Robin Williams on Carson 1982

  • Published on Mar 13, 2016
  • As wacky and hilarious as any human could ever be, Robin does impressions and standup for Johnny Carson and his audience.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Pure love Jack12
    Pure love Jack12 25 minutes ago

    Genius but cocaine hella of a drug :) bless him

  • beatleme2
    beatleme2 2 days ago

    Ah back wen you could smoke - and something was really on tv to keep ya up, fk this world now, im going back to fucklan island ! fk yes after i wake up on the hood of my car and get the keys outta my oss

  • Brewed Awakening
    Brewed Awakening 3 days ago

    My only concern in life, pretty soon I'm gonna run out of the old Tonight Show with Johnny C on YT? Jimmy Fallon? No thanks. Maybe I'll get lucky and accidentally hit my head on some concrete wall severe enough and develop amnesia, then I'll forget I've been watching all these classic Carson show and start over :).

  • elthe3rd
    elthe3rd 3 days ago +1

    the King of freaking improv !!

  • Harold Kell
    Harold Kell 3 days ago +1

    A comedy genius sadly missed

  • Doug Varnam
    Doug Varnam 4 days ago +1

    Williams at his best here. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen Johnny laugh so much.

  • JPB
    JPB 4 days ago +1

    The World needs a lot more of this lately.....

  • chris utter
    chris utter 6 days ago

    Check out the Masonic handshakes !!!

  • Steve Gaspar
    Steve Gaspar 7 days ago

    Carson sneaking a dart haha! Ah the good old days of TV

  • Rickarama Trama
    Rickarama Trama 8 days ago

    Such a comic genius and made so many people laugh out loud but we never knew the demons that lived within his heart.
    Thank goodness he will never die as we have all these great films to remember him by. He'll always be one of my favorites and I bet they are laughing their asses off in heaven. RIP Mr. Williams~!!!

  • zedrick zedwick
    zedrick zedwick 9 days ago

    johnny carson was a freemason and robin did a freemason handshake with him, so sadly he was one too.

  • brainsareus
    brainsareus 9 days ago

    A movie clip from THAT time would take up half a show today.

  • Eziekle Crafts
    Eziekle Crafts 10 days ago +1

    17:27 weird pulsating at the crown of Johny's head for few seconds and then electric interference across the screen. WTH ...

  • Eziekle Crafts
    Eziekle Crafts 10 days ago +2

    the WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP is an excellent movie. A drama, comedy and horror all in one with amazing performances, an intelligent plot.

  • Eziekle Crafts
    Eziekle Crafts 10 days ago

    he's the cure for all that ails you. bless him.

  • slimtee2
    slimtee2 10 days ago

    It was so strange to see Johnny Carson light that cigarette, it was kind of funny! I think Robin was draining him! Hahaha!!

  • a099258
    a099258 12 days ago

    Simply the best

  • Overhead Casseroles
    Overhead Casseroles 15 days ago +1

    weird. the funniest guy on the planet hangs himself in a closet.

    • muriels566
      muriels566 10 days ago +1

      I still don't get that thats what happened. My gut says Not. Gut never wrong. who knows. Devestating. Devestating.

  • Quinn Schwickrath
    Quinn Schwickrath 17 days ago +1

    I love the discrete dart hack by Johnny at 7:44.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 18 days ago

    Missed you guys too the kids are spending the night

  • Danglestank Dixon
    Danglestank Dixon 20 days ago +5

    6:05 JC lights a smoke, continues to sneak puffs and egg on Robin for one last hit. C-L-A-S-S-I-C-!

  • Ryan Thomas Harig
    Ryan Thomas Harig 21 day ago +1

    The funniest man ever. Always miss him

  • Dean Brown
    Dean Brown 22 days ago +3

    The man was brilliant !!

  • Keynote Speaker Garrison Wynn, CSP

    When you combine creativity with a lot of cocaine you get 1980s Robin Williams

  • robert4you
    robert4you 25 days ago +1

    6:02 Johnny was *really fast* with that cigarette. Think he was a chain smoker.

    • muriels566
      muriels566 10 days ago +2

      ....probably. i mean really sneaking it on camera did he really think no one was WATCHING? !!!

