4 Star Wars Mysteries Solved By The Last Jedi

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
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    Warning: Spoilers For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Ahead.
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi delivers a soaring blend of drama, action, and comedy-while also tying up a few loose ends left in the wake of The Force Awakens. Writer-director Rian Johnson's chapter successfully and perhaps controversially thrusts the franchise forward in a number of meaningful ways, and it does so largely by answering a few lingering questions along the way. Warning: Major spoilers ahead…
    Who are Rey's parents? | 0:23
    Can Leia use Force powers? | 1:13
    Why does Luke want the Jedi to end? | 2:02
    Does Snoke's identity even matter? | 3:07
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Comments • 837

  • Looper
    Looper  Year ago +23

    What questions do you have going into Star Wars: Episode IX?

    • Tinymouse BillyBob
      Tinymouse BillyBob 4 months ago

      Who is connecting kylo ren and rey if snoke himself said he was connecting them but snoke was killed and pretty much at the end of the movie rey and kylo ren were connected so who was connecting them?

    • notmyrealname
      notmyrealname Year ago

      No questions...there's nothing worth asking after ep8

    • lmh aviation
      lmh aviation Year ago

      Looper I want Kylo Ren To DIE. I absolutely hate him. I want him to die in episode IX or Join the lightside

    • Triton 23
      Triton 23 Year ago

      Exactly the same questions I was asking BEFORE TLJ was released. And these answers were either delivered horribly, insignificant or previously answered. Oh, and my main question for Episode IX is 'Will I sue Disney for ruining Star Wars forever?' and 'Will I get a director who doesn't know shit about how to make non-philosophical sci-fi movie which is set around a variety of worlds and isn't obsessed with marketing campaigns because he fears the fact that no-one will watch the movie because they have already answered the millions of questions we have still been effing asking for the past 40 flipping years!?'

    • dead alive
      dead alive Year ago

      Where’s lando?

  • Trip Hazard
    Trip Hazard 9 months ago

    The subversive route was the right way to go. Any other possible answer to Rey's lineage was already out there on the internet as fan theory. Going the opposite way was the only surprise left and while it was a gut punch, it worked. As for Snoke, we never had a back story for Palpatine and we never complained about that.

  • Mr D
    Mr D 11 months ago

    Worst movie ever

  • Altair Ibrahim
    Altair Ibrahim 11 months ago

    Leia was force sensitive in the OT. She had force memories of her mother, an extremely rare power that only extremely force sensitive people had.
    This movie changed nothing.
    The movie told us nothing about Rey's parents. Ben was likely lying. If not, the writers are simply being lazy.
    Kylo didn't betray Luke. Luke betrayed Kylo. Something bizarre and stupid for Luke to do. He then starts whining that the Jedi need to end because the writers fucked up his character and personality.
    Snoke's identity does matter because the OT spelled the end of a thousands of years old conflict. Then a random cash grab movie comes along that claims there was someone more powerful or equal to Palpatine all along. Lazy writing at its finest.
    I'm sorry. I know people put work into this movie and this video. But both were bullshit.

  • Erick Alejandro
    Erick Alejandro 11 months ago

    sad to thing the fans hated the movie because their dumbasses non sense theories weren't true

  • john waterfall
    john waterfall 11 months ago

    I have Star Wars secret. Remember when Anakin was kid and he was first time on Jedi Council, and Windu asked Anakin: how are you feeling? Anakin responded "Cold" Then in return of Jedi Luke went into Dagobah Dark Side Cave and Yoda asked like: how are u feeling. Luke said "Cold". So was the Jedi council Dark side?

  • 김승원
    김승원 Year ago

    Sorry but Snoke's death was the worst..........

  • Faithfulnessz
    Faithfulnessz Year ago

    Snoke 😒
    Smoke 😉

  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 Year ago

    Snoke got into Luke's head. I think some Dark side force users know how to manipulate force visions. It would make sense why Anikan got a vision of Padme dying that he makes happen. Also why Luke gets a vision that he creates.

  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 Year ago

    Rey being a Kenobi makes no sense. There was never a love interest established so it makes no sense.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts Year ago

    As a science user, I cringed when you said "crushing vacuum of space"

  • davekerzner
    davekerzner Year ago

    I think we still need to know who Snoke is and at least how he got into this position of power, how he has abilities with the Force and access to the Empire's leftovers. I think it's weird and lazy that they left out any backstory on that. Too convenient. That said, I'm enjoying the new SW films and can't wait for the next one! I like them all even with their flaws and inconsistencies.

