Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh | Chris Farley Tribute [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • The Sandman remembers his dear friend, comedian Chris Farley. ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH is now streaming on Netflix.
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    Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh | Chris Farley Tribute [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 4 280

  • ADP2
    ADP2 7 minutes ago

    Wish he knew how much he is missed

  • Edward Forrest
    Edward Forrest 48 minutes ago

    Half those fucks don't even know! Ha!

  • Israel Foster
    Israel Foster Hour ago

    very good Sandman , love you Chris Farley !!!!

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner Hour ago

    Love you Chris! Sleep well brother! .... 👊!

  • scooter Mctavish
    scooter Mctavish Hour ago

    Hey buddy lifes moved on but you still bring us so much joy!

  • gundula gaukel
    gundula gaukel 2 hours ago +1

    Respect Mr. Sandler ! y did well !!

  • Pat Mongan
    Pat Mongan 2 hours ago +1

    Simply Amazing

  • TheKdubbs
    TheKdubbs 5 hours ago +1

    This hit right in the feelers!!

  • Ihate Googleplus
    Ihate Googleplus 6 hours ago +1

    Truly amazing. You can tell they all loved him.

  • MrVesimelooni
    MrVesimelooni 7 hours ago +1

    I can see Farley dancing all around Sandler when he's playing the solo. Truly one of a kind guy.

  • Matthias Michel
    Matthias Michel 7 hours ago +1

    The purest form of Friendship. Thank you, Mr Sandler

  • 0ucantstopme0
    0ucantstopme0 8 hours ago

    Sorry Chris...You bring a lot of laughs (joy) to my family's lives...

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 10 hours ago

    Man of all the songs in the world this is the one that made me cry like a little baby...a little man baby

  • Jyle Merrill
    Jyle Merrill 11 hours ago

    Best song Adam S. Has done.
    Chris F, true legend. RIP

  • SaintJohn Chick
    SaintJohn Chick 13 hours ago +1

    This is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute ❤

  • Will Steward
    Will Steward 13 hours ago

    I never knew Adam could play guitar that well. Good job to him

  • Zack Williamson
    Zack Williamson 14 hours ago

    I'm at work with tears pouring down my face thanks Adam

  • Florida Bear
    Florida Bear 14 hours ago +2

    Talk about pouring your heart out.. Damn man this is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time..

  • Ramon Vargas
    Ramon Vargas 15 hours ago


  • KheThai
    KheThai 17 hours ago

    Regardless of what you think about Sandler, this was a reality sweet song and a great tribute to his friend.

  • Chris Zero
    Chris Zero 18 hours ago

    21 years later and everyone is still on their feet. Sandler you sir did him proud.

  • Ryon Ludlow
    Ryon Ludlow 18 hours ago

    Watched Tommy Boy with my 11 year old last night. He just sat over there giggling the whole movie.
    Farley was the best

  • Muarif Sumahar
    Muarif Sumahar 18 hours ago

    Touched the soul

  • DriftScene56
    DriftScene56 20 hours ago

    He was with a girl on his last night when he had an overdose, when the girl left she left a note and a picture, she said at 3am when she left he was still breathing, he was passed out on the floor with a bloody nose, if only she called 911 he’d still be here. This is why if you see something do something, if only she wasn’t just a bystander. His brother found him dead the next day.

    • Dirt Dog
      Dirt Dog 28 minutes ago

      Respect the post and your thoughts. But I doubt he'd still be alive, He turned into a freight train with no breaks. Was just inevitable.

  • Pornnelius Hubbard
    Pornnelius Hubbard 20 hours ago

    So Kevin James character was suppose to be for Farley:(

  • Havendale Blvd
    Havendale Blvd 21 hour ago

    Well done Adam.

  • Casey Vogelsong
    Casey Vogelsong 22 hours ago

    I lost it when they gave Farley a standing ovation!

