Great Comeback on Lock-it Link Huff N Puff! Slot Machine!!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Wasn't looking very promising at first but turned around for a nice comeback!! Played at The El Cortez in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!
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Comments • 47

  • SouL KeEPeR
    SouL KeEPeR 24 days ago

    Best of luck! Hopefully You can get massive win everytime you play 😘

  • Jay Paster
    Jay Paster 26 days ago +1

    Even Steven is not a bad way to finish. 😁

  • Sylvia Allen
    Sylvia Allen 26 days ago

    Cute game, but, I lost big time on that one once. Have to learn to pay attention & not go MAX. I will play again though & shorten my bet!!!

  • meunier rudy
    meunier rudy 26 days ago

    bonne chance sarah

  • spider88able
    spider88able 26 days ago

    good luck sweetie

  • rokayosa 319
    rokayosa 319 26 days ago

    Good luck from México

  • Jonny Pumpkins
    Jonny Pumpkins 26 days ago

    Several minutes of entertainment and come out ahead a couple bucks, nothing wrong with that 👍

  • Brian Long
    Brian Long 26 days ago

    I've been watching some of your old videos and ive come to this conclusion... You must be a vampire! Do you even age!!!??? Lol

    • Brian Long
      Brian Long 26 days ago

      Well.... still 😂

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  26 days ago +1

      😂😂😂 It’s only been 2 years! :)

  • Keith Bewhay
    Keith Bewhay 27 days ago

    Comeback queen strikes again lol great video thank you

  • Peter Moore
    Peter Moore 27 days ago

    Great.Thanks lady.Your voice is low,I think.In stream,you were not bad,I like it.

  • Jeffry Lujan
    Jeffry Lujan 27 days ago

    Looks like that was a lot of fun. Hope to find one out in Vegas so I can give it a go (spin).

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark 27 days ago

    Im glad that you play these games because this is one game that i would not enjoy. LMFAO keep on winning chicky

  • daver8521
    daver8521 27 days ago

    Wish the bonuses had treated you better. Maybe tomorrow!

  • Agent Smart
    Agent Smart 27 days ago +1

    Glad to see you up beat and that Beautiful Smile shining : ) Also glad to see ya get back to the green : )

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 27 days ago

    Pretty cool game. $2 profit is still a win. Good for you,Babygirl.

  • MysticGal91
    MysticGal91 27 days ago


  • Jeff McClendon
    Jeff McClendon 27 days ago +1

    Would love to see you play more table games you kicked ass at bacarat

  • MsXynex
    MsXynex 27 days ago +1

    pretty hair !

  • Pi Noy
    Pi Noy 27 days ago


  • Roy Hall Jr.
    Roy Hall Jr. 27 days ago

    Great comeback Sarah!😊💖

  • Stephen Gardiner
    Stephen Gardiner 27 days ago

    Definitely need the re-triggers to bring home the bacon on that slot, but must admit it's become one of my favs (but could do with a more catchy theme tune - can't beat a Sarah sing-a-long) ;)

  • me Tuttle
    me Tuttle 27 days ago

    Nice rally there good job

  • brian truax
    brian truax 27 days ago

    Nice Turnaround on the comeback..GL on your Next..😉

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 27 days ago

    You can Huff N Puff all you want Sarah! And go to the bank!! Congratulations 🎉 on getting the bonuses & your money back too! I Love All your videos 😍 Sarah ❤️. 😅😎🍀🌹🍀🤑

  • Lebofilms
    Lebofilms 27 days ago

    Is it safe to say now, since it's been a solid month, that $300 is your start off instead of a $100? It would render the shirt you are wearing, "One More $100..." into a collectors item and we'll say, "Remember when Sarah used to say, "I'm going to try one more $100..." :)

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  26 days ago

      😂😂😂 Yes, I increased it for ease of filming, and it makes for longer sessions as well!

  • hyunrok
    hyunrok 27 days ago +2

    i say SAAAAOOOOUrrrrR when i lose on slots HAHAHAHAH

  • Cat Stewart
    Cat Stewart 27 days ago +1

    Breaking even is a good win in my book!!!!

  • Jeff Ng
    Jeff Ng 27 days ago +1

    Hi Sarah, that was a great comeback on Huff N' Puff. Hope you're feeling better today Sarah, I know you were feeling down, and annoyed after last night's stream. Well you take care of yourself,and have a G'night Sarah.

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  26 days ago

      I am!! I was just sour that the stream was so sour! 😂😂😂

  • robin traina
    robin traina 27 days ago

    you broke even almost, but your still pretty

  • Rem Puma
    Rem Puma 27 days ago

    Smiles is the best .

  • Fran Patterson
    Fran Patterson 27 days ago

    Nice comeback again.

  • Velvetloulou
    Velvetloulou 27 days ago

    I like your presentation but can you turn your mic up? your mic is always low :(
    Wait a min... do you have your phone low or against your chest/neck? that might be the reason.

    • Slotlady
      Slotlady  27 days ago

      No, I use a clip-on mic! Unfortunately casinos are just loud environments and I’m a soft spoken person, but I do the best I can!

  • Jeff zimmermann
    Jeff zimmermann 27 days ago

    Huff and puff wasn't very nice tonight

  • Sandy Ironstand
    Sandy Ironstand 27 days ago +3

    don't bug me sweetieee I'm watching the BLUE JAYS GOOD LUCK 😃

  • Victor Zavala
    Victor Zavala 27 days ago

    Got ur money back 🤑🤑

  • BGE Mix
    BGE Mix 27 days ago

    Your my favorite person to watch late at night because gambling is my favorite thing to do 👌🏻

  • Jim McGarry
    Jim McGarry 27 days ago

    That was entertaining, never seen you play that and hit the bonus !!

  • qdood
    qdood 27 days ago +2

    Thanks Sarah Huff n Puff has turned into one of my favorites.