  • notmyrealname
    notmyrealname Year ago

    I actually came out of TFA optimistic of the new trilogy. After seeing TLJ, i left the theatre disappointed and just don't care about ep9. There's really nothing to look forward to. I almost feel sorry for JJ Abrams. He started a story, Johnson trashed it then handed it back to JJ to clean up the mess.

  • Nikki Berns
    Nikki Berns Year ago

    All these grande assumptions that now we know what we need to about Rey, Snoke, etc makes me wonder if anyone has ever seen the original Star Wars trilogy. It's like reading to the middle of a book and assuming you know how it's going to end. There is still PLENTY of room for surprises!!!

  • Daniel Baldaia
    Daniel Baldaia Year ago

    Worst Movie from Star Wars ever! I think this third trilogy is worst that the second. Simply lazy made, 0 background story, Disney love story style and sometime boring comedy to fill the 2 hours of movie.

  • Catherine McFarlane

    I don't believe that Rays parent's are nobody's

  • Brian O'Neil
    Brian O'Neil Year ago

    I didn't particularly enjoy last surviving the attack on the ships and escaping through space in a force bubble I mean we know she had to be for sensitive being a Skywalker and everything and she did exhibit an affinity to the force and episode for you don't see it but it's mentioned that she had uncanny resistance to the empires mind probe when they wanted to find out the location of the rebel base before using the Death Star on Alderaan but still that being the first time we see on screen are using the force and using it and such a strong way was a little too much for my taste

  • Tron Ten
    Tron Ten Year ago

    Why doesn’t anybody want to know who Finns parents are?

  • Aj McClymont
    Aj McClymont Year ago

    who is rays mum and dag

  • James Fonda
    James Fonda Year ago

    So many "fans" who can't handle change in the comments haha

  • TheSunCityAnthem
    TheSunCityAnthem Year ago

    All answers are nothing

  • Controller Rex
    Controller Rex Year ago +1

    Is it me or is Kylo the new Ren

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf Year ago

    Pfft! Rey's lineage is still in Play!

  • Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28

    People are mad we didn't find out who Snoke is (I kinda was, too), but I say this: We never found the Emporer's identity in the originals. Sure we did in the prequels, but those were the prequels, not the originals.

  • Dilean
    Dilean Year ago

    "Damage Control: The Video"

  • Marcelo Jones
    Marcelo Jones Year ago


  • Siham Noor
    Siham Noor Year ago +1

    I really liked this film, I think it was the best episode so far.

  • Daemon Shadowcaust

    Snoke and Luke were both Darth Mauled...that sucks! At least Darth Maul got to show off his capabilities...I'm not looking forward to the next episode.

  • Dru Blood
    Dru Blood Year ago

    They also solved the mystery of the source of blue milk!!

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce Year ago

    Looper is milking this movie for so much.

  • MightyMidget 759
    MightyMidget 759 Year ago

    Snoke will come back as a force ghost

  • Aleksander Sorensen

    Finally rather face industrial mean supposed best explain duck surprised you traveler except.

  • Sbutalla
    Sbutalla Year ago

    I think that rey is relaated to kylo because je can talk to him at itnseems only siblings can do that.

  • slorr55
    slorr55 Year ago

    All this new star wars movies are just nostalgia and all the fans will buy on it

  • Christian Booze
    Christian Booze Year ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Kylo uses the force to save his mom

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez Year ago

    Well, if we every need someone to put a positive spin on bubonic plague, we'll know where to turn.

  • Tenchigo
    Tenchigo Year ago

    "And they gave Liea *awesome* powers"
    Yeah, awesome powers of deus ex machina and Plot Armor.
    "Hey I KNOW I'VE never used the *force* before, but hear me out. What of I randomly last second understood the force, pinpoint accuractley knew where I was and where the ship was after being flunged,flipped, and shot into space, and managed to muster enough power to *pull* myself into the single blown up hull of the ship, to the door and hold myself on long enough to allow people to let me in, without being crushed and destroyed in the inside by the vacuum of space."

