Re-Creating A Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #5

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Hey guys! Today I am doing another "squishy bakeover" where I take one of my squishy creations from my squishy makeover series and attempt to bake and bring it to life. These are always such a cluster of fails and struggles since I obviously have no clue how to bake properly. But you guys ask for it, so here it is!
    Today I attempted to bake a"strawberry lemonade" swiss cake roll for the first time. It was a little tricky and has a lot of steps, but I managed okay for a beginner I think?
    And yes....I changed my intro. I am so nervous about it because I know you guys are used to the old one. But I really like the new one, I think it fits my current content style a little better. I hope you like it! This doesn't mean that anything big is changing right now, I am not ditching any of my current series, nothing like that. I just want to freshen up my branding a little bit.

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    Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil
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  • Pippa Lowe
    Pippa Lowe 34 minutes ago

    I want that shirt please and the backpack please I’m Pippa I live at 11/12, Sarath Street, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213

  • Disturbed Galaxy
    Disturbed Galaxy 54 minutes ago

    you should watch Nerdy Nummies!!!

  • jazzy wazzy
    jazzy wazzy 2 hours ago

    Omg so funny xddddd

  • Sugar Cookie
    Sugar Cookie 3 hours ago

    I would eat this

  • Jennifer Marshall
    Jennifer Marshall 3 hours ago

    If the cake was even slightly warm when you added the cream it's gonna melt. That may have been your problem

  • tinkie star
    tinkie star 5 hours ago

    who else thinks moriah should go on nailed it?
    | like if u agree

  • Gacha Loserzzz
    Gacha Loserzzz 5 hours ago

    You should have used purple food dye and it might have turned out pink

  • Sue Maguire
    Sue Maguire 6 hours ago +1

    No one noticed that she said scrub-a-dub-dub. From Rick and Morty times is 3:15.

  • Sasha Foxx
    Sasha Foxx 7 hours ago +1

    Okay, how you get it to be that specific shade of light pink is ADD BLUE! Just a touch aaannndd poof! It's because the pink paint that you just add white to has a lot of different colors put in to get the shade. One of which is blue. That's why it looks baby pink in the paint container and then it gets a little more violet-ish when it dries. So next time if you recreate a pink squishy, please use my advice and add a little blue. Just the tiniest little touch will do it💙

  • Hamster Haven
    Hamster Haven 7 hours ago


  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 7 hours ago

    I leave my eggs on a bench??

  • salty boi
    salty boi 8 hours ago

    you should go on nailed it! (maybe?)

  • frost fox
    frost fox 10 hours ago

    Never mind it's bloody red pink color

  • frost fox
    frost fox 10 hours ago

    You should of added red

  • Freyja Lowe
    Freyja Lowe 10 hours ago

    I want her to do the bread bear lol

  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres 13 hours ago

    That looks soooooo yummy 🤤

  • Kaylin High
    Kaylin High 13 hours ago

    i liked the old one better

  • Ledie Faviana Furtado Vecina


  • Maria coleman
    Maria coleman 18 hours ago

    "I don't what it does in there but it does something" maybe it cool's down or something in there

  • ___ Expelliarmus ___
    ___ Expelliarmus ___ 19 hours ago

    I literally repeated 0:55 a million times😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roger Law
    Roger Law 23 hours ago

    Well done

  • Danna Cisneros
    Danna Cisneros Day ago

    Just watch Rosanna pancino on YT

  • cat 777
    cat 777 Day ago

    Moriah: I'm sorry for the people who are new and had to sit through the long *intro About the intro*
    Me: HUH WHAT?! Oh Sorry I was asleep.
    Moriah: something about cake rolls or somthin
    Me: HUH WHAT?! Oh Sorry I'm really tired

  • Annelise Galindo


  • ChocoCraft Plays

    my last name is Baker!!!

