7 Healthy Recipes For Guilt-Free Snacking • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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Comments • 403

  • Vansh Bhargava
    Vansh Bhargava 19 days ago +1

    Hello i am from india.......you know i can't eat this type of snack even in my dreams.....soo please remember you are on youtube......thank you.

  • Patricia Hopey
    Patricia Hopey 19 days ago

    Guilt-free snacking is easy Once you complete your exercise routine for the week every weekend is guilt-free snacking calories in equal calories out there for there is no guilt pressure. the Easy Button 3cheers from Canada

  • AneS1 S
    AneS1 S 21 day ago +1

    Loved your vids but now.. There's nothing healthy here.....

  • AneS1 S
    AneS1 S 21 day ago +1

    All that OIL is really needed ? You write healthy and the you always using so much oil.. I did the same with so much less.....

  • Mrs. Turan Mehralıyeva

    Very very good

  • Jada Smith
    Jada Smith Month ago

    Seriously if ur gonna complain don’t watch

  • Tatsumi Chan
    Tatsumi Chan Month ago

    This wasnt as guilt free as i had imagined

  • george frank
    george frank Month ago

    Peeling chickpeas: optional.
    As if anyone is that weird.

  • TwelveSidedDie
    TwelveSidedDie Month ago

    i bet lola bunny likes this too

  • Sara q
    Sara q Month ago

    too healthy for me

  • Sarah Basto
    Sarah Basto Month ago


  • Nuclearwicked
    Nuclearwicked 2 months ago

    Would it be fine if normal flour is ok too or is almond flour the only type of flour to use

  • Veilfire
    Veilfire 2 months ago

    Too much effort 😥😥

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 months ago

    Tattooed bastard

  • Rajat Singh
    Rajat Singh 2 months ago

    Those are some really pretty hand! 😍

  • Meet Kochar
    Meet Kochar 2 months ago

    All indian dishes..

  • spykat
    spykat 2 months ago

    How can she be so particular about setting the things in perfect angles. Like putting the zucchini and carrot and the cutting board in 180○ ? It is hard.

  • Shalaka S
    Shalaka S 2 months ago

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  • saranya udhaya
    saranya udhaya 2 months ago

    Do you have any restaurant? Suppose if u have means it's very useful to get healthy food .nice and yummy . Do you have any restaurant in India?

  • Vidhi Basu
    Vidhi Basu 3 months ago

    So we're just gonna be like yeah, sure. ALMOND flour. Cz my broke college student ass can afford that BS.

  • rajit sehgal
    rajit sehgal 3 months ago

    Please tell alternative for eggs in the last recipe. Thanks.

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack 3 months ago

    Says guilt free never mentions the calories

  • chrnb
    chrnb 3 months ago

    oils will fuck up your health, kids.

  • Lea Ho
    Lea Ho 3 months ago +97

    Bold of them to assume that I feel guilt

    • Leah Dada
      Leah Dada 17 days ago

      Lea Ho the h should be connected to “Lea”. Leah o

  • Eat with amor —eat more


  • Skinny Ms.
    Skinny Ms. 3 months ago

    These look great! 😊

  • Vishnu Joshi
    Vishnu Joshi 3 months ago

    I don't know why I am watching this, i don't even have oven

  • Mrinal Pandey
    Mrinal Pandey 3 months ago

    Last one will make me feel guilty

  • Chelsea Faye
    Chelsea Faye 3 months ago

    All these recipes are lame as I don’t have an oven

  • KageNoTsuki
    KageNoTsuki 3 months ago

    I am really annoyed that you only tell us what the dish is after finishing cooking it

  • Dennis Yin
    Dennis Yin 4 months ago +1

    Fun to watch. But dang that’s a lotta work 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kymtuz
    Kymtuz 4 months ago

    Check out this site it has more free delicious recipes! aminafoods.com/

  • Masala Box
    Masala Box 4 months ago

    Or just work out and eat good food ;)

  • lay lays lit and Rapleile Savage's

    Tasty.shit looks nasty

  • Ratna Ariyanti
    Ratna Ariyanti 5 months ago

    thanx, tasty. Finally, something on a healthier side to munch on !!.can u also do a video on healthy snack/meal without oven/microwave ? keep ur mouthwatering videos coming......💕💕💕 from Indonesia !

