Blac Chyna Designs a Dream House That Has a 10-Car Garage and a Money Room | Architectural Digest


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  • Hatsune miku
    Hatsune miku 7 hours ago

    Can everyone in the comment section chill!?! Let them do what they want, AD have been doing celebrity collaboration videos for a long time, why is it such a big deal that shes on it? They make views from videos like this. Just because she is on the channel does not mean that they are 'lowering' themselves or that Lehrer A's are too. Leave them alone, he could probably be a fan for all we know, why do people have to judge?

    CLINT THE PLUG 15 hours ago +1

    the guy she’s talking to is like wtf? #iwanteverythingmarble

  • Carmen Castillo
    Carmen Castillo 23 hours ago

    Kris Jenner (Rob Kardashian) and Tyga will pay for this house

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little Day ago

    yall always bashing her like yall fav aint get rich off of a sex tape...

  • manikdesign
    manikdesign Day ago

    They use hate for fame they say stupid sh*t because it’s makes them look stupid. When we can laugh at someone it makes us feel good. We are the stupid ones not them. Jade goody before she died from cancer did the same thing. These people are not stupid. The Kardashian’s are racking in the money and our daughters and wives are funding them with their hate.

  • Natasha Mara
    Natasha Mara 2 days ago

    But did she mention anything for her kids tho?

  • Adriane Jeffrie
    Adriane Jeffrie 2 days ago

    I like blac chyna she good people

  • Stephen van Rooyen
    Stephen van Rooyen 2 days ago

    Baboon with pink plastic on its head

  • Sergio Escobar
    Sergio Escobar 2 days ago

    I love Architectural Digest & I love Blac Chyna... Soo 🔝🔝❤️❤️

  • Nana
    Nana 3 days ago

    Wow i didnt expect she had that much money good 4 her

  • Etosha Johnson
    Etosha Johnson 3 days ago


  • kenneth pinto
    kenneth pinto 3 days ago

    Help the helpless instead..

  • Hnch Dy
    Hnch Dy 4 days ago

    So many hate comments here and Im the only one loving all of you. Life is too short to hate because hate leads to regret.
    Life is too short to live with regrets.

  • LizBiz Ldn
    LizBiz Ldn 4 days ago

    I love blac chyna. She did so well

  • Arush Advent
    Arush Advent 4 days ago

    loads of plastic packages

  • nar luna
    nar luna 4 days ago

    Ew AD what were you thinking, talk about dragging your brand down!

  • The Proper Petrolhead

    Not a good look

  • firstliight24
    firstliight24 4 days ago

    The design was so weak, I can create a much better design than that and Im just an architectural illustrator.

  • emille van heyningen

    She screams style and taste i can imagine what her house would look like :)

  • İsa Ergun
    İsa Ergun 5 days ago

    blac chyna is an immoral woman because she continues to speak very comfortably despite the release of the vile sex tape she has made. Obviously, ethics is not related to religion. What if we did not have religion in the world now can we not distinguish between good and evil?

  • Dont do it
    Dont do it 5 days ago

    What a hoe...not even her money lol

  • GIA A
    GIA A 5 days ago

    Who will pay for????

  • SomethingReallyStrange

    This is actually a great video. Please don't listen to the stuck up subscribers. It's always fun to entertain an idea and it more often than not comes out with a great outcome.

  • Massimo
    Massimo 5 days ago

    Any guesses on the price tag to build it ?

  • Zequi games
    Zequi games 5 days ago +1

    i didn't know that she was that rich

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor 5 days ago

    Be gone thot

  • SampleThisJams
    SampleThisJams 5 days ago


  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason 5 days ago

    Talk about world poverty...

  • Tiffany Morris
    Tiffany Morris 5 days ago

    See Blac have her own money and business deals. She is beautiful and don't need the Kardashians for anything.

  • Alex200254
    Alex200254 5 days ago

    Who did the sound on this? Awful for a professional video.

  • Joel Klone
    Joel Klone 6 days ago

    ZEDD just seems more humble...
    I literally loved his house! : D

  • Tiana B
    Tiana B 6 days ago

    She asking for a whole lot with a 10 car garage and a money room

  • plok ijuh
    plok ijuh 6 days ago

    What kind of sucker would spend all this money on this thot??

