Warframe | Official Cinematic Trailer 2021 | The New War: Expansion Story and Date Reveal

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • From the moment you awakened, all roads have led to this.

    Coming to all platforms on December 15, 2021, The New War heralds Warframe’s biggest cinematic expansion -- and the darkest chapter yet in the conflict against Erra and the Sentients. Embark on an epic Quest across an expansive new adventure, as you race to unite the factions and discover the most dramatic conflict burning in the Origin System - the one within yourself.


    Join 60M+ registered players in Warframe, a cooperative, third-person looter shooter set in a constantly evolving sci-fi universe. Brand-new Tenno: check out the in-game Tenno Guide to learn more about what to do next in your journey! This New War CG trailer reveal premiered during Devstream 158. For more info, visit warframe.com .

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  • Kafka
    Kafka Month ago +1551

    Lotus's slight eye "jitter" makes me think she's confused as to why the operator is crying. Can't wait to see how that's going to unveil itself come Dec 15!

    • Sub 4 sub
      Sub 4 sub Month ago

      Watch new war is gonna be buggy and unfinished and de gonna go on winter break to let everyone deal with it for a month.

    • Matthew Tygert
      Matthew Tygert Month ago

      Looks more like a sad face to me.

    • WaltzinBlack90
      WaltzinBlack90 Month ago

      @Where's the hen? We don't know that for sure we just heard that from Erra, who we aren't entirely sure is Actually Even really Erra. We don't know anything! But we will very soon.

    • WaltzinBlack90
      WaltzinBlack90 Month ago +1

      @Ronin Tetsuro then why did she tell us she's dying? We don't really know if she's natah or just a deceived lotus who thinks she's natah again. Or where natah and margulis end and the lotus begins..

    • Ianes Grécia
      Ianes Grécia Month ago

      @Hakitosama We already lost the father figure, the uncle figure with the samurai and now the mother figure. All we have now is... Ordis. Who is an assassin inprisioned just like Natah was...
      Who will guess the next beloved figure we'll lose?

  • Bader Muhammad
    Bader Muhammad Month ago +1532

    After seeing Arcane's success as a show, I really want to see Warframe as a show. The game doesn't get nearly as much narrative as it deserves and the narrative that it gets tends to be damn good

    • Egonieser Locman
      Egonieser Locman 16 days ago

      @StaticShock-EN- Well it beats "Groot"

    • Grey Goblin
      Grey Goblin 20 days ago

      I would love it if they did, I've always wanted a red vs blue style show but with clans of Tenno.

    • Darthmufin
      Darthmufin 26 days ago

      The most hated Grineer Bombard in Warframe HISTORY got what he deserved for killing Nova

    • *** Imbored
      *** Imbored 26 days ago

      @Regal Panda you didn't watch it😐

    • djbaconbitzinc
      djbaconbitzinc 29 days ago

      I would like to see Warframe as an anime series starting with the fall of the Orokin Empire to the New War and possibly beyond if they were to add more to the story.

  • Corsair
    Corsair Month ago +188

    0:49 "Change of plans, ignore your original objective"

    "Leave nothing alive" 😂

    • Sekerie Ahmed
      Sekerie Ahmed 14 days ago +1

      @Sraye Like damn, the pain I feel when soloing a sortie spy mission (because ppl suck and fail it) and that happens. I often bring shitty weapons because free exp without grinding but it becomes an instant reset when it turns into extermination.

    • Sraye
      Sraye 26 days ago +8

      99% of Warframe players: Wasn't the objective always genocide to begin with?
      _press 4 to win_

    • djbaconbitzinc
      djbaconbitzinc 29 days ago +11

      Execute Order 66

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago +18

      that line always scared me honestly

  • R4d6
    R4d6 Month ago +239

    I love how, at 1:06, Rhino's punches are perfectly synced with the music.

    • Alexander Azarov
      Alexander Azarov Month ago

      @Maurizio Palescandolo That was a Nova.

    • NinjaHentai-TMX
      NinjaHentai-TMX Month ago

      @Maurizio Palescandolo yeah but every frame is so powerfull in beginning mid game they dont need this coop. i use teleport skill for long jumps. people do use it :P

    • R4d6
      R4d6 Month ago +3

      @Maurizio Palescandolo It's Nova.

    • Maurizio Palescandolo
      Maurizio Palescandolo Month ago +2

      And the scene pose attention on the synergize between warframes too with mag that open portal for rhino. This should lead the players to play in a cooperative way more than rush and selfish.

    • Robul
      Robul Month ago +8

      Also the way he lets Excalibur jump off his back is amazing, he's like a raid boss setting his team for success haha

  • Kodasa Sinclair
    Kodasa Sinclair Month ago +116

    The work done here, makes me really want to see the warframes Leverian stories animated by the same studio. To see Ivara hunt the monster, to see Lavos learning from the alchemist, to see Gauss storm the tower and break the siege. I'd love it so so much. Even if they were no longer than the average prime trailer.

    • Firan25
      Firan25 Month ago +3

      or the other frames that have a story but no cinematic

      THe one that might be the saddest would prob be Mirages or Valkyr

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva Month ago +4929

    Omg... This cinematics are becoming more realistic.
    Not to mention you stood true to the warframes abilities and fighting styles. Amazing 10/10.
    Cant't wait to play this

    • Sraye
      Sraye 26 days ago

      I didn't see a single true bullet jump in this, and the 4 to win nuking is sorely lacking. "True to warframe abilities and fighting styles"

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      @InfadeDreams so you’re gonna report him for saying something that wasn’t even offensive, got a glass jaw aye

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      @InfadeDreams probably takes a lot of money and they’re old school as hell over there 😂

    • Liam Butcher
      Liam Butcher Month ago

      @inglebear84 when you get called out for acting like a twelve year old and prove the person right. 😂 humans, gotta love 'em

    • Shad03 Void
      Shad03 Void Month ago

      @X3DwAnY More specifically you, it's unfortunate that you got banned, I feel for you, bruddah

  • Codex
    Codex Month ago +167

    Seeing warframe come such a long way from back in 2013 makes me tear up. Just goes to show that with a little care, and encouragement one can go a long way.

