Inside Training: Players take the dreaded lactate test on day one of pre-season

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Preparations for the 2019-20 season begin with 16 players returning for the first day of Pre-season training including James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joe Gomez.
    Join us on LFCTV and LFCTV GO this pre-season to see all seven games LIVE* as well as all the behind-the-scenes access as we travel with the team.
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  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC  4 months ago +143

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    • Nikola Maslarevic
      Nikola Maslarevic 3 months ago

      @99nine what makes you think i like arsenal you gronk

    • 99nine
      99nine 3 months ago

      Nikola Maslarevic Hey arsenal, how many champions leagues have you won? Oh wait...

    • Nikola Maslarevic
      Nikola Maslarevic 4 months ago

      @Vanhouten and your mum is

    • Nikola Maslarevic
      Nikola Maslarevic 4 months ago

      @Vanhouten yeah i am

    • MS7
      MS7 4 months ago


  • Тимофей Морозов

    0:29 *this laugh...*

  • LV 355
    LV 355 Day ago

    7:29 firdaus massar

  • Christian Orozco

    1:50. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  • Bagja Nugraha
    Bagja Nugraha Day ago

    Mereka pake apa sih di dadanya?

  • own thu
    own thu Day ago


  • Deni Rundani
    Deni Rundani 4 days ago

    Yess, thank you, for being able to watch in my country's Indonesian language

  • Michael Ledain
    Michael Ledain 7 days ago

    4:48 prem trophy 😂🏆

  • Herbinislander
    Herbinislander 8 days ago

    I love the camera angles and different shots. This is well made

  • DuckWin XD
    DuckWin XD 13 days ago

    What did they do their ears?

  • Atabikal Huda
    Atabikal Huda 13 days ago

    judul vidio pake bahasa indonesia

    GAMING BELTRAN 14 days ago

    Why do they keep touching their ears?

  • 竹原大樹
    竹原大樹 21 day ago


  • Wonhee Jo
    Wonhee Jo 22 days ago

    James Milner = Hard Work

  • Henry Kikoyo
    Henry Kikoyo 25 days ago +1

    klopp is killer rich and he drives a vauxhall

  • cHAY
    cHAY 27 days ago +1

    4:38 are they feeding Fabinho

  • アインシュタイン


  • Nedim Yusuf
    Nedim Yusuf Month ago

    what the hell are they doing to their ears???

    EBOMBAY Month ago

    What are they doing to their ears?

  • rico suave
    rico suave Month ago

    Milner still the fittest wow ..

  • ‘-‘ a8lue
    ‘-‘ a8lue Month ago

    I thought they were checking if they could get any milk out of the lads....

  • Baz Irvine
    Baz Irvine Month ago

    Champers pouring out of the puncture wounds.

  • Futurebigben123
    Futurebigben123 Month ago

    Milner: pulled a hamstring...... wanking

  • Eu Jexi
    Eu Jexi Month ago

    The size of Milner 😯

  • jack jack
    jack jack Month ago

    Frionel PESSI cheerleader's don't like this video..

  • Sabri Alquza
    Sabri Alquza Month ago

    What’s the thing the the thing they are wearing near chest and why do they wear it?

  • Chalk Balloon
    Chalk Balloon Month ago

    What exactly does the lactate test measure or prove?

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 2 months ago

    If Klopp leaves Liverpool without winning us the league once, even up against City's billions, it will be fucking gutting.

  • الكابتن عبود العائدي


  • Yakin
    Yakin 2 months ago

    This makes me sad, because I'm not there, trainging under the wing of Alisson

  • EG14
    EG14 2 months ago

    Sub to me pla

  • Ziad Yasser
    Ziad Yasser 2 months ago +1

    4:37 does fabinho even eat?

  • Ziad Yasser
    Ziad Yasser 2 months ago

    4:16 that's a beast legs

  • Dionisis Savvopoulos
    Dionisis Savvopoulos 2 months ago

    Why do they put holes in their ears?

  • Sixep
    Sixep 3 months ago +1

    Why do they even check Milner the worst they will find is some ribener and some blood

  • Merquiades Mclellan
    Merquiades Mclellan 3 months ago

    What was the whistle for while running?

  • hamza edwards
    hamza edwards 3 months ago


  • UAB Fan for life
    UAB Fan for life 3 months ago

    Wait so did some of the guys not finish all four laps or did they finish before the last three guys?

  • Nathan McGuinness
    Nathan McGuinness 3 months ago

    Does Juergen ever not hug anyone or does he fully spend about an hour making sure he hugs everyone

  • Lazarus Alanis
    Lazarus Alanis 3 months ago

    Anyone know what they’re doing to their ears ?

  • Alakay
    Alakay 3 months ago

    Fabinho needs to eat more😂😂😂

  • xSkitlesMan X
    xSkitlesMan X 3 months ago

    I don’t understand what is the point of thsi

  • Edward Clothier
    Edward Clothier 3 months ago

    What dick’s you are signing Harvey Elliot😂🔵

  • MM02
    MM02 3 months ago

    93+ stamina on FIFA 20 AT LEAST for my boy Jamés

  • Gemma Walker
    Gemma Walker 3 months ago

    liver pool liver pool liver pool

  • ely
    ely 3 months ago

    “I’m nearly the same color as you now”

  • David Yeo
    David Yeo 3 months ago

    Terjemahan Indonesia bikin ngakak 😂

    ALLY VISUAL PRO 3 months ago

    We have a good team indeed

  • Khenzyy
    Khenzyy 3 months ago

    00:00 - 3:00 Klopp giving high five to everyone

  • Ajntoin
    Ajntoin 3 months ago +14

    3:45 Imagiane Marcus Rashford white with red hair....That´s him right there.

  • Louis Mcnulty
    Louis Mcnulty 3 months ago

    Fabinho needs to eat something

  • broken
    broken 3 months ago

    What is the name of that exercise at 6:21 they run & the change the volum every time.

  • harry lame
    harry lame 3 months ago

    Milly is not human...

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 3 months ago +5

    whats going on with their ears? (serious question)

    • Stevano Soplanit
      Stevano Soplanit 3 months ago +1

      @Haytem Ouadaa Yeap. And I think the reason they took it from the players' ears cz when you run, you use your hands a lot, which will cause the blood keeps flowing out.

    • Haytem Ouadaa
      Haytem Ouadaa 3 months ago

      In lactate test they take samples of blood from the players to measure the level of their lactate after each run. They can take it from their earlobe like in this case, or from the finger. It's done to determine the level of intensity is bearable for each player and how their bodies are reacting to it.

  • Matt s
    Matt s 3 months ago +1

    Lol jurgen looked he was turning up to school and his mum had packed his lunchbox for him at the beginning

  • Scott
    Scott 3 months ago

    not sure why they even test Milner, everybody who clicked on the video already knew Millsy is as fit as a butchers dog.

  • Lee Scott
    Lee Scott 3 months ago

    Speaking as a united fan Klopps different class!!

  • Cherry Ann
    Cherry Ann 3 months ago

    i change the other dong cauz its not same for you..its not like this

  • Yerlan
    Yerlan 4 months ago

    He might be in the British special forces