Blac Chyna Designs a Dream House That Has a 10-Car Garage and a Money Room | Architectural Digest


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    BIG DICK BOBBY 20 hours ago

    She's gonna use Robs money to buy it

  • flip dibiase
    flip dibiase Day ago

    can she afford that

  • Diamond 4227
    Diamond 4227 Day ago

    She broke she gonna afford all this.... She wanna be.

  • The ACE Family!
    The ACE Family! 5 days ago

    1:16 he knew he made a mistake

  • Brenda Wangeci May
    Brenda Wangeci May 7 days ago

    It’s easy to see why most people must be broke and hateful. Hating on a woman who is designing her dream house and an architect talking to a potential client. It’s called business! You sell a service, you get paid. You pay and get a service. That’s how business is done! Keep hating y’all :-).

  • B
    B 11 days ago

    She can’t afford that. This was for promo

  • Akiliah Crawford
    Akiliah Crawford 13 days ago

    *Walks in*
    "I wonder if i can get a discount for sleeping with him?"🤷‍♂️

  • Jaquie Garcia
    Jaquie Garcia 14 days ago

    Lmaoo i had the same idea about a secret sex room. When you have kids it's best to keep that as discreet as possible.

  • lindabotello97
    lindabotello97 15 days ago

    What $$ is she going to put in tha $$ room?

  • Devondrick
    Devondrick 17 days ago

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  • Turbo Mustang
    Turbo Mustang 18 days ago

    Why???? Smdh

  • Salome
    Salome 19 days ago

    lol why she dressed like that its daytime

  • Gisele H
    Gisele H 19 days ago

    so this is where being a thot can get me.

    well. um.

  • mayra pina
    mayra pina 20 days ago

    I'm surprised they did this piece on Blac Chyna but it's awesome to see how he took her request and ideas and how he brought it back to life! So dope.

  • Dustin Legiste
    Dustin Legiste 22 days ago

    Who df would let her design her dream thot house 🤣🤣..... and she said she wanted a sex room I’m so dead 💀

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri 23 days ago

    10 car garage sounds cool

  • Nathan Law
    Nathan Law 23 days ago +1

    1:14 lmfao. She’s describing fifty shades of grey.

  • ifla almaas
    ifla almaas 23 days ago

    Did she jus say "white room with a vault" to put all her money in?... wow! invitation to all robbers eh?

  • Samaria Tauati
    Samaria Tauati 25 days ago

    she cant even afford it lol

  • Asmr Nariya
    Asmr Nariya 25 days ago +1

    What about her daughter

  • Chomba Mwape
    Chomba Mwape 25 days ago

    chyna is so pretty

  • Tom River
    Tom River 27 days ago

    Gold digger

  • Sarah's Cave
    Sarah's Cave 29 days ago

    What about a panic room?

  • Leshell Thomas
    Leshell Thomas Month ago

    It looks as if she going to give him a blow job

  • Leshell Thomas
    Leshell Thomas Month ago

    Why would she come there looking all hoeish

  • Susan sharmini
    Susan sharmini Month ago I the only one who thinks why the hell did she has her boobs pierce?

  • Bloop Ploop
    Bloop Ploop Month ago

    See this is why I would never be able to do this because I just want a three bedroom 2 bathroom house💀💀

  • Fire and Water
    Fire and Water Month ago

    Lol my grandpa has a 2 floors just for his cars in his mansions

  • Fire and Water
    Fire and Water Month ago

    Wait Black China?

  • Maygon Bassett
    Maygon Bassett Month ago +1

    I wonder if she will be able to keep up with her name bushes?

  • LaToya Wilson Monique
    LaToya Wilson Monique Month ago +1

    what about a baby room for dream?

  • Annetalie
    Annetalie Month ago

    Are they making this house so she can live in it or just have a model of it?....

  • Yikeees Hello
    Yikeees Hello Month ago

    Designing her dream house with a that Kardashian moneyyyyy🤮

  • Naruto Sasuke
    Naruto Sasuke Month ago

    Sex room typical chyna

  • Happy T.
    Happy T. Month ago +1

    I mean good for her, she figured out how to make this for herself

  • Mandy Manu
    Mandy Manu Month ago

    Just imagining all the starving and sick people this money could of been put towards. Makes me sad.