    • Solid
      Solid Month ago +3

      Warframe and FFXIV are 2 of the biggest comebacks out there.

  • Nocternalis_EN
    Nocternalis_EN Month ago +55

    The entire main story in 2 min combined with the emotion twists through this short time is absolutely amazing. The music switch from frightened of war into mothers arms to the betrayal of the dearest person to you. the one that always made you feel safe and home. Just astounding work, considering there is no actual verbal conversation and you still understand the circumstances. Wow. I am more than flashed. I absolutely love it and am hyped for the upcoming content. Please consider making a movie. The Images, the animations and especially the music is just breath taking. Thank you.

    • andrewriker
      andrewriker 24 days ago

      I ugly cried for lotus and all of us.

  • Joseph Pascarella
    Joseph Pascarella Month ago +299

    This expansion is going to break me. I've been growing up with this game. I was 14 when it came out. I remember so much that has been lost or changed. I remember playing this when I had no friends, I remember how the Lotus reminded me of my mom. I remember playing this after I lost the ability to see my mom anymore.. Natah was all I had for the memories to be there, to have some semblance of mom still being around. Now, having to stare her down as an enemy?

    As an adult now, I feel that this update will hurt. I've had this game be a part of me and it's really impacted my life. I've spent far more than I should have ever spent on it, I got my dad to play it, I made friends through it. I found some semblance of peace through it.. I feel the emotion in this trailer because it'll be that same emotion burning in me by the time this is over.

    • Joseph Pascarella
      Joseph Pascarella Month ago +3

      @con wuz ere adorable, tho needing some tweaks

    • con wuz ere
      con wuz ere Month ago +2

      how did u feel about yareli lol

    • Dook Kelsall
      Dook Kelsall Month ago +3

      I’m with u friend. This was an emotionally intense trailer. Lotus’ betrayal is tough. This arc is going to be insane.

    • Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht
      Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht Month ago +8

      @chacachaca13 Little bit of advice for you: this comes across as unwarranted and invasive. I can be an adult, manage my transition, bills, sex life, be a performance dancer, a film critic, a martial artist, model, and dilettante rocket motor engineer, and political organizer; all while carving out time to be sad about an exceptional game I love that hit too close to home with its story.

    • Joseph Pascarella
      Joseph Pascarella Month ago +7

      @chacachaca13 as an adult who goes to work and pays bills, this vomment was meh

  • Dook Kelsall
    Dook Kelsall Month ago +26

    As a long time fan and player, this trailer was an immensely emotional experience. I grew up with this game and it’s story. I feel so nerdy saying this, but Lotus’ betrayal after LITERALLY years of playing alongside her and her maternal guidance, real life hurt me lol can’t wait for this expansion. I love this game.

    • Dxvefboy
      Dxvefboy Month ago +3

      On god, my older brother I'd like you. I could say I am too. Although when it first came out I was young and didn't know any better and got bored of it. I came back in 2018 and fell in love with the game. I always viewed Lotus as just a Cortana from Halo, now this proves me right. Navigator becomes main villain.

  • Jérémy Martignoni
    Jérémy Martignoni Month ago +1495

    The sheer range of emotions on that Tenno's face is just... Insane. You can feel everything. Kudos. THAT is "art". THIS is why we love videogames. Thank you

    • JackWolfGaming
      JackWolfGaming Month ago

      I wish there was that much range of emotion from the devs regarding the Founders.
      Sadly... they have a billboard in Time's Square, and The Founders got pushed out of Dev Council, and Umbra was given out at the end of a fight you couldn't lose.

      It's shit... so... be stunned about the pretty colors... I'll be stunned with the shitty business practices.

    • chacachaca13
      chacachaca13 Month ago

      Sadly this is only shown in trailers, etc and seldom if ever in actual gameplay. So meh

    • MrGamebus
      MrGamebus Month ago +2

      @PC Kosmas "would you like 40,000 Endo????"

    • R1d3Th3L1ghtn1ng
      R1d3Th3L1ghtn1ng Month ago +4

      @PC Kosmas hehe, nice

    • PC Kosmas
      PC Kosmas Month ago +40

      They took inspiration from the faces of the players, when they announced the non-plat regal aya packs.

  • J Free
    J Free Month ago +34

    This company really knows how to do a story. I was a bit saddened when we lost Mama Lotus and waited patiently for the moment to get her back one of the few games where I actually felt like I was part of the universe it's definitely a great and beautiful game from the music the sights the movement everything about warframe just captures your soul. Thmx Team does the ride GO SPACE NINJAS!!!!

  • Leander Esterhuizen
    Leander Esterhuizen Month ago +23

    The character design for Margulis is amazing. When the operator wakes up from a nightmare in their room (I'm guessing that it's during the Orokin Empire era) Margulis is there to comfort the young tenno and keep them sane. Truly amazing.... D.E... 15 December, here we come!!!

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      looks just like de rebecca

    • Cody Juarez Lopez
      Cody Juarez Lopez Month ago +3

      Or that's a glimpse of the Zariman Ten Zero incident and we get to see briefly how we got the void powers

  • Youzho
    Youzho Month ago +10

    I absolutely love the writers animators and artists that poured their heart out into this short film. This is beautiful and I can see the passion

  • Cristopher
    Cristopher Month ago +2

    I loved the teamwork displayed with those warframes there and that nova looks so beautiful ♥ and im not saying it because she's my main or anything :3

  • thunderheadcinema
    thunderheadcinema Month ago +3473

    The way the grineer started running when the Tenno came out was a really nice detail. It reinforces the "Tenno are powerful, and warframes act more as limiters/focuses/armor." aspect.

