Split Ender Pro II: Hairdresser Approved?

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! SO many of you have asked me to review this split end removal tool. Definitely an interesting device.
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  • Carly Smith
    Carly Smith Day ago

    More than one pass is just going to continue to cut the hair shorter and shorter, unless your splits go up an inch only one pass would be necessary

  • Shea LaRoux
    Shea LaRoux 4 days ago

    This isn't a proper test. Should have used a wig or a friend. You need to look closely at the hair. So I still don't know if it really works

  • Lillian and Amia
    Lillian and Amia 4 days ago

    All that hair that was yours in there most definitly your FAT SPLIT ENDS DONT PLAY WIT ME

  • Alexis Maxwell
    Alexis Maxwell 4 days ago

    I have curly hair and my split ends start from like my chin length to the very ends (like mid-back) so split ends are definitely not just at the bottom of hair length..

  • Ne. Re
    Ne. Re 5 days ago

    i had the old one, and used it for years. its awsome and it works.

    Im confused on why he is confused?? it cuts the end of your hair of, like the last 3-4mm. so IF the has a split, it cuts it. But it also cuts all the ends without splits?

    i liked it. it was woth the money for me. i think he does not like it because it makes him loose clients.

    I used the split ender and cut down on my visits to the hair stylist, and saved a lot of money.

  • Shyler Harrington
    Shyler Harrington 5 days ago

    But your also using it on a wig 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Emily Fox
    Emily Fox 7 days ago

    you remind me of Ian Somerhalder

  • I got Jimin's Jams
    I got Jimin's Jams 7 days ago

    can you also use this on curly hair?

  • Jess Wood
    Jess Wood 7 days ago


  • The FishBox
    The FishBox 8 days ago

    I got scalped lol! Sorry

  • Em N
    Em N 10 days ago

    You don’t just have split ends on the end of your hair.... your hair is different lengths bc of growth phases and it could break off way before longest part of your hair. I personally dust my hair all the time and while the ends are thinner because of this, my hair is the longest it’s ever been in my life (past waist).

  • nessa bug
    nessa bug 11 days ago

    Did anyone else get a little tickle on their pickle when he first held the tool hahaha just kidding !! Love you Mondo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Valeria D
    Valeria D 12 days ago


  • mickeypoo305
    mickeypoo305 13 days ago

    Your hair is gorgeous when it’s fluffy

  • Miss Viking
    Miss Viking 13 days ago

    SO entertaining to watch. Please do it again!!!. I’ve never laughed so hard.

  • Tami Burton
    Tami Burton 13 days ago

    You are very brave!! It's just thinning it!!!!! Stop!!!!

  • The Whispering Woods
    The Whispering Woods 14 days ago

    I'm not a hairdresser but even I know wigs don't get split ends 😂

  • B Perez
    B Perez 15 days ago

    Your hair looks so soft and fluffy washed!!!! How is that possible after bleaching ?

  • Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan 15 days ago +1

    i cant get over the fact that he didnt look at his hair again after doing it and tell us whether he saw the difference before and after T-T

  • Elyse Sanford
    Elyse Sanford 16 days ago

    Did your hair feel any different after?

  • Caitlin Stewart
    Caitlin Stewart 17 days ago

    That Jaded London jacket is everything!!!😍

  • Saumya Tiwari
    Saumya Tiwari 17 days ago

    He is an idiot .. wig don't have split end... To make a wig good quality hair are used with no split end

  • Julie Waninger
    Julie Waninger 21 day ago

    Oh my God, his hair brushed looks hot as hell!!!!!

  • I’m Bob
    I’m Bob 22 days ago

    Hair Jeffree star?

  • Veronika Klaic
    Veronika Klaic 24 days ago

    God that was bullshit - boring - vain - pointless chatter - OTT unfollowed

  • Veronika Klaic
    Veronika Klaic 24 days ago

    1:31 before you said anything worthwhile stop with all the crapping on it’s boring ffs

  • lilly burbine
    lilly burbine 26 days ago

    Can you Put a link or The website where I can Buy the pink Wig please and Thank you

  • Haylee Lorton
    Haylee Lorton 27 days ago

    I love how the back of the box literally made absolutely no sense. ☠️😂

  • Bombsh3llHarley
    Bombsh3llHarley 27 days ago

    Use it on an actual person

  • Lucrezia Lorenzon
    Lucrezia Lorenzon 28 days ago

    I looked at it on amazon in the middle of your video and was 😱 then you said the price... I hope you sent it back. From what we've seen it isn't worth it at all. 😱

  • Grly fluff
    Grly fluff 28 days ago

    Oh my god I remember I had the ORIGINAL split ender from walgreens for $30 lol

  • Eva Rickert
    Eva Rickert 28 days ago +1

    Also the reason why we would start up higher rather than at the end of hair is when in my case, you have layers.

