TGF React To TikToks About Them

  • Published on Jan 23, 2022
  • Today Jay Swingler, Romell Henry and Luke Spittle (Oii Luke) from TGFBro React to TikToks made about TGF! What would you like to see TGF React to next? Real Vs Fake Commercials? World’s Fastest Workers? My Strange Addiction?
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Comments • 329

  • MoreTGF
    MoreTGF   +207

    We’re gunna answer a bunch of the comments on this video on our clips channel so if you’ve got anything to ask us comment them below! (woahhh)

  • Glumy
    Glumy  +343

    We already got Sidemen Reacts, we NEED TGF reacts now, your guys' banter is unparalleled, like you guys genuinely make anything funny

  • oh yeah yeah

    the way they hype eachothers edits up, true friendship

  • David Krappenshitz

    i literally love every piece of content they put out wtf

  • _ok_ema_
    _ok_ema_  +221

    Luke's reaction to the tiktok about phelan lmao "get a hold of yourself woman" 😭😭😭

  • Mat
    Mat  +43

    The best guys in the UK scene for real, always making me laugh. Quality always lads

  • Rahul
    Rahul  +57

    I reckon you guys should do the reaction together. either in the same room or on a call together

  • Mason Martinez

    Why has Phelan seemingly taken a step back from being involved with anything on camera?

  • Hayden Ashcroft

    I used to be a fan , but after watching this absolute masterpiece , ima a whole air conditioner

  • Albert BolmΓΈyen

    This is why we love you guys, you may look a tiny bit older but you are still your true selves. Thanks for always getting me in a good mood with your crazy comedy and thanks for being the most creative and awesome people on this platform! :D

  • Oscar King

    Waheey, loving the new MoreTGF upload schedule 😍

  • Wrathchild1995

    Oh my God, a reaction channel from you guys would be the absolute best!! Love content like this ❀

  • Ash Sawyer

    I'm impressed with the content, products, and makeup looks done by fans. Great work!

  • Chucky Mambo

    Phelan would’ve been feelin himself, as he should.

  • BLN osu!
    BLN osu!  +12

    lovin the new content, thanks for providing as always<3

  • King Mewtwo

    I’d prefer it if all three of you were in the room together reacting at the same time

  • Chilled Flames

    Just love how they genuinely hype themselves up

  • Owen R
    Owen R  +6

    If you lot did reactions together it would bang πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • kellie x

    I love how they hype each other up on the edits πŸ₯Ί Phelan though 😍😍😍

  • SP3CTREgames

    I get genuinely excited when you guys upload content. What dooooo ya meaaaan❀️