Facebook sets restrictions on livestreaming following deadly New Zealand attacks

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Facebook announced new restrictions on live video streaming exactly two months after the Christchurch massacre. Meanwhile, international leaders are holding a summit on curbing online hate speech and threats. CBSN contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson joins CBSN to discuss the potential impact of the new Facebook Live policy.

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  • room3njoy
    room3njoy Month ago

    What will Facebook do if 10 children are wearing masks and play acting in killing each other with plastic guns firing plastic pellets. Will AI be able to determine which is reality and which is fantasy. There are army training videos where nobody is really shot. There are films and tv series where actors and actresses are shooting people and blowing people up, and all the rest of it. I have a feeling that this idea is going to fall flat on it's face. Also it's not that hard to set up several fake Facebook accounts, so if Facebook bans one account, then it's easy to open another and live stream on there. I would say it's a lot harder than it sounds

  • My 2nd amendment is a right not a need

    Guess who decides what is hate speech on Facebook? It's leftists in California that work for Facebook. It's why so many people with conservative views are being banned. Time to abolish the law that Obama helped pass that protected these social media sites from being sued for violating people's free speech rights. Back then the big 3 social media sites told the government that they were just platforms for all speech and didn't censor anyone. Well they are now censoring, so the law protecting them should be abolished.

  • My 2nd amendment is a right not a need

    Censorship will be the demise of FB, Twitter and you tube. There are so many other sites similar to these on the internet that guarantee no censorship, and people are flocking to them. I no longer visit FB or twitter due to their censorship. If they violate my rights to free speech, I'll be dammed if I'm gonna support them.

  • Xerkirx X
    Xerkirx X Month ago

    Serious threat to chill free speech, everywhere,...
    Don’t say that!
    Truth dies by a thousand cuts.

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett Month ago +1

    What about a Muslim group attacking people who hate being attacked? Will those attacked be banned for hate? Probably.

  • Hans
    Hans Month ago

    Facebook was originally called lifelog. The government found a way to censor speech. They just found some corporate puppets to push the hate speech narrative and now people are asking to be censored.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz Month ago

    The internet is not the problem its all the social media paltforms being used

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk Month ago

    hoaxing the police state one way or the other they don't like people pointing out their FAKE events...

  • Amy Knorr
    Amy Knorr Month ago

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  • meli meli
    meli meli Month ago

    how they will stop it? it`s impossible.

  • Crazy Life
    Crazy Life Month ago +1

    Should not be able to do any live streaming and that will fix everything. YES, Facebook still wants money.

  • Nobody Business
    Nobody Business Month ago

    Facebook should be shut down. It destroys family's.🙊🙉🙈🚪🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Howard Lovecraft
    Howard Lovecraft Month ago +3

    A room full of angry lesbian feminists and beta male sjw's are going to spend a week deciding which words are acceptable in their dystopian society.
    "I didnt care for the tiramisu."
    "Jeanine needs to lose some weight or her blood pressure is gonna get out of control."
    "You know, I hate republicans!"
    "You know, I hate republicans...but they make a few good points."

    • Cpt.Sisko thinks you're soft.
      Cpt.Sisko thinks you're soft. Month ago

      Said the guy whose thumbnail is that of a well known author. Who was also a well known xenophobic racist. Yeah, we can't give White supremacists an echo chamber. When they censor radical Islamists calling for jihad? Same thing. And you do have Fox News. And a host of others similar shows and podcast. We know you're trying to rebrand it. And you got caught. Btw, I can't stand liberals either.

  • uppermostking02
    uppermostking02 Month ago

    When Facebook says dangerous individuals what they really mean is right-wing individuals and anyone who doesn't agree with Facebook and their political ideals.

  • typheran1
    typheran1 Month ago +1

    Never let a horrible event pass without taking liberties away from the public.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble Month ago

    Ok normies, it's time to learn what a VPN is. Also learn how to use an onion browser safely and efficiently. Your speech is about to be takin from you

  • You mad Bro
    You mad Bro Month ago

    Freedom of speech, what's next subdue our opinions.

    • You mad Bro
      You mad Bro Month ago

      @Saad Sufian time to delete my Facebook.

    • Saad Sufian
      Saad Sufian Month ago

      Facebook is a private company and doesn’t need to adhere to free speech

  • Andrew  Cook
    Andrew Cook Month ago

    Facebook is a joke. Get off fakebook.

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger Month ago +4

    Ah, soo it wasn't a big deal when those black teens in Chicago kidnapped the white kid, tortured him, while live streaming, but when a fake video gets exposed, you'll ban it?