    HILDA SHAFER 6 days ago

    bahaha this vid is BS

  • snj prl
    snj prl 6 days ago +2

    So being a single mother of a certain ethnicity is actually considered an achievement nowadays? Seriously? I don't care about the color of her skin. Or the color of her hair for that matter. I don't care about her gender or wealth either - all I am interested in, is this person's viewpoint, her motives, her ambitions, her actions. And to be quite frank: nothing she said has much substance. She didn't explain any of her "dreams" / requirements.
    And to me there are only a few possible answers to why this is:
    A) there actually is no substance to this person's choices other than the drive to accumalate certain status symbols
    B) the video and interview was conducted in a way that did not make room for any explanations of this sort
    C) Blac Chyna did explain how her personal values and needs collide in a "money room" but it was all cut from this footage
    - EITHER WAY: IT MAKES FOR BAD CONTENT! And if they didn't even give her the chance to elaborate upon her dream home - for what ever reasons (may it be assumption or actual rasicm or clickbait) THAT'S EVEN WORSE!

  • Tuatha De Danann
    Tuatha De Danann 6 days ago

    I just hope the doorways are big enough to fit her head through(which must be tricky seeing how it's stuffed up her own arse)

  • nopenopenope
    nopenopenope 6 days ago

    Loved the design and host, hate the guest... Disliked.

  • Fe Me
    Fe Me 6 days ago


    • Fe Me
      Fe Me 6 days ago

      thought your magazine was of class

  • DJ.Sauerkraut
    DJ.Sauerkraut 6 days ago

    Who is she?

  • Cinematic Edits
    Cinematic Edits 6 days ago


  • Gareth Ward-stevens
    Gareth Ward-stevens 6 days ago

    Gosh she’s awful

  • Bonita Roberts
    Bonita Roberts 6 days ago

    my love 😍😍

  • Rach C
    Rach C 6 days ago +1


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    Arvind lowanshi 6 days ago

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  • arben gjoni
    arben gjoni 6 days ago


  • dr greenthumb
    dr greenthumb 6 days ago

    She looks like a tramp

  • Styles Bitchley
    Styles Bitchley 6 days ago

    I don't know who this is, but I couldn't get past the first 5 seconds...
    Peacin' out!

  • FootballAfters
    FootballAfters 6 days ago

    Materialistic 😂

  • Charlie Campbell
    Charlie Campbell 6 days ago

    Thickk thighs save lives

  • Laur Manolescu
    Laur Manolescu 6 days ago

    Cultural enrichment. Thank you

  • Millicent Lopez
    Millicent Lopez 7 days ago

    Alright AD you got my view

    MOVING IMAGE 7 days ago

    she is gross looking lol

  • Kaiden Artura
    Kaiden Artura 7 days ago

    Is she a prostitute?

  • Rikardo Rvszo
    Rikardo Rvszo 7 days ago


  • Jatin Tyagi
    Jatin Tyagi 7 days ago +1

    Wtf! A sex room 😂

  • That One
    That One 7 days ago +2


  • Ray C
    Ray C 7 days ago

    Ok I’m just curious how does she make money? Like her Instagram sponsor money can’t pay for all this...

  • Molly King
    Molly King 7 days ago +1


  • Lea Mendes
    Lea Mendes 7 days ago

    Why Blac Chyna Out Of ALL People😭😂

  • A_ s
    A_ s 7 days ago

    she looks like an ant

  • Liz Sales
    Liz Sales 7 days ago

    She's insane and all, but I don't know why you guys are hating on AD. Bills don't pay themselves, right? You can't really go all picky about your clients. And it's good that she's here so we know what architects go through with the crazy "necessities" of certain clients (money room? sex room? blac chyna spelled out in front of the house? i mean...).

  • Gosia
    Gosia 7 days ago

    Is she mentally ok?

  • Georgios Kalaidis
    Georgios Kalaidis 7 days ago


  • ThorInTheMorning
    ThorInTheMorning 7 days ago

    Stop this AD.
    Nobody wanted this

  • Maximumsquige
    Maximumsquige 7 days ago

    LMAO fuccin T H O T

  • Andrea Soffientini
    Andrea Soffientini 7 days ago

    21 savage got a 12 car garage

  • Lizzie K Tyvesse
    Lizzie K Tyvesse 7 days ago

    Also funny how the same comments aren’t under any of the Kardashian AD videos... notice a difference..

  • Lizzie K Tyvesse
    Lizzie K Tyvesse 7 days ago

    People are angry about her talking about a sex room.. but went to watch 50 shades of grey *sips tea* [for hose who don’t understand.. you have just been read]!