    • Voykan
      Voykan 28 days ago

      While in the game, the operators are just bitches and the warframes are op af.

    • Twilitbeing
      Twilitbeing Month ago +1

      Even more, I like the idea that the "awakened" Tenno are just well-known enough for the Grineer to realize what they're up against, but still rare enough to come as a surprise. They look like they've just come face to face with a living myth.

    • Kelly
      Kelly Month ago

      @Hero 422 focus farming is a grind let me tell you, but it is possible to go from 0 to having all your waybounds within 1 and a half weeks. I did it, because I eidolon hunted (solo) around the clock, and did my daily 380k focus farming in Adaro Sedna with Equinox and Kuva Bramma. Just keep getting stealth kills, and do it fast. Ask in the relay for an MR 30 to grant an exp boost to make it go 2x as fast. You can max out daily focus in 3-7 runs with exp booster as I found. I had some runs where I got 170k focus in only 4 minutes time with exp booster active

    • Kelly
      Kelly Month ago

      @Mr. Ptolemy my operator with my current amp is able to kill most enemies below level 90 in 2-4 shots

    • Sub 4 sub
      Sub 4 sub Month ago +1

      Watch new war is gonna be buggy and unfinished and de gonna go on winter break to let everyone deal with it for a month.

  • Shigara
    Shigara Month ago +8

    Damn this is amazing! The Animation is pure Art! Not gonna lie, I cried with the operator and the part where Margulis hugs her to calm her down. No matter what, I will bring the lotus home!

    • Jonathan Soko
      Jonathan Soko Month ago

      Digital Extremes did not make this trailer fyi.

    • SirMandokarla
      SirMandokarla Month ago +1

      I'll be there with you, if we have to fight to the last frame.

  • Soda Drunk
    Soda Drunk Month ago +15

    2:20 is the moment when you realise all your teammates leave you in a extremely hard mission

    • UnamedJt
      UnamedJt 27 days ago

      Felt that in every games that have extremely hard missions REEEEE

  • Truly.k2
    Truly.k2 Month ago +3

    As far as story telling goes this is really such an amazing quest I can’t wait for the rest

  • Chuchu
    Chuchu Month ago +5

    I recognize passion when I see it. There was lots of passion in the writing of this trailer. Well done team. Thank you and your passion is appreciated. ❤️

  • D4rK3sTsH4d0W
    D4rK3sTsH4d0W Month ago +1259

    That's gotta be one of the most impressive cinematics I've ever seen. The texture of the skin doesn't even poke at the uncanny valley. It just works perfectly. The orchestral music flow is insane! The way it throws about the 'this is what you are' theme back and forth between good and bad, getting progressively creepier. The gradual shift to lower and lower pitches before and after. It's beautiful

    • Sraye
      Sraye 26 days ago

      How unfortunate that the in-game cutscene's facial animations look horrible.

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      @Jaskaran Sohal i love that cinematic the ending though with adler’s death is sad but so honorable

    • Melvin Nyamekye
      Melvin Nyamekye Month ago

      @grimvael read what I said again.
      I said this game is old and from 2013, look at the trailers from *2013* and compare it to the game.

      there were no such things as operators back in 2013

    • grimvael
      grimvael Month ago

      @Melvin Nyamekye i mean sure but theres no way ur gonna sit there and tell me the actual game, let alone in game operators look this clean and polished compared to this trailer

    • Shem Shem
      Shem Shem Month ago

      @Jaskaran Sohal na man, this cinematic is way better in my opinion. from a technical CGI standpoint its is just immaculate, this is so well done and clean, it is to the point that if you where not consentrating you would not even notice it is not IRL people. it is very psychedelic in a sense, and the "camera" (since its not a real camera lol) work is just so fluid and well done, especially the use of the depth of field, just a very unique and it has this exceptional overall style that you can only find in the recent warframe trailers. its a bit of a rant but yea, i just apselutely love what hey did here.

  • shutterant
    shutterant Month ago +9

    By far the best New War trailer so far! So much meaning and emotion is conveyed without any words. I get goosebumps from head to toe every time. 😍👍

  • BelieveDragons
    BelieveDragons Month ago

    This game has come so far! Absolutely amazing cinematic trailer. I feel even more connected to my own Operator. Can't wait to play The New War on my PS5!!

  • James Copeland
    James Copeland Month ago +1

    Ive watched this 5 times now and I still get goosebumps .. so epic and emotional and very and neatly done incorporating all warframes lore into this animation!

  • Cee Zee
    Cee Zee Month ago

    This was actually a very cool trailer, really amazing visuals and with the fighting, the animation it is really good

  • ThaOrphan
    ThaOrphan Month ago +1354

    Nova being destroyed and the Grineers immediate fear at seeing the Tennos true form is just beautiful. We’ve waited so long for this moment and now it’s here. Tenno are you ready for this war?

    • Chris
      Chris 13 days ago

      Incredibly, and you cannot imagine how incredibly, yes, I am.

    • Kameth
      Kameth Month ago +1

      Grineer: I think I messed up. Guys. I think I messed up real bad.

    • ThaOrphan
      ThaOrphan Month ago

      @m e m p h not really.

    • m e m p h
      m e m p h Month ago

      need a riven first

    • ThaOrphan
      ThaOrphan Month ago

      @Jaesin Kilpela wdym?