  • clevelandcbi
    clevelandcbi 22 hours ago +1

    HOW The helll did I keep it together at my dad's funeral? I bawled like a damn baby at the "thinking about my dad" part of this song.

  • TheAJR1990
    TheAJR1990 23 hours ago

    I remember when I first heard of Chris Farley. When I was a kid my uncle gave me the movie Beverly Hills ninja, he said I reminded him of Chris Farley. He used to play rugby with him when they were younger he showed me pictures of him peeing on a telephone pole and doing stand up at a bar with my other uncle standing beside him. I thought how hilarious he was and I wanted nothing more than to meet him but my dreams were shattered shortly there after when they told me he was dead. It broke my heart... still hurts that I’ll never get to meet my idol.

  • Larry Rogalski
    Larry Rogalski 23 hours ago

    That’s probably the coolest tribute to a friend I’ve ever seen!! Adam Sandler you are one HELL of a classy guy and an AWESOME friend! Here’s to Chris Farley! CHEERS!

  • Thorp Feldman
    Thorp Feldman Day ago

    Respect for Adam Sandler has increased 1000 times

  • adam vanpelt
    adam vanpelt Day ago

    I took way too much acid about 3 houra before discovering this video...what an amazing amazing emotional rollercoaster...

  • James Wolske
    James Wolske Day ago

    No matter how many times I watch it I cry every time...amazing song.

  • Just Cards
    Just Cards Day ago

    Right in the feels. Damn you Sandler.

  • pittriversavage
    pittriversavage Day ago

    R.I.P. Chris are my families favorite...from my uncle, my sister, Lil brother, my mom, my cousins, thanks for all the I gotta go watch the lunch lady song

  • The Pacifist Gamer

    A has-been making a tribute to a dead guy

    • Jud Mudd
      Jud Mudd 12 hours ago

      And a never-was commenting about it...

  • R Spangler
    R Spangler Day ago

    I cry every time

  • Derky Derk
    Derky Derk Day ago

    God dammit i didnt wanna cry today

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia Day ago

    Absolutely instant tears, tears of joy it brought me🍻 probably in van, down by the river.... in heaven

  • Brian Mook
    Brian Mook Day ago


  • WalkingCane
    WalkingCane Day ago

    Still kills me that we lost a true comedy Hero... RIP Chris

  • Peter Geralis
    Peter Geralis Day ago

    Man when this song played I must have gotten some dust in my eyes. What a great song...

  • Kyle Pounds
    Kyle Pounds Day ago

    Not the video to be watching while at work.. Made me tear up at my computer.. I'm listening again. Repeat number 4

  • Alex Weiss
    Alex Weiss Day ago

    Snl hasn't been funny at all since they all left the show bring some good moments when I was younger

  • KroyCincy911
    KroyCincy911 Day ago

    That is one men that Jesus himself stood at the gate waiting for with open arms. R.I.P to undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever walk this earth. Thank you Adam!!!

  • JakeTAD
    JakeTAD Day ago

    If they ever make a Bob Dylan Biopic, Please let Adam Sandler play the older version of him.

  • Doug Davidson
    Doug Davidson Day ago

    Chris Farley is either the friend we all wanted to have or the friend we all wanted to be.
    RIP, funniest person ever.

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowan Day ago

    725 losers

  • tausifuzzaman nitu

    Farley the funniest guy I ever saw on TV!. RIP u still making us laugh! 😂

  • welcome to derekscottcarlisle's"youtubetvChannel"


    SOLUTION ONE Day ago

    God dammit chris............god dammit!