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez Year ago

    Rey is a clone

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White Year ago

    trunk your prison cheek apart actual century protect arab dress sue administrator

  • Bogus Mogus
    Bogus Mogus Year ago

    Snoke is Mr Burns from The Simpsons

  • Hristo Anastassov

    Supervacuumwomen Leia was more ridiculouse than Trump becoming President.. or at least equal trash.

  • The King of Nerds
    The King of Nerds Year ago +3

    It was solved by throwing a bunch of random ass puzzle pieces at the screen that we had to unnecessarily put back together.
    And most of those pieces don't fit!

  • Donald Hohman
    Donald Hohman Year ago

    Luke did not toss Luke's Light saber. His is green and this is light blue. It belonged to his nephew and thus why he tossed it so carelessly.

  • DarkStarAZ
    DarkStarAZ Year ago

    I'd like to see more Maz Kanata

  • Chris Manning
    Chris Manning Year ago

    Rumors to bed? Kylo lied(IMO) it was used to mislead her.
    Leia flying through space. ReallY? (Superman in space)...]
    Snoke, well who the hell was he?
    Like hide like a coward.
    Thanks Rian......

  • Jstreet606
    Jstreet606 Year ago +3

    The film is shit

  • LT Gamers Lietuva
    LT Gamers Lietuva Year ago +1

    Lea was Jezus

  • Julian Bahr
    Julian Bahr Year ago +1

    Did nobody realize the big time issue??? While Finn just got 8 hours to save the others, Rey spends several days, learning about the force. How is it possible that both of them end up at the same time and place, just in time to save everyone. Is the time running faster on Lukes island or whats the deal about that ?

  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush Year ago

    I don't think the first, third, or fourth "mysteries" really count. That Luke wanted to Jedi to end only exists _within_ the movie and its trailers. So it's like "This movie solved the mystery of how this movie ends!" Snoke is important, but we're not given and answer to how he became what he is, how he got his power in the Force or over the new empire, where he came from, how he found Ren, or anything really. So it doesn't answer anything about him. Rey's parentage was obviously manipulation. That was a theme in the movie. So that one's not even answered an, frankly, I defended Rey against the calls of Mary Sue in TFA, I have to agree now that she is one.

  • Monster Creator
    Monster Creator Year ago

    Snake is the emperor Because he used the lightning out of his hands and count dookoo died in revenge of the sith

  • Dylan Byrne
    Dylan Byrne Year ago

    For some reason everyone gets this wrong, Luke didn't leave initially to end the Jedi. He went in search of texts to help him understand what he must do, only once he found the texts to be hopeless that he disconnected from the force and waited to die. The way you describe the events wouldnt explain why Luke left a map to his location.

  • Mike Nappo
    Mike Nappo Year ago +1

    This is one of the worst Star Wars films I've ever seen in my life! I've been a fan since 1977 and the only thing that brought me back was the Hologram of Princess Leia that's it. The storyline sucked, the wording sucked, the humor sucked! I can't even believe they said bastard in the movie and why would Luke not say lightsaber he called it a laser sword? Seriously Star Wars is fucking done thanks George Lucas for being a sell-out in Disney for fucking it up!

  • None of your Business

    So Rey's parents and Snoke's origin are "solved" by *NOT solving* them?!?
    Oh boy, the lengths that people go to in an attempt to justify the trainwreck that is the new trilogy have assumed ideological proportions.

  • Crack Walker
    Crack Walker Year ago +3

    I love that the movie was kinda like a big middle finger to the fan theories ;D Sometimes things are flat and boring. And from nothing can came greatness. Like Anakin.

    • Crack Walker
      Crack Walker Year ago +3

      King Yemma I like the prequels. I think they're great

    • Tien
      Tien Year ago +1

      and from greatness can come nothing, like the prequels

  • K A
    K A Year ago +1

    This movie is only slightly above fantom menace. Cheesy lines, bad humor, stupid cheesy aliens, things hapening that make no sense.

    TWYBORNS Year ago

    Biggest question is why should I go and see it! Empire had a great cliff hanger, the last Jedi doesn't .The next movie R2D2 dies, so does Chewie, Threepio goes into hiding as he has the last connection to the original story. Star Wars has gone to shit. If you get rid of every Star Wars thing in Star Wars it becomes a directorial wankfest. Not Star Wars anymore. Sorry about the language.

