POLICE HAVE JOINED THE SERVER! (Hunting OpTic/100T) - Ep.24)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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Comments • 595

  • Mystic Carlo
    Mystic Carlo 26 days ago


  • Mr Russkid
    Mr Russkid 27 days ago +8

    Sucks that he gets so excited that more people get on the server and then out of nowhere the series is just over sad...

    • Nick .Cuoco
      Nick .Cuoco 20 days ago

      havent finished just yet, but why did it end. i see that there are no more new episodes but everyone's making it seem like it is going to last...

  • Jackson Lewis
    Jackson Lewis 27 days ago +8

    Anyone wanna have our own hunting on console??? I’ll pay for the server

  • ryanator_109
    ryanator_109 28 days ago +5

    You would never think this is the second to last episode :(

  • ryanator_109
    ryanator_109 28 days ago +2

    NADE RAN BACK INTO THE LAVA WTF :( ................Hhahaha so happy he got his stuff back

  • Dick Kickem
    Dick Kickem 29 days ago +4

    R.I.P officer porkster

  • clockoff94
    clockoff94 29 days ago +3

    8:20 rip

  • Greg  S
    Greg S 29 days ago +6

    tom is a master speller

  • Not Neophyte
    Not Neophyte Month ago +22

    Bruh looked at the chicken five times lmao

  • Its_that_boi_Rj!
    Its_that_boi_Rj! Month ago +2

    anyone notice the glass in the bottom right in the water at the end of the video

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton Month ago

    Just do /r when replying

    • Nate A
      Nate A Month ago +9

      Did you watch the video?

  • Mouse
    Mouse Month ago +8

    well so much for this story line huh

  • Hasan Shaikh
    Hasan Shaikh Month ago +9


  • Twely
    Twely Month ago +4

    10 mil

  • Suhaib Zumlot
    Suhaib Zumlot Month ago +13

    34:33 The Transit bus sound is straight quality, Throwback days.

    • T0X1C MURK3
      T0X1C MURK3 28 days ago

      I thought no one else noticed lmfao !

    • Hunter_1515
      Hunter_1515 Month ago +1

      Suhaib Zumlot I’m glad someone else noticed!! 😂

  • James MS
    James MS Month ago +4

    Hows my guy tom got these videos pre recorded but can release them at 9?

  • BoxieBoomkin
    BoxieBoomkin Month ago +5

    I'd love to be part of a Minecraft series like this, but I'd suck at the combat part...
    Maybe I'd just be the peaceful farmer at spawn with 10 wolves and 5 Golems

  • Saucekodeg
    Saucekodeg Month ago +1

    Hunting nrg and 100t

  • Kaijigs Beats
    Kaijigs Beats Month ago +2

    Anyone else screaming when he forgot his arrows?

  • Sofian
    Sofian Month ago +1

    Invis Pot at the Back of the Boat

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 Month ago +4

    I swear he just gets joy out of killing people... I think he's a psychopath... And DUDE CAN YOU SPELL

  • Tofw
    Tofw Month ago +11

    Anyone notice the tranzit bus noise?

    • Tofw
      Tofw Month ago +4


  • KiLLeR-_-KeRRi
    KiLLeR-_-KeRRi Month ago

    You can't end the series, I've loved watching it all

  • Hunny Rudd
    Hunny Rudd Month ago +8

    is tom unaware that a splash potion of invis will hide his armor as well

  • TheBlueBeast
    TheBlueBeast Month ago +1

    Anybody else go crazy when he put his arrows in his invisibility potion chest at the beginning?

  • killatripp
    killatripp Month ago +28

    Tom why do you never invis pot and then jump in the back of the boat with someone. They’ll never know you’re there

      SCOTLANDS LION 29 days ago

      They would see the particle effects bro so not the best idea 💡

    • CalizpzZ0
      CalizpzZ0 Month ago +3

      Ik this series is way behind so this comment won't make a difference but that's some 200IQ plays

  • zexo
    zexo Month ago +2

    basically and tst just ruined this series :(

    • KiLLeR-_-KeRRi
      KiLLeR-_-KeRRi Month ago

      All they have done so far is build a cool looking house under courage's base, but Tom is thinking about ending this series and I don't want that!!!!

    • Brad
      Brad Month ago +1

      @KiLLeR-_-KeRRi well tbh they are lame

    • KiLLeR-_-KeRRi
      KiLLeR-_-KeRRi Month ago

      I never watched the og series, wasn't into Minecraft back then!
      But i see what you are saying but I don't see a problem with them at the moment.

    • zexo
      zexo Month ago +2

      @KiLLeR-_-KeRRi its not hunting optic anymore, like the og series

    • KiLLeR-_-KeRRi
      KiLLeR-_-KeRRi Month ago

      They aint done anything yet

  • YETI
    YETI Month ago +1

    You should make a redstone trap for someone to fall in and put gravel in the hole when they fall so they suffocate

  • Jayvin M
    Jayvin M Month ago

    Sixth sense

  • Jensen Ambrose
    Jensen Ambrose Month ago +2

    Elytras not that Op, it takes up a chest-plate slot so you loose a lot of protection so you could easily be shot out of the sky with a power V bow.

    • Master Rai
      Master Rai Month ago +1

      If you have fire works with elytra no is hitting or shooting you kinda op but it is tedious amount of work

  • B K
    B K Month ago +3

    My mum is friends with your friend

  • Jensen Ambrose
    Jensen Ambrose Month ago +1

    Nade made a rookie mistake, no water bucket was on the hot bar.

