Aladdin - "Special Look" Trailer (My Thoughts)

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • A new trailer or "special look" for the live action ALADDIN movie has hit TheXvid. We get our first look at the blue Genie, as well as are my thoughts on both.
    Watch the trailer here:
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    MUSIC LOVER Day ago

    Will Smith as the Genie...miscast!

  • Adam Livesay
    Adam Livesay Day ago

    Velvet Buzzsaw review needed

  • hulk fan
    hulk fan Day ago

    Where's your review for Happy Death Day 2? I wanna know your thoughts on it

  • Frosty Snowman
    Frosty Snowman Day ago

    Jeremy irons jafar?

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden Day ago

    Haven’t watched any of these trailers. Won’t watch the film. It all looks like a joke. I’ll just pop in the original animation.

  • Achilleus Petreas
    Achilleus Petreas Day ago +1

    They should have hired Jamie Costa to do the Genie...

  • Kaitlyn Merced
    Kaitlyn Merced Day ago

    I feel like Disney poured most of their money into developing the BEAUTIFUL animation for Frozen 2 and Lion King and dumped the leftovers into this lol

  • Tofa James
    Tofa James Day ago

    Another shameless Disney cash grab :/ sticking to the same formula and re doing the same stories again and again.. it’s become stale and bringing down the quality of the Disney name..

  • Red Bomber
    Red Bomber Day ago

    Cold pursuit review?

  • Luke M
    Luke M Day ago

    It's simple. It looks cheap and awful... like every other follow-up to Aladdin.... This one should be called "Aladdin: This time, even Jafar sucks"
    Seriously, I can't believe how awful and wooden the acting is getting in these Disney movies. First, Black Panther, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Beauty and the Beast and now this?? Hang it up, Disney.

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall Day ago

    Who the hell are you?

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen Day ago

    😄@ 0:45.

  • BlueBerryNinja11

    Genie doesn't HAVE to be blue. You're doing a live action remake. Just make him look normal. OR make the cgi flawless. Or don't cgi him and digitally just make his skin blue. I'm pretty sure you can do that without digitizing the face. Idk these remakes are just seeming to be pointless.

  • momo glo
    momo glo Day ago

    Can you polish a turd?

  • MsHarleyQ
    MsHarleyQ Day ago

    When I saw the trailer for Justice League...i was horrified by the quick look at cyborg. I thought the cgi parts of him looked horrendous. But then when i saw the movie..they looked better. Perhaps the same will happen here. Maybe. Hopefully.

  • KenBox
    KenBox Day ago

    terry crews > will smith

  • Convention Expedition

    Here’s the thing. Will Smith could do a great job as the Genie but not physically-BUT VOCALLY! He could make memorable one-liners & funny lines but-FUCK! DOES HE LOOK TERRIBLE IN CGI!

  • V. A. Odin
    V. A. Odin Day ago

    Holy shit, Jeremy is still alive? I haven't seen a vid from you in a hot minute. Also Aladdin is going to suck.

  • Patrick Guilfoyle

    Shut it down

  • Cowboy Cowboy
    Cowboy Cowboy Day ago

    JEREMY I'm waiting on how you view BRIE LARSON movie. I may not watch marvel ever again. Please be honest in review

  • Blade Master95
    Blade Master95 Day ago

    Aladdin looked like a wet rat (maybe they took the whole "street rat" thing too literally). No offense to the actor, he might be great but aladdin is supposed to be fun and charismatic. This one struck me as a weak, bland, beta-male who i will have difficulty rooting for. And now let's talk about Jaffar. What in the actual hell happened? Jaffar is one of the scariest and most intimidating of the old disney villains. Jeremy said it perfectly in this video "go fuck yourself what are you gonna do bout it". Jasmine seems bland and uninteresting which is a shame since she has a lot of spunk in the original. Not even going to comment on will smith (and i am a huge fan of his). You had one job disney. 😑


    So you liked snatch then and don't like snatch now? Wife cheat on you? Made you switch teams.I still enjoy your channel no matter what team you bat for....Playing catcher would be weird though.

  • Dope
    Dope Day ago

    Will Smith genie is what appears when I have sleep paralysis

  • GoofyGonzalo OCP
    GoofyGonzalo OCP Day ago +2

    In my opinion, Jack Black would've been a better fit.

  • reamacrob
    reamacrob Day ago

    I miss "Tales From The Comment Section"

  • LucklessCope
    LucklessCope Day ago

    Regardless of CGI effects, casting and script etc. It's hard to capture the charm you fell in love with in the original source if you're doing a live action version of a cartoon.

