Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh | Chris Farley Tribute [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • The Sandman remembers his dear friend, comedian Chris Farley. ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH is now streaming on Netflix.
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    Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh | Chris Farley Tribute [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 5 606

  • Jake West
    Jake West 3 hours ago

    The biggest tradjidy in the world isn’t when you’s when your loved ones leave you.

    So hold on tight to those you take for granted.

  • Jake West
    Jake West 3 hours ago

    Sooooooo beautiful.

  • Bulfwyne
    Bulfwyne 3 hours ago +1

    LESS GO !!!!

  • Steven Marzullo
    Steven Marzullo 4 hours ago

    What a rare talent Adam Sandler is. Once in a life time all time great. We sure got lucky didn't we??

  • Loki4Now
    Loki4Now 7 hours ago

    The first time I watched this I fought back tears. This time it was Niagara falls...

  • Leo Gilbert
    Leo Gilbert 9 hours ago


  • jodan stine
    jodan stine 9 hours ago +1

    Best Adam Sandler song even better than the turkey song

  • Travis
    Travis 10 hours ago

    So... Who are the 919 people that clicked dislike? I need addresses please.

  • Iblog 420
    Iblog 420 10 hours ago


  • Don Lucus
    Don Lucus 10 hours ago

    Mad respect for Adam. What a guy!! Still keeping his buddy's name alive.

  • Ybarra's Mind
    Ybarra's Mind 12 hours ago

    Very Nice my friend....well done!

  • Julez Dirt
    Julez Dirt 20 hours ago

    If ever there was a time where a hologram was needed it would be at the end with Adam Sandler actually the whole way thru

  • Dr. Rish
    Dr. Rish 22 hours ago

    John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman. Makes me so sad.

  • J. A.
    J. A. 23 hours ago +1

    Prince, Farley and Robin Williams, the only celebrities I cried when they died, never met any of them.

  • Alex Nate GELIC
    Alex Nate GELIC Day ago

    im not are...shut up...

  • chris Lovett
    chris Lovett Day ago

    Grown ups 3 with Farley would ve heaven rip

  • The Gr8Black
    The Gr8Black Day ago

    Chris was a bad motha fucker tho RiP

  • Jagerman 370z
    Jagerman 370z Day ago

    Sandler is the coolest cat on the planet!

  • beastmilla
    beastmilla Day ago

    Whoever doesn't like this, hates fun. And hates life. gg

  • Austin Fritz
    Austin Fritz Day ago

    for Hotal transalyvania 3

  • Austin Fritz
    Austin Fritz Day ago

    Congracts Mr. Sandler you won a KCA Blimp

  • bishop goodman
    bishop goodman Day ago

    1:58 He put all of his emotions about Chris into that guitar

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Day ago

    Good cry.....good fucking cry.

  • Rachelstorrersings
    Rachelstorrersings Day ago +1

    Still break's my heart 😭

  • Ean Evers
    Ean Evers Day ago +3

    One of the most successful men to ever take the stage and break up other seasoned comedians over and over and over again.....this guy was all heart and soul....the stories about him are incredible and they belong amongst the tales of Belushi and others. RIP and thank you for the continued laughs.

  • Tri Palace
    Tri Palace Day ago

    Rip to the Legend. Substance abuse is a bitch

  • kakul kukal
    kakul kukal Day ago

    Is this new nofx song?

  • Ian Lorimor
    Ian Lorimor 2 days ago

    I think I messed that one up

  • Ian Lorimor
    Ian Lorimor 2 days ago

    Uncle Farley hashtag

  • Ian Lorimor
    Ian Lorimor 2 days ago +1

    I didn't want to cry today but I hear you f****** are here's to my friend Chris Farley

  • Giumelz
    Giumelz 2 days ago +2

    "Nothing was harder than saying goodbye.. except watching Chris' father have his turn to cry" that line gets me every time 😭😭

  • Jackson Parker
    Jackson Parker 2 days ago

    Dang this is beautiful

  • Kaeden Line
    Kaeden Line 2 days ago

    I might not like his new movies, but Adam Sandler will always be one of my favorite actors

  • Stephen Gutierrez
    Stephen Gutierrez 2 days ago

    915 dislikes?? Wtf!!?

  • Victor Alvarado
    Victor Alvarado 2 days ago

    I’m miss Chris Farley

  • Faith Tusack
    Faith Tusack 2 days ago +1

    Im literally bawling😭😭

  • philip o hanlon
    philip o hanlon 2 days ago

    How can people give a thumps down to this song ye should be ashamed of yourselves even if you don't like Adam Sandler this is a very good tribute

  • Ramiro CDog
    Ramiro CDog 2 days ago +1

    Best Tribute ever... Thanks Adam Sandler

  • Sebastian Petschke
    Sebastian Petschke 2 days ago


  • Joe Beezy
    Joe Beezy 2 days ago

    Forgot how talented Adam is

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 2 days ago +6

    That is the definition of legacy. To be remember. All of us want to be remembered when were gone.

