I Gave My Sister An Extreme Body Makeover (Half Marathon Training)

  • Published on Jun 30, 2019
  • I gave my sister Madeline a health and fitness makeover to prepare for her first half marathon. Thank you so much to Playtex Sport for sponsoring this video! Save money on your next box of tampons HERE: www.playtexplayon.com/special-offers/tampon-coupons
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  4 months ago +1092

    Hey y’all! We will be posting instructions on how to APPLY for #ExtremeBodyMakeover on my Instagram tomorrow...so be sure to give a follow so you can stay up to date!! :) instagram.com/MichelleKhare

    • Anna Fallon
      Anna Fallon 27 days ago

      Can you do a teen body make over?

    • Itzelt Molina
      Itzelt Molina 4 months ago

      This literally brought me to tears

    • Itzelt Molina
      Itzelt Molina 4 months ago

      I relate to Madeline so much. It wasn’t just me comparing myself to my sister, it was my parents, teachers, friends, and other family members. BUT YOU GO GIRL. KEEP DOING YOU AND BEING YOU.

    • Destiny L.P
      Destiny L.P 4 months ago

      Michelle you are absolutely stunning, keep doing you!❤️😁

    • Jaspinder Singh
      Jaspinder Singh 4 months ago

      I wish you could do it if you lived on the east coast :( :/

  • Bri Quinn
    Bri Quinn 6 minutes ago +1

    This was really nice. it was so much deeper than her sister helping her train, it was a restoration of their relationship as well

  • Sophia Rodriguez
    Sophia Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Omg. When she talks about "getting in her own head" and being upset that she's not "finishing the race well" devastates me because that exactly what made me quite running competitively in high school. I berated myself for not performing better, despite having less experience than my team mates. Thankfully I worked through it, but it's such a hard experience to overcome.

  • 312 Koi
    312 Koi Day ago

    Her legs transformation is amazing.. I’m in shock. She is so gorgeous 😊

  • Wavvy_ A
    Wavvy_ A Day ago

    She cries just like Michelle

  • Leah Lashus
    Leah Lashus 2 days ago +1

    Hey, I get up at 6:30 to go to school!

  • Qurratu’Aini 07
    Qurratu’Aini 07 2 days ago

    That thigh gap on the after is wow great job!!

  • GopherCake
    GopherCake 2 days ago

    Why is her sister a mix between Michelle and Safia Nygaard?

  • Jaslene
    Jaslene 2 days ago

    They look the same which is which

  • Imi Pops
    Imi Pops 2 days ago


  • Will Stephens
    Will Stephens 2 days ago

    bless your heart young lady, awesome job!

  • Bitchmetoo DaFuq
    Bitchmetoo DaFuq 2 days ago

    I am HERE for this girl power sponsorship

  • Lexi Kay
    Lexi Kay 3 days ago

    I freaking love your sister😂!

  • Selin Özülkü
    Selin Özülkü 3 days ago

    i would love to see myself in one of these videos

  • austinado16
    austinado16 4 days ago

    Nothing but love for you Madeline! Way to get after it! I can't tell in the video if you're dairy free, but if not, you'll probably find that many or all of your allergies go away if you go 100% dairy free. And if you and Michelle want to continue to enjoy running, may I suggest you transition in into the barefoot running style (no, not actually running barefoot) and get out of those traditional running shoes (which cause you to become injured and also to run very inefficiently). In fact, it would make an excellent video. The book "Born To Run" is very informational and motivational, and the youtube videos by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella thexvid.com/video/zSIDRHUWlVo/video.html are a fantastic resource. Hugs to you! Great, heart-felt video, and fantastic effort!!

  • mckayla •3•
    mckayla •3• 4 days ago +1

    4:46 i thought she said "my first allergic reaction was to gravity" gosh my hearing

  • Kenroy Cherrington
    Kenroy Cherrington 4 days ago

    Pretty women

  • Treana Hanson
    Treana Hanson 5 days ago

    My sister and I have a really similar relationship. I can relate as an older sibling to you saying you feel guilty for your younger sibling being forced into your shoes. It doesn't feel good on either side.