  • David Chimuanya
    David Chimuanya 27 days ago +1

    Guys, let's just take time to appreciate the animation quality. This is just WOW

  • Prophetic Loki
    Prophetic Loki Month ago +2

    I see everyone is focusing on the tenno and the flurry of emotion coming from them however at 2:20 you can cleary see a change in Natahs face as she sees the tenno get up. I believe she's seeing how doing what they are about to do is tearing them apart emotionally and it could possible elude to Natahs innate and inborn maternal feelings. Just a thought.

  • Asura Phreak
    Asura Phreak Month ago +13

    Anyone feel warframe deserves an actual movie? Like they could do a prequel to the game via movie.

    • T00NYBOY
      T00NYBOY Month ago

      Now, with how much money is spent and earned in things like Marvel nowadays, I'd have to ask what's going into this movie about a massive war with what seems to us like magic that would keep the budget significantly lower than a show focusing on political decline

    • T00NYBOY
      T00NYBOY Month ago

      @Asura Phreak Really depends on the story I'm telling and how much time is needed to flesh it out and also depends on how much you value story.

    • Asura Phreak
      Asura Phreak Month ago

      Because you don't want to pour thousands into a series unless you know it'll take off. I'd say start with a movie doing the old war. If that does well and takes off, start a series. As a business major, that makes the most sense. They already have the staff, they just need to do a movie. If it takes off, they'd be able to create more jobs knowing there's a solid foundation to work with.

      Would you blindly put upwards of a few million doing a single season of a show or would you do a movie for a fraction of the cost? Keep in mind, either way is testing the waters. There is no guarantee of success so it could be a loss overall.

    • T00NYBOY
      T00NYBOY Month ago

      @Asura Phreak Why would it be more beneficial as a pilot as a movie?
      Homestly, I think a Warframe series needs multiple seasons for this reason. Season one would focus primarily on world-building and establishing factions, including the political decline of the Orokin, start with what makes them great, the good stuff, the utopian aspects. Then go into the dystopian aspects, the inhuman side of the Orokin, their ritualistic, greedy side. Throughout season one, it could focus on how the Grineer were originally made and for what purpose, this could tie into the politics and potential civil war aspects as well as maybe having the Corpus formed to benefit off of some of the political strife going on. As the season progresses, the Zariman Ten-Zero plot is developed and explored, this would be built up to throughout the Season (or it could be at the start of the Season with the children trying to survive being a sublot throughout the Season) with the children's rescue being the climax of the first season. The Tau project would be setup towards the end of this Season, with the relevant resources reaching the system by the end. The machines which would becone Sentients would need to be given importance prior to their arrival at Tau, both as a revolutionary piece of technology as well as being almost wholly necessary for the project, since it would kinda ruin them a little if they were just random bits of machinery which happened to gain sentience.

      The first half of Season 2 would focus on the development of sentience of the Sentients (weird sentence), as well as the treatment of the Tenno. I'm going to stop typing now because I just realised that all of these prequel ideas ruin the narrative of Warframe since a lot of these events are meant to be learned about (re-remembered almost) by the Tenno, and they spoil the effect of quests like Natah and The Second Dream

    • Asura Phreak
      Asura Phreak Month ago +1

      Yes and no. It'd be great yes, but making a movie like this vs a series, the movie is cheaper and more beneficial as a pilot.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Month ago +1

    I am crying at how much I love this and the game itself has become apart of me I hope others feel the way I do about this game cause to me it's so much more than a game

  • WhatsNewBois
    WhatsNewBois Month ago +1707

    This small insight on how important the Lotus was for the mental stability of the Tenno after the second dream is really great. Would be nice if we had voicelines after the second dream of the Tenno being scared on mission while the lotus calms them down with her voice, gives more emotional attachment.

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      @The3D basically modern day humans right 😂

    • Rave Killer
      Rave Killer Month ago

      @HiArashi13 English is my first language buddy it's definitely REDACTED, not DEDACTED

    • HiArashi13
      HiArashi13 Month ago

      @Rave Killer because that's how it's spelled, duh...

    • Hokibukisa
      Hokibukisa Month ago

      Margulas not the lotus

    • Arturas Borodinas
      Arturas Borodinas Month ago +1

      @Rave Killer oh, lmao

  • Codename Cowboy
    Codename Cowboy Month ago +5

    Please don’t end in a cliffhanger! I’m tired of ending every quest with more questions than answers 😭

  • J Teh TJ
    J Teh TJ Month ago

    I love it, love the emotion, the animation, everything
    I hope it will be amazing when it comes out

  • gabriellez613
    gabriellez613 15 days ago

    I would never have expected such a great storyline from this game, at a glance. So glad I gave it a try!

  • zein_ion
    zein_ion Month ago +1

    The story of warframe is amazing, I swear I started crying when watching a recap of warframe (cuz i am a returning player). It has a special place in my heart

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +2091

    This is a masterpiece of a trailer

    • BLUE Tube
      BLUE Tube Month ago

      @Sujad you're a legend for that

    • Aser R
      Aser R Month ago +2

      Generic warframe trailer. Nothing about update, nothing about new content or story. Just one dramatic scene... Ewww... Masterpiece!

    • akira
      akira Month ago


    • Gr4veD1gger
      Gr4veD1gger Month ago

      BLUR Studio never disappoints , their cinematics are always good.

    • GuiBecK
      GuiBecK Month ago +3

      It's literally nothing. It's nothing. It's just a child standing before lotus and crying and charging up void

      There is no gameplay. The only part with action so is a boring corridor confrontation with a few grineer

  • Extinction
    Extinction Month ago +1

    this is easily the best trailer to come out to date, amazing work

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B Month ago +1

    These cinematics make me want to play warframe more. I wish there was a good place to go to catch up on the lore of what's going on. When I play I feel like I'm doing one disconnected mission at a time and there isn't much cohesion

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta Month ago +1

    I wish all of the story was shown in the actual game, this stuff is amazing.