  • mbolduc
    mbolduc 2 days ago

    Goddamn I miss that man

  • 98durangopack
    98durangopack 2 days ago +5

    I never thought I could cry and be happy and cry again for 6 minutes.

  • Tim Craven
    Tim Craven 2 days ago

    He's not a half-bad guitar player.

  • Christopher Joseph
    Christopher Joseph 2 days ago

    Dont you know that you are a shooting star... Dont you know...

  • John Bertrand
    John Bertrand 2 days ago

    Touching tribute by Sandler. Farley was very much like Belushi, in the way he lived his life. Although Belushi was more talented, he and Farley lived life at 100 miles an hour.

  • Lil Ty
    Lil Ty 3 days ago


  • spshepar
    spshepar 3 days ago

    What a cool song and tribute

  • George Glass
    George Glass 3 days ago


  • mega77CHAVEZ
    mega77CHAVEZ 3 days ago

    Nick this is for you brother. You were our Farley. We went fast and hard. Thanks for the unbelievable good times my friend.

  • Dalton Boardman
    Dalton Boardman 3 days ago

    I can't believe I'm crying at an Adam Sandler song. What the Fah-aaahhk.
    [Starts sobbing like a bitch]

  • Nick
    Nick 3 days ago

    Fucking beautiful ❤️

  • Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    Chris Farley was one of the most legendary comedians of all time. He owned every bit on SNL. Rest in peace, Sir.

  • Lars Lundin
    Lars Lundin 3 days ago

    Very touching song about the funniest man I ever seen. As a Swedish I wonder that Adam mean by "sweeter than shit" and "he wasn't even doing a bit". What is that really mean?

  • Edwin Madrigal
    Edwin Madrigal 3 days ago +19

    "Except watching Chris's father have his turn to cry" hits me so hard. Everytime.

  • Cars &Such
    Cars &Such 3 days ago +16

    Did I really just cry from an Adam Sandler song, man I'm getting soft.
    R.I.P. Big Man.

    • retrostu
      retrostu 22 hours ago

      Cars &Such we all died a little that day😣

  • Jesse Jesse
    Jesse Jesse 3 days ago

    Sandler Happy Purim - This is a great Video and you tug on heart strings because of Chris as well as his Father. Glad to see one of the old timers (yes you) is still around.

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 3 days ago +3

    Chris Farley and Adam left SNL that was the time I left SNL and went to Mad TV... Farley is a legend that will never die

  • chairmanmarv
    chairmanmarv 4 days ago

    What kind of haters dislike this?

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 4 days ago

    Made me remember better times

  • micheal shelton
    micheal shelton 4 days ago

    Bro...... Right in the fucking feels man. Chris Farley had a very large impact on my life. I loved him as a kid and he was the first person I ever knew of to commit suicide. I could not understand how someone that seemed so happy could really in fact be absolutely sad. As an adult I found myself becoming more and more like him. I always seem to make people around me laugh and seem happy. The truth is I'm constantly making people laugh in a desperate attempt to find something, anything that can make me feel good.. at this exact moment think really hard about who in your life is always trying to be a clown to make others laugh. Call that person right now just to check on them and tell them how much they mean to you. Right now. In this moment. As your reading this. It's not to late. But it could be.

  • OG Bubbs
    OG Bubbs 4 days ago +3

    Who is the 905 people that had the audacity to dislike this video

  • Seth Brooks
    Seth Brooks 4 days ago

    Just awesome. Thank you

  • Lionheart Roar
    Lionheart Roar 4 days ago +1

    Lovely..Adam is a good man

  • Ally Jones
    Ally Jones 4 days ago

    What I love about this, besides the amazing love and meaning from Adam is the audience. You don’t see phone screens, from people recording it. Everyone is sitting there, taking it in, enjoying it remembering Chris!

  • Nicholas Andrew Salazar

    So awesome rip Chris Farley dude is a comedy legend

  • joewhitesw
    joewhitesw 4 days ago

    Who the hell would dislike this.

  • floydclaptonblues2
    floydclaptonblues2 4 days ago

    All the feelz

  • cavaleiro95
    cavaleiro95 4 days ago


  • Robert Biondo
    Robert Biondo 4 days ago +1

    If you love someone and there using be relentless , break all the rules do whatever it takes , before it's to late. 160 a day die from OD .

