Daniel Ricciardo x GoPro

  • Published on Apr 28, 2021
  • not great with tech savvy stuff but literally anyone can use this to make video edits!
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  • Daniel Ricciardo
    Daniel Ricciardo  Year ago +141


    • lee coates
      lee coates Year ago

      ahhhh now i get the nickname honey badger because you dance like one lol

    • Nicola Fox
      Nicola Fox Year ago

      It's awesome to have you in Mclaren Ricky Bobby 🤣feels like you've come home ❤

    • matija leva
      matija leva Year ago +1

      Love you bro!!!!!!!

  • Polina Tsurikova
    Polina Tsurikova Year ago +484

    the amount of joy this man exudes is just immaculate

    • Dean Sheridan
      Dean Sheridan Year ago +2

      Wel hes a millionaire he should be

    • Vee Noriega
      Vee Noriega Year ago +5

      The millions he get paid for his hard and also VERY GOOD work and dedication, and his great personality certainly helps*

    • Andrew Page
      Andrew Page Year ago +10

      Being paid millions a year and driving in Formula 1 certainly helps.

  • Braydon Kendall
    Braydon Kendall Year ago +459

    There is no one better to represent Australia in F1 then Daniel Riccardo

    • Krishh Karthikeyan
      Krishh Karthikeyan Year ago

      Sad Webber noices

    • Andrew Le
      Andrew Le Year ago +1

      Oscar Piastri entered the chat

    • Dave Russell
      Dave Russell Year ago

      @Sindhu Sojan Jack Brabham, RIP, had the respect of his peers and home country but he never appealed to a young audience.

    • Sindhu Sojan
      Sindhu Sojan Year ago +2

      Jack Brabham?

    • 01AceAlpha
      01AceAlpha Year ago +13

      There’s no one better to represent F1.

  • Fulbert
    Fulbert Year ago +243

    I feel like he's living the life we are ​​all dreaming of

    • Torex
      Torex Year ago +2

      Google translater is doing a pretty good job

  • Iffat Khan
    Iffat Khan Year ago +98

    Daniel the type of guy who lives life like it was his last day

  • demi
    demi Year ago +40

    no one can make better fan cams of daniel than the man himself

  • DeltaSupreme
    DeltaSupreme Year ago +193

    Why does this feel like an intro for a tv-show titled: The Honey Badger

  • Sosa
    Sosa Year ago +45

    Yea no wonder why this dude is the happiest guy ever lmao

  • LA_NightRider
    LA_NightRider Year ago +4

    I guess we all agree that having Daniel as a friend must be the best thing on earth!

  • Mster 330
    Mster 330 Year ago +135

    Honey Badger is at this point just swimming in honey (enjoying his life at fullest)

  • Tharush Somashekar
    Tharush Somashekar Year ago +23

    Who else feels this guy doesn't really know how to make adds...
    But the adds he makes us brilliant

  • NivedLaxsea
    NivedLaxsea Year ago +10

    I love how giggly Danny Ric gets when he’s enjoying himself - can’t hate the guy

  • Veronica V
    Veronica V Year ago +1

    I've only discovered Daniel a few weeks ago, but wow, his spirit shines through his beautiful smile. I hope he gets as much corporate endorsements OFF TRACK as Lewis Hamilton ❤

  • Shafiqahmed Doddamani

    Daniel always makes me smile.
    Thank you so much and it's fun to watch you trying new sports.

  • Nikhil Kalyan
    Nikhil Kalyan Year ago +180

    I'm so early I don't know what to say?
    Daniel Riccardo
    World champion 2022

    • nclparlade_random
      nclparlade_random 10 months ago

      With the new 2022 regulations and the shorter cars, Daniel has the chance to get back at it again. Hes used to driving shorter cars (like in his Red Bull days and 2020 Renault which were shorter cars than most of the field).

    • Cd B
      Cd B Year ago

      @Vee Noriega hopefully not.

    • Cd B
      Cd B Year ago

      Yeah right.

    • Darko X
      Darko X Year ago

      @traida111 thats a bold assumption mate (imo), but man I wish that would happen

    • traida111
      traida111 Year ago

      @Darko X yes the car does have some pace. Lando came 3rd and take into consideration mclaren went for the soft tyre strategy. Their thinking was its hard to overtake so they wanted to get their overtaking done early, then fight for position at the end. Not to mention Lando was hitting his gear shifter by accident. So its still possible since its only race 3. Maybe unlikely to beat red bull but 2nd place is on the table still.

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown Year ago +1

    Watching this just makes Daniel look like a man who loves the thrill of an adventure

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Year ago

    This made my day... what a legend!

  • Jacques Bishop
    Jacques Bishop Year ago

    Daniel not only you’re one of the best drivers out there but you’re just an awesome person !!!! 🤙🏻 I’ll always support you on and off the track and never change !!