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person 5 months ago

    can i do the first one with regular potatoes?

  • Ashley Meadows
    Ashley Meadows 5 months ago

    Cheese is not a health food ...

  • adımı niye okuyorsun...

    Quick tip: If you care about calories, don't even watch this. If you don't, just buy readily prepared snacks since what is on this video is basically the same as packed snacks

  • Dawn Di Egidio
    Dawn Di Egidio 5 months ago

    "Guilt-Free" from what? Certainly not calories.

  • i am anonymous
    i am anonymous 6 months ago

    Peeling chickpeas but not carrot

  • G
    G 6 months ago

    Saw the oil and left

  • Pranjal Angne
    Pranjal Angne 6 months ago

    I came here and saw an advertisement on how to make chocolate ice cream. Only me?

  • Qari Muhammad Waqas
    Qari Muhammad Waqas 6 months ago

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    We are teaching Quran.If anybody wants to learn it' contact me.

  • Mitzi Vera
    Mitzi Vera 6 months ago

    Guys who tried the zucchini hashbrowns?
    What does it tastes?

  • Benne Bjo
    Benne Bjo 6 months ago

    Guilt free... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Myname Ismine
    Myname Ismine 6 months ago

    When you have chick peas, you don't need to add eggs for binding. Cut off the egg calories....

  • Katerina Ilievska
    Katerina Ilievska 6 months ago

    What is wheat panko? Can I replace it with something?

  • Sneha Sharma
    Sneha Sharma 6 months ago

    Give an option for egg to ... If we dont eat egg what can we use

  • Janelle Margot
    Janelle Margot 6 months ago

    I shared the most 💛AMAZING💛 buffalo cauliflower wings on my channell! The difference in CALORIES is crazy when compared to chicken🐥! So tasty and I'm picky.👏🙌

  • AneS1 S
    AneS1 S 7 months ago

    Guilt free with so much oil.. Nahhhh.. I use only a spoon..

  • pandane
    pandane 7 months ago

    I find it funny how people in the comments are “FOUR TABLESPOONS OF OLIVE OIL! HOW HEALTHY *derp*” as if you’re gonna chug down the full tablespoons instead of using them to cook SEVERAL PORTIONS of food.
    As someone pointed out: healthy doesn’t necessarily mean low calorie. It often means better ingredients, or ingredients that are better assimilated by your system, or/and have a better nutritional value.
    Seriously, educate yourselves, people.

  • Adomas M
    Adomas M 7 months ago

    Hey, I use a portable blender for my healthy fast and easy cocktails every day.
    I use it for about 1 year and it performs very well, and I recommend. I get it from here fast and well shipping 👉🏻 🍓 goo.gl/ZF2Fc2 🍓

  • Amu G
    Amu G 7 months ago

    Guilt free?????

  • Mokka Samayal / மொக்க சமையல்

    Please subscribe this channel

  • Tyler Bush
    Tyler Bush 7 months ago

    Apple chip idea is stolen but why wouldn't you core the apple? Extra protein?

  • 3 hit wounder
    3 hit wounder 7 months ago

    Someone bit that apple 3:14

  • Ahmed N
    Ahmed N 7 months ago +11

    High calories ≠ unhealthy
    It’s 2019, get with the program

  • Sowjanya L.B
    Sowjanya L.B 7 months ago


  • Rakesh Tagavula
    Rakesh Tagavula 7 months ago

    You are a expert i don't want to dare to do it

  • Shubhangi Agarwal
    Shubhangi Agarwal 7 months ago

    We can eat apple as it is . No need to add cinnamon. Fruits are naturally healthy no need to bake or use cooking spray . It is just reducing its nutritional values. And don't use parmesan and a load of salt together coz parmesan already contains salt and you are adding so much additional salt. Nothing in this video is healthy . You made healthy things unhealthy by adding salt , oil and cooking spray . May this help you out