  • Cobra Chicken
    Cobra Chicken Day ago +1

    I can't think of the last time I was actually this into something Adam Sandler has done, while his comedy movies have not resonated with me like they they did at the time of his early albums, and movies in the 90s.. I always say after seeing Punch Drunk Love an actor who was able to actually be great in dramatic roles, and had great potential, and this video here shows his emotional side as being really moving actually.
    After watching more interviews with people close to Farley, and stories of him I think his case was actually kind of tragic as well, a big part of his drug problems was in his depression over him thinking he was not funny, but at the same time making everyone around him laugh.
    Another part of his torture was over him seeing his dad being made fun of, as he was a big man himself, and how people would treat him bad and always comment, and Chris himself becoming obese didn't help that.
    I feel as a result of this, and as well as his sensitivity to that, critics didn't help, especially Roger Ebert just putting him down hard over his films when he reviewed it, that kind of what he saw as cruelty i think resonated more in him as it would make him think of his dad and what he went through (the line in this song about Chris crying with his headphones on thinking about his dad hits that nerve for sure).
    Chris was a person with a big heart, but was also troubled by self esteem issues, and the people and critics who basically said he was just an irritating buffoon i think made him wanna drown that in drugs.

    • Cobra Chicken
      Cobra Chicken Day ago

      +Doug Davidson indeed. Watching the interview with Norm McDonald on Howard Stern, Norm mentions how people would basically mock his dad out in public, as Norm said his dad was a big man, about 600 lbs, and Chris struggled with people doing this, and seeing them put his dad down.
      He was also very sensitive to criticism of his work, and critics panning him for his films, and saying he wasn't funny was a huge part of it, as Norm said in that same interview, Chris didnt think he was funny, and struggled with this, but at the same time he had a way of making everyone laugh, and this was a struggle for him.

    • Doug Davidson
      Doug Davidson Day ago

      I think you made some great points. Often comedians, especially as children, are trying to be accepted. I don't know but if Chris was overweight as a child, I was and was teased, you can see that would've been a natural way to deal with it.
      I think I recall he and siblings always looked for Dads approval and his Dad liked Chris's humor.
      He obviously admired his Dad and felt his pain dealing with obesity.
      The Dad references really got to me in the song. Very touching and sad.
      I think comedians more than any other celebrities just want approval and love.

  • Adam Meilstrup
    Adam Meilstrup Day ago

    First, the special was great. Wasn't ready for this and I cried because it just felt real. It seemed hard to get through and I could totally relate. RIP Farley we still love you.

  • Lannis Media
    Lannis Media Day ago

    My heart

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo Day ago

    Rip to a legend

  • cory donath
    cory donath Day ago

    Best part of the set. Tear jerker for sure.

  • Caine Cobane
    Caine Cobane Day ago

    That hit deep chris farley is one of the funniest people to walk this earth and one of the sweetest it's so sad he thought he was never good enough I know exactly how that feels

  • blaner1001
    blaner1001 2 days ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • Tim Purrrdy
    Tim Purrrdy 2 days ago

    723 dislikes must've have come from people living IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! A really touching tribute by Mr. Sandler and r.i.p Chris Farley :(

  • Mh poe
    Mh poe 2 days ago

    Who else is missing Chris Farley in 2019? Everytime I watch something of his I get choked up wishing he was still here. That guy was talented and funny.

  • Hunter Pannell
    Hunter Pannell 2 days ago


  • Chato
    Chato 2 days ago

    Awesome Mr. Sandler. Alright Chris!! Watching those clips on the screen behind Adam while listening to the song made me cry. My respects to both. More to Sandler for not forgetting one of the greatest. Chris is standing next to God still making his fans laugh.

  • Daniel Enochs
    Daniel Enochs 2 days ago

    Be better without profanity!

    • Alex
      Alex 2 days ago

      Daniel Enochs omg shut up

  • Coastfog
    Coastfog 2 days ago

    Really touching... Gotta watch me some more Farley...

  • Fit and Healthy at Any Age

    I can't... just can't. No words.

  • NippelousErectous
    NippelousErectous 2 days ago

    Say what you will about Adam Sandler, that guy is responsible for countless laughs through my childhood.