  • Thanks4Speed
    Thanks4Speed Month ago

    Goosebumps... Can't wait for cross save so I can get back into this story that I love so much.

  • NixyVR
    NixyVR Month ago

    This all looks great so far! Hopefully it plays out as well as it looks! Brilliant cinematic! ^^

  • Red Viper
    Red Viper Month ago +1

    This video made me realise something. Despite all the power, all the strength, all the "gifts" of the tenno, at the end of the day they're only children. The scene with Marguiles was so emotional for me. The tenno saw the Lotus as their mother, a reincarnation of Marguiles.

  • Hot Soup
    Hot Soup Month ago

    I want to do a whole new war themed party in getting ready for this. It’s great how far the story has come from really e h to “oh man I can’t wait” stuff

  • nõ kaféおはよう
    nõ kaféおはよう Month ago +1

    My idea for a Umbra Expansion: Using the companion commands of Ghost Recon, you're able to give orders to your Umbra and your spectre's. With Umbra, having his very own transference mechanic, as shown in the Dex gameplay, Umbra does as upper slash as he turns into his dad form within this expansion, like a Dante supercut being able to create air combos. Yet limited in customization, his Dax form can carry any Nikana appearance and upgrade, as this form would create a new sense of traversability and gameplay for those looking for a dynasty warriors combo mechanic.

  • Santokutyler
    Santokutyler Month ago +1551

    The warframe choreography was top notch! The bulky fight style of rhino combined flawlessly with the smaller flightier excalibur and nova, not to mention the portal transitions!

    • Nexot of Lua
      Nexot of Lua Month ago

      @Fat Sack True lol. I actually felt like I was doing something in operator form. Now I don't care about grinding for amps I won't use for a focus system made for support.

    • Blue
      Blue Month ago

      @Fat Sack just for the sake of clarity, you do know you can still click one button and clear a ton of enemies even in steel path yes?

    • Fat Sack
      Fat Sack Month ago

      @Wither What level are you playing on? Go play steel path

    • Fat Sack
      Fat Sack Month ago

      @Nexot of Lua Only old school players remember the initial focus system

    • bruh moment
      bruh moment Month ago

      @Eric Grieve no, primes were the originals made by the orokin, regular warframes are just copies with lesser quality

  • lGhostWolfel
    lGhostWolfel Month ago

    At this point I'd love a warframe series to watch tbh, the game trailers and such always look so good

  • WolfKnightGaming
    WolfKnightGaming Month ago +6

    I am crying at how much I love this and the game itself has become apart of me I hope others feel the way I do about this game cause to me it's so much more than a game

  • St Prz
    St Prz Month ago

    Sigo pensando que warframe no ha salido de la introducción, es maravilloso, espero ver más futuras expansiones de este calibre.

  • sky man
    sky man Month ago +1

    I'm in love with WARFRAME.I have no idea how many time I watch this trailer and I can't wait for the NEW WAR

  • JJDRFC11
    JJDRFC11 Month ago +658

    Warframe is one of the few games where you are astronomically more powerful in the game than the trailer wants to shows you

    • Dust Rock Blues
      Dust Rock Blues Month ago

      @Numeriku im running it through barruk as well lol he’s such a cheat code

    • Numeriku
      Numeriku Month ago +1

      @Salems Science Baruuk. Done. Next? ;)

    • Hunting Hunter
      Hunting Hunter Month ago

      @Salems Science Primes are a slight health, shield, and Energy pool boost. They are in no way required for steel path

    • blood onyx Okami
      blood onyx Okami Month ago

      Except operators

    • Alex_2004
      Alex_2004 Month ago

      Except that without an AMP ur "void ray" only tickles the enemies

  • エンリケパウロ

    Eles fizer eu ficar no hype em menos de 2 minutos véi, tô ansioso por essa nova atualização

  • Sentinel Prime
    Sentinel Prime Month ago +2

    Playing since august of 2014. The nostalgia hit like brick to the face! Damn that was one emotional roller coaster. Facing off space mum would be interesting to play through.

  • Donald Doehrer
    Donald Doehrer Month ago

    This game is the first game I ever played on ps4 and to this day it is one of the best games I’ve ever played I am insanely grateful for having the privilege to play warframe throughout its prime thank you for everything.

  • Red Wyvern Emperor
    Red Wyvern Emperor 10 days ago +1

    Just finished it and let me tell ya... It's freaking worth it. If you haven't played it yet, you have to get to it. I will not spoil anything, but this. By the end of the quest you will have fully new appritiation of just how powerful your Warframe really is.

  • Senate
    Senate Month ago +656

    I like how the Grineer ran away after seeing the Tenno. Like, they were really the devils
    (also, Rhino packin that Boltor. Staying true to form)

    • Katze Czolg
      Katze Czolg Month ago

      My first Prime Rifle :D I just never used forma on the poor thing.

    • BAY35
      BAY35 Month ago

      I think we all started off with a Rhino/Boltor combo. It's just too fun not to use when first starting the game 😂

    • Kugai
      Kugai Month ago +1

      Rhino is a master of puncture after all.

    • Alexander Greene
      Alexander Greene Month ago +7

      Rhino Still beating enemies to death Bare Handed. Probably been doing it ever since he ripped Zanuka in half.

    • Cody Juarez Lopez
      Cody Juarez Lopez Month ago

      @kamik inside a metal suit

  • Dragon ologist
    Dragon ologist 4 days ago

    This is really beautiful and the is just like the way I feel when I am in my warframe. My operator is fast, silent, invisible and invulnerable. My warframe is strong.