  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler Year ago

    Love it, have a great race weekend in Portugal!

  • b nice
    b nice Year ago +1

    If every person had a 1 minute trailer before you met them, Daniel's would be exactly this one. All joyful and beautiful

  • Maria Vlahou
    Maria Vlahou Year ago +5


  • Thais Behs
    Thais Behs Year ago

    Muito curto, quero mais 🤗

  • NotSoCultured
    NotSoCultured Year ago +4

    Man deserves to be a world champion

  • Hawa
    Hawa Year ago +34

    Good Luck in Portimao this Sunday x

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 Year ago

    Have a good weekend Danny! McLaren's fans will be rooting for you!

  • jackaboy
    jackaboy Year ago

    My favorite driver. Love you daniel ♥️

  • AndreeaT
    AndreeaT Year ago

    Why would you downvote this?!🥺 Danny ric always having the best times x

  • schönsefar69
    schönsefar69 Year ago

    I would love to see Daniel film behind the scene at mclaren and at the Grand Prix🙏🏻

  • Sword Saints
    Sword Saints Year ago

    Love Danny Ric he’s the 🐐🙌🏽

  • Ching Ha Susan Ip
    Ching Ha Susan Ip Year ago +16

    I need a whole TV show for this

  • Bossnian
    Bossnian Year ago

    Never stop making vids Danny 🔥👊

  • sonia maiwall
    sonia maiwall Year ago +1

    After getting bored with classes and now seeing your face i am happy ❤️ good luck dan

  • Yuvna 🌸
    Yuvna 🌸 Year ago

    Daniel depicts the art of joy and living with a smile 🤩💞 #allgoodallways

  • Kendall W
    Kendall W Year ago

    You just can’t help but smile when he smiles😂

  • Musa Ahmed
    Musa Ahmed Year ago +1

    Danny really living his best life. 😊😜💯🏖

  • Isabela Jimenez
    Isabela Jimenez Year ago

    Amazing a masterpiece 🔝

  • Tyfunk 02
    Tyfunk 02 Year ago

    Most likeable guy in Formula 1. I dare anyone to say otherwise. Love you Daniel!

  • nicole millan
    nicole millan Year ago +2

    Starting my morning with this is pure gold

  • PandasAreBAE
    PandasAreBAE Year ago +37

    Your song choices are always 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    • Darko X
      Darko X Year ago

      @Emanuel Magurean Australian vibes with that

    • Gianky
      Gianky Year ago +2

      @Emanuel Magurean its in the drescription

    • Emanuel Magurean
      Emanuel Magurean Year ago


  • Floriaisabella
    Floriaisabella Year ago

    Can we just agree that this video is pure good vibes! 🍯🦡🧡🧡🧡

  • zolwiq007
    zolwiq007 Year ago

    I hope you will own the Portimao GP this weekend mate!

    PJCD BOSS TOMY Year ago +1

    You are the boss Daniel 😂

  • Yellow Liberty
    Yellow Liberty Year ago

    If Australia had some sort of "Florida man", Daniel would definitely fit that description - rock on man

  • Cameron Owens
    Cameron Owens 11 months ago

    As a Texan, makes me so happy to see that he rocks a Texas t-shirt. He knows we all love him here.

  • Chiara Borghesi
    Chiara Borghesi Year ago

    This video makes me want to vibe with you in the car: windows down, volume up, random dance moves.

  • Angami Accent
    Angami Accent Year ago

    Australia is a place i would love to live in! The people.. the music.. the landscapes.. damn

  • HJ-RedRaven Heng
    HJ-RedRaven Heng Year ago

    Livin' the life fellow perth boy! Well done mate!

  • beegee22
    beegee22 Year ago

    Love that Texas Longhorns t-shirt! Hook 'em Daniel! Come win at COTA, Texas loves you! :-)

  • Hy noT
    Hy noT Year ago +6

    Put that energy into beating Norris now.

    • Mayank Ojha
      Mayank Ojha Year ago +1

      Beating Mercedes you mean. Together. #McLaren

  • Ridelove
    Ridelove Year ago +1

    Hes so cool he could be a f1 driver

  • Norma Angélica Penetro

    The best 🙌🏻✨ Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Cody Lindberg
    Cody Lindberg Year ago

    Love seeing a Perth bloke living the life good onya mate

  • kyogrez
    kyogrez Year ago

    the perks of being one of the 20 best drivers in the world

  • liliana
    liliana Year ago

    Literally me aspiring to be like this man🥸🥸yet I can't even swim or ride a bike 😒😒

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez 8 months ago

    If I had money I would buy one but big up Daniel for living the best

  • Zivarn Harema-Nicholson

    I live in Perth, one day I'll get a Mclaren for Ricciardo to sign. Love that dude

  • Dannyric3_F1
    Dannyric3_F1 Year ago

    You are the best driver and guy i've ever seen ❤😘😍

  • Laura Gonçalves
    Laura Gonçalves Year ago

    Good luck in Portugal 🙌💛

  • Júlia Esley Santos

    Daniel é Brasileiro e a gente não sabe KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Germaingazm
    Germaingazm Year ago

    Living the life mate!!

