Binging with Babish: Pizza Ball from The Eric Andre Show

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • The Eric Andre Show, our eponymous host's LSD-soaked nightmare talkshow, has created some of the most maddeningly subversive comedy of the decade. None have captured the imagination of the internet, however, quite like the pizza ball. A gnarled sphere of everyone's favorite cheesy flatbread, the pizza ball (not unlike the show itself) is probably best enjoyed under the influence of something.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  5 months ago +13870

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news...I did not get the job at Fruit Loops. My body is now your communion, please eat from me. Eat from me.

    • Rick Sanchez C137
      Rick Sanchez C137 Day ago

      Eric Andre sux! There is a real good reason so many people are confused about the references... lucky for them, I accidentally saw ten minutes of the show once....

    • Grey Glow
      Grey Glow 2 days ago

      Drink from me

    • Kiribi kriri
      Kiribi kriri 5 days ago

      You just made pizza bread xd are you stupid or something? 😂

    • AnEnglishLad 66
      AnEnglishLad 66 15 days ago

      Drink from me

      Drink from me

    • JDG3981
      JDG3981 17 days ago

      @fish You mean the worst show on television?

  • Egg Boy
    Egg Boy 3 hours ago

    The cross section looks like uncooked lasagna without sauce

  • Coles magical adventure

    4:50 you could also put them in a bunt cake pan and make it like monkey bread but with pizza

  • Baguette Faguette
    Baguette Faguette 10 hours ago

    Yum pizzaball yum

  • cunt
    cunt 13 hours ago

    thats an agressive bite

  • Xavier Paquin
    Xavier Paquin 20 hours ago

    So basically pizza pockets

  • Rodolfo Gutierrez

    Bro! Do the One Rib from I'm gonna get you sucka

  • Cryo The Meme Man

    T I M E TO D E L I V E R A P I Z Z A B A L L my new ringtone

  • Nick Sturm
    Nick Sturm 2 days ago

    I T S P I Z Z A T I M E

  • Bomega
    Bomega 2 days ago

    Why didn't you just create a small ball and then layer larger pizzas over the ball until you had a big multilayered ball of pizza?

  • Xanax Whale
    Xanax Whale 2 days ago


  • cr33pvilla
    cr33pvilla 2 days ago

    A little party store in Michigan has perfected the pizza ball not lying

  • double r diner
    double r diner 3 days ago

    2:28 YOU HAVE A FOOD PROCESSOR WITH A CHEESE GRATING ATTACHMENT (i know this because i bought the same one you linked to after watching your TMNT pizza video) AND YOU STILL GRATE THE CHEESE BY HAND?!?!?!?! what is WRONG with you?! USE THE FOOD PROCESSOR

  • MrFarnanonical
    MrFarnanonical 3 days ago

    what a waste of pizza.

  • REALResident Gamer
    REALResident Gamer 3 days ago

    That looked like a pie

  • Elias Cervantez
    Elias Cervantez 3 days ago

    "Impaired state" which is High or drunk?

  • Angie Malone
    Angie Malone 3 days ago

    Why don't you use premade garlic bread as a crust

  • SSBXAY510 *
    SSBXAY510 * 4 days ago

    2-3 slice:good
    The first pizza ball:🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Trevor Gibson
    Trevor Gibson 4 days ago

    So it's a calzone?

  • Vortex GAMING
    Vortex GAMING 4 days ago

    I think they call pizza balls calzones?

  • coonus1
    coonus1 4 days ago

    Time to deliver a pizza ball!!!!

  • Reaal A.
    Reaal A. 4 days ago


  • Get Me A Creator Code Fortnite

    Is it required by law that you put up a “Healthy meals” video link after this? Cause if it’s not it should be

  • Gabriel Iatarelli
    Gabriel Iatarelli 5 days ago +2

    Pizza Ball made by Kraft Punk.
    He cannot die.

  • Bryanna Suarez
    Bryanna Suarez 5 days ago

    How is block mozzarella any better than pre shredded? Get the stuff in water, squeeze the water out and carry on. Come on babish.