    • aseyete
      aseyete 23 days ago +2

      Good catch; Carson took a drag so fast that I missed it - focused on Robin Williams antics

  • Alex Kerr
    Alex Kerr 25 days ago +2

    What a comical genius never be another Robin Williams

  • Digital Guru
    Digital Guru  26 days ago

    So we have over 3000 likes so far, about 1/2 of a percent not liked... so if anyone does not like this comedy, they should get their friggin' head examined .... Or at least explain WHAT exactly they don't like about it....

  • Ed Weibe
    Ed Weibe 26 days ago

    friggin genius

  • Jason Cheshire
    Jason Cheshire 27 days ago

    Most unfunny guy ever

  • YouKnowMyName
    YouKnowMyName 29 days ago +2

    He was The best, going to miss him.

  • muriels566
    muriels566 Month ago +1

    ...the TOWER OF LONDON joke near the end is SCREAMS !!!!

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze Month ago

    They absolutely were the best of times.

  • Rhognald McDognald's

    (6:04) Johnny lights and takes a toke from a cig. Robin quitely says "put it away".

  • Janet Wilhelm
    Janet Wilhelm Month ago +1

    A comic genius is only born once. And God gave us Robin Williams.

  • 싸넬
    싸넬 Month ago +3

    I wonder how much more crazy it could've gone if he was there with Jim Carrey...

  • Dianne Maloney
    Dianne Maloney Month ago +3

    I've never seen Johnny Carson laugh so hard!

  • MGTOW4Life
    MGTOW4Life Month ago

    This guy's talent is unbelievable.

  • Marc Van Pottelbergh
    Marc Van Pottelbergh Month ago +11

    Funny to see Carson smoking during the show (7:43)

  • Missditabomb
    Missditabomb Month ago +3

    As with David Letterman and other talk show hosts, Johnny Carson loved having him on the show, because THEN Johnny didn't have to do any work. Robin Williams was a genius. An amazing, other worldly talent.

  • Missditabomb
    Missditabomb Month ago +7

    Poor Robin. So gifted, so funny, so manic, so intelligent, so entertaining, so generous, so unstoppable, so kind, and then, SO ILL. Rest in Love, Robin. You were one of the good ones. And SO unforgettable. xo


    He was Elaborately fantastic!

  • muriels566
    muriels566 Month ago +1

    ...As he got older I could see the sadness in his eyes between the jokes and was hoping that he wouldnt do what he actually seemed to have done.

  • CanYouKeepUp2K7
    CanYouKeepUp2K7 Month ago +3

    Glad I was born in a time where people wasn't so sensitive. No way this would make the cut these days....

    • Donna Naples
      Donna Naples 4 days ago

      Yes your right, so sad no one has a sense of humor anymore, everyone now is analytical of everything said, can't just relax and enjoy a good laugh. I absolutely adore Robin and his genius, I pray he found the peace he so desperately deserved. The world misses him!! ❤️️❤️️

  • Steve Murray
    Steve Murray Month ago +4

    Robin is ten times funnier than Rodney Dangerfield

    • muriels566
      muriels566 10 days ago +2

      one hundred time 'scuse me.

  • Josef Meliton
    Josef Meliton Month ago +1

    Wow @2:50 he switched to a 60s accent really good.

  • minnesocold
    minnesocold Month ago

    Who the F disliked this? *Slap

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson Month ago

    Comedy at it's best.

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams Month ago

    the need to constantly feel you had to be funny was obviously too much pressure. I wish he could have "settled down" and quit working 24/7. If he learned to just relax, he may still be here.

  • Caroline Beute
    Caroline Beute Month ago +7

    Did you see how Carson sneaks in lightning a cigarette and smoking it during the interview almost ducking under the desk to do so?

    • muriels566
      muriels566 10 days ago +1

      yeah he had a problem but its all good ~

  • Hafi Firdausy
    Hafi Firdausy Month ago +1

    6.03 Johnny instant laugh and lighting speed lightning his cigaret

  • TheBent139
    TheBent139 Month ago

    Robin back in his drug fueled days. He was hysterical, but so fast with a line half of them slipped by. And all the San Fran stuff would have been verboten these days. A shame.