  • Unstoppable Goddess
    Unstoppable Goddess Month ago +2

    Time for a new platform to replace all others that allows freedom of speech and freedom to post whatever we damned well please. I’m an adult and require no regulation nor permissions to say and post what I’d like

  • Tallacus
    Tallacus Month ago +4

    Watch me commit Hate Speech right now

    I dont trust anyone

  • world is changing, rapidly

    I am very rich ,and I will buy Facebook soon in future and also I will buy the owner of Facebook,Mr Mark.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    • Roger Samuel
      Roger Samuel Month ago

      Weellll. Since you have "buying FB money" I have an app in the works right now, gonna be worth millions. We should talk. It would be like investing in FB while mark was in college.

  • shlisa shell
    shlisa shell Month ago

    Nudity!? Dammit. No more live skinny dipping. : (

  • Generic Joe
    Generic Joe Month ago


  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis Month ago +3

    Seen the NZ video?
    Because it definitely looks Fake.

    • Tony Davis
      Tony Davis Month ago +1

      Definitely, the vanishing shell casings that literally never make a sound, so you have to imagine the sound casings might make as they magically impacting the ground.
      Or the surreal bodies all hiding in the corners that never turn towards the threat or run, and the bodies never make a sound after literally being shot through and through by a high velocity high caliber AK, so again you have to imagine the blood curling screams of the surreal bodies unleashing chaos.
      It's literally like having to watch a bad movie over and over again, until you just say, I can't take it anymore.

    • Dirty Burger
      Dirty Burger Month ago +2

      Especially the bodies pilled up in the room, before he even got to that room. Oh, and when the bullet casings that never hit the ground. Understandable why they want that video banned. Terrible effects.

  • Johnny Flash
    Johnny Flash Month ago +1

    Go to 5:30

  • Johnny Flash
    Johnny Flash Month ago +4

    So they'll be banned AFTER they livestream a massacre? Hahahahahaha

  • The Smith
    The Smith Month ago


  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Month ago +1

    Greetings, Humans.

  • bisa116
    bisa116 Month ago

    To much nudity in facebook

  • bisa116
    bisa116 Month ago

    And Facebook is. It like it used to be they were strict before they is a lots of nudity in Facebook and they don’t care

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl Month ago +4

    Typical censorship... designed to keep people asleep. Designed to keep them stupid.

  • Randy Lafferty
    Randy Lafferty Month ago +8

    1984 is a good book to read if you are against a totalitarian system.

  • JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate

    I flagged someones FB page. He had a video of a young boy, 2 years old?, tied up and crying. Facebook came back and said "This does not go against our community standards..." WTH? Seriously?

    • JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate
      JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate Month ago

      @Jason Jason I blocked him. What other steps could I do? He's from India, but posts stuff on our Kansas Buy and Sell site. Even our dead beat administrator of page doesn't do crap. He won't block all the scammers.

    • Jason Jason
      Jason Jason Month ago

      So what did you do after that? You fail to say what you did about it.

  • terry City of Liverpool.

    It's very little to bloody late. Facebook is just the top worst company and still thinks we are all idiots .

  • Article Twelve
    Article Twelve Month ago

    so if you hate hate speach you can say what you want cause its against hate.

  • DCents
    DCents Month ago +11

    Send us back to the stone age and be done with this experiment of technological progress.

  • Beyond Compare
    Beyond Compare Month ago +1

    Shut down facebook that all

    • Clown World War
      Clown World War Month ago

      I agree, shut down Fakebook permanently and imprison Mark Fuckerberg. They have no right to exist, two can play the fascism game.

  • Chris Reibel
    Chris Reibel Month ago +1

    I've been off Facebook for months. I still can't get back on.

  • Zackariah
    Zackariah Month ago +9


  • C. M.
    C. M. Month ago

    but how will be this affecting Ultra Lord?

  • Warren Worm
    Warren Worm Month ago +1

    Zuckerberg your face is hate speech. Restrict that! You nerd.

  • kingxxxgamer
    kingxxxgamer Month ago +1

    welcome to the butterfly generation of increasingly more sensitive people and ai systems that flag everything because they are scared of offending anyone or anything adult 🐓

  • C
    C Month ago +3

    All part of the plan to keep people in the dark! The less you know the better, that is what they think!

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy Month ago

    Emmanuel macraw?

  • cj smith
    cj smith Month ago +3

    new zealand's worst person changed fb's policy? why?

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro Month ago +1

    Just shut it down

  • Darth M.
    Darth M. Month ago +1

    Define "hate speech."
    For example, to some, "men are not women" is hate speech.

    • Roger Samuel
      Roger Samuel Month ago +1

      Only in your mind

    • Q & A
      Q & A Month ago

      22 degrees Celsius Mr. Cobbs.
      That is all.

    • Darth M.
      Darth M. Month ago +2

      @Mr. Cobbs - I agree with you on the nuances of speech. Unfortunately, in our world today, there are too many who view "words" as hateful instead of just being a different opinion.

  • yourin8er
    yourin8er Month ago +1

    Couldn’t you just make another Facebook account that hasn’t done anything wrong yet and streaming extreme content.

    • yourin8er
      yourin8er Month ago

      No. But I made 20 back in 2008. It was for work.

    • Roger Samuel
      Roger Samuel Month ago

      You tried to make new FB accounts recently?

  • T J
    T J Month ago +2

    Pretty much just censorship of the internet. Anyone want start a new one?

    • Alejandro Rivas
      Alejandro Rivas Month ago

      @Saad Sufian it is when you traffic in hate groups lol

    • Saad Sufian
      Saad Sufian Month ago +1

      They’re censoring hate videos wouldn’t call that censorship of the internet

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago +5

    Facebook needs to go down

  • leicanoct
    leicanoct Month ago

    People can just open a new account.

    • Darth M.
      Darth M. Month ago +1

      @leicanoct - they may not do that at this time, but I have a feeling they might in the future.

    • leicanoct
      leicanoct Month ago

      Darth M. Facebook doesn't use an IP address to verify ones account.

    • Darth M.
      Darth M. Month ago

      It may not work unless you have a VPN.

  • TheSpiderman7285
    TheSpiderman7285 Month ago +1

    Leaders of two of the most racist countries in history leading a hate speech summit.

  • Rooster Blues
    Rooster Blues Month ago +2

    Basically if you’re not falling in line with the liberals, then you shall be banned from Facebook, and all outlets.

    • Alejandro Rivas
      Alejandro Rivas Month ago

      So following your comment Kama removing hate speech from platforms is a liberal idea, would that imply that hate speech is a conservative idea?

    • just be happy
      just be happy Month ago

      @Mr. Cobbs look at this douchenozzel sounding like a leftist when you say there's only 2 genders.

  • Ross Harris
    Ross Harris Month ago +1

    did FACEBOOK have any involvement? with the killings ???? So that "restricting media and its content; and its delivery " could proceed??? This is a question* of great importance!!! This is 2019 and much in everything could be possible?? God bless everyone 😊

  • Q & A
    Q & A Month ago +4

    What’s the point of banning someone who live streams something like that after it’s happened.
    Way to little, way to late. 🤨

    • Q & A
      Q & A Month ago

      Roger Samuel but they didn’t ban him did they. That’s my point. The policy wasn’t in place was it. It’s no good trying to turn back time.

    • Roger Samuel
      Roger Samuel Month ago

      You missed the whole part on the policy. You break the rules once no more livestream. That guy broke the rules once, he wouldn't have ever been able to livestream.

  • Fury512
    Fury512 Month ago +35

    The summit is a call for full blown censorship of the internet.

    • Fleur Bandito
      Fleur Bandito Month ago +2

      Maybe they should be having a free speech summit instead of a hate speech summit. China just banned Wikipedia and I bet we won't hear anything from msm about internet censorship across a wide swath of the world.

  • Paul :
    Paul : Month ago +4

    And the beheading of the tourist in Morocco?

    • David Holcomb
      David Holcomb Month ago +6

      Oh.. terrorists are welcome just not conservatives!

  • 5KindsOfSmoke
    5KindsOfSmoke Month ago +9

    Facebook is cancer.

  • Frugally Efficient Homestead

    What about the psychopaths that watched, and downloaded it? I cant even understand why people continued to watch for that long..and downloaded it. I didnt know this was even posted...so sad.😥

  • Fleur Bandito
    Fleur Bandito Month ago +37

    Everyone should be terrified of the "hate speech" summit. More like the Orwellian convention.

  • Will W
    Will W Month ago

    How will cons spend their time if they can't watch beheadings?

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Month ago +27

    The government needs to break up facebook or shut them.down.

    • Tony Williams
      Tony Williams Month ago

      @Johnny Flash Yeah that too. But they are so huge. Sometimes u get a new phone or tablet or laptop and facebook is already an app on the thing.

    • Johnny Flash
      Johnny Flash Month ago +2

      People are the ones who can shut it down by uninstalling and not using Facebook.

    • rdmo83
      rdmo83 Month ago

      @David Holcomb , Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt must have been commies too because they broke up AT&T and Standard Oil. Enforcing laws prohibiting anti-competitive business practices doesn't make you communist.

    • Tony Williams
      Tony Williams Month ago +2

      @Rooster Blues They are way top big and powerful man. They have like 3 billion users and one center control watch dog. Its impossible for Facebook to watch everything from over 200 countries etc.

    • Hans
      Hans Month ago

      No. People just need to delete it.

  • catalinacurio
    catalinacurio Month ago +1

    Time too, the rate at which ISIS posted beheading videos and the time they were left up was/is shocking! Now it’s the Right Wing extremists. 😔

    • Darth M.
      Darth M. Month ago

      Define "right wing." To some on the far left, anyone - even other liberals that are not in total agreement with their point of view, are considered "right wing" or alt-right, Nazi's, etc.

  • Gildelily
    Gildelily Month ago +2

    oh great. no nudity on facebook. wow. great job.

  • Prince Princehandsome

    WOW nice

  • headless dipsy
    headless dipsy Month ago