Red Hot Anvil Vs. Frozen Lake (50kg / 110lbs)

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Heaviest red hot something video ever! 50kg / 110lbs red hot ANVIL vs. frozen lake, will it go through?
    Link to original red hot steel vs. frozen lake video
    Link to anvil launching video
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  • Beyond the press
    Beyond the press  Month ago +415

    If you want to see some other pretty large heated up stupidly hot please let us know! The new furnace is quite large and it's really handy with heavy things.

    • Adam
      Adam 4 days ago

      Next time could you take a thermal cam image too? I know the resolution would be lower but it should look interesting!

    • Jonathan Song
      Jonathan Song 8 days ago

      Heat the hot tub with this anvil

    • Robert Sterkeson
      Robert Sterkeson 10 days ago

      *How about instead of a frozen lake you use a rabbi?*

    • ExploringFate
      ExploringFate 10 days ago +1

      Half way through I would have like to seen the anvil turned upside down so the top hot part could go further down into the lake.

    • EmeraldCrusade
      EmeraldCrusade 11 days ago

      Beyond the press Red hot steel vs a blizzard, good luck

  • Carpenter Blacksmith
    Carpenter Blacksmith 22 hours ago

    fucking idiots

  • Logan Reynolds
    Logan Reynolds Day ago

    i love when he says holy shit hahaha

  • Dick Large
    Dick Large Day ago

    Walk on hot coals in bare feet

  • Logan Grove
    Logan Grove Day ago

    I imagine it would have worked a lot better if you had a pump removing the water from the hole

  • R Alan
    R Alan Day ago

    These folks would do well in Mississippi

  • kamran102
    kamran102 Day ago

    Must be boring in Finland..

  • ieat caribou
    ieat caribou Day ago

    Your red hot steel vs ice is my favorite.

  • maiseydoodle
    maiseydoodle 2 days ago

    Ivaanta flahgen your wife.

  • M Tavner
    M Tavner 2 days ago

    Glad to see the young lady colour coordinated :)

  • Robert G
    Robert G 3 days ago

    I'm sorry...I LOL'd when the lid jumped up in the air. LOL!
    Lauri & Anni's Anvil Tempering! Lake tempered to the ultimate hardness! LOL!

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 4 days ago

    I love ruskies trying to speak in English

  • HuckleB680
    HuckleB680 4 days ago +1

    videos like this are the reason im still subscribed to your channel

  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon 6 days ago

    Where am I

  • Seby S
    Seby S 6 days ago

    Begins at 3:40

  • Howard Vanderwall
    Howard Vanderwall 7 days ago

    maybe next time arrange to pump the melted water away from the anvil less things to cool off the anvil

  • teamidris
    teamidris 7 days ago

    Legit makes sense, because the H2O was changing state twice and the anvil only dropped in temperature as a solid.

  • Sisterhair
    Sisterhair 8 days ago

    You have more ice than red hot metal. Nice try though

  • Donald Tramp
    Donald Tramp 9 days ago

    Makes you appreciate the Sun's power.

  • RyanKC
    RyanKC 9 days ago

    Water cooling is very effective.

  • Frank
    Frank 9 days ago

    What the fuck are these retards up to anyway? This is total bullshit.

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas 9 days ago

    I stupidly subscribed.

  • soxredsox
    soxredsox 9 days ago


  • Shadows
    Shadows 9 days ago

    glad 50 kg of iron was not wasted.. still, fun to watch. Greetings from your neighbor Norway

  • whats my name?
    whats my name? 9 days ago +1

    Touch it with your dick

  • Tyler Pontius
    Tyler Pontius 9 days ago

    I believe the black stuff is magnetite or in other words black rust. You pretty much repeated the process of gun bluing here minus a step, but i think you still blued the anvil. Keep it oiled and you won't have to worry about it rusting away lol.

  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZ 9 days ago

    And they said Ice is weak to Fire and Steel.
    Pokémon lied to me.

  • Moebius Michel
    Moebius Michel 9 days ago

    and i was wondering why i catch so many nvil's in Summer when going fishing there:)

  • Scooter PS
    Scooter PS 9 days ago

    Were are you from???

  • Direcode Vincent
    Direcode Vincent 9 days ago +1

    Thanks PashaBiceps

  • Anoni Mouse
    Anoni Mouse 9 days ago

    Stand closer stupid

  • Boris Li
    Boris Li 9 days ago

    do it again, heat it up for higher temperature!