    I can see myself in the game when I void dash on my operator, casting enemies who happen to be in my path aside. I suddenly appear as a warframe and kill the enemies as fast as possible while maintaining momentum. In that moment I don't see that I am evil in what I am doing. I am completing the mission.

    Only later do I consider the implication of my actions against the people of the solar system. While it's only a game, there are still lessons to be learned. Very well done cutscene that perfectly captures this idea.

  • Firefly the Raptor
    Firefly the Raptor 18 hours ago +1

    This gave me chills awesome work!

  • Logain UBiv Tnomal Ablar

    The look on Lotus's face at the end, still regarding the Tenno as her children to be loved and protected, the mother to all, to only change to deep sadness as the Tenno tearfully regarded her as an enemy to be destroyed.

    THIS, is why I don't play ******* Destiny. Warframe does not get the credit it deserves.

  • Larson Levius
    Larson Levius Month ago

    One i think liked about this game was the story . Great sotry with great immersion, not a pve player but the games got great story telling. Cant wait to play the new chapter been waiting for months

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +287

    Warframe has truly become a standalone unique spin on the Sci-Fi genre, and I'm proud to be part of that genre, and the community, even if it has its flaws, just like our Warframes has flaws

    • Caleb Adam
      Caleb Adam Month ago +3

      @Mash You mean there are other sci fi space magic robot ninja games or media outlets out there?

    • Mash
      Mash Month ago

      Watch The Expanse or read the books, Unique is a bit of a stretch tbh, both The expanse and Warframe are amazing media outlets mind you, not disagreeing on that part.

    • Cupcake McSparklebutt
      Cupcake McSparklebutt Month ago

      Not unique

    • Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader
      Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leader Month ago +17

      Sorry to say but my Vauban Prime has no flaws.

    • Le Potato
      Le Potato Month ago +2

      Same! I appreciate that they're trying though, because this is such a beautiful game and an awesome world. It's nice to see it grow.

  • Azael Reinhardth
    Azael Reinhardth Month ago

    Casi la mitad de mí vida crecí con Warframe. Hasta tengo un tatuaje de mí primer tenno. Y verle la cara a Lotus me lleno el alma de vida otra vez. Warframe no solo es un juego. Es una parte de nuestras vidas.

  • Arcturian Awakened
    Arcturian Awakened Month ago +1

    This appears beautiful... As a 5 year vet... It MUST be worth the Journey, and then On!

  • Master Drood
    Master Drood Month ago

    I haven’t played since Tempeststari dropped, so I’m excited for this. I hope this revives my love for Warframe.

  • neddhu
    neddhu Month ago

    I am so glad i discovered this game. Been my favourite shooter slasher for almost 2 years now. And that feeling when a fellow player cracks a relic and its that part you wanted for six months.... Pure joy... Happend to me with that atlas prime neuroptics two days ago... and i was like fuck yeah... finally.

  • Ivan Asenov
    Ivan Asenov Month ago +909

    I love that they are focusing on the story these few updates

    • World oғ ʀօʟɛplay
      World oғ ʀօʟɛplay Month ago +1

      @kotkowski What? All the cephalon fragments, Cetus fragments, Fortuna/Corpus fragments, Kuria and when you max out standing for each open world gives out lore. I also forgot the Prex Cards are a thing that gives background to each Warframe.

      There's nothing incorrect about that. The other half of Warframe's lore is in the form of quests, events and intermissions. I don't understand where you're going with this since I've never implied that Warframe isn't _"plothole'y"_ if that's what you were trying to perceive.

    • kotkowski
      kotkowski Month ago

      @World oғ ʀօʟɛplay you're wrong if you think that's correct. Even bigger part of lore was permanently removed from the game in form of events. It's still canon though, and plothole'y

    • 1998SIMOMEGA
      1998SIMOMEGA Month ago

      @Beanpole 08 No.......

    • Smitty
      Smitty Month ago +1

      I'm not a lore driven player, but I am for this quest. I've been playing for 5 years, and no exaggeration, this is the most significant update lauched since I've been playing. Everything for years in Warframe has been leading to this.

    • Waldo66669
      Waldo66669 Month ago +1

      @Beanpole 08 thats it? Rookie numbers

  • IamLegion
    IamLegion Month ago

    Say what you want about Warframe, but they ALWAYS deliver on the cinematic.

  • Zachary Watson
    Zachary Watson Month ago +6

    I am trying so hard to get back into this game, really love the gameplay but the level systems are beyond me

  • osvaldo otavio
    osvaldo otavio Month ago

    arrepiei foooddaaaa !!! E pensar que acompanhei essa historia bate at´um orgulho

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago

    Tears running down my face. Love warframe so much for many reasons. Its gonna be devastating if we cant save Lotus somehow.

    • Numeriku
      Numeriku Month ago

      The Lotus never existed to begin with. She was only a mere projection of Margulis from both us and Ballas onto Natah. Only the sentient is real. The sentient, however, is confused and conflicted, and doesn't know what--or who--she is or really wants.

  • Mr. Salad
    Mr. Salad Month ago +675

    The emotion you can see when she charges her void energy and points it at natah while tearing up is just amazing, the music, the journey all to this war and moment. It's all been worth it. I hope it's really like this when it releases. Seeing how transference looks while in combat was also a neat feature, I always assumed they went back into a dream or sleep like state and practically became the warframe, glad to know how it works. Thank you DE for this amazing thing.

    • prosketch OFW
      prosketch OFW Month ago

      @Cristopher because covid bro lol

    • Cristopher
      Cristopher Month ago +1

      @Why would you care about someone's name loser wait.. then how do they transmit those dialog transmissions during the missions that show them in normal form

    • Hallo Hound
      Hallo Hound Month ago +1

      Not only the operators expression but even Natahs when she see the operator winding up her void power. Almost like Natah is having second thoughts about fighting her children.