  • DeusaNew
    DeusaNew 8 days ago

    Buy by Rob

  • Diko Rayhan
    Diko Rayhan 8 days ago

    No taste.

  • Sedd
    Sedd 8 days ago

    So where would she live it doesn’t really fit the Calabassas/Hidden Hills aesthetic.

  • Nidza Afif
    Nidza Afif 8 days ago

    Dudes got good eye game. And then i saw this 0:18

  • erini bell
    erini bell 8 days ago

    ppl will freak over the kartrashians but hate blacchyna, a sexually liberated black women who does what she wants and isn't policed, thats why i love her, but that's also why ppl hate her but that's another the discussion

  • M Kleande
    M Kleande 8 days ago

    Did she have enough money to make it

  • FashionablyLate
    FashionablyLate 8 days ago +1

    Him showing he can bring *any* vision to light is an indicator of his talent as a professional and a visionary. Blac Chyna being a guest does not negate that.

  • Alex Kowalczyk
    Alex Kowalczyk 8 days ago

    There was no one else available? Call me next time... will cast you less ;)

  • afflictions21
    afflictions21 8 days ago

    All these haters...

  • Sara H. Fisseha
    Sara H. Fisseha 8 days ago

    Love this AD , Blac Chyna and the architects (Michael Lehrer) personalties was so funny together. The house turned out FABULOUS, wish it was longer ....when it ended I was like "I need more...... ". Great video guys.

  • Antonio Collie
    Antonio Collie 8 days ago

    I absolutely hate black Chyna.

  • ting-ting wei
    ting-ting wei 8 days ago +1

    My dream house is my bed with my laptop and my phone with snacks

  • Stealthy99
    Stealthy99 8 days ago +1

    How do people like this make money? As in, what does she even do?!
    Yet another brain-dead plastic bimbo inexplicably gaining wealth and fame...

  • Sidoney Pratt
    Sidoney Pratt 8 days ago

    They gained over 2k subscribers since it was posted including me so you guys can keep on trash talking. She just needs to post it on IG and it will blow up

  • superphibs
    superphibs 8 days ago

    What the price tag

  • Silvia La Face
    Silvia La Face 8 days ago


  • The Weakest Baldwin
    The Weakest Baldwin 8 days ago

    Where’s the room to keep all the baby strollers?

  • Noly Rson
    Noly Rson 8 days ago

    She so oppressed yo

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 8 days ago

    Keep dreaming!!!! Honei

  • The Wizard of Öz
    The Wizard of Öz 8 days ago

    That like to dislike ratio tho

  • toothy
    toothy 8 days ago

    Lol @ people that are actually mad.

  • Sumara Parvez
    Sumara Parvez 8 days ago

    I hate bleach china so much 🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  • Kay Tam
    Kay Tam 8 days ago

    OMG that is literally my bathroom at 2:06. As in a photo from my house in London of my actual bathroom. It’s currently for sale so I assume they nicked it off the listing or from my original architect

  • hear fan
    hear fan 8 days ago

    All strippers need a money room to throw their dollar bills in at the end of the day

  • Barbudotes
    Barbudotes 8 days ago

    So many other interesting and we'll minded creative individuals that could be interviewed. Why a woman that only lives to leach

  • Barbz Nicki Lana
    Barbz Nicki Lana 8 days ago +1

    Love her 💗 she's gorgeous

  • katia lameiras
    katia lameiras 8 days ago +1

    I actually like this post, I liked how they showed us the design process with the models.. really loved it and how they came up with the landscape design... as an achitecture students it's nice to see how real architects deal with clients...

  • Mark C
    Mark C 8 days ago +2

    This world is done. DONE!

  • L.S Darkholme
    L.S Darkholme 8 days ago +1

    Please stop giving useless people a platform to extend their 15 mins of fame. It's bad enough this person uses her reproduction to stay relevant.

  • Mickey McMahon
    Mickey McMahon 8 days ago

    Justice for Nina Bo'Nina Brown

  • gunawan wibisono
    gunawan wibisono 8 days ago

    The question is can you afford it... cause you literaly doing nothing... i see ... you Took the bribe money from momanger Kris as compesation too Shoo shoo from kardasian familly right .... lol... and ad... i love your video but Sadly i must unsubscribe because you choose this delusional woman ..this is make AD value so cheap and lose its prestige

    I AM NOT MARIAH CAREY! 8 days ago +2

    All that child support $$$$$ got her making big plans