  • Nozyspy
    Nozyspy Year ago +4

    No mysteries were answered in this film. There were only more questions:
    *Who are Rey's parents?*
    Sure as hell not some scavengers dead on Jakku, since we saw them leave the planet in a fancy starship in the Force Awakens.
    *Can Leia use Force powers?*
    Apparently, but how? There has not been any hint thus far in the new canon that she received any Jedi training, and even a Jedi would quickly die in the vacuum of space.
    *Why does Luke want the Jedi to end?*
    Seriously? The guy who risked his life to redeem Darth Vader, an evil child murdering Sith Lord turns into a suicidal hermit who tried to murder is own nephew in his sleep, so now he wants to get rid of what has been established were the protectors of those who could not protect themselves for thousands of years?

    *Does Snoke's identity even matter?*
    Erm, yes? You cant just introduce, then build up a menacing villain, hint that he is extremely powerful and ancient, who Rian Johnson said himself was more powerful than Vader or Palpatine, then kill him off in the stupidest way possible half way through the movie, half way through a speech about how he knows how everything is going to happen and cant be betrayed.
    How does that make sense to anyone?

    • Nozyspy
      Nozyspy Year ago

      No, Snoke was definitely built up to be something more. It wasn't just fan hype. J.J Abrams was clearly laying the groundwork for him as a major part of the trilogy. It isn't the back story so much as the handling of the character himself. The Emperor didn't need a backstory until the prequels, but he was still built up towards a finale, not just disposed of without any payoff.

    • David Bujna
      David Bujna Year ago

      Maybe it was metafor? Or they returned at some point to sell shit, but were killed?
      Actualy yes, there were hints in new canon. In the book Aftermath: Life Debt it is stated that she accepted some training from Luke.
      Because he sees the Jedi as cause of the suffering in the galaxy. They were blind to the darkside and that allowed sidious to rise.
      It would matter if he lived after ep8. He was stepping stone. It was just us fans making him important. If you want to know more about him, find it on your own in EU. But for the main plot, the movies, his backstory is not important.

  • sodapo461
    sodapo461 Year ago +2

    At this point I’m rooting for Kylo and The first order. Rey and the resistance aren’t interesting at all.

  • mr. pyro
    mr. pyro Year ago

    I'm just happy now that I know what happens when a ship goes into hyperdrive right at another ship

  • Chris K
    Chris K Year ago

    All I can say is I went into this movie with zero expectation and I walked out wanting to see it again. Any time I've ever built up expectation of ANY movie I've ever seen, I've come out completely disappointed. So I just don't allow for having any expectations and I found I actually enjoy more movies than I hate. Sure, there are movies that wind up being really bad or somewhat disappointing, but this wasn't the case here. I really enjoyed it. Sure the film had its' flaws and I got robbed of a few unanswered questions, but I've faith all of that will be resolved in time.
    And can you guys just be kind to each other once in a while?

  • Денис Жилов

    Tear magic separate player spending wander typically brush spread clear.

  • Riski Rills
    Riski Rills Year ago

    rey's parent identity still mistery.
    but i bet rey is ben twins, because he connected with force like luke and leia did.

  • Clark Maynard
    Clark Maynard Year ago

    star wars fanboys in their diapers whinging about how rian johnson didn't make predictable garbage just to make the fans happy. you're allowed to dislike the film, but there are too many people who are acting like children and can't accept a little change. it takes balls to go in such a bold and risky direction with the star wars saga, and personally i think we need more films like the last jedi that sweep the rug from beneath us and play with our expectations.

    • J. Eduardo Batres
      J. Eduardo Batres Year ago

      Clark Maynard The fans feed the people behind these movies so they have to hear them. Star Wars isn't the kind of movie your girlfriend ask you to take her some sunday (unless she were a fan) So if fans don't like the movie its because there is something really wrong with it. I hope you get my point.

  • The Wolf's Den
    The Wolf's Den Year ago +1

    This movie is shit, it needs to die in a fire with Disney

  • Dawid Kowalewicz
    Dawid Kowalewicz Year ago +2

    ryan jonson is the True parent of Rey as he is heartless nobody.

  • Nikki Cane
    Nikki Cane Year ago

    All of you in the comments, you're just butthurt that the movie shattered all of your precious, stupid fan theories of how Ray was supposed to be Luke's/Leia's/Han's/Obi-Wan's/Snoke's daughter. So glad they avoided all your cliche wishes and went this way, not giving in to the fan service you so much desired. Sorry you can't accept something new and fresh and want to stay stuck to the old Star Wars formula. Your problem.