  • Dalton Brummer
    Dalton Brummer Day ago

    Will Smith needs to stop. He's been on a role ruining things.

  • FestArc
    FestArc Day ago

    I had the same thoughts on Jafar and was surprised not more people are mad at that. As for CGI. It's the movement that looks off. His shoulders don't move.

  • Dustin 1701
    Dustin 1701 Day ago

    These remakes are dead inside.

  • Lord Glittoris
    Lord Glittoris Day ago

    Pretty sad with today’s standards and entitled bitches, people just can’t enjoy it for what it is. It’s a movie get over it lol

  • typejlb
    typejlb Day ago +1

    Impossible shoes to fill for the genie?? I don’t think so. There are plenty of funny actors/comedians that could have been a better choice for the genie. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Will Smith I think he’s a great actor, but the problem with Will Smith is that he always plays Will Smith. Some will argue that Robin Williams played Robin Williams but the thing with Robin Williams is that he can play multiple personalities and do different voices. Also race has nothing to do with it, cause in my opinion I believe actors/comedians like Jay Pharoah, Eddie Murphy, Aries Spears, Dave Chappelle, etc... could of done a better job. I mean to be honest you could have thrown in Kevin Hart for all I care cause he’s in everything now a days lol or a new upcoming actor.

  • Luis Costa
    Luis Costa Day ago

    Is it just me or are you (and Chris btw... ) boycotting "Roma"?
    You find the time to review trailers, videogames and streaming shows, yet no love for the best movie of 2018?

  • everything will be ok

    Scorpion King 2

  • Cullen Cochran
    Cullen Cochran Day ago

    "Hey fellas, I got a GREAT idea.. for the trailer let's play a slower, more *EPIC* version of that song they all remember from their childhood so that they'll know this is the thing they like, but now it's more ADULT. Yeah. That'll get their dicks real hard."

  • Nan Anderson
    Nan Anderson Day ago

    My concern about the genie is that people have forgotten Robin Williams wasnt an actor who was funny - he was a comedian who could act (mostly).
    Will Smith is an actor who can be funny. Those two types of entertainers are similar but way different in what they produce. It's like entering a pony into a horse race because they both have four legs and a long face so they must be the same right????

  • Taco Fingerz
    Taco Fingerz Day ago

    Jafar is even worse than the genie cgi

  • Marc Martinez
    Marc Martinez Day ago

    bring in sin bad as the genie lmfao

  • Alex Nash
    Alex Nash Day ago

    Since they HAD to make a live action remake of this film, why not CG the genie JUST like the animated counterpart and had Dan Castellaneta who voiced him in the series do it? He sounded JUST like Robin and it would have been a loving homage. I like Will Smith but this just looks weird. The Fresh Prince of Alibaba! Lol

  • Robby Monroe
    Robby Monroe Day ago

    I really think the Genie should have some kind of subsurface effect on his skin. Make it semi transparent. Something. It looks bad as is.

  • Elijah O'Dell
    Elijah O'Dell Day ago

    I feel like after the initial shock people will come to really enjoy blue will Smith during the movie.

  • Claytron
    Claytron Day ago

    *bring me the lamp* in Ambien-speak

  • Crystal Hickerson

    I liked the blue genie. I mean he's blue!! And the genie HAS to be CGI because it's the most animated character in the story. I think people are overreacting!

  • Go Go
    Go Go Day ago

    What happened to Daddy Jafar after that "bring me the lamp" line

  • TheSuccubusChan
    TheSuccubusChan Day ago

    i hope that jafar will be more bone chilling through the acting, and body language... so there is a little hope maby? i don’t know:/
    the cgi on will smith was so off.. i hope they fix it:/

  • Brad Brinkman
    Brad Brinkman Day ago

    I’m sorry Robin Williams was the Genie! I like Will Smith but he doesn’t hold a candle to the charismatic comedy genius that was RW. Jeremy is correct, I feel like anyone could kick this Jafar’s ass and kept the lamp for themselves. I’m afraid this movie will be terrible, Disney should have left this one alone!

  • Martin Larrivee
    Martin Larrivee Day ago

    I don't know what's up with these super fast edited comments videos and reviewers ramping up the theatrical like they are delivering stand up comedy.... very annoying.

  • Adam Sagehorn
    Adam Sagehorn Day ago

    Here is what the movie will be... a practically shot for shot remake of the animation so.... no tension. I know how it ends.

