Street Food in Brazil - RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    Street Food in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro! #Brazil #RioDeJaneiro #BrazilianFood #streetfood
    Ever since I first learned about the city of Rio de Janeiro when I was a kid growing up, I have wanted to visit. Finally, the time has come. In this Brazilian street food tour in Rio de Janeiro, we’ll go to eat some of the best street food snacks and dishes, some hole in the wall style Brazilian food restaurants, and also visit some of the most unbelievable and gorgeous sights and attractions in Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.
    Here’s the Brazilian food and things we did:
    Mineiro, Sausage Sandwich - 5 BRL ($1.26) - For Brazilian breakfast we headed to Mineiro for his neighborhood grilled sausage sandwich, topped with his house made aioli dressing, cheese, and lettuce, and his own home-made chili sauce. He’s not only an amazing guy, but his sausage sandwich is outstanding. When you’re in Rio de Janeiro, you don’t want to miss it. Located just outside Siqueira Campos MRT Metro station (Map:, sets up in the morning about 7 am.
    Trem do Corcovado - 65 BRL ($16.44) - Christ the Redeemer - I pre-bought tickets online for the tram, so when we arrived we just picked up and printed the tickets. The tram took about 20 minutes and Christ The Redeemer at the top was breathtaking.
    Selaron Steps - Another attraction in Rio de Janeiro that I wasn’t going to miss was the Selaron Steps, created by Chilean artist Selaron. They are so cool and so iconic.
    Lunch at Bar Rex - For some seriously meaty Brazilian food, Bar Rex is the spot. They serve an major selection of drinks, but they also specialize in food like roasted chicken, sausages, and the oxtail. The food was outstanding, and the owners are just so cool. Location:
    Ipanema Beach - World famous, one of the most well known beaches in the world, and for a good reason - the scenery is spectacular. We had a tea with Marcelo (5 BRL ($1.26) and then tried some of the Brazilian local favorite comfort Biscoito Globo cassava snacks. Finally, another iconic Brazilian drink is the caipirinha (15 BRL ($3.79) made on the beach.
    Copacabana Beach - Next up on this Brazilian street food and attractions tour we stopped at the famous Copacabana Beach and had a coconut (6.50 BRL ($1.64) and continued on the Red Beach in Urca to get a good view of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar).
    Bar Urca - Also in Urca, you’ll find Bar Urca, an old food and bar establishment that’s famous for serving empada de camarão (6.50 BRL ($1.64), shrimp filled pastries. Many people order and then sit on the edge of the water in the evening. Location:
    Bar Gato de Botas - A Brazilian boteco is a bar and restaurant that serves small plates of food similar to tapas. The owner of Bar Gato de Botas is a legend and his plates of Brazilian food are delicious. Location:
    Brazilian meat kebabs - Finally to end this incredible street food tour of Rio de Janeiro, we returned back to the same spot where we had breakfast, but in the evening, a different yet equally friendly man sets up selling Brazilian meat kebas and home cooked Brazilian food. When you order a kebab, you can get it stopped with cassava powder and drenched in hot sauce - it was so good. Location: Sets up in the evening about 6 pm.
    Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city and this Brazilian street food tour and attraction in Rio was amazing - the food, the people, the scenery.
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