  • mvashton
    mvashton 9 days ago

    I predict not through

  • Graceon 23
    Graceon 23 9 days ago

    So boring

  • Snelle Jelle
    Snelle Jelle 9 days ago

    What??? Snow in Finland?????

  • Mitchell Jack
    Mitchell Jack 9 days ago

    You’re moving that 50kg anvil around very easily

  • Dj Keith
    Dj Keith 9 days ago

    it was super cooled no way it would have went trough 2 fet of ice

  • sgonged
    sgonged 10 days ago +1

    Global warming debunked.

  • Blue Savage
    Blue Savage 10 days ago

    you give me anxiety hahaha

  • Matías Toro
    Matías Toro 10 days ago


  • Jayson Davis
    Jayson Davis 10 days ago

    Interesting. Yeah but nah I’m good with big city, cosmopolitan life...

  • theextremeviking
    theextremeviking 10 days ago


  • Márton Gáll
    Márton Gáll 10 days ago

    what the fuck am i doing here what im doing with my life

    • museack
      museack 9 days ago

      You're wasting it watching TheXvid, but better this than your smoking weed.

  • farldarkbeard
    farldarkbeard 10 days ago

    Fun video. I think the black stuff is probably scale you can see some scale on the top of the anvil towards the end of the video. We got scale all the time at the steel factory where I worked it is just partially oxidized at the very surface due to the heat. I think a pyrometer would be good for videos like this they are not so expensive.

  • William Volkmann
    William Volkmann 10 days ago

    clearly you guys are out of ideas

  • Ditlev Sidenius
    Ditlev Sidenius 10 days ago

    8:20 When u are out after 10 pm and see a girl getting banged by two guys

  • No Name
    No Name 10 days ago

    How lovely to have a day at the beach.

  • Cold Cafe
    Cold Cafe 10 days ago

    duhh thats not an acme one

  • Max Marine
    Max Marine 10 days ago

    4:11 not properly ass-hot...

  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh 10 days ago

    I could listen to Norweigians speaking English ALL DAY LONG. .... "stupidly hot." .... I won't forget THAT one.

  • RK Aitch
    RK Aitch 10 days ago

    I love crazy Russians

  • High Velocity
    High Velocity 10 days ago

    LOL It doesn't matter if it's hot, it will go through eventually... Anyone else remember physics class ??? HINT: Pressure creates heat...

  • Nothing Much
    Nothing Much 10 days ago

    Here in Texas, we dump ice into puddles to see if we can get it to freeze.

  • Nothing Much
    Nothing Much 10 days ago

    2:10 that's when I smashed the LIKE button

  • Nothing Much
    Nothing Much 10 days ago

    Did that dude really just pick up a "110lb" anvil like it's a puppy?

  • razorpat1
    razorpat1 10 days ago

    Amazing... I would like to have a nice boring life in the cold

  • Aaron Phelps
    Aaron Phelps 10 days ago

    Not much to do in Finland

  • Farhan
    Farhan 10 days ago

    So I've seen your video, Frozen-Lake-Slayers and all I can say is "keep on going"

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen 10 days ago

    I'd be pretty surprised if it goes through. Water has an amazingly high specific heat capacity and there is a lot of ice. Let's see...

    [Edit] After 8 minutes, it's pretty clear that it's not going to get even close. Score one for the frozen lake.

  • blakespower
    blakespower 10 days ago

    wow I never heard a finnish accent before

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 10 days ago

    God bless the Finnish

  • dick darstardly
    dick darstardly 10 days ago +2

    The Wiley Coyote could make good use of that anvil

  • Seth Mellen
    Seth Mellen 10 days ago

    So this is what the dudesons are doing now days. Congrats on the marriage bro

  • IrishCarney
    IrishCarney 10 days ago +2

    Good way to get scalded by boiling water whipped into your face by the wind.

  • IrishCarney
    IrishCarney 10 days ago

    Extremely surprised hibernating fish suddenly gets turned into delicious cooked fish. If it goes through...

  • KatastrophicNoodle
    KatastrophicNoodle 10 days ago

    Guys, ya don't have to cater to the Americans. Leave them and their silly Fahrenheit to themselves.