  • Mixed reviews
    Mixed reviews Day ago

    Hey Disney do a live action nemo with plastic fish on strings

  • Mixed reviews
    Mixed reviews Day ago

    Arsenio hall as jaffar

  • P D
    P D Day ago

    CGI is the best actor.

  • Joltown 23
    Joltown 23 Day ago

    HahahHah bloody spot on.

  • Emily Ratliff
    Emily Ratliff Day ago

    I busted out laughing at Jafars voice and the Genies looks. Everything else didnt matter after those points.

  • Marcelo Gabuardi

    Will Smith looks like a Smurf !! 😂😂😂

  • Adam Hoffman
    Adam Hoffman Day ago

    I think it looks fine. Maybe I don’t get that hung up on special effects. Maybe as a fairy tale blogger I just want to see a movie based on “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” and Disney are the only people who’ve shown they can make decent fairy tale movies. Whatever it is, I’m okay with this trailer.

  • Ivan Sherbinin
    Ivan Sherbinin 2 days ago

    I'm afraid the actress that plays Jazmin won't be able to express that much of a wooden acting as Emma is capable of.
    on the other hand we have Will, so the wooden acting is pretty much covered and I guess my worries are irrational.
    Aladdin is one of my favorite not just animations but movie as a hole. I saw nothing in this trailer that tells me I should see what else they've done. And like as a big fan of original - shouldn't I be entitled to see the movie?
    They've proved time after time their ability to create shit from genius source material and nothing in this trailer says this one will be different. They are not even trying. Like - dude, you know that Aladdin animation you like, so this is like a movie version of it. Go see it. That's their reasoning I guess. I like Aladdin, so I'm going to see this.
    Not supporting lazy ass unprofessional motherfuckers.
    Also - where the fucking bracelets? I didn't even had to google, just pumped in my mind. Genie had golden bracelets. Is it important - well idk, if the only good thing about this film is being Aladdin reanimation (cause that's what the trailer tells to us), with this attention to details - go fuck yourself.
    Also - fuck animated caves. If they could do it in 1992, it doesn't mean you should be able to pull it of in 2019. And also put it in your trailer - like our cave is much shittier then the one in the original, fuck you + we want your money though. I don't get it. Why putting it in the trailer?

  • Ethan Dayton
    Ethan Dayton 2 days ago

    Meh, I mean Thanos looked good but there's some shit CGI with Mark Ruffalo in the hulk buster armor throughout infinity war so this isn't exactly a surprise (not that it's the same person or studio just that Disney with all it's Monehhhh still can't pull off CGI In live action 90% of the time.)

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms 2 days ago

    I think I honestly would’ve liked a non blue Genie for a live action Aladdin.

  • Birmingham racing
    Birmingham racing 2 days ago

    I think most the budget went on will smiths paycheque instead of cgi

  • Hooded One
    Hooded One 2 days ago

    Disney, you really screwed the pooch on this one, didn't you?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 days ago

    > You can have any 3 wishes you want
    I wish for Fortnite... and Markass Brownlee

  • TheDaringPastry1313
    TheDaringPastry1313 2 days ago

    Hey Jeremy, I was searching through your videos and I can't believe you haven't reviewed A Way, Way Back. I think a lot of people overlook it, but it has a really good moral in the end.

  • troy neenan
    troy neenan 2 days ago

    Why did a Disney executive think this was a good idea. Instead of making a good animated movie, they spent the last decade remaking classics and not in a good way. They could have made Will Smith do the voice of a super hero, or the Easter bunny, or a talking energy drink. Will Smith had to know that he was going to get crap for this role.

  • Jon McCray
    Jon McCray 2 days ago

    why does he have to talk like will smith.... there's such a thing as voice acting. he's just using his normal voice

  • Tim Newton
    Tim Newton 2 days ago

    I won't watch it, but the majority will and views = money despite the rating, so more bad movies for us 🎉

  • Mizan Rashid
    Mizan Rashid 2 days ago

    Let me get this straight. The Middle East is 95% Muslim yet they couldn't find a Muslim to play Aladdin or Jasmine? For real?? Also Jasmine should've at least been an Arab!

  • rewster7
    rewster7 2 days ago

    Yep, spot on.

  • abu zarrin
    abu zarrin 2 days ago

    Wtf they have done to jafar.. He sounds like a pussy

  • Konigwolfen
    Konigwolfen 2 days ago

    From the trailers a single word comes to mind. *Mediocre*

  • Adam Lemus
    Adam Lemus 2 days ago

    It's giant Oprah all over again

  • jesse gonzalez
    jesse gonzalez 2 days ago

    Its gonna be a flop...
    Princess Jasmine looks like basic Becky, Aladdin is a party city version, Genie is a mess & Jafar needs to gay it up.