  • Jane Deadlock
    Jane Deadlock Month ago

    Can anyone spell ridiculous?

  • identihui
    identihui Month ago

    lol idc what none of yall say, she can't afford it.

  • Life with Nevaeh
    Life with Nevaeh Month ago

    I ain’t here no play room for the kids

  • Tommy Gibbes
    Tommy Gibbes Month ago

    I Wonder way she getting the money from

  • Olá Reçö
    Olá Reçö Month ago

    With tyga and rob kardashian money so sad

  • Mariah Colon
    Mariah Colon Month ago +1

    I don’t understand why she need more she’s always getting more from other Dude to be honest🤔

  • Marco Lopez
    Marco Lopez Month ago

    Not once did she mention a room for her kids lol but hey at least they’ll have a recording studio

  • Justin Gatlin
    Justin Gatlin Month ago

    Her net worth 4M & that’s like a 20M+ dollar house...

  • Elijah ojo
    Elijah ojo Month ago

    I don’t think she knows which eye to look at

  • Erin MacPherson
    Erin MacPherson Month ago +1


  • Christna Juan
    Christna Juan Month ago

    You’re dreaming too much girl

  • B•K
    B•K Month ago

    Vanity upon Vanity

  • L A
    L A Month ago +1

    No matter what disdain we may all have for Chyna based on some of her tasteless choices and behavior, she is a creator and a person that knows how to manifest what she wants into reality, which is more than most of you can do. Learn about it.

  • kokolatte825
    kokolatte825 Month ago

    "Have you ever seen this movie called, Richie Rich?" Is this for real!? 😂

  • stephanee s
    stephanee s Month ago

    lol Monopoly money.

  • Unknown Peter
    Unknown Peter Month ago

    She’s making me like the Kardashian’s

  • dieness A
    dieness A Month ago

    Girl please you know you ain't got that money for that anyways

  • Jazzlyn Nolen
    Jazzlyn Nolen Month ago

    She is so beutiful.

  • Steph Miller
    Steph Miller Month ago

    What did she do she bleach her skin she was never this light

  • William Ljungberg
    William Ljungberg Month ago +1

    Hahaha sex room, that would be cool asf

  • Benitho Watuzola
    Benitho Watuzola Month ago +1

    Blac Chyna is very beautiful .

  • Hayden Love
    Hayden Love Month ago

    She really thinks she's Kylie. Lol

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets Month ago

    She need to add a stirper pole

  • Detox
    Detox Month ago

    This is the I wanna get robbed so badly House

  • Enigma Fox
    Enigma Fox Month ago

    So now the top architects are doing homes for "Thot Habitat for Hoemanity" homes???

  • jessica lamarre
    jessica lamarre Month ago

    No kids rooms? Lol

  • 101 Channel
    101 Channel Month ago

    What about her kid

  • Keia Love-Black
    Keia Love-Black Month ago

    So you people are mad that they featured Blacc Chyna on AD TALKING ABOUT A HOUSE DESIGN? TF? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m not even a BC fan, however, I ❤️ AD so I’m here for any architecture and design they choose to feature. This channel nor the appreciation of design is limited to only a certain set of people. Many people from all walks of life enjoy this type of thing. Chyna being here on has nothing to do with being a role model or Black or a single mom. NOTHING. Y’all stay racists and narrow-minded, but keep lying to yourselves that you’re not tho. 🙄

  • Valeria Meza
    Valeria Meza Month ago +1

    She didn’t ask for anything at all !!!

