Emma Bunton's Hilarious Wedding Invite Text | Send To All | Michael McIntyre's Big Show

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton joins Michael for the latest round of Send To All!
    #MichaelMcIntyre #EmmaBunton #SendToAll
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  • aquariusmarika
    aquariusmarika Day ago

    I love Emma and Holly - both Aquarius girls and Emma even has the same b-day as me. :)

  • Lucy Tuggle
    Lucy Tuggle Day ago

    I needed a good laugh, I love Michael, he is so animated and his hair I think has a mind of its own.

  • Dr K
    Dr K Day ago

    Is that really her fiancée ?? He seems so gay
    To me

  • electro1622
    electro1622 2 days ago

    JJ.... what the fuck... fix that tooth, you make millions, you can afford it..... cheapskate...

  • Blogger DDM
    Blogger DDM 3 days ago


  • Ghxoul
    Ghxoul 3 days ago

    Shows from devil 's

  • Dylan Clarke
    Dylan Clarke 3 days ago

    I like his laugh!!

  • Steve Armstrong
    Steve Armstrong 3 days ago

    It's so convenient she had "xxSend To Allxx" in her contact list.

  • AllRequired
    AllRequired 3 days ago

    #BabySpice is still a sight in pink.

  • W Wood
    W Wood 4 days ago +1

    I would of loved to of bred that girl ... she would of been sore everyday.

  • Dylan Clarke
    Dylan Clarke 4 days ago

    Alan Carr - Chris Moyles, “ Send my love to Michael
    Emma Bunton - Chris Moyles, “ Hello again Michael”

  • AwonDanag
    AwonDanag 4 days ago

    Whats on Emma's tattoo? @12:54

  • jessicadayus
    jessicadayus 4 days ago

    She's 40 wow she looks 25 she's so fucking hot she always has been.

  • mirza faiz
    mirza faiz 4 days ago

    🇵🇰Ma sha Allah 🌷very good 🌷

  • Kate V
    Kate V 5 days ago

    wow hes gay lmaooooooo

  • Kevin Stroh
    Kevin Stroh 5 days ago

    so weird seeing, 'organized' spelled with a 's'. I know we spell 'color' and few other words differently, but this one surprises me.

  • CaptainPond
    CaptainPond 5 days ago +3

    I think this segment needs changing. Everyone responding just knows about the MM show and so it’s just a competition for who can give the wittiest answer whereas before it was the novelty of people’s reactions after being genuinely fooled.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 5 days ago

    Michael McIntyre is kinda hot! 😁

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 5 days ago +13

    is that her husband???? thought it was her gay best friend

    • Dr K
      Dr K Day ago

      He seems gay to me

  • Bethany Lysaght
    Bethany Lysaght 5 days ago +1

    This is a long shot but here goes...it’s my boyfriend (of 7+ years) 27th birthday on New Years Eve and I always struggle with what to get him as it’s so close to Christmas and everyone has plans/everything is booked a year in advance and I’m not a big planner!
    Any ideas how to surprise him? 🥳🤞🏻

    • Tacsense
      Tacsense 5 days ago +1

      men love threesomes, bring a friend and treat him if you really love him

  • M R
    M R 5 days ago

    Me no knowing what eg posh means and smiling after seeing it affect the main person

  • petespinkypigs
    petespinkypigs 5 days ago +12

    JJ is batting for both sides me thinx (ac/dc)

  • MissyB 75
    MissyB 75 6 days ago

    Why would a pretty girl marry a fkn half god knows what the fuk he is?? And breed with him??🤮

  • New Thought
    New Thought 6 days ago +7

    JJ is worryingly camp, has anyone told Emma.....?

  • k mansfield
    k mansfield 6 days ago +1

    Yeh still prefer the Beatles

  • Dylan Ogg
    Dylan Ogg 6 days ago

    Thought this video was about Drew McIntyre and The Big Show when I saw it in my recommendations.

    Still, Michael McIntyre is a one-man-band with an iron-clad career.

  • zak david
    zak david 6 days ago +3

    Is it me or does Jade sound a bit camp

  • Dog On
    Dog On 6 days ago +2

    How many people are imagining Emma in those stockings?

  • braingers
    braingers 6 days ago

    Wow she likes thumbs up!!!!!!

  • Bringo Laselvapoto
    Bringo Laselvapoto 6 days ago

    He's about as funny as an ingrowing toenail

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones 6 days ago


  • stumpali
    stumpali 6 days ago +2

    Awww she married her gay bff

  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller 6 days ago +2

    JJ is so CAMP.