  • Eduardo M.
    Eduardo M. 2 days ago

    We dont deserved Chris Farley and we still dont deserve Adam Sandler. I had to watch the whole show in Netflix...I'm old

    GERMAN SANCHEZ 2 days ago +1


  • hockeyisthebest
    hockeyisthebest 2 days ago

    This gave me goosebumps.

  • ChubbyBlumpkinz
    ChubbyBlumpkinz 2 days ago

    Unless your legs don't work, I don't know how you stay seated during that ovation!

  • thatonedrewguy
    thatonedrewguy 2 days ago

    The shock and sadness you feel when you realize Grownups 1 and 2 were only made so the friends could all hang together. Kevin James must have felt a little awkward though.

  • Isol Yarod
    Isol Yarod 2 days ago

    You Are Goooood ;.) Nyugodj bekeben Farleyyyyyyy !

  • Shaun Cameron
    Shaun Cameron 2 days ago


  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart Brown 2 days ago

    my heart

  • Sully Bach
    Sully Bach 2 days ago

    The Man responsible for all those gd #vanlife videos. 😂🙏

  • 41Djfu#lksdkjfd
    41Djfu#lksdkjfd 2 days ago

    Oh GOD the memories of the old days.... I can't believe he is gone for 21 years already

  • Rebel_Jean 90
    Rebel_Jean 90 2 days ago +1

    Adam was always a true friend this made me tear up😢😔 rip Chris you'll always have a place in my heart💜👍

  • intergalactic24
    intergalactic24 2 days ago

    Fuck I just lost 4 people in 4 years,, :( this really gets to me,, it broke me,,

  • Scott Alger
    Scott Alger 2 days ago

    Wow! I still remember the day he died!

  • Kevin Harper
    Kevin Harper 2 days ago

    Damn. Just...Damn. Loved it.

  • Christopher Davenport

    If you ever lost someone before their time this will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

  • Adam Malec
    Adam Malec 3 days ago +1

    One of the saddest days in my life was when Farley died!!

  • Dj Henderson
    Dj Henderson 3 days ago

    R.i.p Chris u were the best acter in a movie u will be missed by everyone love u dude and we are sad to see u go to hevean

  • Jay Walter
    Jay Walter 3 days ago

    We all miss you Chris....well except Kevin made him millions

  • That1 Guy
    That1 Guy 3 days ago


  • 1000 Subscribers Without Videos!

    Why doesn’t this man make a band

  • vonshtoyven
    vonshtoyven 3 days ago

    i cried

  • Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    Good lord! I couldn't handle that one.

  • karl nelson
    karl nelson 3 days ago

    Sad as hell,not too much more to say Chris Farley,has been missed and still is.I am sure he is making the Angles laugh

  • Shawn DeClue
    Shawn DeClue 3 days ago

    Well done!

  • Jennifer Mellow
    Jennifer Mellow 3 days ago

    Touching tribute, thank you from the 603!! Anyone else inteprete when he said the funeral was hard except when it was his dads turn to cry as a dig to him? Great guitar work too!

  • Quinn Colbert
    Quinn Colbert 3 days ago

    so much respect for this song

  • K123 30
    K123 30 3 days ago +1

    This is awesome! What a way to celebrate his life. Just imagine if he was still alive and making movies with Sandler and the crew. Damn. 👌🏽👏🏼

    FUCK YOUTUBE 3 days ago

    wow this was sad.

  • Reaper5.56 Xx
    Reaper5.56 Xx 3 days ago

    Rip Chris

  • Greg David L
    Greg David L 3 days ago

    Gosh I didn’t expect to be affected that much. So sad. Lovely tribute

  • SlayKnotV1
    SlayKnotV1 3 days ago

    this was Awesome

  • Michael Coggan
    Michael Coggan 3 days ago


  • norskil
    norskil 3 days ago

    That is fucking awesome!

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 3 days ago

    Im at home by myself..n LET OUT A BIG YAAA FOR MY BOY CHRIS FARLEY !!! now the neighbors think im crazy n thats makes me..MORE FARLEY. 😘