  • Drew G
    Drew G 5 days ago

    That pizza balls innards looks like the guts of the graboids from tremors.

  • Joao’s World
    Joao’s World 5 days ago

    1:53 I don’t know what I was expecting

  • Daniel Goodwin
    Daniel Goodwin 5 days ago

    You made gourmet pizza rolls

  • Ashley Booi
    Ashley Booi 5 days ago


  • Alexander Uzumaki
    Alexander Uzumaki 5 days ago

    Pizza rolls duh 😂

  • KappaKorps
    KappaKorps 5 days ago


  • Invader jak
    Invader jak 6 days ago +1

    Tmnt wants to know your location

  • Dburriss 777
    Dburriss 777 6 days ago

    This is epic

  • Project Luraz
    Project Luraz 6 days ago

    Eric Is

  • Michael L.
    Michael L. 6 days ago

    farm to nug bro.

  • NPC #8524109
    NPC #8524109 6 days ago

    *L e g a l i z e R a n c h*

  • no Name
    no Name 6 days ago

    you made a calzone dude

  • Horary Zappy
    Horary Zappy 6 days ago +3

    Title: Binging with babish
    Channel: Binging with babish
    TheXvid’s series: Binging with babish

  • Evan Fritts
    Evan Fritts 6 days ago

    I love how you personify the ingredients.

  • Cyphox
    Cyphox 6 days ago

    coalesced not coagulated

  • Eddie Espiricueta
    Eddie Espiricueta 6 days ago

    Nice pizza rolls

  • 00 N1N3
    00 N1N3 7 days ago

    Not great to watch when you’re hungry and poor ),:

  • abones900
    abones900 7 days ago

    *I N E E D S P R I T E*

  • Josh Schroeder
    Josh Schroeder 7 days ago

    Aren’t your ‘good’ pizza balls just Tostitos Pizza rolls?

  • Simon Keller
    Simon Keller 8 days ago +1

    It warms my heart that you watch Eric Andre

  • Gameing Lunatic
    Gameing Lunatic 8 days ago

    So pizza rolls?

  • Ignacio Man
    Ignacio Man 8 days ago

    The babish version was alright but not good enough to be called a pizza ball

  • W H E A T
    W H E A T 8 days ago

    Can i have one

  • Nina nooneknows
    Nina nooneknows 8 days ago

    Should've made the big ball into 2 pizza bread bowls! Instead of just spilling it all over the place. You could them like that in theory.

  • cloudykidaz 06
    cloudykidaz 06 8 days ago

    How the actual fuck did you eat that entire pizza ball

  • The Muted
    The Muted 8 days ago

    why did you choose not to do lairs with the dough to make something like a pizza ball pastry with the second attempt.

  • gochanny
    gochanny 9 days ago

    time to deliver a PIZZA BALLL 😂😂

  • Mech WARRIOR57
    Mech WARRIOR57 9 days ago

    for that final one a hot wing place nearby has mozz balls, basically that, w/o pepperoni

  • Mr. Memestache
    Mr. Memestache 9 days ago

    He just made gourmet pizza rolls

  • Leo C
    Leo C 9 days ago +26

    Me: hey isn’t that last one just a hot pocket?
    Babish: P I Z Z A B A L L

  • Dreden Downen
    Dreden Downen 9 days ago

    I dig it.

  • Ms. Everything
    Ms. Everything 9 days ago


  • Snax
    Snax 10 days ago

    so my phone is gei

  • Matthew Isopi
    Matthew Isopi 10 days ago +3

    Dojo? More like DOUGH-jo, amirite???

    I'll see myself out now.

  • Wüensche.
    Wüensche. 10 days ago +1

    *_Heart attack joined the server_*
    *_High cholesterol joined the server_*
    *_Heart left the server_*

  • xxxtripletake xxx
    xxxtripletake xxx 10 days ago

    Like ravioli XD

  • Axel Skyrake
    Axel Skyrake 11 days ago

    when i worked at a pizza place, i did these things.when we made stromboli, there would be bits of extra dough. so i fried em up

  • juey
    juey 11 days ago +2

    cheers ill drink to that bro *glugs ranch*

  • ZacK B.
    ZacK B. 11 days ago

    Babish just invented the pizza roll

  • Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    The last idea could be turned into a pizza pull apart ball!