    • Dark Storm
      Dark Storm Month ago +2

      The lotus is marguiles and natah

    • Why would you care about someone's name loser
      Why would you care about someone's name loser Month ago +6

      @Lil-Gthey basically turn into pure energy that powers the warframe and materialise when the energy doesn’t have a working vessel anymore

  • Camargo Salazar Gabriel Emiliano

    wow si warframe mejorase así sus gráficos seria una completa joya, me encanto el nuevo contenido.

  • Glizzy Gladiator
    Glizzy Gladiator Month ago

    Right in the feels. Well done devs.

  • Modern Ninja
    Modern Ninja 27 days ago +3

    it's a shame that none of this amazing trailer made it to the game

  • dudle core
    dudle core 8 days ago +2

    warframe is one of those last bastions of hope in the gaming industry.

    keep standing tall DE

  • lukas villar
    lukas villar Month ago +502

    I love the attention to detail, the weapons and gameplay styles match the game, the Grinieer's fear of seeing the true form of the demons of the void, the Tenno's sadness and fury during and after the battle, Natah's little look of confusion at seeing the Tenno's tears... Perfect.

    • Ienzo Ain
      Ienzo Ain Month ago +1

      @Gira Must have been 40x madurai stacks lol

    • Darthmufin
      Darthmufin Month ago +1

      Except boltor is automatic not semi auto

    • durandle
      durandle Month ago

      the operator that is infinitely less scary to non sentient enemies than a warframe
      and to be honest some warframes are better than the operator against non boss sentients that are not forced to need operator damage to progress

      near infinite damage beats out high damage resistance
      sentients are most special for having either high damages resists that they build up
      or being outright immune to non operator damage for a phase

    • Ziggy *
      Ziggy * Month ago +3

      Really? because whenever grineer see my operator they just shoot or charge at me with intent to kill.

    • Mate397
      Mate397 Month ago +2

      @PuhHunter It's called consistency, look it up.

  • NotLuna 0
    NotLuna 0 Month ago

    Warframes trailers are always cinematic masterpieces, way better than most games nowadays ❤️

  • The Warframe Experience

    Love it!♡♡ can't wait just 2 more days, now am going to go cry this is beautiful the feels

  • Marco Cimbelli
    Marco Cimbelli Month ago

    I just really want a raid.... A sentient theme raid.... That would be awesome!

  • ᴇᴍᴘᴛʏ
    ᴇᴍᴘᴛʏ Month ago

    Such a good trailer for a good game, nice work!

  • Rougeau
    Rougeau Month ago +606

    Chills! I hope someday when the story and world is big and developed enough, we will get a series or maybe film. I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to love and support this game through the years. I can’t wait to play what DE has in store for us.

    • neon_valorant
      neon_valorant Month ago

      @Nathan Middleton and get scammed

    • KatStinct
      KatStinct Month ago +1

      @SkullWakkah DE and Riot games been bought almost 100% by Tencent.
      so yeah, we might her an warframe movie or series.

    • Nathan Middleton
      Nathan Middleton Month ago

      Same, I'd support a kickstarter for a movie

    • vicious19124
      vicious19124 Month ago +3

      You beat me to it lol. I ageee, either a cg animated series or a full feature film would be awesome

    • Xeno Sayain
      Xeno Sayain Month ago +2

      Been 7 years. I wouldnt hold your breath.

  • Randon bluin
    Randon bluin Month ago

    Wow this trailer is so powerfully well crafted.. it made me cry.

  • Ruby Rodd
    Ruby Rodd Month ago

    I cried. Ill just say that. And ill keep watching this trailer over and over because its that good.

  • Ranger _
    Ranger _ Month ago

    Warframe needs more cinematic story stuff, maybe even a show.

  • Alicer
    Alicer Month ago

    This game will forever remain in my heart.

  • jooshwah
    jooshwah Month ago +288

    Seeing the true interpretation of what transference would be like, what it’s really like operating a warframe, the raw terrifying power of the tenno, and the lush, lucid ambiance of it all. I knew there was a reason I stuck around this long, it’s because y’all have vision. I’ve been playing this game since middle school, I’m halfway through college now. I’ve been waiting for this, thank you.

    • Mr. Dark
      Mr. Dark Month ago +1

      I started playing warframe in middle school too now im in my last year in high school and i can’t play the new war cuz i got plenty of homework to do and exams , like a lot of them , im sad though because i won’t be playing the new war with all the hype but I’m so happy to watch the game growing and becoming mote popular each day and more people are reaching it , I’ll never stop playing warframe for what it has reached my heart with it’s story and I’ll be forever grateful to be a player of warframe ❤️.

  • Davide Desalvi
    Davide Desalvi Month ago +2

    The scene where the grineer runs away and the Tenno vaporizes them hits so damn hard

  • Aaron Brockington
    Aaron Brockington Month ago

    For seven long years the lotus has been a mother to me I said that after her betrayal we'd have a choice and my choice would be to put her down with tears in my eyes this perfectly captures that.

  • Your Dream
    Your Dream 29 days ago +1

    I think DE should make a full movie (or more than one movies) based on warframe story, because this trailer is so exciting

  • Matthew Tygert
    Matthew Tygert Month ago +5

    My theory about the whole Lotus/Natah question is best summed up this way: the Lotus was the first Amalgam, but not like the ones we've encountered; a true Amalgam. Allow me to explain:

    I think the thoughts and motivations expressed by Natah during the Ropalolyst mission were genuine. She believes in the Amalgams as a way forward for the Sentients and humanity. My theory is that she is rather unsatisfied with the twisted monsters Alad V has created. But she became her own vision long ago, if by accident. At the end of the Old War, Ballas sought to bring Margulis back to life via continuity, using Natah as a host. But it didn't go as planned. In stead of Margulis' personality replacing Natah's, the two identities merged: Natah's piousness and steadfast devotion to family melded with Margulis' compassion and love for the Tenno; the Lotus was born, a psychological Amalgam of Natah and Margulis.