  • Enduro A.K.O
    Enduro A.K.O Year ago

    Living the dream 👍

  • Priyank Patel
    Priyank Patel Year ago

    I love Dany Rick's life. Wish I had that.

  • ChumpyChicken2
    ChumpyChicken2 Year ago

    Go you good thing!! Aussie world Champion inbound!🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Year ago

    Danny for championship🔥🔥

  • Rónán Freehill
    Rónán Freehill Year ago

    You are my favourite Formula1 driver you are the best

  • Ghost Fire
    Ghost Fire Year ago

    This video was violently loud at the start, but I see Danny Ricc, I hit like.

  • Lia afrian
    Lia afrian Year ago

    I love all your content

  • Riccardo Rama
    Riccardo Rama Year ago +1

    I thought you were just an F1 driver but I think I was wrong haha

  • Ferrari F1 Team
    Ferrari F1 Team Year ago

    My man's just a straight up vibe

  • Your Boys Gottem
    Your Boys Gottem Year ago

    Cant wait to see you out on track tomorrow

  • 솔티크래커
    솔티크래커 Year ago

    hope to see your shoey performance on this weekend:-)

  • Ski-dap ba-dap
    Ski-dap ba-dap Year ago

    petition for danny ricc to make this his no breaks intro

    FEARYOYOYO Year ago

    I know he gets lots of ”love” being famous for driving in F1 but this guy is waaay less handsome than that he’s made to think. Great driver and personality though!

  • ToasterBruhs
    ToasterBruhs Year ago

    Daniel Ricciardo: The Smiles Man

  • b nice
    b nice Year ago

    WHEN IS YOUR MERCH BEING RESTOCKED KING??? love the video, thank you for also uploading it to TheXvid 💕🥳

  • booptidyscoop
    booptidyscoop Year ago +1

    Better get that championship next year

  • Nathalia Almonte
    Nathalia Almonte Year ago

    enjoyable, daniel. thanks for that!

  • Gabriela Miranda
    Gabriela Miranda Year ago

    I want a friend like him

  • The Deamon Meteor

    Cmon ricci! Lets get a podium (or win) this season!

  • Ndawg
    Ndawg Year ago

    I feel like F1 didn’t change this man only his net worth

  • The Chain Ninja
    The Chain Ninja Year ago +1

    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to not like Daniel Ricciardo.

  • akkaru.
    akkaru. Year ago

    good luck in portugal

  • iAlfrxd
    iAlfrxd Year ago

    Love it

  • Ernesto Cammarata
    Ernesto Cammarata Year ago +1

    Dude Australia is beautiful! Good luck this weekend

  • Blaster Anonymous ⏳

    I like the type of F1 racer who also plays drums

  • BugattlVeyron
    BugattlVeyron Year ago +1

    Now some McLaren headquarters are uncomfortable watching the video, and observing that you are doing motocross.

  • Laura O'Reilly
    Laura O'Reilly Year ago +1

    Farmer Daniel is an iconic 👑

  • 1upmusty _
    1upmusty _ Year ago

    How long did it take to make this video 😂 a lot of effort put into thisss

  • Ssm5
    Ssm5 Year ago +1

    He has the best life

  • Irene Virelli
    Irene Virelli Year ago

    That farm vibe hits different ;)

  • Ricoimf
    Ricoimf Year ago

    Good luck at Portimao!

  • JBRC
    JBRC  Year ago

    Too much fun I like it.

  • Junio Queiroz
    Junio Queiroz Year ago +1

    A materyalizing of a dream for every boy.
    - Please, somebody needs to make a alternative version playing "Everybody wants to rule the world"

  • EvROne
    EvROne Year ago

    How can someone even hate this guy?

  • Renu Malhotra
    Renu Malhotra Year ago +1

    Daniel: Howdy fellas
    GoPro: G'Day Dani G'Day...

  • Mehmet Uysal
    Mehmet Uysal Year ago

    You’re living this life =)

  • Jack LaValley
    Jack LaValley Year ago

    Daniel gonna go pro in Motocross next?

  • Randiv Rupasinghe

    Danny riccs in the house!!!

  • Varun Charavanan
    Varun Charavanan 11 months ago


  • Matías Biondolillo

    Title: "Daniel Ricciardo x GoPro"
    The Honey Badger: what a moment to get Sony on the miniature boi 🤠