  • Shei's Wunderland
    Shei's Wunderland 5 days ago

    (I know this video is a bit older) BUT: Could you do some workout videos or guides for the gym? Im a sports noob and dont want to be laughed at.

  • BABY
    BABY 6 days ago

    I want an extreme body make over

  • Umama Taskia
    Umama Taskia 7 days ago


  • Hatunai Chan
    Hatunai Chan 7 days ago

    Madeline - I love how you and your sister showed the world how comparison is the thief of joy.

  • ilaeoa
    ilaeoa 9 days ago

    You really should defrost fish in a fridge, please, please, please

  • Rishón 8t3
    Rishón 8t3 9 days ago +1

    Titus looked back at her like so what if i did eat your fish

  • Nadia
    Nadia 10 days ago

    We need more of Madeline!! Shes awesome

  • EarthWriter13
    EarthWriter13 11 days ago

    This was such a touching video and it hit me really hard. I have a younger sister and we have always been really close. I always excelled academically and she struggled for a long time with learning disabilities until she finally found her passion. I was heartbroken when I found out that one of my formerly favorite teachers blatantly compared her to me and said to her face "Your sister was so good at Spanish. Why aren't you?" I feel guilty a lot for being a cause of at least a small portion of school-related issues. I'm really scared that there's more that she hasn't told me about. I don't get why it's so hard for people to realize we have completely different interests and skills?
    I'm so happy to hear that Michelle and her sister have figured out a good dynamic for them. Way to go Madeline for reaching your goal!

  • Rebecca Bright
    Rebecca Bright 11 days ago +1

    As the youngest of 5, with two sisters, I really identify with Madeline. Her persistence really inspired me. Maybe I will run a half marathon too one day.

  • Tia Meikle
    Tia Meikle 12 days ago +2

    she was literally perfect before her makeover 😍🌼❤️💖

  • Elise M
    Elise M 12 days ago

    3 miles isn’t a “long run”? I can barley even run one mile

  • Richard Hoogstad
    Richard Hoogstad 12 days ago

    This is so sweet wish I had this connection with my brother. Still envy your full marathon time Michelle, you kicked many butts with that time. Your both very pretty btw

  • govind singh rawat
    govind singh rawat 14 days ago

    Just one advice , as your sister is suffering from so many allergies, take her to isha yoga centre Tennessee, there are processes that can cure allergies.

  • Amber
    Amber 17 days ago

    madeline sounds kind of like violet parr from the incredibles. also i have a twin sister who academically always did wayyy better than me so to a certain degree i understand where shes coming from :')

  • delightfullyawkward
    delightfullyawkward 22 days ago

    My god I felt her pain on a deep deep level. I'm the youngest of 3, my sister was number 4 in her class, my brother was 3, they both had the same weighted average down to the hundredth. I was always above average in my classes but no where near even touching them, and I had all the same teachers as them, so I never heard the end of it. They both look like Abercrombie models. Not to mention they were both star athletes, both been in the newspaper for running. I've never done sports. I can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like to be the best at something, so much so that everyone knows who you are. They're the kind of people that are just good at everything they try. Any abilities I have that could make me special, they jump into it and are automatically better than me. It's seriously the worst feeling in the world to never feel like you're good enough. And that's something they will never understand. At least your sister is willing to try to help you though, I've asked my brother so many times to help me train and he just will not do it. At 16:47, I actually started crying with her because I know exactly what that feels like. When you compare yourself to someone your entire life, it's almost impossible to get out of that habit. I'm in college, my siblings have both graduated, my life is so separate from theirs now and yet the past still follows me everywhere, I will never not be the underachiever

  • Kaitlin Howard
    Kaitlin Howard 22 days ago

    This was so beautiful!!!!

  • Abigail López
    Abigail López 23 days ago +19

    "My dog ate my meal plan"
    Well that's a new one

  • Amanda Paree
    Amanda Paree 23 days ago

    Michelle’s sister is so sweet, you both are your own individual person and are such inspirations for everyone watching!! ❤️

  • Ruma Miah
    Ruma Miah 23 days ago +1

    who holds a pen like that

  • Laura Sauriol
    Laura Sauriol 23 days ago

    I know that she thought she was a slow runner, but she looked so great the whole time! Long distance running is so taxing on the body, but mostly on the mind. Durable is a great way to describe yourself! Great job :)

  • M& M
    M& M 23 days ago

    I'm a xc runner and I have a similar hip issue to her, you just have to stretch more, thirty minute stretches everyday, fifteen minutes when you wake up and fifteen minutes before bed. It really helps.