    In Apostasy, Ballas found a way to separate the two identities, and it worked: Margulis left with him. But, for some reason, the Natah personality re-emerged and took over. My theory is that the Man in the Wall intervened. He was the one who showed us the interaction between the Lotus and Ballas, and he arranged Natah's return. Think about it: in the Chains of Harrow, the Lotus was certain that the Man in the Wall was nothing but Rell's delusion, but, in the Ropalolyst, Natah reveals that she has "seen the Wall's Other Face." We learn of his existence, and the next thing that happens is the Lotus is taken away? NOT A COINCIDENCE. MITW is behind EVERYTHING.

    My guess is Erra is actually MITW in disguise, and Ballas has been in on his plot since day one. All is revealed to Natah, then an alliance is formed (hence Caliban) and we pivot to face the real threat. Natah takes over for Holomommie while she tries to figure out who she wants to be. Of course, she eventually decides to become the Lotus again, but, in the meantime we work with her advising us.

    That's my theory. We shall soon see.

    • Robert B FunkII
      Robert B FunkII Month ago

      I like the Idea that maybe we can choose who stays depending on our choices. Margulis ,Lotus, Natah can be the sun ,neutral or, the moon symbol from our choices.

  • Joao Victor
    Joao Victor Month ago +615

    7 years of wf. I cried with the flashback thing and the tenno crying in the end. Because i could see every little change and lore quests arriving, i became used to see lotus as someone very important as character and as motherly figure. This shit hits harder than i would imagine as possible. Thanks DE

    • Vini grae
      Vini grae Month ago

      I just need OG wall running back

    • Desire Demona
      Desire Demona Month ago

      Same here. Deep feels and they handled it all so well

    • Joshua Schofield
      Joshua Schofield Month ago +2

      From someone who has played 5ish years now, I'm hoping we somehow bring her back. Maybe there are 'Fragments of the Lotus' we have to hunt down? Parts of her memories, that are heavily defended, but if gathered we can slowly bring her back? I'd like that.

    • Lionell Sterling
      Lionell Sterling Month ago +6

      @Leonbow Games Yea, I remember when she left with Ballas, how shocked and alone the game felt, and ordis mimicing her in hopes of breaking that feeling... feeling like shortly after we'd fight to get her back.. only to see how far that story has come. No way new comers can understand the literal years in game she was space mom.

    • Dragon Kxk
      Dragon Kxk Month ago +1

      @Leonbow Games yeah as a veteran i couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Archdarck
    Archdarck Month ago

    Amazing cinematic trailer as always. Also Lotus really looks like Rebbeca at 1:57 without her helmet

  • Moses Fleming
    Moses Fleming Month ago

    I love this game but I feel It lacks a lot of multilayer genre still, co op Is a big part of why I like games like these

  • JØSH
    JØSH Month ago

    this games easily makes the best trailers, and this comes from a person that hasent played the game in a long time, big props

  • Tourniquet Uai
    Tourniquet Uai 21 day ago

    A melhor de todas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPETÁCULO!!!

    FLA5HPOINT STUDIOS Month ago +130

    This is a master piece of a trailer. For any tenno who got this far in the story you can definitely feel the sentiment.

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski Month ago +3

      @dre hogg the only reason why I was crying is because I have 1k hours and barely anything done within those hours. (all main stories completed)

    • dre hogg
      dre hogg Month ago +5

      IK i literally cry a little because she turn evil 😣

  • Ney
    Ney Month ago

    This is one of my first game when i got my pc and i learn a lot, love it

  • Joao LG
    Joao LG Month ago

    *Mi reacción es como Ok , literal comencé a llorar un poco al ver ese pequeño trailer , que lastima que seguro algo pasara alguien morirá :c espero conseguir la computadora para jugar esta aventura y no llenarme de spoilers*

  • BluElement
    BluElement Month ago

    Warframe trailers always make the game look a lot better than it actually is, and this is coming from someone who really enjoys Warframe.

  • Scorn
    Scorn Month ago

    1:39 What do you suppose was going through this Grineer's mind? The operators were long a secret, and few live to tell of the Tenno after seeing them, so what did he think was standing in front of him? A highly lethal Orokin assassin following up the destruction of a Tenno for retribution?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +520

    I'm ready for a full movie! This was beautifully done!

    • Chief
      Chief Month ago

      @Ismaiel Cummings Doesn't matter if it took them 10 decades to make arcane, it could have still flopped. The post I replied to was trying to say all video game movies are bound for failure and arcane invalidates that statement. It might not be a movie, but its a series longer than a movie hence even more room for failure

    • Ismaiel Cummings
      Ismaiel Cummings Month ago

      @Chief arcane isn’t a movie, it was developed for over 6 years, and riot had the money AND talent in order to make arcane as well as make it be as great as it was. For every 5 video game adaptations we get only 1 of them that is even semi decent. With VERY few actually being good or even phenomenal like arcane was. Not to mention riot has had almost a decade of experience in their trailers and music videos to produce phenomenal art and animation.

    • mohd nazim rosli
      mohd nazim rosli Month ago

      Pretty sure the movie intro will start with .. *Dream .. Not of what you are , but what you want to be *

    • Chief
      Chief Month ago

      @Cadavermovies and videogames arent a good match? have you seen arcane?

    • armsdealer75
      armsdealer75 Month ago

      @1998SIMOMEGA nah shit made no sense and they were dragging on the plot it was ass