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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago +7

    Are you excited for Christmas?!
    Watch the full episode here:

  • courtney ryder
    courtney ryder Day ago

    I'd rather a sausage sizzle then Shakespeare, romeo and Julie was hell in high school, I hated it

  • Sasha Rasin
    Sasha Rasin 18 days ago

    seriously - are there NO good looking women in Britain?

  • Rascal W.
    Rascal W. 23 days ago

    josh sounds like zippy from rainbow... Sorry lol...

  • tracy berry
    tracy berry Month ago +4

    The john Lewis advert was rubbish😂 there getting worse each year

  • Sam Studios
    Sam Studios Month ago +12

    "Sausage sizzle"
    "So this is your cultrure, we've got Shakespeare" 😂😂😂😂

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago

    we have Sausage Sizzlers outside our home ware stores too, ''HomeDepot'' has the grills out front but you won't get hurt on a stray piece of diced onion, you run the risk of food poisoning, weigh it out, flat on your back from? slipping on an onion or shitting your ass out

  • Designated Driver
    Designated Driver Month ago +8

    The largest cause of rainforest deforestation is beef production, not palm oil. Given it's proven monstrous impact on climate change, it amazes me that this goes ignored. Perhaps it's an easier pill to swallow to think that evil corporations are killing the planet by using materials we don't approve of, than admitting that we, the consumers, are violently more culpable 3 times a day when we sit down to eat.

    • Staenhus
      Staenhus Month ago +3

      Alright, I keep seeing this and everyone seems to tiptoe around this argument as if it's not misdirected and eating meat is something that everyone should be ashamed about.
      First of all, while your argument about rainforest deforestation might be correct, big corporations are responsible for most pollution. The 100 biggest stand for 70% of emmitions. Therefore, putting the blame on "evil meat-eaters" seems a bit misguided.
      Secondly, deforestation worldwide has a number of factors. A heightened demand for timber, poverty, industrial expansions and yes, agriculture. Agriculture might be a part of it, but you don't save the world simply by stopping the raising of cows. It's too little, too late.
      But here's the most important thing that people don't consider. Cows can't just disappear. Neither can sheep, or pigs, or chicken. What the hell do we do with all of them? Slaughter them all? In that case, I suggest you start your own farm, because raising animals is kind of a central motivation for farmers (a profession which in places is already dying out from a lack of interest, at least in developed countries). On top of this, you would have to use artificial fertilizer, which in of itself can be considered harmful for the environment.
      Add to all this the slaughter of all pets as well. Most pets are carnivorous (dogs, cats) which makes them huge polluters, according to your argument. Not to mention all horses, of course.
      Obviously this is a bit hyperbolic. A lot of people would profit from meat being less of a base and more of a luxury item. But the anti-meat arguments don't present it in that way, where farmers could make more money per kg meat. No, instead farmers should just magically make all animals disappear and rebuild their entire farms (since they're made for housing animals, not store vegetables) or, well, go out of business I guess? "That's what you get, evil farmers! Now you and everyone else can starve!"
      There are plenty of things the consumer can do for the climate. Stop throwing food away, buy locally first (or only) and yes, eat less meat. Hell, start growing things yourselves. But abolish the entire meat industry? That's unrealistic at best.

  • Nunnha B
    Nunnha B Month ago +6

    Adam Hills, just another 20/20 hindsight wise man. Sorry we aren't Hillsy enough to know everything.

    • Devin Goulooze
      Devin Goulooze Month ago

      isn't he a comedian? I see you comment all over these videos, why does he hurt your feelings so much?

  • Jamie Speirs
    Jamie Speirs Month ago


  • pixel girl
    pixel girl Month ago +29

    So, what, Iceland's ad was too blatantly against The Exploitative Oil Party?

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl Month ago

      +Aaron, I would need some more specific examples of what they do that's political. I'll admit I come at this from a position of scepticism, I've come across a lot of criticism of them that turned out to be blatant lies or at least heavy distortions of the truth. But, clearly the powers that be class them as political, I don't argue that 😊 Then again the powers that be currently classify disabled people as lazy worthless scroungers, and as a disabled woman who really wishes she _could_ work, that's something where I _know_ there's a disparity between reality and the powers that be.

    • Aaron
      Aaron Month ago

      pixel girl So it’s mostly due to, although GP aren’t classed as Political they do most of their things politically & act in the same manner as politicians and such.
      It’s an odd one however it’s mostly due to (by the looks of it) GP’s past behaviour.