  • VJ4rawr2
    VJ4rawr2 10 days ago

    Lol I love that they could have literally died many times during this TheXvid video.. All hail Russia!

  • Rick Charles
    Rick Charles 10 days ago

    How the hell did I get here?

  • Kazoo whale
    Kazoo whale 10 days ago +3

    *Rare unseen footage of Finnish land mines being planted to be used against the USSR* - 1939 colourised

  • Kazoo whale
    Kazoo whale 10 days ago

    This was very fjïnteresting.

  • Diente de Pollo
    Diente de Pollo 10 days ago +2

    A woman making a more accurate prediction about nature than a man. What do you know.

  • World Gaming
    World Gaming 10 days ago


  • DingleZilla
    DingleZilla 10 days ago

    That doesn't look like a 50kg anvil to me. 25kgs yes, and as someone that works with metal on farms, bags of cement and other heavy stuff I am confident it doesn't weigh 50kgs.

  • Zio Geo
    Zio Geo 10 days ago

    And I thought the Americans were crazy.

  • Markus Chelios
    Markus Chelios 10 days ago

    Heat rises. That is the main issue.

  • MyLostTemple
    MyLostTemple 10 days ago

    Soviet steel can not into Finnish snow.

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya 10 days ago

    Nice Pollution ...

  • Lee's Garage
    Lee's Garage 10 days ago +2

    Puts red hot anvil in frozen lake.

    Increases global warming by 10%

    • Dartchone
      Dartchone 10 days ago

      U would be surprised how miniscule the effect of this is even when only compared to the almost non existant effect humanity so far had on global warming

  • Gryffin DarkBreed
    Gryffin DarkBreed 11 days ago +2

    This video is a good demonstration as to why I *despise* cast iron block engines in winter.


  • Just Gator
    Just Gator 11 days ago

    I'm definitely not trying this at home!

  • chetopuffs
    chetopuffs 11 days ago

    What a drag. 😜
    ^^^See what I did there.

  • chetopuffs
    chetopuffs 11 days ago

    Love the Math.
    Would like to see it.

  • xTGE
    xTGE 11 days ago


  • Eric John
    Eric John 11 days ago

    You crazy russians
    What'll you think of next

  • slowSEVENTEENmotion
    slowSEVENTEENmotion 11 days ago

    Ees stoopidly hawt down der!

  • potstab
    potstab 11 days ago

    Simple math the larger the surface area the greater the heat dissipation. The cylinder was compact enough to penetrate.

  • Mark Wilcons
    Mark Wilcons 11 days ago

    Chalk one up for the lake. But also this will hopefully help all those in denial about GW about how much energy it takes to reduce ice volume as much as it has in the Arctic. It takes a lot!

  • Purple Toaster
    Purple Toaster 11 days ago

    Holy shit that's hot

  • Paul Jensen
    Paul Jensen 11 days ago +2

    You would have more fun if you used a FLIR infrared camera.

  • Sargon First
    Sargon First 11 days ago

    is this a comedy? it is really funny

  • FlyRiverFly
    FlyRiverFly 11 days ago

    This was like watching a train wreck in slow motion but I couldnt stop watching! Awesome video. This is what youtube should be about. Videos of things no one else would even think of doing.

  • frost
    frost 11 days ago

    Epib :DDDDDD

  • Michele Obama
    Michele Obama 11 days ago

    *Thicc Lake*

  • themplar
    themplar 11 days ago

    Really cool how you can see the anvil shrinking in the speedup

    • themplar
      themplar 10 days ago

      +DBA Actually its also shrinking. Just place your fingers on the screen and you will see it actually shrinks a little while it also sinks.

    • DBA
      DBA 11 days ago

      it's sinking, not shrinking

  • Bailey M
    Bailey M 11 days ago

    This guys accent really cracks me up 😅🤣🤣

  • Dave Studdaman
    Dave Studdaman 11 days ago

    Of course
    Stannis is planning it

  • Jimmy Tod
    Jimmy Tod 11 days ago

    It would have gone deeper if the side or top were in contact with the ice. With the small base most if the energy was released into the air.

  • Pun Satura
    Pun Satura 11 days ago

    fuck yea man touch it

  • Benny Biggums
    Benny Biggums 11 days ago

    Imagine if it went all the way through and they had to go in to get it back

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius 11 days ago

    Try the anvil upsidown?