  • Nekane Nayzeth Cueva Jara

    I related to Madeline in the fact that I'm training with some friends every day and I just can't stop comparing myself with them as I feel like I'm not strong enough or that I haven't seen as much body changes as them, and that actually makes me have a lot of mental breakdowns because every day I ask myself what am I doing wrong? or, since we are all doing the same routine, why I cannot see any results while they can? It's just horrible to feel this way and I actually have felt like just giving up already :/ what can I do?

  • Nyima Jallow
    Nyima Jallow 25 days ago

    Please tell me how to apply for the body transformation please...
    I want to lose weight and get fit please help me... pleaseeeeeee

  • Gaudium Felidae
    Gaudium Felidae 25 days ago

    Wanna make a video about you?
    Tampons sponsor this you are on your period
    OK ok you're right....... Wanna do a buttplug sponsor video

  • Thobani Cele
    Thobani Cele 26 days ago


  • Jennifer Duong
    Jennifer Duong 26 days ago

    how to come for her there was little different other than waist

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H 27 days ago

    7:04, Michelle is NOT using the push handle for the water fountain!!!!! Its bothering me!!! LOL

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H 27 days ago

    I really like her!!!!!!

  • Sünniê Bûnnië
    Sünniê Bûnnië 27 days ago +1

    Michelle and madeline are similar to me and my sister. Im 4 1/2 years older than her and we literally argue everyday 😂😭

  • Nichole Elizabeth
    Nichole Elizabeth 27 days ago +5

    I have a lot of allergy’s like her.

  • Crystal Lopez
    Crystal Lopez 28 days ago +1

    Yoooo you guys are both sooooo pretty

  • Freddy FazbearJack17
    Freddy FazbearJack17 28 days ago


  • xuli3 Kira
    xuli3 Kira 29 days ago

    I relate to this 100%, I have the same dynamic with my sister - except without the "youtuber's sister" part

  • Lisa Zabriskie
    Lisa Zabriskie 29 days ago

    It was really encouraging to watch this video. I relate to Madeline a lot in regards to being compared to my older sister. I cried when Madeline crossed the finish line. Way to go! Michelle it was cool to see you know when o jump in and when not to. I’m glad you listened to yourself in those moments.

  • Lisa Zabriskie
    Lisa Zabriskie 29 days ago

    It was really encouraging to watch this video. I relate to Madeline a lot. I cried when she crossed the finish line. Way to go! Michelle, it cool that you recognized AND followed through on when to jump in and when not to.

  • Melissa Smrz
    Melissa Smrz 29 days ago

    I loved watching this as I feel so limited due to food allergies too, but it was great seeing a meal plan for someone like me that is realistic and healthy.

  • Naoomi Raymond
    Naoomi Raymond Month ago

    This was so beautiful, I cried with you Madeline

  • life as lee
    life as lee Month ago

    imagine haveing to de her wedns day training and sunday training in school but lik half my school is pretty fit cause of it so our basketball team is the best and so is our cross country

  • Mary Ravenscroft
    Mary Ravenscroft Month ago

    My sister is allergic to everything too! When she wakes up in the morning, her eyes are semi-swollen, her cheeks are red. She ate grapes, knowing she was allergic to it without telling us, my brother was almost ready to use the epipen on her! 🤦‍♀️

    STANLEY Month ago

    I always saw this really weird machine in the gym i had no idea what it was. It just didnt make logical sense and nobody ever uses it. This video just changed my life now that i know how to do a hamstring curle

  • Hayat Hijazi
    Hayat Hijazi Month ago

    If your hips are hurting while ruining it’s because your breathing wrong. Or put your hands on your neck and slowly you’ll see a difference. Hope this helps!

  • I.Scream.Owo
    I.Scream.Owo Month ago +1

    This reminds me of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler