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  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
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    DeepSpar USB Stabilizer is a hardware device which allows any Windows software to quickly and reliably work with unstable USB storage devices.
    It is built primarily for USB hard drives, but it will also work with any storage device which can be converted to USB through an adapter.
    In this video, we will show how it works with a few USB drives and a PCI Express SSD using R-Studio and PC three thousand data extractor.
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  • Todd Fulcher
    Todd Fulcher 6 months ago

    Hello DeepSpar - I have a USB drive (WD My Passport Ultra) which has suddenly stopped mounting properly and just makes these quick click sounds instead. I do see it in Disk Management, but it shows up as unknown, not initialized like what you show in the video. Is that due to instability that this USB Stabilizer is designed to correct?

    • DeepSpar
      DeepSpar  4 months ago

      Sorry about the late reply. There are a lot of exceptions in data recovery, but if your drive is clicking right after powering up then almost certainly it has total physical failure of the read/write heads and/or platters. Such cases cannot be solved by tools alone. The drive will need to be taken apart in a class 100 clean air environment. If there is significant platter damage then most likely it's unrecoverable. If platters look okay then the read/write heads will need to be swapped from a compatible donor drive. After swapping the heads the drive should become responsive, but will likely still be unstable and will need to be imaged using a hardware data recovery tool, like our USB Stabilizer or DeepSpar Disk Imager.

  • Data Recovery BD
    Data Recovery BD 6 months ago


  • Aloke Paul
    Aloke Paul 6 months ago +1