  • kiaya preston
    kiaya preston Month ago +3

    U need the Elytra for a sky base

  • Hayden Oberg
    Hayden Oberg Month ago +5

    How did he not see the chicken at 28:33!

  • Corey White
    Corey White Month ago +4

    "I am a bogus police man and I've come to sell you information."

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers Month ago +1


    • Twely
      Twely Month ago +1

      Michael Rogers 9.9

  • DropKickVibe
    DropKickVibe Month ago +3

    Who's base is that at 39:14 at the bottom right under the water?

    • DropKickVibe
      DropKickVibe Month ago

      @Keita Mel Ohh, okay, thanks ive just never noticed it before

    • Keita Mel
      Keita Mel Month ago

      DropKickVibe that is just his little aquarium thing down the mine

  • Crazy Ieuan
    Crazy Ieuan Month ago +1

    The arrows in the potion chest lol 😂😂

  • DeepCover66
    DeepCover66 Month ago

    "Poor guy. ... But that's one of my favorite things I've seen in minecraft though." HARD LOL

  • Danywilliamsmc4
    Danywilliamsmc4 Month ago +1

    Hey guys can someone pls tell me how did they make the server and play on it I have tried a lot of methods and they don’t work

    • TheAmethyz
      TheAmethyz Month ago +1

      You can either buy servers or you can host them yourselfd from your computer. Google it, its easy and and plenty of tutorials how to do it. there is tutorials for it in youtube aswel. just search it.

    • Danywilliamsmc4
      Danywilliamsmc4 Month ago

      Toxic no this is not realm because I used to have a realm world and if you pay attention when he logs in to the server it’s from the multiplayer menu and not the realms menu

    • Aleks Vasquez
      Aleks Vasquez Month ago

      To keep the server

    • Aleks Vasquez
      Aleks Vasquez Month ago

      They have a realm, you have to pay a monthly subscription on minecraft Im pretty sure

    • E J.
      E J. Month ago

      Danywilliamsmc4 I wanna know too

  • Callum Elliott
    Callum Elliott Month ago +3

    What do the pistons do at the stairs to toms house?

  • biscuit2003
    biscuit2003 Month ago +10

    Get optifine so you can zoom in and see people from further away

  • Void
    Void Month ago +1

    why didn't nade enderpearl out?

    • TheAmethyz
      TheAmethyz Month ago

      @E J. Good for you to say safe and sound at your home not playing minecraft.

    • E J.
      E J. Month ago

      Because he’s an idiot at Minecraft

    • Adam Atch
      Adam Atch Month ago

      Void as when you dying you kinda panic

  • Hamish Huxley
    Hamish Huxley Month ago +12

    Make a wither in courages basement

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin Month ago +7

    hey tommy boy, love the series as all of your MC series. you can link nether portals by taking your 1st and 3rd coordinates and divide them by 8 (round up) and keep the middle coordinate the same.

  • gr madi
    gr madi Month ago +1

    Wonder when the subscriber server will go live?

  • Narcoticlady /
    Narcoticlady / Month ago +1

    Everyone’s doing Minecraft again

    CRULEE Month ago +9

    34:43 that was a tranzit bus right!?

    • ItsSuperior
      ItsSuperior Month ago


    • Carlos Ovalle
      Carlos Ovalle Month ago

      That’s the Team Summertime notification sound from their stream. They use the tranzit bus sound

    • Thraser
      Thraser Month ago

      CRULEE i heard it to had to rewind to make sure

  • KenZo
    KenZo Month ago +13

    Some feedback mate: I think you guys should hop in a call and rethink a new concept. The viewers love the people in the server, but there´s no "hunting" involved, lets be honest. It´s just a bunch of you on the same server playing, which I doubt was the initial idea. Happy Friday.

    • Offinics 780
      Offinics 780 Month ago +1

      KenZo pretty sure they have already finished the series, Tom is just taking forever to release each video

  • JM 46
    JM 46 Month ago +12

    You really aren’t hunting nobody

  • JM 46
    JM 46 Month ago +11

    This is becoming something it is not

      SCOTLANDS LION 29 days ago

      @Ben Jenkins the cat killing was pretty creative lol

    • Ben Jenkins
      Ben Jenkins 29 days ago

      yeah it really did. It seems to be a pvp series, where he just kills people in less creative ways as the series goes on

  • Charlie Bewick
    Charlie Bewick Month ago +4

    Bring In captain sparkles Firefox to the server

  • Charlie Bewick
    Charlie Bewick Month ago +1

    Bring dianite back lol

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago +7


  • brandobionicle
    brandobionicle Month ago +4

    "I'd rather earn my money" CSLOTTO 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Tori Scott
    Tori Scott Month ago +2

    Lets take a bet on how much wood Tom has spent on boats lol

  • SRS Matt
    SRS Matt Month ago +8

    Who else heard the tranzit bus at 34:43?

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago +3


  • SRS Matt
    SRS Matt Month ago +5

    You should bring back a variation of the purge where you HAVE to kill at least one person every Saturday. Everyone would be on edge

    • DiamondSwordUnit
      DiamondSwordUnit Month ago +1

      It's hunting optic though, it should always be a purge

  • eddie Kirkwood
    eddie Kirkwood Month ago +1

    Why did the tranzit buss Bois randomly play ? You can’t slap me in the face with that nostalgia