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton 6 days ago


  • Tom Humphrey
    Tom Humphrey 7 days ago

    3:24 is a ego boost

  • Ryan Radford
    Ryan Radford 7 days ago

    I wish I could find the part of the show where Freya Ridings is sings

  • Bub Gaming
    Bub Gaming 7 days ago

    Probably the best one yet

  • TruthSeekingElf
    TruthSeekingElf 7 days ago

    Didn't she do 'send to all' in the last series also??

  • Bonnie Nash
    Bonnie Nash 7 days ago +15

    “Do you like a man with his legs upside down “😂🤣😂🤣

  • Rich Sage
    Rich Sage 7 days ago

    FML, I forgot about the phone lmao

  • Ursa Major65
    Ursa Major65 7 days ago

    Send to all? - staged nonsense. Bit like watching wrestling!

  • Jeremy Eden
    Jeremy Eden 8 days ago +10

    No disrespect but I think her bf is into sausages.

  • Alan Samuel
    Alan Samuel 8 days ago +9

    I'm honestly impressed with his calfs.

  • Biking 4 Britain
    Biking 4 Britain 8 days ago +1

    They used to deserve the title the best girl group, not anymore, jeez.

    • Music Lover
      Music Lover 5 days ago

      Spice Girls still holds the record of being the best girl group. Ever heard of their highest grossing tour recently?

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce 8 days ago

    do one on prince andrew phone 🙏

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 8 days ago +8

    I'm not sure Jade is fully hetero!

  • Robin LaBouche
    Robin LaBouche 8 days ago

    Err Emma Who ???????

  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith 8 days ago +4

    Emma's partner sounds really camp...Hmmm

  • alida flus
    alida flus 8 days ago

    Is it really bad that I didn't know who she was

    • Music Lover
      Music Lover 5 days ago

      If u were born in 2000s it's ok if u dont know her

  • English Teacher
    English Teacher 8 days ago +14

    Why is she marrying a guy that is obviously gay? this is weird!

    • English Teacher
      English Teacher 6 days ago +1

      @Honest Chris Have they? that is very surprising!

    • Honest Chris
      Honest Chris 6 days ago +5

      Well, they have got kids, so I guess he is not entirely gay.

  • P J
    P J 8 days ago +28

    😂😂😂 “hello again, Michael.” Best ever bit / gag.

  • André Martins Ferreira

    When he showed off his calves... HAWT!!! I didn't know this guy until now and I'm dying here. So funny!

    • André Martins Ferreira
      André Martins Ferreira 7 days ago

      @alida flus Well, it's like I said... I didn't know him until now, so all of his jokes are new to me :D

    • alida flus
      alida flus 8 days ago

      Hilarious? He makes the same joke every week.

  • jenstweet
    jenstweet 8 days ago +10

    They have been together 20 YEARS and noone had realised he is chillin with Aslan??

    • Linda Hinds
      Linda Hinds 3 days ago


    • Linda Hinds
      Linda Hinds 3 days ago

      @Gazza Clarkson ķ

    • Linda Hinds
      Linda Hinds 3 days ago


    • Lisa Barry
      Lisa Barry 4 days ago

      Gazza Clarkson tuiheefgjkkkjjjhhjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkjkkkjkjjjkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllll

    • Gazza Clarkson
      Gazza Clarkson 6 days ago

      Who the hell is Mr Noone? Do you mean no one?

  • Li La
    Li La 9 days ago

    that was actually funny

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 9 days ago

    13:07 when Michael read Chris text I absolutely lost it😂

  • Pauline Lee
    Pauline Lee 9 days ago

    Who is the little girl who sang LOng Ago I Had A Dream ? She was the Real star of this show/ She was Fabulous. I taped the show and time and again i tried to make out her name when Michael introduced her but cannot understand what he said ! XXXXX

  • Anindya Tejomartoyo
    Anindya Tejomartoyo 9 days ago

    I am not from England and does not know many celebrities from there, but Philip Scoffield (or however he spelled the name) is mentioned a lot in this show (not particularly this episode, but the entirety of the "Send to All").
    Is he very famous in England?

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy 9 days ago +3

    Erm is it just me or is her boyfriend obviously gay ? Lmaoo

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 9 days ago +3

    Baby spice has always been my favorite and Emma still looks the same! 😊

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 8 days ago

      If that was me I'd bragg about the fact that am Baby Spices crush for the rest of my life

  • Ann Mendoza
    Ann Mendoza 9 days ago +1

    chris is the only one who knows its michael