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Year ago

      Hope Kane The casino subplot cannot exist if Admiral Dern were to have briefed the staff about the plan, or even the existence of one. Johnson’s plot relies upon this unrealistic scenario. Poe’s initial attack in the opening scene cannot happen if the baddies had a fighter escort for their fleet, which would be typical strategy (somehow there were swarms of fighters to attack the bombers though). Again, Johnson’s plot relies upon unrealistic behavior. The rebels can’t escape because of hyperspace tracking, which was invented solely for this plot to work - inconsistent with established rules of Star Wars, but maybe just new tech, whatever. The hyperspace kamikaze exists as another example of plot convenience, simply because Johnson needs a way for Rey to escape the Supremacy. If such an effective strategy exists, then why have we never seen it before? The frigate that was shot down earlier could’ve used that same strategy, as the crew knew they were done for. Also, the flight staff could’ve transferred to the big cruiser, but they didn’t so that the stakes would appear more hopeless, to further motivate Poe to do the mutiny subplot. The concept of having fuel in itself was also contrived for 8’s plot - the Millennium Falcon was able to travel weeks or months without refueling in Empire Strikes Back. It had been established that Star Wars ships have reactors of some sort and range is limited only by hyperspace capability. For Johnson to break rules of the established universe is lazy writing, because he couldn’t be bothered to create a scenario consistent with canon - much how Lucas suddenly allowed R2-D2 to freaking FLY when necessary. Plot convenience.
      As for the Empire, they are established in Star Wars 4, as being a “galactic empire”, with the opposition being a fledgling rebel alliance that has just one its first victory. Star Wars 7 doesn’t even tell us that much, it doesn’t define the scope of the bad guy fleet or what’s at stake. After the events of 7, I thought the First Order would be on the run in 8, as they had just lost their massive base and superweapon, and they are presented as a small faction (whereas the new republic) now governs the entire galaxy. Somehow it’s the opposite though. Star Wars 4 does tell us the Empire is relatively new, and that there was a republic before that, which ruled for a thousand generations. I believe all of this information is presented before 4 is even half-over. But after 7 and 8, it remains unclear as to what happened in the 30 years between Star Wars 6 and 7, which is honestly what the majority of the fans wanted to know: simple exposition. Obviously JJ Abrams didn’t want to commit to answering those questions, nor Johnson, so the audience is left in the dark about the history gap. I must point out that all the characters know full well about Snoke and his background (Han and Leia refer to him casually); it’s just held back from the audience. The identities of Palpatine and Vader, in contrast, were legitimately secret from most everyone in the galaxy, and the audience finds out alongside the characters.
      Basically, 7 and 8 have insufficient exposition to set up their stories, so it’s difficult for an audience to feel invested. At least the old novels explained what happened after Endor.

    • Nikki Cane
      Nikki Cane Year ago

      "Extremely lazy writing"? I completely disagree. But tell me an example of bad writing in the movie. Maybe I'll see it. Also, I want an example of how basic logic and motivation are disregarded. Because you know what? It really looks like you're just throwing stuff out there just because.
      And plus, you never knew where the Empire came from before the prequels. So why does it bother you?
      And the film's tone is pretty much exactly like the 70s movies. So, again, I don't see how it bothers you.
      Are you a fan of the prequels?

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Year ago +1

      Hope Kane Not really. It’s more that the film has extremely lazy writing in that basic logic and motivation are disregarded so that the plot can be allowed to progress in the most unrealistic way possible, and that story elements from established lore (and the previous film!) are disregarded outright and discarded. Two films down, and no one knows where the First Order came from, why they bother, what the stakes are, etc. These things should’ve been handled in #7 honestly. Apart from that, the film’s tone is all over the place, much like an episode of The Simpsons.

  • Schembo _
    Schembo _ Year ago

    Loose ends in my view:
    Who was Snoke?: doesn't matter he's dead
    Will Luke fight Snoke or Ben?: No he's dead and moody
    Who are Rey's parents?: No one cares there nobody
    In conclusion: cop outs and a lack of imagination

    • Nikki Cane
      Nikki Cane Year ago

      Schembo_ Uhm... no. I don't call this "American Dream". I call this "realism". People who come from nothing come on top all the time. And I'm not an American either. Neither I'm English.