  • Corey Messick
    Corey Messick 2 days ago

    It looks better than Chicken Little which was the only Disney role YOU could get, you washed up, foul mouthed, ADD drug addict sitcom has-been.

  • Corey Messick
    Corey Messick 2 days ago

    You’ll still spend your liquidating Scrubs salary on it after another line of cocaine because you couldn’t have this job either, Zach Braff. Admit it.

  • Bigtrek34
    Bigtrek34 2 days ago

    Just why ? This did not need a live action remake. Robin Williams is the only true Genie, this is like other people playing the Joker after Heath. It shouldn't happen

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 days ago

    Jim Carrey should have been Genie

  • SomeRandomIdiot
    SomeRandomIdiot 2 days ago

    I haven't watched any of these live action Disney films because I just don't feel like they're necessary. I saw the originals so I know the story already, it's literally just "hey remember that movie? We remade it, it's the same thing but just slightly different"... Why would I pay for that?

  • Colin Mckinney
    Colin Mckinney 2 days ago

    Put the genie back in the lamp with Earl from the Chicago airport

  • Morgan Roose
    Morgan Roose 2 days ago

    yeah the genie looks baddddddddd

  • Faith Campos
    Faith Campos 2 days ago

    I totally agree with you!

  • KingMaximus
    KingMaximus 2 days ago

    Jaffar is a drag queen

  • sheikh mansur
    sheikh mansur 2 days ago

    They could've put the cartoon genie in CGI

  • Temper Just Temper
    Temper Just Temper 2 days ago

    The could of put will Smith in blue body makeup

  • Elipido Espinoza
    Elipido Espinoza 2 days ago

    Cultural Appropriation

  • N4G
    N4G 2 days ago +1


  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 2 days ago

    Looks decent

  • DemonJumpers
    DemonJumpers 2 days ago

    Damn the person that is acting as jaafar dont even care jeezzz...pls act like the jaafar from disney.

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C 2 days ago

    To be honest, I have more faith in this movie than I do for the Lion King remake

  • Mr. Squishy
    Mr. Squishy 2 days ago

    This live action is going to flop. Im going to go watch the original Aladdin.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 2 days ago

    It legit sounds like they dubbed over Jafar's voice with another actor.

  • Ashwin Singh
    Ashwin Singh 2 days ago

    @Jeremy Mate! You're fucking hilarious "bring me the lamp" ... "I'll be like yeah go fuck yourself, I'll keep it for myself. What are you gonna do?". Jafar is the new modern man! LOL

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison 2 days ago

    Ben Kingsley as jafar, so simple it’s crazy Disney messed it up

  • Darwyn Dehnke
    Darwyn Dehnke 2 days ago

    It's almost definitely guaranteed going to be a trashy lazy thrown together CGI/motion picture messy cash grab remake of a movie that was genuinely entertaining. It's only purpose is to collect profits by tainting Aladdin because even though

  • Zoolou 0105
    Zoolou 0105 2 days ago

    Yaaaah its rewind time

  • Frank Sánchez
    Frank Sánchez 2 days ago

    CGI was a mistake.

  • Axel Rocha
    Axel Rocha 2 days ago

    Fuck Will Smith. He's overrated and washed up. He had his time in the 90's Quit trying to make him a thing again, it's not gonna happen.

  • Cody Stearley
    Cody Stearley 2 days ago

    Jafar sounds super gay and Genie looks goofy af.

    • Jon Greenleaf
      Jon Greenleaf Day ago

      Idk get why if half the movie is cgi anyway why dont they just completley cgi genie and not base him off a real actor

  • Do i Have to
    Do i Have to 2 days ago

    Genie looks half cartoonish, half real. That's equals surreal.

  • FeelinErie
    FeelinErie 2 days ago

    I'm not sure how I'll feel if Will Smith raps ''Never Had A Friend Like Me''

  • mike229290
    mike229290 2 days ago

    There is a Tolkien trailer out there.

  • Chocolate Doughnut
    Chocolate Doughnut 2 days ago

    The thing I don't like about the genie is that I recognize it as Will Smith. I want him to be "The Genie", not "Will Smith Playing the Genie".

  • Duran
    Duran 2 days ago

    Why there is an elephant in Arabia?