  • FlowerGiraffe
    FlowerGiraffe Day ago

    This was actually one of my favorite squishys :v

  • Emmalee Brickeen

    you said info instead of intro

  • Arly Moreira
    Arly Moreira Day ago

    One question is the shirt adult or kids size

  • Annie Dickerson
    Annie Dickerson Day ago

    Who wants moriah to go on nailed it
    This is how many people do

  • ••Ïts_Gächä_Wölfï••{Änd Frïënds}

    I’m really sorry but i really liked the old into better

  • Oop_ItzMe !
    Oop_ItzMe ! Day ago

    Moriah when you take things out the oven, dont stand in front of the oven. Stand to the side and open the oven. let all the steam escape, and then stand in front of it.

  • Alanah Phelps
    Alanah Phelps Day ago

    What was that noise she made after she repeated “it rings in my head”?

  • Maisy Wilson
    Maisy Wilson Day ago

    Let your cat do a sqishe

  • Xx_Galaxy Queen_xX

    “oOOhhhHhHhh it JuSt bUrNed My faCe”-Moriah Elizabeth 2019

  • Heiressbyheir Heir

    You should make a pickle dinosaur 🦖

  • Lucie Dauphinais

    Karma for you guys

  • LightWay 2
    LightWay 2 Day ago

    I love the new intro, it’s so cool!

  • Normal'sWayOverrated

    Use a toothpick or knife to put the color in because big lumps sink to the bottom. be careful because of it's POTENT stuff! If you dip a butter knife into the dye you get some more to add more color. make sure it's FULLY INCORPORATED before you add more.

  • Aimee Campos
    Aimee Campos 2 days ago

    I'm sure you can't make your squishy mermaid out of fondant perfectly

  • Maddie Simnitt
    Maddie Simnitt 2 days ago

    Good job moriah. But there is one thing that could have made it beter you could have used fondant but you did a great job and you should be a shef

  • Illuminati Rex
    Illuminati Rex 2 days ago

    This is making me really hungry😩😓😔

  • danica chase
    danica chase 2 days ago +1

    Hi moriah

  • onigiri art
    onigiri art 2 days ago

    literally nobody:

    all the other yellow sprinkles at 20:47: ShE dOeSnT eVeN gO hErE

  • Pearlescent
    Pearlescent 2 days ago +4

    Half of the comments :
    *not funny, didn’t laugh*

  • Roblox Review
    Roblox Review 2 days ago

    Hey Moriah! A little baking tip.
    While using this mixer, I recommend that you take a spoon and mix at the sides and at the bottom. Since some ingredients the mixer couldn't get it. Hope it helped you!

  • Natalie Craig
    Natalie Craig 2 days ago

    Love the new intro i have been hear from the start

  • Hayhay Hayden01
    Hayhay Hayden01 2 days ago

    Make more pins they are so cute

  • Lindsey Hadden
    Lindsey Hadden 2 days ago

    Hate your intro! Jk it’s awesome and I wish I was as good as you...

  • Rachel and Sophie
    Rachel and Sophie 2 days ago

    I definitely love your new intro more than your old one x

  • OBL 8484
    OBL 8484 2 days ago

    i love the new intro

  • RkmPlays
    RkmPlays 2 days ago

    That's amazing I'm tired and I wear glasses and I thought the real cake was the squishy when you swapped the screen

  • Jojo Comer
    Jojo Comer 2 days ago

    The cake maker : plays with knife: me why and what did u do that

  • love_ 3249
    love_ 3249 2 days ago +1

    Mabey add a bit of purple or blue like the slightest bit of purple or blue to make the “pink” less orange

  • My Random World
    My Random World 2 days ago +1

    Too relatable

  • Arbresha Ismajli
    Arbresha Ismajli 2 days ago

    Wow nice Color job 😑😒😒😒👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Amy Truelove
    Amy Truelove 2 days ago

    I promise its not ketchup and mustard

  • UnicornGalaxy Girl
    UnicornGalaxy Girl 2 days ago


  • UnicornGalaxy Girl
    UnicornGalaxy Girl 2 days ago

    can you do more Bakeing

  • Lynda Lewis
    Lynda Lewis 2 days ago

    Just a tip the reason nothing happened because when you add color you won’t to mix it by hand not in the mixer

  • Delisa Järvelaid
    Delisa Järvelaid 2 days ago

    Ive watched all of these series