  • Swae Lee Fan
    Swae Lee Fan Month ago +8

    Am i the only one who noticed she didn't ask for rooms for her kids?🤔

    DAISY 2 months ago +4

    How can she afford it

  • Babble OO
    Babble OO 2 months ago

    She seems really calm and sweet

  • 925Warbot
    925Warbot 2 months ago

    Boo. Rat 🐀. Only n her dreams. Leave that 🐀 n the swamp

  • xtentaciion .jr831
    xtentaciion .jr831 2 months ago

    Black Chyna looks hot

  • Lila Émilia
    Lila Émilia 2 months ago +1

    Go find a real job... stupid gold digger 🙄🙄

  • Winter Jones
    Winter Jones 2 months ago

    I love her hair colour 💗😂💛💛

  • Akayla
    Akayla 2 months ago +2

    She got money for all of this

  • Ruby Gloom
    Ruby Gloom 2 months ago +2

    Can she afford that with baby daddy money lolol ;)

  • Ema Leins
    Ema Leins 2 months ago +2

    1:18 he like now u talking!😂

  • Issa Rissa
    Issa Rissa 2 months ago +1

    I hope that house will be tornado and hurricane, flood, fire proof

    Eric DE BRAUWER 2 months ago


  • Jason Nance
    Jason Nance 2 months ago +1

    keep on thotting n dreaming

  • Deara Powell
    Deara Powell 2 months ago

    SEX ROOM😆😅🤣😨

  • Tiara’s Palace
    Tiara’s Palace 2 months ago +1

    Omg did she forget she has a whole child. I didn’t here “A room for Dream” Like WHAT??!’

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 2 months ago

    what about a room for her mother ......

  • Meow
    Meow 2 months ago

    Can she afford it tho? 🤔

  • Kaitlyn Williams
    Kaitlyn Williams 2 months ago

    I understand why people don't like her, but its like yall so quick to look at the bad things she do and be like "oh im going to dislike because Blac Chyna want to she what her dream house could look like." People say she is a bad role model and she is ugly and every one hates her, but half the time people dont even know who that heck she is. Yeah i know every one is entitled to their opinion but my mama always said it you ain't got nothing nice to say shut up cus being mean dont make you no better.

  • S Tomlinson
    S Tomlinson 2 months ago +1

    You’re daughter the only “Dream” coming true, cause that house ain’t.

  • Alxssa Cassidy
    Alxssa Cassidy 2 months ago +1


  • Пробел Ц
    Пробел Ц 2 months ago +1

    Isn’t she almost broke?

  • Dani Clavel
    Dani Clavel 2 months ago

    Lol 10 cars.? Wtf she gonna do with that many cars 😂🤣

  • Sage Advice
    Sage Advice 2 months ago

    So inspiring seeing a ghetto ho planning for a mega mcmansion.

    • Sage Advice
      Sage Advice 2 months ago

      Netty, yes. The American dream is wonderful, even if it's currently being assaulted by those in charge. As for Chyna I always say don't listen to what they tell you. Pay attention to what they show you instead. I've no respect for Chyna as a person. And, no, I'm not a fan of the Kardashians either. Trash is trash no matter how it's all wrapped up.

    • Netty
      Netty 2 months ago

      yes actually it is. though I wouldn't use those terms. the american dream is beautiful.

  • Emir Kaan Ozkan
    Emir Kaan Ozkan 2 months ago

    you forgot about your children

  • nick
    nick 2 months ago

    Isn’t she worth like 2 million? How can she afford all that?

  • meck 4
    meck 4 2 months ago

    THOTS will always be THOTS🤔

  • LaMya Miller
    LaMya Miller 2 months ago

    A sex room? Tf...b you a hoe

  • Ka Pi
    Ka Pi 2 months ago

    AD are you trolling her??? 😝😝😝

  • Berenice Medina
    Berenice Medina 2 months ago

    She probably gave him head in exchange for that prototype 💀💀.

  • JoshyYaBoy
    JoshyYaBoy 2 months ago

    3:33 at the bottom says “sex room” 💀


    BLACK JACK 2 months ago

    Where does she work again????lol

  • Trinity Young
    Trinity Young 2 months ago

    She can’t even suck dick😂😂😂😂tf she need a sex room for

  • FaZe Booce
    FaZe Booce 2 months ago +1

    Guys it’s A DREAM HOUSE

  • FaZe Booce
    FaZe Booce 2 months ago


  • Anto
    Anto 2 months ago

    A sex room? This one crazy bitch😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