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl Month ago +1

      +Aaron, Greenpeace are a charity and activist group though, not a political party... did you mean it was made by the Green _Party?_ I'm really confused here. Edit: Wait, no, somehow Greenpeace are considered "political". Is this like when being gay was considered "political" even though it's only about who you fancy, but it's "political" because gayness and environmentalism are irrational obsessions of the right?

    • Root
      Root Month ago +1

      I'm pretty sure it was *actually* banned because it wasn't really classed as a commercial ad like it had nearly nothing to do with iceland

    • Aaron
      Aaron Month ago +5

      It was made by Green Peace and was under a Political Agenda and therefore against advertising standards, it wasn't the content of the piece that got it banned, it was the Political affiliation.

  • Elizabeth Dennis
    Elizabeth Dennis Month ago

    Jimmy Carr...fucking gold

  • robert bertie
    robert bertie Month ago

    whos the "superior" dickhead on the end who looks like Elton John

  • TheFallofTheEleventh

    Who the fuck genuinely cares this much about fucking adverts

  • Javiera Scarratt
    Javiera Scarratt Month ago +16

    That 'Barry's Pianos' ad is SO accurate for Australian Christmas ads tho

  • Natasha Lysette
    Natasha Lysette Month ago +4

    Peter Andres Xmas is being paid for by Barry's pianos! 🤣

  • Alisdair H
    Alisdair H Month ago +87

    Weird that they criticise the ethical Iceland ad for wanting publicity, but all lap up the John Lewis ad, which literally exists to sell you things - and, in fact, has wormed its way into the public consciousness so much that it has become some kind of yearly consumer rite of passage. This is not where we should set our cultural values.

    • jennifer the skeptic
      jennifer the skeptic Month ago

      its comedy

    • Eleanor
      Eleanor Month ago +3

      The Iceland ad was made by green peace and aired a few weeks before, it wasn't banned because of its content (like everyone is saying) it was banned because it was made by Green peace as a political agenda .... not saying I don't agree with you, just saying that if Iceland purely made it by themselves without Green Peace it would have been allowed to air 😊

    • EvilApollo9
      EvilApollo9 Month ago +6

      It's not that deep

    • Slave2PaperWithInkOn
      Slave2PaperWithInkOn Month ago +8

      AGREED and that Elton ad I$ there to $£LL his upcoming movie - based on his life !!!!

  • millerhxc
    millerhxc Month ago +7

    Although said in jest, I now do actually feel a little sorry for Peter Andre and Kerry Katona...

  • thenodfather
    thenodfather Month ago +5

    The onion was a Vegan Conspiracy.

    • thenodfather
      thenodfather Month ago +1

      +Sandwich Breath AH, they used the onion as a weapon.

    • AnonEyeMouse
      AnonEyeMouse Month ago +1

      +Sandwich Breath It was fried in beef dripping.

    • Sandwich Breath
      Sandwich Breath Month ago +2

      Wouldn't they target the sausage instead?

  • Jake Raffle
    Jake Raffle Month ago +8

    Wow. Can't believe Jimmy here. When he gans "Shut up Adam." Looks proper scary like he's gonna pop a lip. REALLY didn't take to Adam's sly jesting to his personal finance routine! He should be sacked, I say, sacked! Danger to other couch guests.

    • Tden121
      Tden121 Month ago +16

      I hope you're a troll

  • Joseph Power
    Joseph Power Month ago +56

    The Iceland Ad is the best Christmas advert I've seen for years.

    • Indian Fried Ice Cream
      Indian Fried Ice Cream Month ago

      Aaltocyklon Eller Man Said rater

    • Argus Panoptes
      Argus Panoptes Month ago

      The Iceland advert was stolen (with permission ) wholesale from Greenpeace with a couple of bits tacked on and the Greenpeace bits taken out

    • Aaltocyklon Eller
      Aaltocyklon Eller Month ago

      the heathrow advert is the best reprentation of chrismas this year rather then the iceland one

  • MrDrElectricon
    MrDrElectricon Month ago +8


    • linalmeemow
      linalmeemow Month ago +3

      I'm going to admit, I clicked on #Chirstmas just to see what happened. Turns out there are a lot more illiterate people in the world than I imagined (though most of them appear to be speaking English as a second language so they get a pass).