  • Brandon Brothers
    Brandon Brothers 5 days ago

    I’m not crying you are 😭😭😭😭

  • Gutta LyfeTV
    Gutta LyfeTV 5 days ago

    R.I.P. To 1 of the funniest people to ever walk the earth A True Comedic Legend Gone way wayy to soon...
    Rest Easy Chris Farley...

  • rob kerz
    rob kerz 5 days ago

    Gibson strap and a fender guitar

  • Zach Martin
    Zach Martin 5 days ago

    Chris Farley impacted so many. From what I know about him, in most of his materiel, from his films to his skits, he was just being himself. I consider him a comedic genius. Legendary. It doesn't matter who you are, the man will make you laugh. What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful human being. It definitely made me emotional, because I grew up admiring him.


    Great tribute to Chris, man you are fucking missed. Love you always Chris Farley keep making heaven laugh

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Nothing has made tear up like watching this video. I loved Chris Farley and like Charlie Chaplin & John Candy he was genuinely funny. But like John Belushi and Sam Kinison, he couldn't control or contemplate his demons. Rest in Paradise Chris Farley.

  • chalupa batman
    chalupa batman 5 days ago

    The ppl that didn't stand at the end were born after 1995 and have no idea who Chris Farley was

  • Brett Flack
    Brett Flack 5 days ago

    Such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful great man. Sandler it was beautiful but I cried thru the whole thing. But none the less just beautiful

  • william eldridge
    william eldridge 5 days ago

    Can't believe anyone actually disliked this video!! What lonely helpless fucks you must be!!!!

  • machoman randycabbaggge

    Damn he shredded that shit at the end

  • Claudia McMullen
    Claudia McMullen 5 days ago

    Robin Williams is no way in hell

  • RoAcH812
    RoAcH812 5 days ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏. 😢

  • FRANK De Rudder
    FRANK De Rudder 6 days ago +1

    Chris wasn't WITH us long!! But what a impact HE had and STILL does on us!!! R.I.P. CHRIS!!

  • Jeff Conrad
    Jeff Conrad 6 days ago +4

    What a fantastic tribute to his long-gone friend.... Adam Sandler I respect you 50 times more than I did before I seen this video!

  • spursfanfucklakers
    spursfanfucklakers 6 days ago

    Chris farley made me believe it was ok to be a fat kid wen i was young thank u mr.farley

  • Josh Roach
    Josh Roach 6 days ago

    I would love to meet the 900 people that dont like this so I can physically end their lives because anyone that doesnt understand this or find this heartwarming is a fucking waste of space and you dont deserve to even breath the same air Farkey once lived on.

  • Clinton Toney
    Clinton Toney 6 days ago

    love. much of it words words words.

    WESLEY 6 days ago

    Love this Bob Dylan

  • Kevin Hildebrand
    Kevin Hildebrand 6 days ago

    I doubt Adam Sandler will ever read this but you gave Chris a guitar solo. His own fucking guitar solo! It's HIS sound now. I grew up watching you both and idolizing the two of you. I saw a lot of myself in you both but as a loud fat kid with to much energy I saw chris as a beacon of hope to make people laugh despite being big or tall or both. This solo will ALWAYS make me cry. Thinking of you both on TV or watching his movies. If I could hug ya I would. Thank you for letting me hear Chris's energy one more time with your song. Not just as a struggling comic or a fan but as someone who appreciates the heart you put into this and what you must have felt when writing it

  • devon james
    devon james 6 days ago

    jews and cocaine

  • devon james
    devon james 6 days ago

    fuck you

  • hotrodbmx
    hotrodbmx 6 days ago +11

    Well this is the saddest funny shit I've ever seen. Well done, Adam. What a tribute

  • Robert Feight
    Robert Feight 6 days ago

    Self this is Feels. Feels say hello to self.

  • makeroforphans
    makeroforphans 6 days ago


  • Superhero Kids
    Superhero Kids 6 days ago

    Let's hear it 1 more time for my boy Chris farrrrrrrrley

  • Solitude
    Solitude 6 days ago

    The Wedding SInger!

  • Kyle Sturdivant
    Kyle Sturdivant 7 days ago

    Miss you Chris Farley you were awesome

  • BlueJ
    BlueJ 7 days ago

    Its been 25 years and I still tear up thinking about that big funny mother fucker. He'll always be my favorite SNL cast member.

  • RoughneckJoe81
    RoughneckJoe81 7 days ago

    Oh man this song gets me every time I watch it. Rest in peace you fat beautiful bastard. (I mean no disrespect with that comment, just true Farley style)

  • Dylan Fickbohm
    Dylan Fickbohm 7 days ago

    Chris Farley is a legendary