  • Eva Rickert
    Eva Rickert 28 days ago

    Why would you not look for split ends first on the wig was my first question way before he even started dragging the product lol

  • Pia Jander
    Pia Jander 29 days ago

    Love the newly washed fluffy hair Brad. It’s cute.

  • Aryanna Hansen
    Aryanna Hansen 29 days ago +1

    My god I figured it out FIIIIIIIIINALY my sisters a while ago like a looooooong time ago were watching a show called vampire diaries and this guy looks like a gay version of the guy with black hair and a GREAT jawline

  • Sharon Burger
    Sharon Burger Month ago


  • Laura Wallbank
    Laura Wallbank Month ago

    3:34 lol😹

  • Kristen Lucero
    Kristen Lucero Month ago

    okay this is SO entertaining, one of the funniest vids of yours. idk why i like it so much but im HERE for this

  • Marlene Wiens
    Marlene Wiens Month ago

    Do wigs get split ends?

  • Niki Lee
    Niki Lee Month ago

    You should do a mystery box opening since you like opening boxes

  • ardentgailla
    ardentgailla Month ago

    Since you say you're not going to use this again...can I have it? ....I'm asking for a friend....

  • Sydney Braun
    Sydney Braun Month ago

    You should make a tik tok

  • Kristy Hendricks
    Kristy Hendricks Month ago

    We need the Brad Mondo approval. Btw love your videos. I am living for your personality.

  • Alyssa Koers
    Alyssa Koers Month ago


  • Valeria Vasileva
    Valeria Vasileva Month ago

    The commercial before the beginning of the video was like "Oh..oh..oh". Then, when the video started, Bran Mondo just "OOOHHH....OOHH". Then I was like "Ah". haha

  • Maria Selene Official
    Maria Selene Official Month ago +49

    I’m definitely no stylist BUT isn’t the reason people cut split ends because they travel UP the shaft of the hair? The split end doesn’t stay at the end.....

    • Jasmine Valiente
      Jasmine Valiente 14 days ago +2

      Also for those of us with curlier kinkier hair I always tend to have solit ends up the shaft even when my ends are good because of fairy knots breaking mid way

    • CryTides
      CryTides 23 days ago +1

      The other reason to remove split ends is the split hair grabs on other hair which results in tangled hair.

    • valentina
      valentina Month ago +6

      exactly!! i’ve found really fine hairs that actually ended up being a single split end that just kept going up and up. truly a nightmare😭😭

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago

    I had the original. My hair is wavy/curly + frizz so I'll have split ends mid shaft as well as at the ends. The point of this is to get rid of splits on each hair without taking off length to get rid of them all ex: 6+ in for me. It worked really well for me and I'd inspect sections before and after and the splits were gone. I'm so sad mine broke and the big price is keeping me from getting the new one. So if you want to keep length but get rid of splits this might be for you!

  • Geejae
    Geejae Month ago

    Oh wow.. I made such a long comment and it didn't even go thru....
    It was so emotional, noooooo!!!!!!😱😱😱😱
    Well..so I work in a spa as a therapist for 14 years. Had a newish hair dresser and ..ppl raved abt her. Well she HATED me for no reason I guess??? Abt 6 mos Yanked my hair out w the straightener and asked if my hair does that when i straighten it--, I said no and politely showed her w one streak how i do it. SheSNATCHES the straightener from me and has this flash of an evil smirk, she starts RIPPING at my hair, so many strands are breaking, she says "WEll that's because yaaarnt DOING it HARD ENOUGH" .......... So now my hair is always frizzy looking
    . .. what's really WRONG w ppl?!?

  • Geejae
    Geejae Month ago

    Just gonna Google and call ur salon.. wouldn't be until later January.. def taking that ferry to you.
    Depending on your price fir a normal cut anyway (will go to $145 maybe more for cut price alone) I just want somebody to not abuse with a genuine care.
    Even if just once!

  • Aria k
    Aria k Month ago +1

    That's probably how Brad read his ingredient list before telling us his product was Vegan

  • S Gy
    S Gy Month ago

    Scalped and it’s a pile the size of a quarter 😂😂

  • S Gy
    S Gy Month ago

    Brad this is so funny

  • S Gy
    S Gy Month ago

    The first shot😂

  • Rashae Jackson
    Rashae Jackson Month ago +11

    “guess who doesn’t f****** care?!”
    my mood all of 2019

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago

    I bought a knock off one from wish for £30 and honestly i was really impressed (not a professional) so i think for £30 its worth getting :)

  • Emma Nadeau
    Emma Nadeau Month ago +1

    Comments: stop commenting about Joana🙄

  • NarutardPunk
    NarutardPunk Month ago

    How does a wig have split ends? LOL

  • jessica foose
    jessica foose Month ago

    the real test would be to use this on my hair LMFAO I swear every end is split on my head

  • julcia!
    julcia! Month ago

    13:10 brad mondo looks like a kpop star

  • 100k without Any videos?????????

    I am LIVING for the fluffy hair