    • Schembo _
      Schembo _ Year ago

      Hope Kane so an epitome of the American dream? I'm English so I think thats bullshit

    • Nikki Cane
      Nikki Cane Year ago

      Nope. Just saying a huge NO to fan service. Yes, it doesn't matter who was Snoke. He was just another bully that wanted to rule, such as so many people before him. All dictators look and act alike.Yes, Luke died in peace, and it was one of the most beautiful and deeply meaningful scenes of the movie. And yes, Ray's parents DON'T MATTER. You know, some people can actually become something out of nothing. That's the point of it. Not their fault if you fail to see it.

  • TheHasar2
    TheHasar2 Year ago +1

    This movie doesn't give us any answer... We still know the same we knew before episode 7, and it's nothing...

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago

    Star Wars fans don't know what they want.

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Year ago

      Joseph A story that fits into a plot triangle would be nice, but I’d settle for exposition at this point. Two films in though, probably not going to happen.

  • cuellar4500
    cuellar4500 Year ago

    who the hell is snoke?!


    if you believe that Rey is daughter to a couple of drunks then you sir are not a real fan of start wars, when kylo told Rey that it was obviously a lie to get her to join him as we know that the sith tend to lie

  • Home Boy
    Home Boy Year ago

    I must admit, I honestly thought Snoke was Grand Moff Tarkin! I thought he had somehow survived the original Death Star and wanted to take the Emperor's place! The Last Jedi was such an amazing movie, the twists and turn gripped my attention and I simply could not look away! FANTASTIC!!!

  • forge52100
    forge52100 Year ago +1

    You just described everything wrong with it.

  • Denialater777
    Denialater777 Year ago

    It just sucks cause snoke was such a cool character and all that to completely throw him away with no explanation or even a hint that he is just a pawn to somebody even more evil is just plain dumb.

  • Denialater777
    Denialater777 Year ago

    Duh Leia has connections with the force. She's anikins daughter for crying out loud.

  • Albee213
    Albee213 Year ago +1

    Where do I get one of the mind wipe tools from MIB, I need that after seeing this movie.

  • WF4L
    WF4L Year ago +1

    I felt rian Johnson was a troll director and writer, he basically read all fan theories and contradicted every one of them.
    1. Whose snoke? Meh will just give him serious dialogue at the moment without revealing his past
    2. Luke’s death? Just let him stand and twirl as a FUCKING FORCE HOLOGRAM And let him fall off a rock for feeling tired
    3. Rey’s parents? Nothing. For such a newly praised character, you would think that her parents were pivotal, but they’re just nothing
    Seriously, not all directors have to write the narrative, also humor doesn’t have to be forced, but it sure did because for a second I thought I was in a comedy club for 2 and a half hours

    • Nikki Cane
      Nikki Cane Year ago

      The narrative you crave for was simply a huge NO to fan service, and it was epic. Yes, it doesn't matter who was Snoke. He was just another bully that wanted to rule, such as so many people before him. Yes, Luke died in peace, and it was one of the most beautiful and deeply meaningful scenes of the movie. And yes, Ray's parents DON'T MATTER. You know, some people can actually become something out of nothing. That's the point of it. Not their fault if you fail to see it.

  • GellyNose
    GellyNose Year ago +1

    I keep hearing "well, this was awful, but how refreshing that a Star Wars was awful!" throughout the video.

  • Leobardo Morales
    Leobardo Morales Year ago +1

    I think the most crap part about the last jedi is that I don't want to to see anymore star wars movies. Well at least I have the original 3 movies

  • Mr Flibble
    Mr Flibble Year ago

    I can't be the only one who felt that, after coming out of the movie and thinking back, nothing significant really happened in the last Jedi in terms of overarching plot.
    I mean, the whole plot can pretty much be summed up as "the resistance moves bases". It honestly sounds like the plot of a TV series episode. There was so much filler like all that crap on canto bight which took away from other better parts of the movie. Like snoke for example, never got any character development or backstory before being killed off. And crait, one of the coolest planets in the saga conceptually, on which absolutely nothing happened. No big battle like what was hinted at, barely any use of the ski speeders and in general no good reason to even be there in the first place. It was: land on crait, go into a trench, retreat, send out ski speeders, all get shot down, send Luke out, retreat into falcon, leave.
    All told, I just saw the last Jedi as a wasted opportunity for a far better film. If, say, it had opened with the battle on crait then focused on the actual interesting part of the plot with luke, Rey and Kylo, it would've been far more successful as a star wars film. "The last Jedi" could've been renamed "The slow motion space chase", because that's what most of the film was.

