Riverlands, and the Vale, who will follow her.

    What will be dramatic is that Sansa will refuse and Tyrion, then, will join in her refusal, making it all but sure that Dany will hop on Drogon to burn them both, and then roast Winterfell, the Vale, and Riverrun. Jon finds out right before Dany is leaving. This is his big moment of introspection.

    I don't know if Jon was told by Sansa that Ned Stark only "confessed" to treason to save Sansa, and probably only the young Sansa thought he would actually live. Remember when up at Castle Black, Maester Aemon was counseling Jon, said that "his father" Ned Stark was the most honorable man he knows. The maester asked if Ned were in a position to choose honor or family, which would he choose. Viewers (and Sansa) know that Ned has already shown that decision, which led to his beheading.

    Then Jon is horrified when he learns the truth about his parentage because Ned Stark lied to him all those years, ensuring his treatment as a bastard was horrible. This is the action that plants the seed in his mind, that answers the question that Maester Aemon posed all those years ago. One must also remember that Maester Aemon was a Targaryen, the brother of "Egg." Aemon refused the Iron Throne and lived as a maester at Castle Black for the rest of his life.

    Jon also knows that Jaime Lannister killed the mad king to save the citizens of King's Landing when the king wanted to "burn them all." Jaime saved the people and Jon did not.

    So at this moment, Jon weighs his oath and love for Dany, with his love for his family and for the people of the North especially, but for all the ordinary folks of Westeros. He understands that only he can prevent the death and destruction of all he holds dear. He draws Longclaw (the sword of House Mormont, that Dany's beloved Jarah refused to take back in Season 6) and plunges it into Dany's heart.

    He becomes the metaphorical Lightbringer, ensuring that smoke and ash won't cover the land. He refuses the throne and goes back north to create a new Nights Watch. He lives and dies as Jon Snow.

    This also shows the truth of Dany's prophecy at the House of the Undying: she walks through a throne room with ashes falling. Then a gate opens and she walks out into the snow to join Drogo and her baby. It's clear now that she gained the throne only to be killed by Jon Snow...but at least she joins her Khal and baby.

    Sansa is installed on the Iron Throne, with Tyrion as her hand, perhaps they even become a real married couple. The Onion Knight becomes part of the Small Council. Ser Brienne is chosen to be Captain of the King's Guard. I suspect Sansa will have Lyanna Stark's life rewritten to say she married Rhaegar, but that both she and her son died in childbirth.

    I think it's likely Arya will become Warden of the North (not Wardeness), but not a lady. Bran eventually becomes part of the Weirwood Tree, a legend hard to believe by future generations.

    History is written by the victors. Dany was another mad Targaryen, Jon Snow a bastard of Ned Stark, a sworn member of the Knights Watch, killed her as was his duty. The people proclaimed "good" Sansa Stark as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, her husband Tyrion, having learned from Varys, dedicated to the good of the realm.

    Very bitter. Only slightly sweet. And only viewers and readers will know that tragedy that was Daenerys Targaryen--as Maester Aemon said, "A Targaryen alone in the world is a bad thing." 05162019

  • PoSeiDoN VeNuH
    PoSeiDoN VeNuH 3 days ago

    Dany falls off her dragon and dies a horrible death. Hurts to say this but that's the only way I'll be consoled for this season's bad finale.

  • LVG
    LVG 3 days ago

    Hopefully this whole thing was just old nan telling a scary story.

  • Bree not like the cheese

    Aegon the Conqueror forged the Iron Throne and Jon/Aegon will destroy it!

  • bastarddarsh
    bastarddarsh 3 days ago

    Looks like E.T.

  • DGiovanni
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  • Carol Little
    Carol Little 3 days ago

    This made no sense! Dissapointed doesn't begin to come close