  • amanda davis
    amanda davis Month ago

    Did Ed McMahon have the best job in the world or what?

  • shaun rish
    shaun rish Month ago

    The Brilliant Robin Williams

  • thomas bailey
    thomas bailey Month ago +1

    I miss this two

  • Zenzi Makeba
    Zenzi Makeba 2 months ago

    Miss You Tobin Williams.Genius at work..😍💯😂💝💝

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps 2 months ago +1

    Everyone knows that obummer killed Joan Rivers, because she exposed Michael as a tranny. Phuck demokraps.

  • navyguyinva
    navyguyinva 2 months ago

    Pure genius.

  • Jamie Higdon
    Jamie Higdon 2 months ago +4

    loved Robin and especially watching Johnny Carson sneak a puff of his cigarette CLASSIC TV

  • Etsy Ross
    Etsy Ross 2 months ago

    He's exhausting.

  • Ogie Cruz
    Ogie Cruz 2 months ago +3

    Start at 5:43 about San Francisco I had an asthma attack from laughing lol

  • Ruthie Rochford
    Ruthie Rochford 2 months ago

    I havn't been able to watch Robin for a few years. It hurts too much and I cry. That heaven finds the means to afflict this angel on earth with a crushing depression that he could not find his way out of only by suicide haunts me to this day.

  • neecnrs
    neecnrs 2 months ago

    He was one genius. Can you imagine what the PC crowd would do if he still was alive and did this? Yes it was political but not vicious.

  • Eff -U
    Eff -U 2 months ago +8

    did anyone notice johny lit up a smoke when robin said frisk me I might have a gun

    • muriels566
      muriels566 10 days ago +1 busy cracking up

  • Mr. Allen
    Mr. Allen 2 months ago +12

    *Johny Carson the best talk show host of all time.*

  • Defensor Rationis
    Defensor Rationis 2 months ago +3

    Take a good look.
    This is the face of clinical depression.

    • Defensor Rationis
      Defensor Rationis 20 days ago

      ​@gerard1657​, that's my _whole point!_ Most of the time you _can't see it!_ So don't dismiss the possibility just because someone always appears upbeat and chipper!

    • CommonSense81
      CommonSense81 21 day ago

      Something tells me there's more to Hollyweird and the culture controllers in the entertainment industry overall.... Not sure why... Perhaps it's the way so many keep dying young.. Or how so many have parents from a senior level of military central intelligence.. But hey ho, I'm sure it's all coincidence!

    • gerard1657
      gerard1657 Month ago +2

      bullshit....I get a kick out of people who in retrospect of something happening all of a sudden sees all these clues.

  • Julie Molthop
    Julie Molthop 2 months ago +11

    LOVED U SO MUCH! RIP, Dear Robin...😣😣

  • Conrad Wolf
    Conrad Wolf 2 months ago

    He likened Margaret Thatcher to Julia Child, foreshadowing Meryl Streep playing both of these roles (Julie & Julia in 2009, and The Iron Lady in 2011).

  • Mark Antony
    Mark Antony 2 months ago

    Carson Sits and hides a cigarette in the studio ...

  • MrJoey Man
    MrJoey Man 2 months ago +2

    Robin Williams had to be in good physical shape to do any interview, lol. Never be another one like him.

  • Law Gill
    Law Gill 2 months ago +5

    I call that "Impossible Comedy",
    it's magical like Beethoven's 5th symphony.
    Purely Magical.
    Nobody can recreate or do anything that great, except Williams or Beethoven.

    LEGIN 2 months ago


  • Dukerbud 88
    Dukerbud 88 2 months ago +1

    I NEVER understood his humour. I love the greats but for some reason Robin Williams never resonated with me. Weird.

    • LPomona
      LPomona 2 months ago

      Me neither. I'll never understand the attraction.

  • Stephen Spilker
    Stephen Spilker 2 months ago

    to bad there all gone now

  • CauseAndEffect
    CauseAndEffect 2 months ago

    Williams looked much older than his age before he died. Don't do drugs.

  • Doctor Mu
    Doctor Mu 2 months ago

    Gestalt cattle ranch. Very underrated.