  • Samuel Morales
    Samuel Morales Year ago

    I have a feeling the next movie will be a bigger travesty with Force armies fighting each like an old kung fu movie.

  • Kiwi Kicker
    Kiwi Kicker Year ago

    Bringback Luke, Kylo's helmet and Snoke.

  • Awesome Entertainment

    Say what you will about The Last Jedi, it is a beautifully crafted film. Sub if you agree.

  • Daniel Kemnitz
    Daniel Kemnitz Year ago

    What this movie answered:
    Rey's parents? Nobody important
    Who is Snoke? Nobody important
    What does Luke want to be for the galaxy? Nobody important
    Who was the secret master codebreaker? Nobody important
    Who are actually in those red guard suits? Nobody important
    Who does Rey find in the darkness on Luke's island? Nobody important
    Entire bridge on rebel flagship blows up, who dies? Nobody important.. except freaking ADMIRAL ACKBAR !!
    So, to sum it up, this movie seems to explain every major plot point with "nobody important", and then kills off the most badass fish in the galaxy.

    And for some odd reason I still love TLJ :I

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Year ago +1

    episode 9: an ancient fear & episode 10: rise of the sith where kylo trains his apprentice after Rey rebuilds Jedi order

  • Jorf
    Jorf Year ago +1

    Last Jedi anyone

  • Chris Darbonne
    Chris Darbonne Year ago +3

    The books are 100x better than these movies

    • K4L3P
      K4L3P Year ago +1

      Chris Darbonne youzahn vong >>>The empire rehashed first order

  • Shahid Ali
    Shahid Ali Year ago

    Luke and Caesar died the same way looking at the sun on a rock, great imagination by these script writers Not

  • Alpax Dis
    Alpax Dis Year ago +1

    Worst starwars movie ever.

  • David Radford
    David Radford Year ago

    Just going to say “solved” is a strong word.

  • charley222
    charley222 Year ago +1

    garbage star wars movie

  • Toku Music
    Toku Music Year ago

    Leia doesn't have mad force skills at all, her son saved her. Pretty obvious really.

  • James Maki
    James Maki Year ago

    Well, I've a questions about snoke
    Q. How is he so powerful with the force?

  • Mario Villalobos
    Mario Villalobos Year ago

    Rey's father answer was already in Star Wars Legends lore; so no it isn't mayor plotwist or approach; Luke's motive is a mistrear portrayal of his character we are talking about the guy who took on suicide mission to redeem the second evil mam in the galaxy which was his father, Leia always used force powers it was already in the lore in Legends she even becomes a Jedi but abandons the wield of using a lightsaber because it reminds her a lot of his father, and Snoke's identity of matter who was this guy that turned the most powerful Jedi (Luke) afraid of his own nephew and made him a whiny coward.

  • JKsymotovet619
    JKsymotovet619 Year ago

    It Was lie about Reys parents for encouragement. I Really Want to see an affair between Rey and Kylo

  • Kris Sisk
    Kris Sisk Year ago

    Does Leia have force powers? Yes. We've known this since Return of the Jedi. Remember: "I know. I've always known." She's untrained, but she has always had the same connection to the Force that Luke does. And unlike pre-training-Luke, she knows about it, which gives her some advantages. Look at what Rey accomplished without training and what Leia is capable of comes as no surprise.

  • Leonid
    Leonid Year ago

    question: they killed Luke while Leia still allive , how they gonna keep up her role since Late Carrie fisher pass away? :(

  • Chen Danial
    Chen Danial Year ago +1

    Bla bla bla bla bla and nothing learned

  • Sasha Machula
    Sasha Machula Year ago +1

    Rian Johnson just undid most of what J.J. did.

  • _Lord
    _Lord Year ago

    Reys parents are meaningful in the franchise. Theres a reason shes strong enough force wise to contend with kylo not once but twice.

    ps snoke aint dead....he saw that shiet coming milessssss away.