  • Len D
    Len D 11 days ago

    I'd have had some fun with a bench scraper on that melted cheese

  • Anthony  Cassola
    Anthony Cassola 12 days ago

    So you made pizza rolls.... Lmao sorry

  • Andre 3st
    Andre 3st 12 days ago

    Babish makes pizza rolls

  • Harley S. Burgundy
    Harley S. Burgundy 12 days ago

    You pretty much made fancy pizza rolls

  • Sir Porthos
    Sir Porthos 12 days ago

    That big ball of cheese is a good idea actually. Just dont cut it open in half and just make a hole on the top of it so you have a window to drip the pieces of bread into. Although, by the time you get to the halfway point, its gonna make a bit of a mess regardless.

  • Buddha
    Buddha 12 days ago

    or just make a fking pizza pocket

  • anthony lewis
    anthony lewis 12 days ago

    what if you chill the pizza ball after you take it out of the oven

  • Rohan Zener
    Rohan Zener 12 days ago

    Pizza Planet!

  • TheBeesKnees
    TheBeesKnees 13 days ago

    Legalize ranch

  • jussts
    jussts 13 days ago

    Straight farm to nug.

  • Duncan Ellett
    Duncan Ellett 13 days ago

    It’s a hot pocket

  • Fire Komodo
    Fire Komodo 13 days ago

    Who else is broiling

  • Bryna Frost
    Bryna Frost 13 days ago

    I liked this at "not in my house."
    But I loved it when you said pizza was too healthy baked and you dropped it in oil ❤

  • Top Daeh
    Top Daeh 13 days ago

    Made the balls. Add garlic you fool

  • ShyBag OfBeans
    ShyBag OfBeans 13 days ago

    *Pizza Time*

  • Yung CK
    Yung CK 13 days ago

    “In my impaired state..” did I hear that right?

  • YourFellaCharlie
    YourFellaCharlie 13 days ago

    Kraft punk time

  • Lunatic Physco
    Lunatic Physco 14 days ago

    Pepperoni ii lol

  • Illwill81
    Illwill81 14 days ago

    "this thing is straight farm to nug bro"

  • Ahmad Fairs
    Ahmad Fairs 14 days ago

    Definitely made pizza rolls

  • Joe
    Joe 14 days ago

    Totino's makes a great version of these.

  • Supreme Medjai
    Supreme Medjai 14 days ago

    Why not just layer dough inside the bowl of dough like a lasagna cheese, sauce pepperoni, dough then repeat and cover with the last layer of the ball. Wouldn't that be a pizza ball?

  • Ten Again
    Ten Again 14 days ago

    What's. Laid of crap

  • Mami Senpai
    Mami Senpai 14 days ago

    A big ol calzone

  • TheRealConcertKing
    TheRealConcertKing 15 days ago

    Is that supposed to be a comedy skit in the beginning?

  • Ollie Fleming
    Ollie Fleming 15 days ago

    pizza rolls have entered the chat

  • Zimmathon
    Zimmathon 15 days ago +3

    I wonder if Gordon Ramsay watches your videos.

  • Vincenzo cremona
    Vincenzo cremona 15 days ago


  • Filip Zarebski
    Filip Zarebski 15 days ago +3

    You could just stock some layers on each other and then just shape it in the form of a ball 🤔

  • Scloudzy
    Scloudzy 15 days ago +1

    3:50 The Ball of Cheese.

  • Zx Cee
    Zx Cee 15 days ago

    Hey whats up guys its time to deliver the pizza ball

  • Pietro Locatelli
    Pietro Locatelli 15 days ago

    cosa stai facendo

  • Frederick Kriesel
    Frederick Kriesel 16 days ago

    Congrats you made a hot pocket.

  • TheBoiRyan
    TheBoiRyan 16 days ago

    This nigga really just ended up making pizza rolls

  • Skylar Cunningham
    Skylar Cunningham 16 days ago

    Why didn't you make some R A N C H to go with it?