Every Plate Honest Review (Bonus- COOK an EP meal with me!)

  • Published on Jun 19, 2020
  • Welcome to this review on Every Plate. In this video I go over the contents of an Every Plate box, WHY I RECEIVED MY MONEY BACK, and I even show you what cooking a meal is like!
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Comments • 13

  • Monica
    Monica Year ago +5

    I love how we can keep the recipe cards and buy ingredients if we like the meals

  • Harper Lewis
    Harper Lewis Year ago +3

    We’ve been using every plate for about a month now and love it! We have also tried Dinnerly and just received our second box. It’s the same price wise as EveryPlate but they have different options. I have a discounted box if you wanted to try it!

    • Harper Lewis
      Harper Lewis Year ago

      Nurse Katherine I haven’t had any issues with their produce! The only major difference I noticed between EveryPlate and dinnerly is you have to print the recipe cards.

    • Nurse Katherine
      Nurse Katherine  Year ago

      OH harper I may have to! I have heard of dinnerly before! How are the produce?

  • Heidi Evans
    Heidi Evans Year ago +2

    Thank you for doing this video. I was curious about this and this answered my questions. :-)

  • Jerrin Brown
    Jerrin Brown 3 months ago

    Great video my buddy sent me a free box so I might check it out. You did great on everything with the video I check out your page and see why nurses are quitting 👀 going to watch that now and I subscribed 😎🤙🏽

  • Leesh C
    Leesh C Year ago +1

    Are you still using this service? If not, was it easy to cancel or skip weeks?

    • Basement Poems
      Basement Poems 8 months ago

      Very easy!!!!!!!! Just cancel it a few days before your delivery date.

  • Rose 10-33
    Rose 10-33 4 days ago

    I’ve tried it twice, both times I was extremely disappointed. One box I received 12 carrots and nothing to complete a meal. The second time I received potatoes….ever single one had rotten spots on them. It’s such poor quality of product that I have free boxes and will not order them. It’s a waste of time and food

    • Nurse Katherine
      Nurse Katherine  2 days ago

      Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Rose. I think it was an interesting experience and concept, but I have not ordered from any of these companies for over a year.

  • Casey Weaver
    Casey Weaver Year ago